Sounds Good: Buzz Beach Ball@LIVESTRONG, HOD & Grisly Hand@Knuckleheads, Quixotic@Crossroads(FREE), Dumptruck Butterlips@Perry Bar & Grill, Janet Jackson@Starlight


Friday, August 19th

Buzz Beach Ball featuring Jane’s Addiction, Bush, Incubus, and others at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park

All three of the main bands at this ‘90s-fest have recently released new albums, or are about to.  Jane’s fourth studio effort is due out in late September, but 96.5 the Buzz has been pumping the first single off it pretty hard.   

Bush’s latest effort, “The Sea of Memories,” is also due out in September, though the band has a couple new members after two of the originals decided not to re-join for this latest go around. 

But despite the new material available, expect a lot of fan favorites at this show.  The music kicks off at 3:30, and local act Quiet Corral takes the stage at 4:30, with Bush starting at 7:15, Incubus at 8:45, and Jane’s Addiction at 10:45. 


Saturday, August 20th

Hearts of Darkness and the Grisly Hand at Knuckleheads Saloon in KC

HOD just won the Pitch award for best jazz ensemble and the Grisly Hand won for the Americana category.  Kind of a weird pairing for this show, but then again, genre bending is what HOD is all about.  Remember, they opened one week for Huey Lewis, then the next week for Snoop Dogg.

Yep, they have a broad appeal, and I’ve been telling you to catch them live for awhile now, so my question is, why haven’t you obeyed me yet?


Sunday, August 21st

Quixotic at Crossroads KC – FREE ALL AGES SHOW

Quixotic is the electronic/ rhythmic/ dance troupe/ performance art act that have been performing around KC and elsewhere for a few years now.  Their shows feature an array of musicians, most notably drummer Brandon Draper, as well as dancers who perform acrobatics while flying through the air, combined with visual effects and a light show. 

Brett Mosiman, known as the founder of the Wakarusa Festival among other things, has been working with Quixotic and is excited about this show for a couple reasons.  "We have a lot of music industry people coming to town to showcase the group," says Mosiman.   "Quixotic has a few performers flying in as well for the show, and it’s totally family friendly and totally free, so come out and support these KC folks in their attempt to go national." 

Umm, did he just say FREE?  I’m bringing my lawn chair. 


Benefit show with Menage of Twang, Dumptruck Butterlips, Jazz Cigarettes, and more at the Perry Bar & Grill in Perry, KS –Dumptruck Butterlips 2:00 – 8:00 pm

Ever want to get a little bit off the beaten path?  No?  Well, do it anyway, it’s for a good cause.  You see, there’s a kid who has been battling with really complex medical conditions his whole life, and even though his parents have good jobs with health insurance and everything, the evil corporations just won’t cover some things – really expensive things.

And what better way to help out than come to a fish fry, drink some beer and listen to some great local bands like Dumptruck Butterlips?  There is really no better way.

Side note: Whenever I say Dumptruck Butterlips I feel like I’m being dirty, but I’m actually not. 

The Dumpsters have been tearing things up lately, with an upcoming gig at Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Festival in October down on the Wakarusa grounds in Arkansas.  

Also scheduled to perform are Cowgirls Trainset, The Fairmounters, Jeremy Shane, Ashes to immortality, Skull Bandits, and Jeff Toda.     

Monday, August 22nd

Janet Jackson at Starlight in KC

Let this set in for just a second: Janet Jackson has sold over 100 million records. 

She’s had 35 Number One hits, all of which will be performed on Monday night at Starlight.  How is she going to cram all those hits into 90 minutes, you ask?  Medleys, of course.  I know, I know, normally fans cringe at the thought of their favorite song being reduced to thirty seconds, but the reviews from Janet’s shows lately have been fairly complimentary. 

“When Prince adopted a medley format in the past, it was usually at the expense of his greatest hits – it felt like you were getting a 50-second rendition of ‘Little Red Corvette,’” wrote Serene Dominic in the Arizona Republic.  “Whoever sequenced this show did a shrewd job. After the first minute of Janet’s first No. 1, "When I Think of You," you’ve pretty much heard the whole tune but a song with more layers like "That’s the Way Love Goes," possibly her best ever single and most deserved No. 1, gets its full four and a half minutes.”
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