New Jack City: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Getting Sex in Las Vegas


Frequently asked questions and misconceptions about Las Vegas include sex and its availability in Sin City…

Say you’re on the bachelor party plan. You’re staying on the Strip and do the ‘Hangover’ thing the first night. Great! And by Day 2 you’re looking for companionship of the professional kind.

No matter what you may have heard, prostitution is illegal in Clark County which includes all of Las Vegas!
And because of the recent mayoral campaign, authorities of late have really been cracking down.

So don’t get caught with your pants down.

What about those rolling billboards driving up and down the Strip proclaiming ‘Babes To Your Room?’

They’re legal and here’s why. The "goddesses" are not hos, they’re ‘entertainers.’ And that’s exactly what they’ll do for you in your hotel room. You want them to strip, dance or do gymnastics? Great, because that’s what entertainers are allowed to do.

Now say you’d like to have her throw in a little oral entertainment. She may or may not negotiate it in exchange for a healthy tip on top of the price you’ve already agreed to pay for the entertainment. Depends on how safe she feels. After all you could be vice trying to set her up.

So how safe are these entertaining ladies?

Safe enough not to be a problem as the agencies they work for actually promote their services through local limousine, coach and taxi drivers. And if there were incidents, they’d lose an important marketing tool.

Matter of fact a Vegas limo driving friend tells me that some of these agencies actually make promotional brochures. And for every one of his passengers taking advantage of an entertainer’s visit, there’s a nice commission waiting.

Another rather safe way to get connected is by having a bellboy bring up your bags and when he asks, "Is there anything else I can do for you?" Make your wishes known. He may—or may not—be promoting female companionship for an extra tip PLUS commission from the lady.

One thing to look out for:

Many of the upscale hotels on the Strip station security personnel next to the room elevators making it tough to get working girls to your room without showing a key. So it would be wise to meet her somewhere in the casino away from the elevators, then go up together.

Then there are the independents using baseball card-sized handouts on the Strip.

You can’t miss their sales technique which usually involves half a dozen guys with backpacks flipping enticing picture cards at you. Here I believe you’re taking a risk. Their outcall pricing may be lower but you’re paying despite the risk factor.

Finally for those who don’t want to be just entertained and play games, there’s the Real McCoy.

Legalized prostitution in fairly nice surroundings is just a county and 90 minutes away. And if enough in your Bachelor Party participate in the outing, the transportation from your Strip hotel to the brothels could be free.

Sin City Sex to be continued on KCConfidential.Com!
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4 Responses to New Jack City: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Getting Sex in Las Vegas

  1. jon says:

    Can you pay the entertainers with casino chips or credit cards?

  2. smartman says:

    Right Said Fred
    Wow Jack! How did this assignment ever get by the KCC-2IC? Poontang in Vegas IS CG’s wheelhouse.

    Nice to see you spreading your legs.

    Back in my debaucherous days I found that dropping FIVE GRAND at the OG got you friends with benefits status. Back then,
    (the 80’s), the Olympic Garden was the PREMIER Vegas Strip Club. My “friend” was a dead ringer for Nicole Richie. On a couple of occasions she brought along some of her friends too for some additional benefits.

    You really got to be good friends with them if you’d go to yoga or pilates classes with them during the day. The strippers also introduced me to Q-Baths which were a detoxifying soak that they used to take weekly to detoxify their bodies from all the
    exposure to second hand smoke and other bad habits that were occupational hazards.

    If you don’t have five large to invest in a transactional relationship the best way to get some action in LV is at one of the many swingers clubs. Cost to get in ranges between $25 and $50 but you have to go in as a couple. It’s not too hard to find a female companion as many women have never been to a swingers party and are curious or even bi-curious. Once you’re in the door it’s every man and woman for themselves. No obligation to perform if you don’t want to. On weekends you get a big influx of swingers from the surrounding states. The local cabbies can tell you where the swingers clubs or party’s are or you can find them online.

    So as long as you don’t mind banging somebody else’s wife-girlfriend or lover and having people watch you get your swerve on it’s a GREAT value.

    Those life experiences seemed like they were worth a million dollars at the time but I wouldn’t give you ten-cents to be able to do it all over again.

    I understand from some friends, colleagues and associates that still do the Vegas thing that there are a couple of escorts in Vegas that are dead ringers for Sarah Palin. They start at $2500.00 for four hours and your satisfation is guaranteed.

    Allegedly, they have the whole Palin look-sound-mannerisms down to a tee and are booked months in advance.

    And don’t forget the ladies. There’s lots of action for you too. Whether you like ’em short and thick like a mini Coke can or want to see if you can handle 13″ of man-meat it’s all their for the taking.

  3. Cliffy says:

    What’s next? Advise us how to separate the wheat from the chaff on

  4. jack p says:

    Hey Cliffy……
    …..actually not a bad idea.
    Seriously though being in the travel business you’d be surprised how often the ‘Sex in Sin City’ subject comes up. Lots of bad information out there.
    Bet you can’t wait for my follow up…….and the ‘ranches.’

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