Glazer: Why Blacks & Whites Don’t Get Along and How to Solve The Plaza Problem

How to solve the Plaza problem?

Simple. Kansas City should institute a new policy: AFTER 9 PM YOU MUST BE OVER 21 TO BE ON THE PLAZA. Weekends only. UNLESS YOU ARE WITH PARENTS.

That, for the most part, will end this issue. Much of the Plaza’s problems have to do with teeage blacks and the Cinemark Palace on the Plaza movie theater. Unfortunately, Cinemark must now avoid playing movies that attract that crowd. Which means it would miss out on some of the highest grossing films.

The movie some of the crowd supposedly saw, THE HELP, I want to see and haven’t. However, I know it deals with black housekeepers a couple decades back. This includes racist moments that would upset teenage blacks. Or any blacks.

There is no final answer to the race issues of today. Many blacks hate whites. Many whites fear blacks. It’s as simple as that. And with many young, urban blacks not very interested in furthering their education, the ill feelings are only getting worse.

What I’m about to write is not PC and is tough to write, but it’s the truth:

Many white people look down on or are afraid of blacks because of several differences. We’re two different animals to an extent; a zebra and a horse are not the same – close – but not the same.

I know. I know. You have black friends, they are wonderful. So do I. We just don’t have very many of them, huh?

This will be solved in 50, maybe 100 years. When enough blacks and whites have kids and we are truly mixed. Then it will start to work out.

Another point: Black violence here is like 90% of total violence. So are whites pissed about that? YES.

Take Johnson County, one of the most racist areas in the United States. Maybe THE most. If you drive through Westwood or Fairway at night and you are black, count on being pulled over. They put it out there; "If you are black, stay out."  Yes, yes I know a few blacks live in Johnson County. But not many. My black friends don’t even want to drive through the area.

Guess what? It works though. Johnson County is a near police state area that’s fairly crime free when it comes to violent crime. They have some. But mostly it’s pulling us over for a traffic ticket or DUI check.

This sounded racist, I know. But I’m not.

I admire many black Americans. I just don’t accept some of the larger group’s bad behavior.

It’s not PC, just true.
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50 Responses to Glazer: Why Blacks & Whites Don’t Get Along and How to Solve The Plaza Problem

  1. xxMillerTimexx says:

    This story just set race relations back 100 years
    You may not want to be racist Glaze, but you are.

  2. smartman says:

    Buy a Clue?
    You can vote at 18, and be drafted into the military but you can’t go to the Plaza. Good luck with that. ACLU will have that shot down in one afternoon.

    The Help is circa 1950-1960 not a “couple of decades” back.

    I saw the movie. If anything it points out the decline of Black America more than anything else. The women in The Help were Godly women with inner strength, character and integrity who valued family and hard work. Despite working for some seriously deranged cunts they exhibited grace and charm that are rare in the black community today.

  3. harley says:

    problem not just with blacks….
    the hispanics are out of control also. Read the joco sherriff dockett and its all hispanic surnames.
    And glaze…joco is notthe most racist part of america. Obviously you havent traveled much in your life.
    Been to louisianna…alabama…florida….new york….texas….pennsylvania….these places still use the “n”
    word like its nothing in restaurants…work etc….they are much worse than joco. In baton rougue blacks are
    treated like there was never a civil war and they still are treated like slaves. Been to new orleans…the
    worst racism ever. Or how about your make believe town los angeles….tell me the police don’t beat up the
    blacks and hispanics every day every hour in that part of u.s….blacks and hispanics are treated worse
    throughout the u.s. compare to joco or even kc. How many black beatings in kc in the last 10 years..
    they are daily occurences in other cities….again stfu because you know nothing.
    Not many blacks here…wrong again. Their per cent of population is climibing here as it is across the
    nation and if you’d get out of woodside you’d see that minoritiy populations are spreading across
    joco faster than you thought. I read where shawnee misssion south …once a b astion of rich white
    kids is now 25% black and increasing rapidly.
    Your generalized statements are ridiculous. Again you have no stats…no personal experiences…no
    real data to back up your insane statements. Ask the police in OP/Merriam/PV/even westwood
    and roeland park whats hapenning….they’ll discredit your statements and your phony writing.
    In other words there is a small fraction of black america that is causing problems. Heard on the news that
    black parents dropped their 12-15 year old kids off at the plaza at night. Isn’t that what we used to do
    at the malls…but we behaved in public.
    You’re not a racist…you’re an idiot and a b.s. er. You know nothing so hearne lets you write because you
    can’t back up any statement…any fact with real life data. Now go back to your make believe worl.d
    Until you can write intelligently don’t write. Or stick to the black hookers…woodside hotties….young
    gold diggers and the ho’s you hang wiith and write about. That’s your specialty…stick to it before you
    make yourself look stupid with these ridiculous comments.

  4. newbaum turk says:

    Craig is wrong
    There are so many black people in joco Craig. You don’t know what you are talking about. Find a SM North or Sm West yearbook and look through it. Or Olathe North. How can white people get along with black people when blacks hate each other? Go to the West Coast. Why is it immigrant Asians who having zero prior experience with black people come to hate them? Nobody in the world gets along with them including, most importantly, themselves.

  5. chuck says:

    The end.
    Right now, in boardrooms, banks, business’, where commerce ans safety are of concern, across this city, decisions are being made to end this city as we have known it.

    This bellwether event, last Sat night, where the Mayor, the fuckin MAYOR was trampled by an atavistic, armed, African American mob while shots were fired and three were injured, is the end of this city.

    Decisions are being made, this day, that will turn this city into an exact replica of East St. Louis.

    African American thuggery and violence alwys results in “Thunderedome” cities that are ruled by feral thugs and corrupt politicians.

    The Mayor’s “Red Herring” strategy is evident with his comments yesterday.

    Here is the MONEY quote from the mayor. “On the other hand, we should be able to expect parents not to have their 13-year-old children on the Plaza getting shot.”

    Lemme ask ya mayor, what the fuck, is a 13 year old girl, doing on the Plaza, at 10:45 PM, unsupervised, running with a bunch of scumbag thugs?

    The immediate 2nd partying of the blame, and the shift of responsibility to, hell, I don’t know, who the fuck is the man talking about?

    This is the end of this city, it won’t be today, or tomorrow, or even next year, but you will look back, aftery you and your family have moved even further to get away from the thuggery, and remember this was the beginning of the end.

    Ya know what?

    It should be.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    Sorry I Do Have The Experience/Lived IN LA
    Again, Haters and morons, I lived in LA for 15 years, so I kinda know whats up. Racist? Are you kidding. Try the Westwood shootings and gang related violence that ended the real night life in that city back in the late 80’s. It’s never been the same. Yes the latinos are an issue with violence as well. LA is a very dangerous city now, at night. Everywhere.

    Experience, now come on gang, I had Westport Stanfords for twenty years. THE BLACK ISSUES CLOSED WESTPORT DIDN’T THEY. I don’t see why its so hard to say? NO all black people don’t act this way, just too many. The adult blacks who are wiser would like to see it end, but they can’t get it done. How many yellow tape bullcrap vigils did you see here and around the nation for the last 30 years? I have been with Alvin Brooks, worked with Mayor Clever, am on the board of a minority based charity for drugs and booze, I’ve seen little change over the years. SO DON’t YELL NO EXPERIENCE, OH YEAH I WAS IN PRISON FOR FOUR AND A HALF YEARS WITH ALL RACES. AGAIN I HAVE TOO MUCH EXPERIENCE ON THIS ISSUE. Again only time will change this problem. And I mean lots of time like another 50-100 years at least. No new law will fix it in the short term. We are a melting pot and it happens. The Plaza problems will continue for some time, til it gets cold out…..than wait til next summer…and it begins again….ask Westport. Clever sure was a bgi help in the 90’s huh. I was there he did nothing.

  7. smartman says:

    From Anonymous on TKC
    Geneticists like Steven Pinker believe that blacks have more genes for aggression. That blacks are about 12% of the population and commit about 60% of the violent crime is in part genetic.

”The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States”

2005 DOJ Study:

”In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while less than ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.”————“Blacks do have more genes for aggression. Read the book 10,000 Year Explosion.”,000_Year_Explosio

  8. chuck says:

    U.S. DEPT. OF Justice
    Black on white rape is 565 to 1. That is NOT per capita. When you consider that African Americans make up about 20% of the population, then it is around 2500 to 1.

    Blacks commit 80% not 60% crime.

    These stats, believe it or not, are skewed in African American favor.

    Hispanic stats are used to diffuse the incidence of actual real African American violence. Its boring stuff and you have to dig for it, but these stats on African American violence and crime, are actually better than the reality.

    The Kansas City Star, this city’s paper of record, will not report on a regular basis, the description of perps in order to further their own aganda and retain relationships with the powers that be at City Hall.

    The Chicago Tribune, the New York Times and dozens of other papers around the country readlily admit that they will not print the race or color of the perps that commit crimes, if they are black. If they are white, they show the picture and print the name.

    The 4th estate’s slatternly, abject abrogation of their responsibility to their readers and fellow citizens, by way of this misdirection and missinformation, is one of the most heinous, yet unpunishable crimes of the last 25 years in this nation.

    The real truth will not set you free, it will terrify and disgust you.

    The mayor and the city council are helpless in the constraints of the politically correct paradigms they must now work with in.

    African American violence will only end with force.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  9. Monkey Man says:

    Hate To Say He’s Right But
    Glazer ain’t far off, and I’m black. I got a little older and smarter, but yeah much of what he is saying happens to be dead on my brothers. We got to do better. He’s a bit off on “all blacks hate whites” bullshit. We don’t hate you, just want a fair shake and you ain’t giving it up white people. You give us too hard a way too go. I think given a chance blacks are just as smart as you whites. We sure own the streets you don’t.

  10. Taco Time says:

    Harley You Racist Pig
    Why you gotta bring Latinos into this damn thing. We were not the fuck at the Plaza shooting kids mutherfucker. Blacks did that old man.
    You down on Glazer, he’s a white fool as well, but you a mean old bitch man. I got you on my radar old fucker, stay clear of my wrath. Keep your mouth shut on my people who you know nothing about. Keep your hate somewhere else.

  11. Willie Bobo says:

    This is a woefully ignorant and terribly written piece.

    “Many white people look down on or are afraid of blacks because of several differences. We’re two different animals to an extent; a zebra and a horse are not the same – close – but not the same.”

    There really aren’t words to describe how poorly reasoned your writing really is. Am I really supposed to think that the fact that you a) lived in LA, and b) spent time in prison made you *better* at understanding the races?

    Ugh. Please stop writing.

  12. chuck says:

    A pretty reasonable comment
    “Hate To Say He’s Right But
    Monkey Man 11:07:46 AM – Mon. Aug 15. 2011

    Glazer ain’t far off, and I’m black. I got a little older and smarter, but yeah much of what he is saying happens to be dead on my brothers. We got to do better. He’s a bit off on “all blacks hate whites” bullshit. We don’t hate you, just want a fair shake and you ain’t giving it up white people. You give us too hard a way too go. I think given a chance blacks are just as smart as you whites. We sure own the streets you don’t.

    Would that it were, that Mr. Monkey Man was typical of African American thought and action.

    Problem solved.

    It ain’t gonna happen.

    Reasonable discourse with folks like Mr. Monkey Man are noteworthy by way content and frequency.

    The content is unusual, in that Mr . Monkey Man admits where the responsibility belongs.

    The frequency is damn near non existant.

    Anyone less than sanguine, concerning the exsanguination of our citizens, due to African Americaan violence, is dreaming.

    You can quote me on that one, it has a nice ring to it.

  13. Monkey Man says:

    Chuck is A F–K
    So I am the dumb ass Chuck. You are a racist jerk like Harley and Glazer. Oh hi to my Latino Hater Taco Time. You guys make us hate your stinking ass. Words like yours Chuck. “can’t we all get along?” NO.

  14. Taco Time says:

    Monkey Ain’t Life A bitch
    Chuck nailed you and you can’t take the heat tough brother. Jokes on you. We didn’t shoot nobody at the Plaza, you did. And kids, damn man, how tough is that?

  15. chuck says:

    I honestly don’t know what the fuck your
    talkin about.

    I said your comment was reasonable.

    I said that you placed responsibility on the correct parties.

    I said that if all African Americans thought like you, there would be no problem

    I said that I didn’t think that would happen and I don’t.

    WTF you talkin about????

  16. Black Barbie says:

    Been Busy Making Money White People
    Oh big wow, a few black kids on the Plaza and we gonna segragate now. You racist bastards. My momma woke me just to read your shit Hearne and Craig. Craig at least a braver racist than you Hearne, he don’t take off mean words with fake words like “kids” for blacks. We all know you mean black bastards Hearne. Craig what’s gotten into you man, we made you rich in Westport now we all ‘bad.’ You sure didn’t care bout my color or Zebras when we was naked huh? Yeah, member that bitch. Yeah, well you remember cause now I wouldn’t fuck you with Dare’s dick. Dig that honky bitch.

  17. chuck says:

    I also said I wasn’t optomistic about the outcome.
    I am ok with you callin me names, really, but I complimented you, just so you know.

  18. harley says:

    glaze…stop putting up fake posts again…
    mermaid (your friend called you a lying fake).. I’ve not said that but analysis of some of these
    posts make me think she is right.
    Monkey man and and taco time writings are actually yours. How can we tell…look at the
    writing..look at the sentencces….
    we outed you before…and now we’re doing it again…

  19. The Major says:

    Bad Behavior Is The Issue
    Law enforcement is not interested in color, just bad actions. The Plaza youth are proving that this group is danerous and violent. We will not tolerate that from any group, race, color, anyone. It’s not a race issue its a crime issue. Our job is to protect property and people who are minding their own business and run into a group of young folks acting like jerks for no reason. Thats the issue and we will solve it.

  20. Cowboy says:

    Harley You’re Right Its All Fake
    You busted them Harley again. Everyones fake. It’s all Glazer. I think Hearne is Glazer. I am Glazer, We’re all Glazer. He tricked us again. Good one. Nice. Oh yeah I’m Glazer. I’m sittin here with a hottie just thinking about all this, yeah, “Glazer on the brain.”

    As far as the Plaza issue, it’s always been there since the 80’s. Nobody has a good answer or we’d be doing it. Harley want to meet me and Glazer somewhere? But since you are Chuck and I am Glazer, we’d never meet.

  21. harley says:

    No intelligent black african americans
    to argue with you glaze? No intelligent articulate african americans to take you up on your
    ridiculous statements? ONly Monkey man..who can’t write. Who said he was older but refers
    to “brothers”..a term thats outdated like you 60 year old people who spew b.s. on this site.
    Only black barbie who’s mom woke her up to read your “b.s.” on this site.
    One more time glaze and the truth comes out. your phony posts are ridiculous
    and even mermaid your friend called you a phony.
    when will you grow up?

  22. Monkey Man says:

    You Saying I’m Glazer
    OK, I want his paycheck. You must be a druggie boy. I like it cause you are a crazy old fool. Harley now I do like you more cause you my kind of white man. Fucked up.

  23. chuck says:

    Harley– I have never met or spoken to Glaze.
    I am not Glazer.

    I do think it is very funny when you call me Glazer, but, I’m not.

    Glazer has more cash in his pocket, than I clear in a month, maybe a year.

    I drive a beater, and work blue collar jobs.

    Chicks DO NOT dig me.

    I am Glazer’s age though.

  24. Maureen says:

    Mermaid Get Over It All Old Blonde
    I know who you are. You have never met me. I’ve seen your photos on line. I never attacked you, but now you like the ancient farts on here attack me? OK. Well Mermaid, I’m ten years your junior. Dated Craig for about six months. I left him. I was at his book signing on the Plaza in 09 at the Church seated with his dad and brother and a man named Jeff. Mermaid I know you dated Craig or still do. My condolences, he is a pill. I liked him back at the time, we also went out a couple more times like a year or more ago. Craig is too much interested in other women. I don’t think that guy will settle down anytime soon. So don’t jump my ass about Craig or that I’m not real. I don’t go on this site that much anymore, I have a boyfriend now. Frankly I don’t care what you guys think of me at all. Mermaid unlike you I don’t have anything against you like you do me. If you don’t think I’m Maureen or I am Glazer whatever ask Hearne, he knows me and knows that yeah this is me. Signing off gang.

  25. smartman says:

    Plaza Race Problem Solved
    This Friday from 9:00 PM on the Plaza is BLACK ONLY. On Saturday WHITE ONLY. Next week WHITEY gets FRIDAY and the Negro’s get SATURDAY…..and so on. The BLACKS can have the 2011 PLAZA LIGHTING CEREMONY. WHITEY gets 2012.

    If your caught violating the skin color curfew you get fined $500.00, which if not paid in 60 days leads to revocation of your Driver’s License. If you don’t drive then 60 days in city jail.

    All other skin colors brown-red-yellow are free to roam both nights.

  26. harley says:

    MAUREEN….YOU’re funny…..
    leave my girl mermaid alone. She’s real. You’re funny. How’s raymond?
    The guys got his hands full with you. Luckily you found a new boyfriend.
    Will keep you out of the woodside “sperm container” pool and the
    bars. good luck…when you unload him maybe we’ll let you come out to joco
    where you can find a real man…

  27. Maureen says:

    Harley Who Are You To Tell Me Anything
    Look Mr. Harley, I don’t know you or want too know you. My boyfriend is a handsome man in his late 30’s. How did you know his name? Are you stalking me Harley? You and Mermaid and Robert or whateve his name is, go party in Johnson, I live there! I own those bars. I am the hottest girl out there over 30, ask around. Blonde, blue eyed, large chest and real ones. Craig Glazer is lucky I gave him even a few months with me, bet he is sorry now with all those black girls instead of this one hot one. So Mr. Harley stay out of my business, got it. Good.

  28. Craig GIazer says:

    Get A Life
    If Craig and I are the same person, why are we always posting at different times?

  29. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Well there is the proof

    Craig GIazer 04:28:52 PM – Mon. Aug 15. 2011

    If Craig and I are the same person, why are we always posting at different times?”

    Hey Craig, you forgot to logon to your other account when you posted this. Just trying to help.

  30. MaKnight says:

    OH How The Mighty Fall
    Hearne you and Glazer, the heros of the underdogs, have gone to the dark side. I guess you love George Bush as well. Shame on both you people, shame on you.

  31. This is entertaining! says:

    I believe!
    I’d be willing to bet several of these ‘posters’ are Craig too. They all have very similar writing styles (shitty.) It always makes me think of Michael (Steve Carrel) from The Office and all the characters that he does, like Prison Mike! It’s awful journalism (I use that term loosely here) but just hilarious.

  32. Craig Glazer says:

    OOPs You Got Me I Give Up
    Yes they are all me. Great work, I give up. I am an a fake, phony. I am so upset. I might move to Belton. Hearne might have to let me stay in his basement. Everyone on here is me…damn. Don’t read my articles anymore they are all lousy and poorly written. My book is shitty and all lies, everyone knows that now. What should I do. I know, move in with Black Barbies Mom, oh she is me too. Black Barbie is me. Guess I’ll move in with Mermaid. Oh she hates me now. I’m trapped, ok Harley I’ll live in your closet. OH did I mention “coming out of the closet” oh damn. OK I was wrong about the Chiefs, they are outstanding, they will win at least 11 games. My bad. I am so fucked up. Hearne Help!!!!!

  33. chuck says:

    Your startin to get a little more
    realistic on the Chiefs.

    🙂 9 and 7

  34. Brent says:

    This last post
    how pathetic!!!!!!

  35. Im cornfuzed as all git out says:

    Whose on first?
    Ok Im coinfused. Glazer says he isnt posting in alter identities then he posts this
    “Get A Life

    Craig GIazer 04:28:52 PM – Mon. Aug 15. 2011

    If Craig and I are the same person, why are we always posting at different times?”
    Now im not eggzackly Columbo, but that post appears to be written with the intent of Glazer seeming like someone else. Or maybe Glazer is suffering from that Allshiemers deezees. Personally I always figured moron muareen was Glazer just because she writes like half a retard like glazer. I dont think the black barbie posts are real, nobody writes like that. Its one big stereotype diatribe every time she/he/ g;aze/ yo mama, posts. I maybe way off, Im not, but I think glazer and hearne bait the comment section to keep it rolling. Harley, real or otherwise, is a total retard, skitzo, douche bag.

  36. Duh says:

    “” I am an a fake, phony. I am so upset. I might move to Belton. Hearne might have to let me stay in his basement. Everyone on here is me…damn. Don’t read my articles anymore they are all lousy and poorly written. My book is shitty and all lies, everyone knows that now. What should I do. I know, move in with Black Barbies Mom, oh she is me too. Black Barbie is me. Guess I’ll move in with Mermaid. Oh she hates me now. I’m trapped””

    weeeeeeeell duh, good to see you finally admit it.
    That is the first step trying to fix your fkd up self.

  37. harley says:

    pass go….you are now offically a liar. You forgot to change your name….why are you posting
    at different times…because you’re an idiot and can’t remember things (dementia…at your
    age is common)… got caught…admit it glaze…and we can move on.
    I won’t hold it against you but no wonder you did time…you’re one of he worst
    b.s. er’s ever…you got caught in the act…
    please stop ….your so obvious…
    but i forgive you….just keep writing about woodside…hookers…hottis..and please
    tell maureen with the real tits to go back to being a nice girl….nad you told us about raymond.
    did you forget? oh well…none of you people are too bright anyway.

  38. mermaid says:

    This is cracking me up…
    I can’t stop laughing at this one! Next thing you know he’ll start pseudo-disguising himself and show up as Berkowitz for a date! Thanks for a good laugh Craig.

  39. Mew Peeples says:

    ewwwww sheeple
    you people ???..YOU PEOPLE!!!??….WHATZ YOU MEAN “YOU PEOPLE”?

    you people?

  40. chuck says:

    Action 4 News just interviewed an
    African American on the Plaza (Probably from last night)

    They began the report, by asking if citizens thought that the Plaza Flash Mob riots would be a deterant to commerce, ok, they didn’t use that word, sorry, it was shopping on the Plaza.

    Everything will be ok.

    He said “No”.

  41. Hearne Christopher says:

    I don’t have a basement

  42. Monkey Man says:

    So Whats Wrong With That Chuck?
    What did you want him to say? Now you are sayiing he is stupid?

  43. Orphan of the Road says:

    The lost tribe of Israel
    Could it just be Craig, not a whole tribe but Craig with multi-accounts?

    Blacks hate whites, whites hate blacks, both hate Mexicans and the problem with Texas is it is full of Texans.

  44. Chet Gristler says:

    this site would be better if people had to use their real ID
    or Facebook ID’s to make comments. Unlike others, I don’t think Glazer is posting/posing as multiple people but I venture to say that some of these other numbskulls wouldn’t be so acerbic in their rhetoric if the rest of us knew who was talking. Anonymity has its place on the web but it does very little to encourage reasonable, rational discussions regarding legitimate issues of importance. I may be the only one on here posting with my first and last name.

  45. mark smith says:

    Here we go with the Post your real name bullshit…..again
    Chet, the problem with posting your real name isn’t a fear that Glazer will hunt you down, or that Berkowitz will sic the jewish anti defamation people on you. It’s because this is the internet, and smart people, with unusual names like chet gristler don’t want their name floating around for some nameless, faceless, creep to get hold of. I use my real name, but there’s a gazillion mark smiths running around. Contrary to what you think, using ones name doesn’t make them brave, or resolute in their opinions, or less apt to post inflamatory or derogatory shit. Besides, how do we know you arent Glazer using some name he pulled from the phone book. Maybe Im Glazer. Anyone reading this site with any regularity knows that some of the commentors are of dubious origin. But who cares, it’s the comments that make this site popular. Not unlike TKC. People don’t come here because Glazer is the next Studs Terkel. It aint the writing, it’s the responses. Suggesting people offer up real names and fuckin dna like proof of their vailidity would be the end of this site.

  46. Chet Gristler says:

    Awesome post, Chet
    I agree.

  47. My real name, really says:

    no, not really… and not my real email either
    Besides… “reasonable, rational discussions” are not nearly as fucking funny as the irrational, unreasonable zingszangs and etc etcetc…just dont talk about how hippy chicks give the best blow jobs, and you will be fine… the only requirement here is you ahve to know how to do 2nd grade math.

    NOW…. back to salt and peppa fight night

  48. Hamms says:


  49. kcfred says:

    what a trainwreck
    God, I love this bar. What a bunch of freaks that frequent here. Glazer as a writer is just too much. I’m laughing my guts out here.

  50. GPFr says:

    Keep ACLU out of it !!!
    Every single merchant on The Plaza simply must deny access to anyone under the age of 17, unless accompanied by a parent, after 5:00p.m. Friday through Saturday. Eliminate all reason for anyone under 17 to be there and some parents might start dumping their kids elsewhere!

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