Glazer: Tears Shed as Iconic Comic Tommy Chong Leaves Deep Impression on KC

It was nice having the Chong’s back one more time…

You know, Tommy Chong – of Cheech and Chong – and his wife Shelby, who played Stanford’s this past weekend. We had a nice time. It was a reminder of how things used to be and in many ways no longer are. The crowds were very respectful of him and his wife. Everyone was smiling and in good spirits. And it was cool because there was so much going on, a Chiefs home game, Farm Aid nearby, the stock market mini crash, school starting, Plaza riots – about anything you could dream up.

Yet they packed the club up as always.

The Chong’s did a meet and greet with everyone who wanted to see them after each show. Tommy signed everything put in front of him. He’s a national treasure, for sure. There are no comedy duos like Cheech and Chong today. Well, maybe Penn and Teller, but it’s just not the same. No big movies like there were in the Cheech and Chong days.

Tommy stands for the past, legalizing weed, being a free spirit, making our nation’s leaders listen to the people

That’s all gone away now. He’s the Lone Ranger of the Hippie Era.

Chong looks good for his age and Shelby is incredible looking. And if you like "the Pope of Dope" humor, he’s still damn funny. Tommy spent a good five minutes in a couple of the shows talking about his relationship with Kansas City and with me. Nice comments. We are truly friends.

Many of the old time comedy club crowd showed up… including my ex wife Connie and her family.

I hadn’t seen her in three years. Man, that was a bit emotional for us both. Though we ended our marriage with no arguments, it still ended. We were married five years and lived together almost one and a half years before that. So I spent like 10% of my life with Connie Parker Glazer. She was and remains a beauty. A sweet nice Kansas City gal. I have found none like her since.

Yes, I made a mistake in not treating her as my equal and best friend back then. That’s my fault. I do regret it now. But that was then, this is now and time moves forward. She’s living with a man she loves and they plan to marry. She’s now just a civilian, a working girl. So is her man and thats cool. She said she’s happy and I’m glad for her.

However, when I was on stage introducing the Chongs – who love Connie, Tommy calls her an "old soul" – I followed with, "I also want to recognize my former wife Connie, who I…" Yes, I choked up and shed a few tears.

And the crowd went, ‘Awwwww’ and I had to cover my face with the white dummy card so they wouldn’t see my tears. But yeah, I cried. I don’t think its because I want her back now. It’s because it was a time in my life that is over but not forgotten. A time of love,warmth and a family. All of that now gone.

I’m alone with my dog Junior (who Connie bought for me and left with me). I love Junior, the little miniture dog. I also have our cat Monkey, a black cat. Connie brought him home as well. We have the memories of a kinder, softer time.

Well, enough of this mushy stuff. It was a fun weekend, bittersweet but real.

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the weed, I mean, dead flowers.

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31 Responses to Glazer: Tears Shed as Iconic Comic Tommy Chong Leaves Deep Impression on KC

  1. chuck says:

    My best friend is my ex.

  2. Jack Bat says:

    Now That Was A Warm Tale
    Hey I liked it. You got emotional and gave us a snapshot of whats inside. I know you are a good dude Glazer. Sometimes the stories you write here make us forget that. If you were a real person, Chong would know and he wouldn’t be coming back so often.

  3. Mid Town Man says:

    Thank you Stanford and Sons for bringing back Tommy Chong. Yesterdays are not so far away.

  4. Mark X says:

    You don’t need to be embarrassed by tears… sheez, you’re such a relic …

  5. Markus Aurelius says:

    Nice story, Glazer — much better than the…
    …occasional faux ‘look-how-cool-and-unique-I-am’ stuff. Remember, everyone’s hopelessly insecure. Sometimes those who most vociferously claim not to be are the ones suffering the most. Good job today.

  6. Markus Aurelius says:

    Hearne, you need to work on your photoshopping skills
    Did the name tag really need to be in the goatee? Or did you just cut and paste the photo from somewhere else?

  7. Markus Aurelius says:

    BTW, who’s the gal making the brutal duck face???
    Seriously, lose the duck face — — PLEASE!

  8. Robertoe says:

    photoshop used by Hearne (or an intern)? Are you kidding? If Hearne used a little photoshop around here we would have photo captions. Thats all it would take!

    But nooooooo, thats far too teckie!

  9. Radio Man says:

    Photo Is Connie Glazer’s Ex Wife
    I thought it was a cute photo. She looks very pretty. Glazer you might have held on to that girl. She seems dreamy. Thats me though.

  10. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Nice, Nice Post
    Hey you choked me up Glazer. Your lady was quite a looker. She looks charming and sweet. We all make mistakes, but maybe it was best you two ended it when you did. That way the memoires are of love and compasion not anger and “YOU OWE ME MONEY” like most divorces. So maybe it was a good thing. Hey I wanted to go see Chong, but couldn’t get away, glad it went well.

  11. Rick says:

    Good stuff. Appreciate you sharing some of your soul. Am a little confused. Is Chong no longer coming to KC? It seemed like the piece was a good bye to both him, an era gone, and a love lost.

  12. Tony Tubbs says:

    On The Fence On Glazer But Good Story
    I go back and forth likeing you then not liking you Glazer. But this was a good story. I know how you feel.

  13. smartman says:

    New Business Venture
    Dude: You need to do a Craig Glazer Chia Head. Give me the marketing rights and I’ll give you 60% of the net. Might as well do a Black Barbie too. Set that up and you can have 10 of my 40 + whatever she gives you.

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    Great Idea
    Now you’re thinking smartman. Love the idea, Dare might back it, for real and sell them on air…we’d make hundreds of dollars, hah. maybe more…but yeah we can do it…

  15. Big Dave says:

    I’m IN Town From LA
    Smartman I want both, I’d pay like twenty each. Its so funny. But yeah, I am serious I’ll but a couple. Get it a couple, mah, hah.

  16. Kellys Man says:

    I’d Buy Glazer Just to Kick His But Around
    Yeah I want a Glazer doll so I can throw it against a wall.

  17. smartman says:

    $eriou$ Money
    Don’t need Dare to back it. I got the dough and the factory to do the damn she-bang.

    This is shootin’ fish in the barrel money.

  18. RickM says:

    Who wears their own t-shirt?
    Did TC wear that shirt illustrating his younger self on stage and , if so, was that necessary? I dare say you’d never see Neil Young wearing an old Neil tee at his concerts.

    BTW, for someone from the ‘Hippie Era’ Neil’s obviously still going at it. But you’re probably referring just to comics.

  19. Koo coo says:

    Now Thats Worth A Look Smartman
    Great idea. Where would you sell them online?

  20. harley says:

    glaze…is that your ex wife…
    know her from the belton raymore area….what a small world.
    Nice article. Keep searching…one day you’ll find the perfec t woman..
    then discover they are alike.
    Get a real rich one…i’m surprised you haven’t moved to naples…or
    miami….or palm desert and found one of those hot rich women.
    I remember cheech and chong and partying while we watched them.
    Wow…time flies….saw you have bobby slayton scheduled….you are the man.

  21. PB says:

    “Did TC wear that shirt illustrating his younger self on stage and , if so, was that necessary? I dare say you’d never see Neil Young wearing an old Neil tee at his concerts.” – RickM

    Agreed, I thought the same thing when I saw that pic…incredibly lame, although he’s not alone. saw Bret Michaels pull that same trick sporting a Poison tee DURING a Poison concert. Thanks, Bret… I forgot who was playing.

  22. Craig Glazer says:

    Yes The Blonde in The Photo Is My ExWife Connie
    Yes thats Connie the blonde. Great girl. The photo doesn’t do her justice. As far as Chong’s shirt, hey he can whatever he wants.

  23. Mattel says:

    The Glazer Doll
    Everytime you pull its string, it names off some has been celebrity he claims to be best friends with.

  24. Craig Glazer says:

    Yeah like….Clint Eastwood…
    Lets see who those might be, uh…Robert Downy Jr. Sly and Frank Stallone(co starred in Billy Lone Bear with Frank), Mickey Rourke(he even visited Stanfords here a few years back), Gary Busey, Muhammad Ali(did two films with him, produced both) Joe Frazier, Pricella Barnes(Three’s Company star and former gal pal), Robert Forester(academy award nominee from Jackie Brown film), Ed O’ross(Another 48hrs, Dick Tracy, Full Metal Jacket), Arliss Howard(Jurasic Park Two,Full Metal Jacket, Tequila Sunrise and more), Eric and Michael Eisner, Eastwood, Two time Academy Award Nominee Prodcuer/director Rob Lorenz, CAA Super Agent Matt Blake, Golden Globe Winner and past girlfriend Sandahl Bergman, Cathy Moriarty(Raging Bull, The Neighbors and tons more),Arnold Swartzenegger(sp) hung with a few times, Holk Hogan, Edward James Olmos, Lewis Black, Larry The Cable Guy, Jimmy Walker, Lisa Lamponelli,Johnny Dare, Brett, Dawson….and about 100 more you’re right all has beens…good one…I can continue but I’m tired already of doing this…

  25. Mattel says:

    You illustrated my point PERFECTLY, bird brain.

  26. Craig Glazer says:

    No you make it sound like I mention people from yester-year, some are, they are still friends of mine. You know smart guy, its better to be a has been than a “never was”…at least you did something. It ain’t easy to be a national or international somebody, even for a short time, you’re talking about like .01% of the nation who gets to do that. You insinuate that I drop names, I don’t have too, this is my life, these are people I know, work with and hang out with here and in LA or Vegas. It’s my career not yours. I’m sure people like Brett and Lenny and so on have plenty of famous friends, they are not in the entertainment biz really so it doesn’t come up much. Lenny does games and now just the Chiefs, he has to stick to the game talk. I do entertainment radio, TV and this site. Its about enterainment and enterainers. I don’t DROP names to be cool, I’m just telling stories, would you rather hear the one about a guy you never heard of? So yeah its needed for me to entertain listeners or readers.

    I guess cause its not your world it must seem weird or exaggerated, its not, its just life. These people are not much different than you or anyone else. Some are wealthy some are broke, some used to be broke and are now rich, and so on….I admire people who step out, take a chance and get somewhere. If you don’t thats on you. THATS THE REASON some people hate me, they don’t know me, and I’ve done nothing to them. Hell my last sting was in 1983 and that was against the feds…FBI,DEA,Customs….

    Hey KMBZ had me on yesterday about the Plaza Flash riots….I was just doing commercials and they yanked me in, like it or not, what I think and say…well some people seem to care and think I’m kinda sharp…clearly you don’t and thats fine……so go back, look out your window and dream…alright.

  27. HARLEY says:

    glaze….stop….noone cares….
    youre on this never ending cycle to prove something about yourself and it comes of as an
    inferiority complex.
    No need to answer back. Stop the retorts. Stop trying to “one up” everyone.
    When you are right…take the compliments. when you are wrong admit it…you’re no different
    than mattel or roberote or anyone.
    Stop trying to be someone other than who you aare. I will be critical when you are wrong..
    but praise when its right.
    If you’re going to take this position…take the heat that comes with it. You can answer every
    attacks…just keep doing what your doing with humility and grace. It will make your
    life easier.

  28. Mattel says:

    You were at a radio station you pay a lot money to advertise your business and they put you on the air.

    That is amazing.

    I do not envy you. Fame is not my measure of success. Seems like it is yours, and it just didn’t work out well for you. Maybe the universe has something better in store for you.

    Don’t give up!

  29. can't say says:

    part 1
    U didn’t mention Greg Hall. When i get a chance I’ll give u my list and we’ll see who’s is longer.

  30. Craig Glazer says:

    PS, I don’t advertise on KMBZ….

  31. Tina Tapia says:

    Marcus Aurelius lets get a pic of your face!!!!
    I think maybe before you start commenting out of your ass about the way peoples faces look in a picture that was taken years ago, you should take a long good look in the mirror before you do so! It is called a “kiss face” not to be mistaken as a “duck face” as you said ,although if I looked in the mirror at myself and I were you, I would probably think that everyone should look like me and my duck face!!! Craigs Ex wife was and still is a blond bombshell and he will never find another like her…..ever. Thanks Marcus for trying to put negative into things, like we need more of that in this world. Keep it real and get good with God!

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