Glazer: KC Mayor Sly James to Adopt Glazer Plan for Plaza


Kansas City Mayor Sly James is a KC Confidential reader for certain…

I wrote several stories about him when he ran for mayor – all backing him. I interviewed Sly twice and wrote both stories on Now the mayor’s going with my plan to save the Plaza. As written here a couple days back. The plan to rid the Plaza of the large groups of unruly black youth on Saturday nights.

OK, maybe James thought it up on his own. But it’s exactly what I suggested here a few days back.

CURFEW OPTION HAS KC’S INTEREST is the Star‘s headline today. The Mayor said a new city-wide curfew would be in effect this weekend. Starting at 9 P.M.

Sound familiar?

The details are still in the works, but it will be an under 21 and you’re OUT curfew.

Westport tried this in the 90’s, but it kinda failed due to lack of police enforcement.

So we had to make our streets private since we didn’t have the police behind us. The Plaza being the Plaza, that shouldn’t be a problem. Just like the mayor, they’ll no doubt have the police in their pockets..

But it’s really the only short term solution.

As KCC has discussed in recent days, summer’s nearly over. The temps will fall and the crowds will soon not be showing up. That’s all true.

Last Saturday may have been the last really big kid’s hurrah of the summer. And by the way, this has been going on all summer, according to police. So why the mayor is just now dealing with the situation is anybody’s guess.

Maybe because he almost took a bullet?

Weather forecasts indicate the possibility of no more 90-plus degree days and nights. In fact, we could be down in the 70’s or low 80’s by next week. Which means post 9 p.m. temps of like 60 or lower. Not great "mob" weather. Then as it cools into October into the 40’s and 50’s, it’s game over.

So either way this problem will end; it will end until next summer.

Expect the usual ACLU shout outs over the curfew. Legal questions. And in the end it’s likely that not anything much will change for the long term. Like I said, this is a problem only time will change. Like 50 years of time when whites and blacks finally get along and racism is a THING OF THE PAST.

So once again, here I am predicting the future. Now if the Chiefs will just cooperate?
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29 Responses to Glazer: KC Mayor Sly James to Adopt Glazer Plan for Plaza

  1. mermaid says:

    The Glazer plan…
    Yes Craig he read that article and sat down with his people and he said “By God did you read what Craig Glazer wrote today on KC Confidential? That boy is so smart. Let’s use his idea!” Then all the people shouted and clapped in delight! Wow you live in a strange planet!

  2. harley says:

    glaze….now that you complete solved the problem on the
    plaza…(BULLSHIT)….AND NOW THAT you’ve pointed out again how great you are
    and waht a genius you are I’m sure obama and boehner will be calling you soon to figure out
    1. how to get the economy going
    2. what to do with QE3
    3. what to do with nasa
    4. how to cure cancer
    5. how to pick up hotties at woodside
    6. the best place for fake hair pieces
    7. and mot importantly …how to attain worldwide peace!
    come on guy…you’re so full of b.s. you’re actually make everyone…mermaid and myself
    laugh so hard….stop making a fool of yourself….

  3. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Good One Glazer
    Oh I can’t comment I am Glazer. Sorry.

  4. FAKE Todd Haley says:

    Why can’t he solve
    the problem with the Chefs?

  5. Tiger Tail says:

    Mermaid What Gives?
    Hey honey you used to be a Glazer lover. What happened, he treated you badly? Found another hottie? Moved? You join in with Harley and “haters” now thats simply treason. Next thing you know Berkowitz will tell us he’s anti-semetic.

  6. mark x says:

    …the old joke. ..
    Maybe because he almost took a bullet?

    …yeah, “A conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged…”

  7. Kari Jo says:

    Mermaid Get off My Merman
    Why don’t you find someone else. You couldn’t handle Craig Glazer Mermaid. Maybe go to Tusha and find some rich old guy. Do you ever see Billy at Woodside? Tell him Crazy Kari says hi punk ass bitch Billy. You all take care now.

  8. chuck says:

    I read Barnes and Noble renewed thier lease Monday Morning
    Apparently they are unconcerned about the curfew, and have had no trouble or thefts during the Flash Mob riots.

    A spokesman for the chain, said that at this point, there have been zero thefts due to Flash Mob activity, although they are beefing up security in the “Classics” section just to be safe.

    Changing with the times, a spokesman for the “Cheesecake Factory” said that on weekends, they will be selling “Gold Fronts” in the courtyard.

    Sly has said that the Flash Mobs remind him of his days in the Marines, he said they used to call the Marines, when it absolutely, positively had to be destroyed over night.

    He said the Marines too, delover more destruction over night, than those who deliver overnight.

    OK!! Kansas City is improvising, adapting and overcoming!!


  9. mermaid says:

    It’s no one’s biz
    But I’m just calling him out on his fake profiles and his stupid articles. The fake profiles just have to go. Stop using Berkowitz’s name Craig or I swear I am calling his work and telling him you are using it.

  10. smartman says:

    Glazer Beam In My Dream
    Tony Botello opened up a post at 11:39 on Saturday night about the Plaza Violence.

    It had 225 comments posted, TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE!!!!, many of which called for the same solution as yours as well as several dozen calls for complete racial and ethnic cleansing of the east side….which, all emotion aside, does seem like the lowest cost and most effective solution.

    You got sniped by a day, maybe a day and a half since you didn’t post until the 15th

    If you’re gonna seriously compete in this blogging game you better step it up. It’s 24/7 and a nano-second is a lifetime.

  11. Mark X says:

    I read Barnes and Noble renewed thier lease Monday Morning..
    … and why not? It’s the SAFEST place on the Plaza. These thugs wouldn’t be caught dead in a bookstore (no pun intended),

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    Bite Me
    Getting sick of this.

  13. Robertoe says:

    Yeah, the Glazer Plan!
    “Glazer: KC Mayor Sly James to Adopt Glazer Plan for Plaza”

    Shit….now I’m confused. I thought the ‘Glazer Plan’ was to online self perpetuate delusions of grandeur via KCC and when one online identity isn’t sufficient to stoke his ego, create a myriad of other bullshit phony personas to have them all very publicly sing his praises. So Sly is gonna emulate this for the Plaza? Holey Moley, we are in deep shit now in KC!

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    Come on, smartman. You know how the game is played. Or should.

    Sometimes KCC gets more comments, sometimes TKC does. It’s not rocket science.

    Call for a boycott, and you will elicit “votes”

    Link like six or eight stories from six or seven different media and you will draw comments on all of those stories. Write a single story with one byline, you will get comments on a single story.

    Simple math.

  15. Hearne Christopher says:

    Oh yeah, Tony was first. I was down there two hours earlier with a story that would have said, the you-know-what’s about to hit the fan but our server was down.

  16. Hearne Christopher says:

    Come on, dude. You’ve gone gumshoe on me?

    So many theories, so few facts….

  17. BarKeeper says:

    Morning News
    I hear this morning that a couple jackoff city councilmen want to water this curfew down so it ain’t worth a shit. That floating turd Ford is one of ‘en. Let’s just give these bastard thugs the keys to Plaza and abandon ship.

  18. chuck says:

    Barkeeper is right
    If I go to get a hamburger or stop for gas, I hear people, white people talkin about this issue.

    I am not dead sure, but I think the paucity of comments on this blog, for any subject other than the African American riots, theft and mayhem are almost stopped dead.

    People are so pissed, they don’t really give a fuck about concerts and fashion etc etc.

    Maybe it is just me because I am especially annoyed with the retarded fucks, but thats my take.

  19. Robertoe says:

    The Plaza & KCC is deteriorating into a pathetic joke
    “Come on, dude. You’ve gone gumshoe on me? ”

    No need to Hearne. We all know it now.

    Maureen= Glazer

    Berk= Glazer

    “All me and my young buddies at Woodside wonder how Glazer gets all the cute young girls. He’s such a cool guy!'” = Glazer

    All us regulars who have been coming here and batting for you since the inception now know many of these bogus posters are just conman Glazer self stoking himself for the last 2 years! Day and night! That’s pathetic and you’re complicit. And you expect us to just go hohum …carry on! Business as usual? No way. And you don’t expect any blowback or rebuttal when the gig is up and the ugly deception surfaces?

    Its like the Plaza problem. If there’s no recognition of the problem, there’s no improvement or solution. I think you and Glazer should post public apologies and put forth some sort of basic registration system (what I told you from the getgo). Nothing invasive but you could step it up a notch) Or this KCC site will be nothing more than a journalistic joke of a playground for deceivers and misdirected attention seekers.

    Part of the real problem here is nothing evolves or improves. Technologically simple shit like hotlinks and picture captions just can’t get done. And now the posters section content doesn’t have, and won’t have, any integrity.

  20. Cliffy says:

    Excuses are for losers …
    “I’m a one-man shop. I don’t have enough time to develop stories!”

    “Jack gave me a cold!”

    “The server went down!”

    “The dog ate my reporters notebook!”

  21. Big Dave says:

    Hey Robertoe
    Find something to do man. You and you’re little ‘gang’ of Glazer haters repeat yourselves everyday. Boring. Just don’t read his stuff and you don’t have to worry about the guy every second. Man what did he do to you people. I know HE STUNG YOU BACK IN THE DAY. Oh now I must also be Glazer. I love this website boys.

  22. Robertoe says:

    A Glazer hater or an integrity supporter?
    Big Dave Glazer,
    I’m not a Glazer hater, I’m a Hearne and an integrity supporter!
    You’ve never seen me post anything negative about Glazer until recently. I want to see Glazer continue to post stories here. They’re controversial. They’re outspoken They stir shit up in a good way!
    But I am negative on the KC Star. They’ve fucked up a very important journalistic legacy in this town. I want to see Hearne kick their ass. I have the technological capacities to move KCC ahead and evolve it. The platform Hearne is on now isn’t working. If it takes 3 months to hotlink URLs something’s amiss! What? Picture captions are impossible? I’ve made offers to Hearne to get things moving in the right direction. No response. Its unfortunate! I could deliver evolution in a very cost effective fashion. But if you don’t want to work with me, that’s fine. Work with someone else. But by god, do it!

    On the comments section we have 2 extremes in KC. We have the KCStar who is so anal and paranoid that there isn’t a viable discussion board. And then we have Tony’sKC which was really the place to go for real time info last weekend. But his wide open anyone can post any kind of racist or sexually explicit annonymous crap will never have any real credibility. Hearne’s got an opportunity here. He needs to set up a very simple registration, that could retain true anonymity but still cut the kind of Isn’t-Glazer-cool! from a dozen different posting personas that are all really Glazer and establish some integrity. This would really move this site ahead.

    My intention is constructive.

  23. Cowboy says:

    Roberto I Don’t See You As Positive On Glazer
    I maybe have forgotten but you and Harley have always been down on the Glazer. I have seen obvious comments made by Glazer haters that are likely the same cat. I beg to differ there are those who really seem to like or maybe put better, respect his views or jokes. Thats not you. I really don’t think the guy spends all night commenting. I’ve seen some of his posts pass 70,80 and 100 comments. Hey many of them were the haters, including you. My take is kinda what he has said, there are many older guys, his age and older, that hate that he does what they can’t. Simple as that. You focus more on that than the stories he writes. It makes fun reading, so I don’t care.

    Course I am also Glazer. Glazer I think you are “cool.” Oh, I think I’m cool. Which ever. Hey the Royals got a big name ballplayer in Starling, think he will help them next year?

  24. Monkey Man says:

    I Think Glazer Is A Dick
    I don’t like what he says most of the time. I don’t he’s cool. I don’t listen to his radio shows. I don’t know who Robertoe man is, or care. I read the stories cause I can’t believe the shit him and Hearne write here.

  25. Robertoe says:

    OK put up Cowboy!
    OK cowboy here’s a challege. All the stories are archived here. Throw up one ‘Glazer hater’ comment I’ve made that’s from more than 2 weeks ago. You won’t find any.

    Plus look at what I just posted in this thread:
    “I want to see Glazer continue to post stories here. They’re controversial. They’re outspoken They stir shit up in a good way! ‘ I just want to see all his bogus posting BS to go away. Hearne can and should do this.

    And when i jump Hearne for simple shit like picture captions and hotlinks, it doesn’t make me a ‘Hearne hater’. Its just the opposite I want to goad him in the right direction so he succeeds!

  26. Cowboy says:

    OK Will Do
    I will check it out. I only met Hearne twice at the station. Seemed a decent type. Never wrote about me, maybe once and I think it wasn’t good. Oh gosh, that happens.

  27. Cliffy says:

    If this is the real Cowboy that used to be on 610 then I guess this response is pretty much what you could expect. He’s not real smart. However, I think Craig may have shanghai’d (cq?) Cowboy’s identify so I’m not sure. It’s all so confusing.

    Glazer can’t sell King of Sting as a movie so maybe he’s going for a “Sybil” approach?

  28. Robertoe says:

    Cliffy I’m with you. The choppy sentences are the Glazer style. They’re always short posts. Mermaid and I have noticed he takes a real person from his past…Berk…Maureen…Cowboy…these are people he knows don’t come to KCC. Then Glaze posts under their moniker. Then Glaze says shit like ‘Maureen is a real person. Hearne even knows her!’ That’s the Glaze pattern that is now fully disclosed.

    If Hearne is smart he’ll implement a simple registration process that would still fully retain anonymity but cut out all this childish bullshit. This site should step it up a notch from Tony’s and strive for some integrity. This and an improved platform that can evolve is what would enable it to overtake the shitty KCStar online. They are really deficient. The window of opportunity is open. Are you getting sick of me saying it? tough shit. It needs to be driven home. Come on Hearne. Let’s get with the program!

  29. mermaid says:

    Sick of Glazer’s fake posts…
    I never am sure who I am talking with on here. Every other post being fake it just is starting to wear thin. I think I might find some other sites – maybe go to Tony’s. This whole fake blogging is just ridiculous. Boring.

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