Jack Goes Confidential: : ‘FRIGHT NIGHT’ is Cult Blood-Sucking—Revisited!

Was there a good reason for remaking Tom Holland‘s 1985 Cult-Classic FRIGHT NIGHT?

Frankly I can’t think of any!

But give producer Michael DeLuca credit for keeping the reboot real. After all he did tell the entertainment media that the original "has a very special place in his heart."

Taking advantage of the current vampire craze, this new tongue-in-cheek edition has Las Vegas High Schooler Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) suspecting that his new next door neighbor Jerry—played by Colin Farrell-–is a vampire! And that he and his hot girlfriend are now Jerry’s next victims. Matter of fact Charley’s best friend Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) is convinced of it.

Mother Toni Collette takes longer to persuade. But when there’s a blood-sucker to slay and you live in Vegas, why not call upon the expertise of a local hocus-pocus headliner from the Strip for advice?

That’s what happens when Charley now seeks the services of a Chriss Angel-like dude.

So why the R-rating?

Certainly not because of the movie’s low-count gore and abscence of nubile ta tas. It’s the F-word Christopher Mintz-Plasse keeps tossing around.

Bottom line, plenty of vampire fighting fun with a nice Twilight joke thrown in for good measure.

tIt’s also nice seeing Chris Sarandon, the orginal vampire next door, pop up for a brief cameo in this remake.

As for the 3-D here, it’s OK but unnecessary. I say, save the upcharge for FRIGHT NIGHT—taking 3 bites out of 5 fingers.

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One Response to Jack Goes Confidential: : ‘FRIGHT NIGHT’ is Cult Blood-Sucking—Revisited!

  1. PB says:

    Love The First Film
    but this looks like one of those rare occasions where perhaps a remake/reboot was actually needed as the original seems a bit dated to me now after a recent viewing. Didn’t originally have a whole lot of incentive to see this, but the mostly positive reviews such as this one, have me reconsidering. I like the fact that this reboot seems to have made the necessary changes to really update the story, such as the Peter Vincent character as Criss Angel as opposed to Vincent Price. Great cast and it’s nice to see Colin Farrell kill it in a mainstream flick as he has really settled in as a solid actor in smaller films after his failed attempt at Hollywood stardom. Good for him, very underrated actor IMO. Old news I know, but anybody who hasn’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and checkout “In Bruges”, an outstanding dark comedy and seriously, perhaps the best film (sorry Slumdog) of 2008.

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