Glazer: Preseason Swoon Preview of Things to Come for This Year’s Chiefs

So Chiefs coach Todd Haley‘s now 1-9 in preseason games with the Chiefs…

Yes, the Chiefs first team played better than it did last week. Matt THE FRANCHISE was 6 of 14 passing for 73 yards. That’s three more yards than when Baltimore beat us with in the playoffs last year.

Chiefs mini receiver/back Dexter McCluster looked good with four catches and D-Bowe had three nice catches for 43 yards. But no big plays for Matt. Our lone score came from backup quarterback, Tyler Palco.

Our field goal kicker is still suspect from outside the 40. Our first team defense was better and kept us in the game until the fourth quarter when Baltimore lit up the Chiefs. The Chiefs led 13-10 but then managed to give up a ton of points and lose 31-13. Similar to that blasting Baltimore gave us in the playoffs a few months back.

What else did we do? Oh yeah, Haley was worried about getting players hurt in the meaningless preseason. So our No. 1 pick Jonathan Baldwin sprained his wrist sprained (and likely more since he’ll be out for weeks) in a fight with running back Thomas Jones In the Chiefs locker room. We also saw our first string star offense lineman Brandon Albert go down. And our line was thin to start with, so yikes.

I predicted Baltimore 21 Chiefs 6. Close call.

I just don’t see much offense with this club. The strange thing is there’s been no running game in either preseason effort. Not much from Charles or Jones.

So yes, it’s only preseason. It doesn’t count, right?

But are any of you really excited about this team? I’d like to know why. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see much to get excited about yet. The defense does have some interesting new guys and we’ll see how that goes during the season.

But so far I’ve seen nothing to convince me that my  original prediction was wrong.

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8 Responses to Glazer: Preseason Swoon Preview of Things to Come for This Year’s Chiefs

  1. Rick says:

    1-9 in preseason!!!!! He should be fired on the spot!!!! We can’t have that. what will we tell the kids???

  2. Taco Time says:

    Get On Their Ass Glazer
    Boy oh boy do they look like shit man. Everyone is talking about winning 7 or 8 maybe 9 games. Hey if they was any good just cause they play a harder bunch of teams, doesn’t mean you lose most of them. We just ain’t too good. No way.

  3. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Next Week Will Be A Better Show
    In week three all the starters will be ready. I think you have underestimated our Chiefs. They may win 9 or more. This could be a sharp team. Losing our number one draft pick didn’t help.

  4. downtown davey says:

    It’s Not The End Of The World
    These are preseason games. Trust me this team will be better than you think. I say we win 9 plus.

  5. KU forever says:

    Empty Stadium
    Bet this KC/Rams game is only half full. They need to lower preseason ticket prices. They need to lower lots of things out there. Like KUBasketball beer is way cheaper. We win.

  6. harley says:

    come on glaze…write something better
    a 12 year old could have written this wrapup of the game. give us some information..
    insider info…something that i havent heard in the last 3 weeks about the chiefs.
    You’ve forgetten some huge stories lately…a and m….missouri….miami continiuing
    story….whats the problems…so many issues that will affect us and you’re
    not writing on them….
    sure do miss greg hall….but i can read his stuff on his own blog..
    this whole site is getting repetitive…boring….zzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Kicker is suspect outside 40 yd line?
    Is there an NFL team whose kicker is NOT suspect outside the 40 yard line? That’s a 57 yard field goal, swifty. Harley is right…if I want to read about sports commentary, I’ll stick to Greg Hall on his blog.

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Hum, I had the balls to say we suck, did you. And told you why. So read Greg, he is very good. However if you want unfiltered truth its right here as always. Thank you. Dallas also will suck. 6-10…

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