Glazer: Humble Scribe Welcomes Bubba Starling to Loserville; See Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya

So the Royals got their man, Bubba Starling...

No. 1 draft pick, big bucks, 19 years-old and a world beater. He may be with our big league team as soon as 2013. So you’d think with Alex Gordon, Billy Butler, ,, Melky Cabrera and now Starling, the Royals could look to 2013 as a year to at least win the division if not more.

Right? Wrong.

At first glance, the Royals look decent on paper. They actually do. They’ve got four starters who will likely hit more than 20 homers for the first time since Pete Rose played (OK, maybe that’s a bit too far back). Their best weapon, Melky Cabrera, gets nearly no ink or buzz. I don’t get it. THIS GUY IS TRADE BAIT? WHY?

Melky is hitting .311, has 16 homers and 73 RBI"s.  All team bests. HE IS THEIR BEST PLAYER right now, not Hosmer or Gordon. He’s still young.

I say, keep this guy if we can afford him.

So what’s the likely future problem?

The Royals have given up more runs in the first three innings than any team in baseball. That’s a fact according to Frank White. While we have four, really five semi-power hitters, none of them are deadly and rarely hit the ding-er when it matters.

We have trouble scoring runs because in general we don’t have timely hitting. Our starting pitching is overall the worst in baseball. Our best pitcher is starter Luke Hochevar at 4.89 and 8-9.  Jeff Francis is 4-13 with a lower ERA at 4.76. Then there’s Kyle Davis at 1-9 and 6.75 ERA.

There you have it. That’s why the Royals have baseball’s third worst record.

No timely hitting and not one decent starter, No young pitcher has mattered thus far and won’t this season. Including Danny Duffy, who to this point has been a bust. So is Mike Moustakas, with no power and no bat. Big bust to this point.

Of course there’s always  next year.

If the Royals go out and buy three starters and the hitting stays like this, they could win maybe 80-85 games next year. However they won’t buy anybody much that matters. In fact by the time Bubba gets to the big leagues, we’ll be close to saying goodbye to Gordon and Butler. Hosmer a couple years later.

None of these guys want to play here for a terrible team with no ink, no press nationally, nothing.

A constant last place loser, trapped in the midwest. ALL of them will go, wouldn’t you? Even if the money is better here by a hair, they’re gone. I could see Butler maybe staying, he’s boring enough. Kinda like Mike Sweeney stayed. He fits the KC Royals; slow, boring and solid but worthless.

All of these guys would matter on a stronger team. They can all contribute, just not here.

Now what did Ned Yost tell Nick Wright? Oh yeah, "After the all star break you will really see something, this team will shine."  Right, Ned. You stunk at that time and your team still is awful.

I’m always amazed anyone goes to watch the Royals. Why? I guess the park is nice and the beer is cheap? OK it ain’t cheap.

So this year is over, we lose over 90 games again, finish last again, and stink again. Uh, just like your humble scribe said we would in April. Some thought we would get better. But losers lose. This team does NOT KNOW HOW TO WIN. It’s hard to break a losing mentality.

Maybe next year or the next or the next or the next…………………..

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41 Responses to Glazer: Humble Scribe Welcomes Bubba Starling to Loserville; See Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya

  1. smartman says:

    Sixty Million Reasons To Fail
    Alligator arms will never spend the sixty to eighty million dollars a year it’s gonna take to keep the studs on the farm blowing their loads over the outfield fence.

    The Old Roy-als are like Second City. Great place to see tomorrows talent today.

    If the Old Roy-als would go from losing 100 games per year to winning 100 games they could easily double ticket prices sponsorship and broadcast revenue making it possible to justify the much larger payroll.

    Uncle Scrooge has to make to first move and that’s not in his DNA.

    We had no idea how good we had it when Ewing Kaufman owned the team.

    Forget bobbleheads the Old Roy-als need to have a David Glass butt-plug night.

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    Jesus Christ Hearne, you’ve gotta get a real sports writer. This site is getting really stale, really fast.

  3. Cowboy says:

    Well Put Glazer
    Nice round up of the why the Royals are going nowhere in the future. Short, to the point, good numbers to back you up. Bob the whatever had no idea the Royals give up more runs in the first three innings than any team in baseball. That was a solid. I love how these haters get on your ass, even when you are right and give them back-up. Can’t win for losing baby. Good artilce.


    AHAHAHAHAHAHAAH …..Lisetn to the stupid old man douche who says he wouldnt want to be a 19 year old getting a 7 million dollar signing bonus playing for his home town baseball team…. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH …..yeahhhahahahaHAHAHAHAH… you would rather be an over the hill cry babay whining about your wife while at your pathetic lil club…..ahahahahahha…. NICE …. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH … hey doucher drop us some more names…. tell us about all your hot women …then tell us how you cry like a bitch when you see your ex wife….. seems like you have some mental issues……. seek help……and speaking of seeking help.

    Hearne ….please….. come on…. I know this pathetic fk is your friend…. but you need to limit his drug addled rambling to once a week…. he is nothing but a punching bag at this point… maybe approach a local spots radio guy to write a daily piece….. dont mistake hits and punches for popularity… galzer needs to go……. go somewhere …anywehere…but here….

    and I have limited myuself severley from commenting on his drivel…
    i really have….
    but “see ya, wouldnt wnat to be ya”? are you fucking kidding me?

    Just as I put you back on my favs to check in here…..
    his headline (either lame of being a fucking pussy, whining about his ex wife) drives me away….

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Hey Tough Guy
    Look I could have you dumped from the comments, however in front of everyone WHO READS THIS SITE. I am calling you out as a punk who couldn’t carry my shitty underwear boy. So heres my offer mouth. Please Please take me up on it, but you like all cowards won’t. Since I am so old and pathetic, lets meet tomorrow and you show me how tough you are. Show me how old I am. But you won’t cause you hide in mommy’s basement with old porn and dream of having women like I have had and do have. You dream of looking like me NOW, forget the past. But you are a little coward who needs to hide with your fake names. Hurt that I am someone and you are nothing. So lets meet in front of Woodside tomorrow at say 3PM, your nap should be over by then. You come over and show me how tough you are loud mouth. I got one thousand bucks says you won’t come, if you do take it from me, please try. I’m sure you, like all little cowards won’t show. I will. You know what I look like so come on, I’d love to see you tomorrow. Whats your answer coward?

    P.S. At least I had a nice looking sweet girl that loved me, you likely only have fat hookers for fifty bucks you buy out of the Pitch. Oh you can’t afford the fifty so its your hand that you date, huh.

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  6. Taco Time says:

    Hey Tough Guy
    Glazer called you out. I think he’s right. You won’t show up. The back stabbers never do. You called him a bunch of stuff so he’s got the right to jack you up. I seen him, I ain’t seen you, but my money is on Glazer. I’d like to see this man. You want him to go away, hillbilly kid he’s the man everyone wants to read. He gets more action than my stud doggy on Friday nights. Glazer, fuck this pussy up man.

  7. Cowboy says:

    This Is Great
    I don’t want to see any violence. YES I DO. Wish I could see all this action. I know Craig, he’s serious. Love it. What set you off Ha Ha man? The artilce is valid. Cause he got choked up over his ex wife being at his club? That set you off? He knows too many famous people? That set you off? Got me.

    What are they gonna do when the Chiefs lose too, boy the haters will line up Glazer. By the way you know another big loser this fall, THE DALLAS COWBOYS, want a good tip, their over under is 8 I think, they won’t win 6. They are as bad as KC, they got nothing, they lost two starters, Marion Barber and Roy Williams. Back and receiver. They are gonna be as bad as KC. By the way Vegas heard you Glazer they dropped KC to 7 1/2 over under once 8 1/2. They smell a loser too. Sorry Chiefs fans.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA says:

    Dump my comments all you want.
    You wanna bear your soul and say stupid things on a message board, then you better expect people to call you out on it. Then you feel all offended and meet for a fight? are you fucking kidding me…. I barley want to wast my time trying to help hearne improve his sight let alone wast 5 seconds driving anywhere to meet you….. this is not to mention YOU FUCKING IDIOT….. JUTS THIS WEEK A KID WAS SENTANCED TO PRISON FOR MEEETING UP FOR A FIGHT AND AN ASSHOLE BROUGHT A GUN, AND SOON HIS COUSIN WILL BE SENTANCE TO LOOOOOONG HARD TIME FOR ACTUALLY SHOOTING, TO DEATH, ANOTHER KID…….. and you suggest the same thing??….you are a fucking moron…. stop while you are ahead….. meet for a fight…..omg, you are worse off than i thought.

    You post stupid shit….. it is my opinion.. you balh blah blah all you name dropping bs…. tell everyone how you how have 15 girl froends then you whine when you see your ex wife……. look in the mirror….. seek help.

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    You Just Proved MY Point Coward, Punk
    Like I said a punk coward who can’t back up anything he or she says, just stop commenting, you lost all credibility not that with no name you had any. We can’t read or pretend to care what a blow hard says.You were a real bad ass til it came to standing behind your words and “tough talk” in the end you are like that guy said, a PUSSY PUNK…go find a fly to pick its wings dog. Don’t wast my time. We are finished COWARD. Gun I could just stare at you and you would run. Who needs a weapon for a little frog like you fatty.

  10. HAHAHAHAHAA says:

    Hearne is the type you want representing you?
    This is what happens when amateurs “play” journalist

  11. Taco Time says:

    You Jacked His Ass Glazer
    Yeah, he a punk like you said. Nobody can read his shit now and take him serious, you gonna talk shit, better back it up bitch. Glazer I hadn’t seen my babies mother for six years, I saw her at a concert,we spoke and as I listened to some love songs, I cried. So I feel ya, A tough man can cry over a girl he once loved, no shame in that.

  12. HAHAHAHAHA says:

    swiping at air
    glazer …do another line….have another drink…. cry some more… it will be better … tomorrow.

  13. Cowboy says:

    Sorry Dude Taco Is Right
    You can’t hide behind a fake name, and call a man out, just to find out you are coward baby like Glazer and Taco said you are. You had your shot. You chickened out. End of game. Hey had you had some real comments about the Royals and Glazer was wrong ok but you just attack him for no reason with nothing. You lost dude.

  14. Big Dave says:

    I Agree
    First off address the article or story. This person just wants to PO Glazer. Glazer made his point. You guys are right don’t throw rocks at bears who will come back at you. Case in point kids.

  15. Cliffy says:

    While I find all of this somewhat amusing is this really what you are out to accomplish Hearne? Why not take up Robertoe on his offer to improve this site?

    Will Glazer ever have an original thought on sports?
    Has Cowboy replaced the Bad Ass Jew?
    Will Glazer and HAHAHAHAHA rendezvous for fisticuffs?
    Or … is HAHAHAHAHA really Glazer????

    Be sure to tune in for the next episode of KCC!!!

  16. HAHAHAHAHA says:

    So lets ask the guys who were/are being prosecuted for man slaughter because they got in a fight at the Kona grill and the other guy died, what do they think about some idiot wanting to fight?…. Are you kidding… I have been in plenty of street fights… and I am first to admit that I fight dirty and I usually win, not always, but everyone feels pain and it is never pretty…. it never feels good, even when I win…. BUT… what if glazer goes down, hits his head on a parking block and dies?…. then what? I dont like glazer, I would nt care if he died, but I am not going to jail for that…are you kidding?

    There is no win here….. I was simply pointing how how stupid glazers stories are…how stupid his name dropping is….how pathetic that he bares his soul that he cried over an exwife at a comedy show…. I commented how stupid the expression “see ya wouldnt want to be ya” is regarding a newly annointed millionaire, who is now playing for his hometown MLB team……. and crazyboy glazer wants to meet for a street fight? ….and people admire that? …oh well…….

    good luck with all of this hearne…you will need it…. guess I ashould have stayed in the DONT COMMENT on glazer , he is nuts

  17. Downtown davey says:

    I Don’t Get It
    Glazer wrote a good story with a strong issue that sounds reasonable. I don’t agree with him myself, I think the Royals will get a couple ptichers and be a good team next year. They have some excellent young guys out there now. However if you jump on someone for no reason and say mean things, I suppose the other person will bite back. Glazer is within his rights to say things like he did to you who write mean and personal attacks on the man. So its buyer beware I suppose. Maybe if you stick to the storyline and address the writing or his position that would be different, but you didn’t.

  18. HAHAHAHAH says:

    Before you meet for a fight consider this… I quote
    KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Investigators have ruled the death of a Tulsa man following a fight at a Kansas City restaurant a homicide.

    Doug Tipton, 31, and a friend got into an altercation with four men at the Kona Grill sushi restaurant, located at the Plaza in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, on December 9.

    Witnesses say the fight mostly consisted of pushing and shoving, but shortly afterward Tipton collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

    Tipton died at the hospital. Police tracked down the four men with whom he had scuffled and questioned them, but have not made any arrests.

    Wednesday, the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the manner of death a homicide. However, that finding does not necssarily imply criminal culpability.

    Police say their investigation continues; it’s unclear if they plan to make any arrests.

    The case is now Kansas City’s 100th homicide of the year.

    Tipton leaves behind a wife and three young children.””

  19. bschloz says:

    Kung Fu
    I want to fight Jack Posseiger ….Sullivans parking lot next Thurs.
    Winner gets 4 AMC passes…..bring your A game.

    Glaze I just gave you an upgrade….. you blog with swagger. LOL

  20. mark smith says:

    Cookies and Punch served at the sock hop
    What are you fuckers, 16? I don’t know which is more pathetic. The commentor. The author. Or the nut hugging cheering section. I’m going to say….the nut huggers. Trolls are a part of the internet, in fact as far as comment sections go, trolls usually say some of the funniest stuff. For a website that wants to be taken seriously I can’t think of anything more damaging to that aspiration than one of it’s “writers” repeatedly calling some anony commentor to a show down at fuckin high noon. I like reading the comments in Glazers posts, he usually brings out the worst in people which makes for some entertaining reading. That said, between the tough guy posturing, and the Glazer Rockettes cheering section, I’m starting to come away from this site feeling like I’ve just wasted 5 minutes watching a group of monkeys trying to fuck a football. Seriously, if the Glazer support team are actually real, you come off sounding like love struck school girls. Then again, considering his constant rising to the bait, and his child like insecurities, maybe he needs the support. One last parting observation, for a guy who I assume would need nerves of steel to rob a dope house, how is it you can’t exercise any emotional restraint in a comment section? Given the fact you know they are just trying to get a rise out of you, it doesn’t make you look like the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  21. Super Dongman says:

    I want to own the rights…
    To the fight between Glazer vs Tough Guy! Screw UFC or the WWE heavyweights that are the kings of pay-per-view, this can be the next huge thing! People on the internet talk tough to a somewhat well known person in the community and they meet in front of a pool and fight! I’m pulling for you Glazer! No doubt, you’ll kick his sorry ass! I hate people who hide behind cmputer keyboards and act tough! I’m not talking about me because at least we actually met before Glazer, remember meeting me in the studio at 98.9 a few years ago? Glazer! Glazer! Glazer! Everyone now! Glazer! Glazer! Glazer! Come on Smartman, Cliffy, Big Dave, and even Hearne! This reminds me so much of a old fashion schoolfight! need to hurry and get this fight going before the fat, old gym teacher shows up and stops the fight! I’ll bet a summer full of .59 cent soda fountain at QT that Glazer knocks him out in less than 2 minutes! Glazer! Glazer! Glazer!

  22. Cowboy says:

    Watching Steelers Game and This
    I don’t know which is more fun, seeing Steelers kick Vick’s butt or reading this fight theme site. I tell you what I just love it, but after game beddie bye, so I am out. You guys keep it rolling for me ok? Peace,Out.

  23. smartman says:

    Jim Beam Me Up
    Some poor alien bastards about 300 light years away on a recon mission for intelligent life are picking this shit up on their autographed Zager and Evans ipad2525. When they finally arrive on planet earth don’t be surprised if they say “Take Me To Your Glazer”

    What happened to that Murphy “sports” guy? Did he go the way of Maria “Ugly Booty” Juarez?

    With Tony gone, in more ways than one and Tracy hanging out her own shingle just like the great guys from Pyramid Roofing there’s nobody to tee up.

    Looks like Hovick took the hint and wanking on Kelly Urich is like shooting squirrels at a squirrel feeder with a 12 guage at two feet.

    We need some fresh meat to greet.


    hahahaahHAHAAHAHAHAHahahaha LOL…..
    Thats the spirit 🙂 “Yeah, thats the ticket”…..
    Just ask my wife… errr girlfriend…. Che….errrrr,,, Bar…errrrr Jennifer Aniston… yeah…

    bows left, bows right…. smiles 🙂

  25. Cliffy says:

    “Some poor alien bastards about 300 light years away on a recon mission for intelligent life are picking this shit up on their autographed Zager and Evans ipad2525. When they finally arrive on planet earth don’t be surprised if they say “Take Me To Your Glazer” ”

    Laughed Out Loud. As ridiculous as this place gets, and as exasperated as I get with your “takes” sometimes, you’re the best smartman.

  26. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Now Thats Funny Smartman
    Yes, we don’t need all this mean spirited hate mail. Lets stick to the stories and having some fun. I just watched the Eagles/Steelers game. Is it me or don’t the Chiefs ever have that second or third string guy who lights it up like the Steelers Dixon did. He looked better than Cassel ever has, He’s third string dammit. Oh boy, I think the Chiefs are not going to be very good, please don’t let us have a ‘royals’ season in the winter, please. Give us something to smile about. I bought gold.

  27. Robertoe says:

    Cowboy =Glazer. How many others?
    Yep Cowboy is definitely really Glazer.

    Cowboy: “By the way Vegas heard you Glazer they dropped KC to 7 1/2 over under once 8 1/2.”

    First, Mayor Sly James reads KCC and adopts ‘The Glazer Plan’

    Now Vegas is monitoring his sports pronouncements here with baited breath and adjusting their spreads accordingly!

    Mark Smith, good post. funny. I’ve never posted under any other name. I’ll bet Smartman, Chuck, Mermaid, Mark Smith and many others haven’t either. Wouldn’t this be nice around here?

    Many of us are getting sick of wasting time “watching a group of monkeys trying to fuck a football.”


    Here is an idea for hearne regarding his sport threads.

    Until you can find a real sport writer, why dont you just peruse the daily headlines (or hire someone to do thsi) and post just the headlines… Royals, Chiefs, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, NASCAR ETC…. ETC…… or rmaybe seek out (peel at) some cutting edge websites which specialize in the various sports and “borrow” thier “headline of the day”…. e.g. or or something.. then run their headline……”or something like it.

    I am simply showing my pure, and angelic like good intentions….. only trying to help out KCC…..
    Just post 5-10 headlines..and then let the zany commenters head off in what ever direction
    they want……. without any risk of hurting the sensitve feelings of any thin skinned excons.

    sorry… just had to get that dig in there ;)……
    damn my inner troll…DAMN IT ALL TO HELLl!!!! bwwaaahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHA 😉

  29. Hearne Christopher says:

    He’s not playing journalist, dude. He’s playing blogger. And he’s not representing me, he’s representing himself.

    People get that confused all the time. Mike Hendricks or Yael writes something in the Star and people say / think, “Hey The Star said this” or “The Star said that,”

    The Star didn’t say anything; Mike Hendricks did!

  30. Hearne Christopher says:

    Well Cliffy, I’m trying. Got a few more adds I’d like to make.

    As for original thinking on sports, how original are the callers hour after hour on sports radio?

    I will say this for Craig, boring as the Royals are, he keeps a pretty close eye on them. And he’s a total gambler, so he watches the sports landscape pretty close and puts his money where his mouth is. Seems to do OK.

    Greg Hall thought he was a real find when we first got him a year or so ago.

  31. Hearne Christopher says:

    You do enjoy your jokes, Laughing Boy!

  32. HAHAHAHA says:

    Dude, are you saying that wasnt a good idea?
    Just posting headlines for the comment responses?… until you find a real sports writer.

    Its not my fault your buddy is a name dropping, bad writing, hypersensitive fella.
    Are you are saying he isnt? You think he is good for you blog? I stayed away from
    hm until he fucking lame “See Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya” headline today….. unless you liked that?

  33. Craig Glazer says:

    Bird Brain Man
    As has been explained several times dumber than a toad, HEARNE WRITES THE HEADLINES, not the writer. That was not my headline, mine was “Will Starling Help The Royals”…….Hearne likes explosive headlines…especially if he can put down a group or city or idea..thats Hearne. However in case you haven’t figured it out: I AM THE SPORTS GUY…so here’s my suggestion: don’t read my sports stories, don’t comment anymore fake guy….and yeah Robert, Hearne is me as well or am I Hearne. Hey buddy you might try helping less with your mouth to the world, you got lots of talk, little action on several things….I always love the person who says they want to help, yeah, right of course when really needed they are nowhere to be found, huh. As they say “talk is cheap”

  34. harley says:

    wow…comments section explodes and i’m not even
    involved. Hearne…from a busines standpoint you really need a sports writer who has
    experience. The stories that greg writes now on his post are getting lots of readership.
    They’re not hard….they’re easy but some huge stories and noone on your sight posting about them.
    Texas a and m possibly moving from the league and the impact on local schools.
    The miami scandal and what it means to missouri basketball.
    Chiefs…and their pathetic showings…
    I mean glaze may think he’s a writer but he’s not. Just common sense and really not a lot
    of information to back it up.
    I’m sure glaze gets lots of comments but threatening illegal fights is not the way for a writer
    to act. If you ever put anything like that out in the star in your column you would have been
    cut from the star long before they fired you.
    And glaze….if you can’t take the heat…get out. I’ve written about the agressiv over the top
    nature of the people and their comments to you. If you write something…you’ve got to take the
    crap from people reading it and critiquing it. If a comic comes on your stage and has a
    terrible act and a reveiwer cuts down the act…the comic doesn’t get a chance to respond..
    the comic either improves his act….makes changes…he doesn’t go out and threaten the
    reviewer ……thats not how it’s doen.
    It’s pretty simple….glaze is controversial…over the top….conceited….insecure. Okay…thats
    tjhe persona the guy wants to present. but the heat on him will continue but you hearne are
    going to get yourself in a jam if something bad happens.
    Calm down everyone…this is strictly for fun and entertainment…
    Hearne…your writers should not be getting involved inthis type of situation with the readers…
    its wrong…and you can stop it before it escalates.

  35. mermaid says:

    It is what it is…
    This site as frustrating as the fake blogging can be is what it is. Just sit back and don’t take it all too seriously because really it’s an entertainment site not an official news blog. The fighting is just silly. Craig really let it go and quit hating back on the haters. I always love my haters and then they love me back. You just have to realize if someone hates you that they are having some issues and you need to be the bigger person. I enjoy some good banter on a topic but if Craig wants to open his soul about his ex wife or dog or whatever so be it- you can’t hate someone for that. I agree a little silly but KCC is silly alot. Just enjoy the ride.

  36. PB says:

    Well Said,
    Mr. Smith. Anymore, seemingly EVERY Glazer devolves into a pissing match between…16?, more like 12-year old boys. Tiresome, as are Mr.Glazer’s repetitively negative sports takes. Craig, you are fast becoming the Jack Harry (Bitter Old Sports Guy) of the internet. And in regards to Duffy and Moose…”busts so far”…what does that even mean? The term bust refers to a player that has truly busted his way out of the game…we’re dealing with way too small of a sampling at this point to even remotely use that sort of terminology in regards to those two players. Underperforming at this point, yes, certainly not “busts”.

    Why not for ONCE accentuate the positives…Duffy’s stuff is MLB worthy, he barely logged any innings at any level over the last year and a half, is now learning his craft at the Major League level and has still shown some flashes of being an outstanding starter someday, but I guess that’s just not blog-worthy reading. And Moose despite his troubles at the plate, has already shown a major league level glove, but I get it, easier (lazier?) to dwell on the fact he hasn’t ripped 30 dingers yet. Yes, they may indeed both end up as true busts someday, but based on your premature assumptions, I’m frankly surprised that a guy like you would ever even hire a young, struggling comic to work your stage before he’s killing it on some self-tiltled sitcom.

  37. Skeptic says:

    Humble? HA
    HUMBLE Scribe? Glazer? He is not humble at all.

  38. Craig Glazer says:

    Good Post PB
    Yes those are some valid issues. I am not Jack Harry, and guess what not that old…however my point is that the Royals have a losing mental frame, about that there is no argument. Hey I’d love to write some nice things about both our teams, Chiefs and Royals. I did get a bit behind the Chiefs Matt Cassel early on, but he faded and so did they. I am just calling it like I see it. Yes Duffy and the “moose” coule surely imporve and be good players. Right now, thats not the case. I think Eric Hosmer and Alex Gordon, have both had nice seasons. Wasted, but nice. So there is hope, I said if we get a couple of big league ptichers this team could go .500 next year, but we’ll see if that takes place.

  39. Hearne Christopher says:

    Correction: there’s news, there’s entertainment, there’s sports. And, of course, there’s Craig!

  40. Murphy "sports guy" says:

    Smartman, not totally sure what happened to Murphy “sports guy”. I understand no pay no play was an issue. He has had a few offers in the last few weeks including but not limited to doing his own blog, writing for 2 other people on a also no pay basis, a solid offer from an entertainment web site where he would make $$$, and finally returning to the basement and just reading his comics. U can still catch his witty comments on here and the Hall site. I also understand that a BIG TIME HOLLYWOOD agent is going to try to lure some names for Hearne.

  41. Rick says:

    U R NOT
    Glaze U R NOT THE SPORTS GUY. Did I lose a loser leave town match and not know about it? You are a guy that has many interests and writes about them all. And you have found a forum that allows it. Amen to u. But you are NOT THE SPORTS GUY

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