Hearne: 610 Sports Nick Wright & Blogger Tony Botello Slug it Out on KMBZ

Forget about the so-called local sports talk radio war…

Jock sniffers have waged those for decades and will continue until the end of days, as long as know-it-alls roam the radio dial. I mean, how easily entertained are we when a sleepy, bored Jason Whitlock calling into Nick Wright‘s show on 610 Sports causes local bloggers to behave like they just witnessed the Thrilla in Manila?

Hyperbole aside, are local sports fans really that bored? Well, it is Royals season.

But what amounts to a family blood feud errupted yesterday on KMBZ host Darla Jaye’s show…

No Whitlock-like pussyfooting around, this was the real deal. Blogger and KC Confidential contributor Tony Botello was doing his weekly stint on Jaye’s show and talking about getting sued for defamation when all hell broke lose.

"Nick Wright called him – he’s the son of the guy who’s suing Tony – and Darla pretty well stayed out of it and it was just an assslapping between those two

guys," says earwitness Jack Poessiger. "It was hard hitting radio and they both did good. Tony said things like, ‘How would you know? You don’t live on the street; you were born in the uppity-up wherever and went to Barstow.’


"And Nick was sticking up for his dad more-or-less and defended his dad’s lawsuit against Tony. And Tony said he hadn’t been served yet."

How wild was it?

"They were hollaring at each other," Poessiger says. "It was a wild confrontation."

Wright’s take on the radio rumble:

"I don’t like people making up lies about me or my family, so I foolishly called the show attempting to have a discussion about the definition of defamation. It quickly turned into a rant by Tony on ‘priviledge,’ what high school I went to, and, bizarrely, the race of my girlfriend. Not surprisingly, nothing was accomplished.""

Now Tony:

"The nice thing about it was it gave me the opportunity to call Nick out for being an Eminem wannabe. You know what? I’ve been on the radio tons of times and I’ve never had anything like that reaction. That’s probably one of my best guest appearances ever."

"It went on for about 15 minutes," Poessiger concludes, "and Darla finally came in and said, ‘Nick, I’m going to say goodbye.  You’ve been on long enough.’ "

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9 Responses to Hearne: 610 Sports Nick Wright & Blogger Tony Botello Slug it Out on KMBZ

  1. Super Dave says:

    Only One Word Comes To Mind

  2. xxMillerTimexx says:

    I have a word too

    When is 610’s managment going to get a handle on this guy? Is being a douche good for ratings? I know that Tony whatever his name is is a douche. Nick should have let this one alone, it only makes him look bad.

  3. smartman says:

    Oh No You Din’t!
    And the sins of the father shall be visited upon the son.

    Nick and Tony make Beavis and Butthead look like Newman and Redford.

  4. Mark X says:

    … great radio
    … yeah, Jack & Hearne are correct, that was good stuff. …that folks, was ENTERTAINMENT !

    Nic WRONG was whining & Tony was calling him out as a wanneabe … and Darla kept her mouth shut and let them go at it …

    This EASILY tops Whitnut’s meltdown as a KC radio instant classic moment ….

    … and Tony won by TKO …

  5. Markus Aurelius says:

    Anyone have a link to a clip of the exchange
    or a podcast?? Having just visited it, I have to say that KMBZ’s website is brutal when it comes to podcasting – http://www.kmbz.com/pages/10521477.php? The few that they have are not particularly well organized or described. Anyone happen to capture the audio stream of this exchange?

  6. Hoof R. Tedd says:

    Who the heck is Tony Botello?

  7. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Interesting behavior this week from Mr. Wright.

  8. Harry Balczak says:

    Nick Wright Tony Botello and Craig Glazer in the same column
    What is this site, douches galore?

  9. Wasting my time. says:

    Journalism at it’s finest…
    “says earwitness Jack Poessiger”. Wow, interview the movie critic.

    I’m just happy to hear; “they both did good”. Mom will be so proud!

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