Caitlin: Got iPhone: ‘Is there an app for that?’

With iPhone App, “Kiss Me Thru the Phone,” you can upload a photo of someone, adjust and rotate the image, and…kiss your phone.

If you are the laziest person on earth, the “iPhone Blower” will apparently blow out your birthday candles for you.

And if you are a sleazebag, the “Tiger Text” app lets you recall text messages and self-destruct sent messages within one minute.

There are endless apps—some beneficial, some entertaining, some useless…although I must admit Tiger Text could save a lot of drunk-texters from morning-after embarrassment…

Although I try to keep my phone pretty svelte, I have recently discovered a few helpful fashion, shopping, and style apps—all of which are free.

1. Snapette:

With this app, users take photos of clothing, shoes, and accessories that they like. Then, the photos are displayed in a feed for easy sharing and access to brand and price information. Users can follow other Snapette accounts and leave comments on photos, and top-rated photos are classified as trends. This app is meant to make shopping for an item you like easier; users can view a feed that shows SNAPS taken closeby…but apparently this app hasn’t caught on in the Midwest yet, as my app was quick to alert me: “Oh no! No snaps near you. Be the first to SNAP in your town.”

2. TrendStop TrendTracker:

If you are involved or interested in the fashion world, this app is amazing! It provides easy access to current trend reports, industry announcements and designer news, and thumbnails from major fashion labels. Plus, it uses your current location to search for stores near you. Check it out—I am in love!

3. Pose:

The Pose app is similar to Snapette, but its content is much more diverse. Users not only upload photos of items they like at stores, but also display photos of their outfits. User photos are displayed in a live feed, so instant feedback is possible. I think Pose is perfect for many women—how many times have you needed a quick outfit opinion but no one is around?

4. ChicFeed:

This app is for anyone who looks at popular fashion blogs on a daily basis. ChicFeed works like GoogleReader, placing the content from particular websites in one feed. It doesn’t let you choose your own blogs, but it does let you eliminate those you don’t read from the feed with a filter feature.

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