Glazer: Forget The Plaza, “Black Kanrocksas” Descends on Westport Tonight!

On the heels of last Saturday’s shootings on the Plaza comes tonight’s Young Jeezy fest in Westport….

I didn’t know about it until a friend of mine, Chocolate Becky, of "Little Dick Bitch" fame on Johnny Dare called me and told me she’s going to the show. She said it’s the same crowd that would go see Lil Wayne who played Sprint which draws a young, black, hip-hop crowd. And she was surprised Westport was having it given all the problems on the Plaza and Power & Light District.

She wanted me to meet her afterwards at Boulevard Nights on S.W. Blvd. but she’s afraid there’ll be violence there. She was also surprised that this show is at the Beaumont Club. She thinks it should have been at Sprint."

Young Jeezy heads a five band bill that starts at 7 p.m. tonight. It’s like a black Kanrocksas.

I don’t think there’s going to be much if anything going on at the Plaza tonight, Westport is where the kids are going to go if they go anywhere.
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12 Responses to Glazer: Forget The Plaza, “Black Kanrocksas” Descends on Westport Tonight!

  1. Black Barbie says:

    So What You Mean Ass
    So they gonna bank Craig, you jealous? I’m gonna bank tonight too and you get nothing and not me neither bitch ass hater. Why you down on Black shows, what did we do to you but make you a rich ass at 504 club? Man you better think where you came from white boy. I wish I could go he smokes it all up.

  2. Monkey Man says:

    I Am Going
    There won’t be no trouble, so relax white people, we go this. I’ll let you all know how nice the show was ok.

  3. Taco Time says:

    What A Black Party In My Hood NO Way
    Blvd party, that will be an issue. We own that bar.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    No Problems
    According to westport spokes person: the show let out kinda early around 1030 PM no problems, older crowd, so all was quiet.

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    That’s what I just heard as well. Half a house, light crowd, no real problems

  6. harley says:

    GOOD NEWS….no young black kids on the street. Noone on the plaza
    friday night or saturday night….waldo quiet….p and l quiet….kansas quiet… violence in
    joco…..thanks hearne and craig….we now will go to this site to get the latest news as it
    happens when it happens….
    So the curfew worked!~ Like burning down a house to get rid of the ants.
    A little overdone.
    first time in waldo in probably 2 years.
    those trolley cars that get peope to the party districts were almost completely empty.
    2 guys outside on the street trying to pitch you to take the trolley said the plaza
    is basically dead. That all this curfew mess should have been taken care of earlier
    and not waited til the season ended. Damage done to the plaza has been
    extensive. Luckily people have short memories and will be back next
    year in the summer….but I talked with some younger people we met up0 with
    they said theres nothing on the plaza anyway. Grandfalloon late was mostly
    black….most of the people are now going to waldo area…safe to walk…
    lots of variety.
    But for such a great nite…the well was busy….lews dead…kennedys was pretty
    busy….tanners was pretty busy…so i’m assuming the plaza crowd has moved
    out of the plaza ad to safer areas.
    I re3ally don’t care and won’t go back. I know when we want to eat and drink
    we stay where we have no problems walking to our cars…where we can feel
    safe….and where we never have young hoodlums lurking around the places.
    Thank god for the overland park and leawood and mission…and
    and lenexa…and other police men in joco. They keep the bad elements
    out and allow law abiding cash paying customers to feel comfortable about
    going outside during the summer.

  7. Black Barbie says:

    You Cost Me Money
    Craig and Hearne, you jerks we was slow last night cause you helped get a curfew for everyone. You both asshole punks.

  8. Matt says:

    Harley’s Honest
    Trolley’s dead as usual. Nice to hear reality for a change on this blog. That fucking Nigro and his buddy Bill George fucked the city on that deal and laugh and brag to everyone they talk to. What a couple of arrogant pricks.

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    Actually, I called Bill to see what he saw last night out and about and the trollys were doing a land office business he said.

  10. Matt says:

    Dishonest Nigro says that every time…
    Anyone that’s out a lot knows it’s bullshit.

  11. harley says:

    no problem…i ‘d never seen the trolleys but they are a grest idea to keep drunks off the
    streets….and i’m sure trhe owners are doing well.
    we sat at the patio of quinton’s and drank and never saw a singole person
    on the trolley from 7:30-10:30…we didn’t see them after that..maybe the other
    areas are better for business.
    But give these guys credit for doing something to improve the city….looked like
    fun and ge4tspeople out and spending mony without having to drive
    from bar to bar.
    The people who worked for the trolley were very very nice…explaiend the
    deal to us….and it sounded great. we don’t drink a lot…wanted to stay close
    to the highway so we could get home easyily…and didn’t want to travel to
    westport or the plaza…
    but lets not forget these private investors have made a huge investment to try
    to build business in the city at tyhe entertainmenty districts….said they even
    went to ameristar….
    its a great idea…hope itworks out…but there was some filled up bars in
    waldo on saturday…and some that were quiet. Nice area…will go back
    but the well appeaed to be the hot spot in the area.
    Good luck to the guys who do this…it only helps improve business for
    everyone in the city and keeps the drunk driver somewhat less dangerous
    throughout the nite…
    so don’t get all worked up by my comments….i ‘m sure the guys that
    run the trolley have it down and make good money…i wish them well.

  12. Guy says:

    odowds was packed
    I can’t speak for the other bars on the plaza, but we played O’Dowd’s again this weekend and it was packed!! Only thing I might note is there were many people, who were extremely drunk. One guy, being walked down the stairs had pissed himself and was still doing pelvic thrusts the whole way out the door. He then went on to pull his pants off and jerk off in the alley. Nice!!!

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