Starbeams: Move Over Farm Aid; The Top 10 “Aids” to Mend KC

The Chiefs‘ preseason started Friday with a 25-0 loss to Tampa Bay at Arrowhead. It was a meaningless game with nothing on the line. Or as the Royals call it; September.


The Missouri State Fair opened this week. Eleven days, 300,000 visitors. Lynyrd Skynyrd had to cancel its appearance because of health reasons – huge blow to the African-American community.


Farm Aid is today at LiveStrong Sporting Park.  Other AID benefit concerts Kansas City could use:

Lemon Aid: for people who still have a Sonny Hill sticker on their car.

Zipper Aid: for people with waist-to-hip ratios similar to the average KC resident.

Haley Aid: for people who call bad plays on fourth down.

Hearing Aid: for people who can no longer understand Walt Bodine’s mumblings.

Medic Aid: for Johnson County women trying to get nailed by a doctor.

Financial Aid: for laid off Kansas City Star employees.


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