Hearne: Mayor’s Plaza All Clear Call Gives Way to Shots Fired

Talk about timing….

As luck would have it, KC Confidentials server went down on the day I decide to cruise the Plaza. As a followup to recent police confirmation here that the urban youth problem had been simmering – mostly off the media radar – for several weekends. I’d been out of town for two weeks during the buildup and was limited to third party eyewitness reports and carefully-worded police statements.

Here’s what I learned at 9 p.m. tonight (Saturday) prior to KC Mayor Sly James rubber stamp visit to the Plaza and the Star‘s 10:18 p.m. report that the evening had gone without incident.

Au contraire..

My slow cruise of the Plaza – even at that relatively early hour – revealed that the streets were already swarming with various size groups of mostly black kids and teens. Police were also already stationed around the streets, police cars cruising ominously. And smack in front of the entry to Cinemark‘s movie theaters were four stern-looking Kansas City Police Officers astride four really big horses. They were looking threateningly into the  assemblage of urban youth already in significant number on the sidewalks outside the theater.

Here’s the deal.

Some civic leaders say the bad apple kids – gang types – are interspersed with the cleancut ones. Regardless. No way the the Plaza wants or is going to stand for these kinda crowds. The kids stand in marked contrast to what passes for "normal" Plaza clientele. They’re dressed funny by Plaza standards. Nary a Jack Henry or Halls store fashion in the bunch. They loidered and wandered aimlessly, shooting nervous glances at unfriendly Plaza security types – mostly police.

Even when the kids didn’t appear to be causing trouble, they just looked out of place. Like problems waiting to happen.

Sure enough, shortly after I left gunshots rang out near the Cheesecake Factory – the scene of past so-called flash mob violence.

Early reports were two people were shot. Then three.

Here’s what really stood out: that the crowds were as large as they were that early in the evening. Large and small crowds of kids looking noticeably uncomfortable. A growing situation that upscale Plaza patrons coming out of Brio or other establishments would likely be wary of. And that many of them might think twice before returning. At least on a summer Saturday night.

Frankly, packs of young kids hanging out, filling up sidewalks, nothing to do, nowhere to go – except in the opposite direction of the cops – can be unsettling. Less so to me maybe, but I’m not the typical Plaza habitue.

Then after getting caught in the crosshairs – and nearly the crossfire – Mayor James did a 180 in the Star and went from saying "No biggie" at 10 p.m. to talking about implementing a curfew via the powers vested in his office at 1:17 a.m.

So there you have it, except for one thing.

Even a 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. curfew may not cure the situation entirely.

The crowd was already up and at ’em by 9 p.m. and probably earlier. And there’ll likely have to be some sort of grace period for movies that let out at 9 .p. or shortly after. Or kids "waiting for their rides."

The good news, I suppose is, school’s about to start and the temperatures are bound to drop. Let’s see how Sly reacts after biting the concrete to avoid gunfire.

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70 Responses to Hearne: Mayor’s Plaza All Clear Call Gives Way to Shots Fired

  1. smartman says:

    All Time Low in KCMO
    The defecation has officially hit the oscillation and the smartest guy in KCMO may be the “Niggers Ruin Everything” guy on TKC.

    For all you assholes that wanna call me racist already there is moral equivalency. All Muslims are not terrorists but most terrorists are Muslims. All Black people are not niggers. But most niggers are Black people. Swirl that concept around in mocha-choco-latte-ya-ya.

    We’re past a Harry Truman solution. The nuclear fallout from the east side would kill my property value. We need some Saddam Hussein, Moammar Ghadafi style public execution and torture to get the point across. Time for it to be better to be feared than respected.

    A 9PM curfew won’t solve this problem. It’s nanny-police state-National Guard time.

    These little fuckers probably watch enough CNN to see what’s happening across the pond. Give ’em an inch and they’ll take a fucking kilometer. I think there’s an iphone app that will do the US to metric conversion for them.
    They already understand the meaning of 9MM verus .45.

    I’m fucking serious!

    We are past you bring a knife, I bring a gun, you send two of mine to the hospital I’ll send three of yours to the morgue.

    House to house, door to door interdiction and recon on the east side. Fuck the ACLU and NAACP. No more patience-undertanding and empathy. This situation is well out of control and it’s time for some boots on necks. The chickens are coming home to roost and the choices aren’t grilled-extra crispy and original recipe. They are shot-stabbed and beat up.

    Now hear this Plaza Merchants, my $6K+ annual spend is history.

    I’ll weekend in Chicago and NY where the cops have the balls and moral authority to beat the living shit out of thugs that lack the humanity and intelligence to stalk the Plains of Civilization.

    Tom Brokaw gave us The Greatest Generation. Maybe Spike Lee and Suge Knight can give us The Most Useless Generation of Fucking Niggers Ever …Aight!

    Time to lead Sly. Michael Nutter turned the cops loose in Philly. You need to one up him and tell Gov Nixon we want some National Guard patrols in KCMO.

    You need to get on your blackberry to half-blackbarry in DC and tell that stupid motherfucker that the dreams of his father are coming true in KCMO and they morphed into a nightmare.

    Deliver us from evil. Amen

  2. smartman says:

    Life Imitates Plaza Art Fair
    You take a mortal man,and put him in control. Watch him become a god watch peoples heads a’roll A’roll…

    Just like the Pied Piper Led rats through the streets We dance like marionettes Swaying to the Symphony …Of Destruction

    Acting like a robot Its metal brain corrodes You try to take its pulse Before the head explodes Explodes…

    The earth starts to rumble World powers fall A’warring for the heavens A peaceful man stands tall Tall..

  3. chuck says:

    I’m sure those kids were all in line to see “The Help”
    The Kansas City Star is reporting that fights broke out when bunch of white kids cut in line at a movie, “The Help”, and then talked during the entire film.

    Hey, those kids were just our having a little fun.

    I fuckin told ya.

    This is just a “whiff of grapeshot”.

  4. harley says:

    I hate to say this…but excellent article….
    this is what you should be doing hearne (i’ll never refer to you as hern ia again)…this is the type of
    article/blog that can set you apart. Take some young fresh journalists and put htem on the street
    reporting reall news…not the weather or sports…but stuff that makes news…and don’t do it like
    tony where the slant is obvious.
    As i said in earlier posts..and which smartman now agrees with (i recommended action over a year
    ago when the first flash mob thing hit) that the police/national guard/military/reserves/fbi/
    dea etc. do a surge in the obvious crime ridden areas of kc. We had a surge in fallujah against
    terorists…why not do the same against the domestic terorist criminals who threaten peace and
    stability in our cities.
    This goes beyond the problem of black youths in the plaza area. We need to do something big to
    stop these delinquents and to make their parents accountable for their actions.
    I’ve worked in the inner city before….unfortunately the criminals azre gaining momentum in the areas…
    take them out…fill up more prison with them….put guards on every corner from 6pm to 6am…
    eliminate the crinimal element then go in with some realistic solutions to the problems that
    are evident in these areas.
    thanks smartman….thanks for reinforcing what i said over a year ago. The plaza has taken care of these
    problems…beofre they got the kids out…now they have a much bigger aned far reaching problem
    that may be too late to handle.
    Beware folks….this is taking place all over the nation….as the minorities become the majorities in our
    country this problem will grow so huge the government
    will have no way to contain it. With cutbacks in law enforcement the stress to contain these problems
    wil increase.
    Something must be done now…its only going to get worse.

  5. bschloz says:

    Kenny Chesny’s Bar & Grill
    God what sad day for Kansas City.
    This is way over my head…what happened to Hoops?… Really you can’t make this up….Alvin Brooks jumping into the bushes on The Plaza?

    JOBS …Youth Jobs, training for work force INFRASTRUCTURE , $who cares at this point– better to build bridges to nowhere than this–….fix the water system…get light rail….fuck build Stan’s largest Ferris Wheel.

    Always thought flash mob is where they do a dance at Union Station and upload on YouTube?

  6. DiggityDawg says:

    “All Black people are not niggers. But most niggers are Black people.”

    Ah…the mating call of the racist.


  7. mermaid says:

    Need control..
    I was there around 8 to 9 and it looked like a showdown was just waiting to happen. Cops were already everywhere and the blacks were in several groups walking around taunting them. You could just tell it was going to be bad. I hate to be racist but I didn’t like it. It looks bad for out of towners and personally it is a little scary knowing shots are probably going to be taken and I really don’t want to be anywhere near it. The Plaza needs to take a stand or they are going to end up with a couple murders. Downtown is now looking safer then the Plaza. Weird.

  8. PucKChaser says:

    First, ReVerse closes, then this.

    I’m done.

    I’ll drink in the suburbs, go to movies at Town Center and pay Leawood’s outrageous sales tax…and I live four miles from the Plaza.

  9. chuck says:

    As reasonable folks all over the United States re-think
    the benefits of Plessy V Ferguson, it is way past time, to seek insight, guidance and sit at the feet of more evolved and realistic Oracles.

    Its time to look at this African American heart of darkness and teh concomitant violence that rides into our cities and destroys, like black locusts everything in its path and resolve to rake for that heart, and stake that heart dead.

    Stand by for sickening, sychophantic, superscillious shit from the 4th estate nationally, and the Kansas City Star locally which will place blame on, no “Nite Hoops”, or “White Racism”, or “disadvantaged youth” and pay homage and seek comments from African American community leaders, who have no more hope of stemming this tide of violence than our mayor did last night as he was trampled underneath the atavistic, chaotic mob of animals who are emblematic of a growing racial African American antipathy.

    Listen for the usual calls for communication and understanding in the face of incessant violence, stupidity and high crime. Endure the 2nd partying of the blame, and exculpatory paens to 60 years old civil rights struggles which are galactically removed and have nothing to do with the African American murder, rape and theft that is tacitly condoned by our politicians, law makers and media every day.

    $50.00 says that more people will be offended by smartman’s use of the “N” word (Quelle Horreur!! Brand the smartman NOW with that oh so scarlet letter “N” on his forehead.!!!) than the actual outrages that the African American community and the Hip/Hop/Holocaust of stupidity and death wreak in our cities daily.

    African American mobs all across the nation commit hate crimes on a weekly basis, while individual African Americans inflict hate crimes on white people hourly. This African American penchant for wanton violence and lawlessness drives whites from cities, and leaves burnt out, “Thunderdome” neighborhoods which are ruled by feral thugs and crooked politicians.

    As the African American undertow, reaches yet more suburban neighborhoods, whites flee and reconstitute new barbicans to repel the barbarians. Outside the walls, howling for more tribute in the form of misdirected and pernicious social engineering laws and programs to support African American dystopia, the increasing crescendo of chaos is matched by the 4th estate’s calls for more Rainbow Down A Rat Hole cash for the very scum they refuse to report honestly on to the very folks they purport to inform.

    Here is more bad news.

    This ungovernable, uneducatable, unrepentant mob of “Dissadvantaged Youth” is beyond help of any kind. Their parents their grandparents and the horde of coming “baby mammas”, and “baby daddys” will fill our streets with ignorant, violent thugs whose skills will consist of texting, cell phone use, 2nd grade rhymes and an evermore sophisticated ability for mayhem. Trillions have been squandered on programs designed to promote and elevate African Americans into jobs and positions that they are under qualified for, and compensate them unfairly at the expense of the rest of the populace.

    The results of these efforts, are seen in our fair city last night, and in all major cities throughout the nation on a regualr basis.

    There is one thing, one concept, one path to a solution of these problems.

    Bloody constraint.

    These animals, and animals they are, are modestly qualified to dress tehmselves and feed themselves (On your dime).

    End the war on drugs and clear out the prisons to make room for violent offenders.

    Incarcerate early and often, for extended periods of time, those violent offenders and leave them there to rot.

    End social programs that encourage a lack of personal responsibility and reward a lack of accomplishment.

    Its ok if people starve in the streets. We, as a nation, can no longer afford to prop up a phony black middle class, or their misanthropic, violent offspring.

    Aquire a conceal and carry permit.

    Shoot to kill.

  10. smartman says:

    Is defined as hatred or prejudice against another race.

    I don’t have a problem with black people. As far as I’m concerned black people in this country have split into two races. Most black people will concur with that statement.

    For validation I will ask the black man pumping gas next to me at Quik Trip on State Line Road if he thinks I’m out of bounds with that statement.

    Just as I thought he agrees!

    Only in the black community do you see such an overwhelming distinction between good and evil. You can blame LBJ and/or Judge Clark. I prefer to blame lack of personal responsibility and accountability.

    I dare anyone to show me another race or even ethnic group in this country that is so disparate.

    Time’s up thanks for playing.

    Mexican gangs, Irish Gangs, Russian or Italian Mafia, pick your poison, still retain the code of honor among thieves.
    What happened on the Plaza last night can’t be covered up with political correctness. We’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. It’s not a black problem. It’s a nigger problem. It wasn’t Mexican, Asian, Korean, Hmong, Irish Catholic or Protestant kids. The sooner we accept and recognize the distinction the better off we will be.

    Mayor Sly got a call to arms last night. Only question is how he, and we, choose to answer that call.

    I’m gonna see if my conceal carry permit allows me to carry more than one firearm. Based on what I’ve read and heard 21 rounds is simply not going to be enough to hedge my bet should I desire Mongolian Beef, an Asian Pear Mojito and Chocolate Dome in Kansas City on a Saturday night.

  11. My Job Is Safe says:

    So I you still read The Star Hearne?
    Just you and your usual cast of losers here Hearne? What a shame. Why aren’t you telling the people that your blog was down and you missed this news entirely. You’re getting your information second hand and you probably stole that picture without permission.

    Worthless Hearne. You should be ashamed. And when you delete my comment. Realize that’s why your blog isn’t even third rate. You have to get over your bitterness at The Star. Firing you wasn’t personal.

  12. chuck says:

    My job is safe
    The Kansas City Star is a disgrace.

  13. mermaid says:

    I agree..
    It’s time to get a gun. If the economy gets worse crime will get worse. Mayhem will ensue. I want protection.

  14. Orphan of the Road says:

    The walls come tumbling down
    For years we’ve thrown money at problems. And what we have gotten is a lot of contracts which fill the bank accounts but do nothing to stem the problems. By the time the money trickles down to the people who need help there isn’t anything left.

    We get groups like AIM4Peace which serve up a mean picnic but otherwise have zero impact on the problems they are supposed to be curing. Al Brooks shows up and scours the crowd looking for a grieving mother/sister/woman to comfort.

    Many people make a very good wage by exploiting the misery of others.

    And don’t beatify Mayor Nutter just yet. His curfew comes after many, many years of ignoring the problem. It’s a band-aid on a sucking chest wound.

    Our “leaders” will come out and address all the symptoms while ignoring the causes. They will ignore the fact we can not solve someone else’s problems. We can assist by making sure the tools they need are readily available. But they have to solve the problem themselves.

    Our “leaders” will continue to piss down our backs while telling us it is raining.

  15. Craig Glazer says:

    Hearne Was There And Early
    First off, Hearne not only was there but called me and kept me posted on the build up for about 30 mnutes. I was doing the Chong show so I had to go back to the theatre room and put the call down. But even in the beginning he saw this coming. I didn’t know it had gotten this bad.

    Its not the Plaza’s fault, they now have to go to Red Level and push the black young people out. Just like on KMBZ I called them blacks and even Hearne being KCStar PC calls them young people. I invented that code word to the media, yes it was me here, in the mid 90’s to minimize the interviews with the Star and TV news regarding blacks in Westport. However they were black and they were not kids.

    In this case I do believe these are mostly young blacks out to see and be seen, as well as intimidate whites and cops. 100% reason. Yes they are three to be noticed and act like jack offs. See this would be ok, like a peace march, if they behaved. They don’t . Thats what they don’t get. It “ain’t cause you are black, it’s cause you act badly” you destroy it for black people who are normal, nice, educated.

    Sadly the young angry black looks to be the majority and full of hate. The times ain’t a changing…are they?

  16. smartman says:

    Save Our Plaza
    Taking an overpriced coffee break from riding my motorcycle through our lovely city this fine day I’m amused by the irony of all the remaining Save Our Plaza yard signs.

    People still think a building full of lawyers is the problem.

    I pray for the day when Juris Doctors in contemporary real estate are our biggest challenge.

    Seems to me that black artists are not adequately represented at the Plaza Art Fair. Maybe some minority set asides and a hip-hop stage can soothe the soul of the savage beast. Maybe that’s a good place for Mayor Sly to start the tete a tete. How about The Nappy Roots on Friday Night?

    Back in the Hill Street Blues Days Franky always had a way of getting the El Diablo’s and the other gangs in for a sit down. Why can’t Corbin and Sly do that?

  17. nightfly_dp says:

    To the haters…
    At least you can comment on the issue here…surely the Star has closed them by now like they closed the curfew article before last night’s issue.

  18. Super Dave says:

    Great Story
    Great story Hearne and Smartman on the money as always with the comments.

    Now Hearne sink your teeth into this like a mean ass junk yard dog and go after this story and the follow ups.

  19. harley says:

    end the drug war….start the gang war….
    they will evnetually become so powerful they will take over cities. Just like in mexico…
    emmpty the prisons of victimless crimes…jail the people who harm others (including wall street
    and banksters who killed the nation)….and open up space for these criminals…white and black.
    Remember…wall street destroyed more lives than the gangs have…not murdered…but detroyed
    this nation for decades to come.
    And mermaid…you should get with bad ass berkowitz…i heard he’s pretty good with hand guns…
    or if you need targeet practice…maybe chuck or smartman can show you their “concealed” weapon.
    either way…its bad and getting worse…..and something has to be done.
    regardless of what others say…hearne did a nice job here.

  20. chuck says:

    Harley, I was a Gunner in the service, 69 to 73
    The only weapon I intend to use, will end argument, not encourage romance.

    Early and fuckin often.

  21. harley says:

    i told you before…get out of downtown and the plaza ad mid town and westport…
    its too crazy down there…..
    bring your hot body out to joco like puckchaser and put an end to worrying about safety.
    I’m sure noone would want to harm a hottie like you but its time you stepped up the
    chase and stopped hanging where the bros are and come out where the pros are!
    and you won’t need to get a gun….just come flash those marvelous mammaries!

  22. mermaid says:

    Harley you mean….
    Craig’s pseudo character that he made up among many? That Berkowitz? One day I think I’ll just call the real Berkowitz (who is in LA or NY most of the time) and I bet he has never even heard of this site. Remember when Berkowitz went on and on how Craig beat up some school thugs at the bus stop and “saved” him? Who are we kidding here? What guy would confess to that demeaning state? There is no Berkowitz- it’s been Craig the whole time. What guy in their right mind would not have a comeback for the slack he has taken regarding me? If I was Berkowitz I would sue for defamation of character because Craig makes this guy look like milk toast. What a joke!

  23. mermaid says:

    You can only go to Ra and 77 so many times. Boring. I like downtown and the plaza and the crossroads. In fact I just might move down there if I don’t get to Miami or Uruguay where Robertoe thinks is the next best utopia.

  24. Tracy Thomas says:

    I told you so, Hearne.
    Hearne refused to report for 2 weeks on this. I gave him phone numbers and names of two eyewitnesses, but instead in his usual lazy way, he just called his buddy, Nigro. They both dismissed this. They missed the story.

    I offered to do the interviews and post, but Hearne refused. He always rewrites my stuff anyway, and then scolds me for not being as good of a reporter as he is. Then this week, he even deleted all my past posts…tho you will notice when you scroll to the bottom, he left up Maria’s. She’s young, you know. Pretty. That’s the target apparently for this blog.

    That’s why readers got 10 endless rehashed reviews of a stupid rock festival none of us went to. But no advance warning about the problems on the Plaza.

    Hearne, you coulda been a contender for news.

    He can blame it on a million things, feeling badly, the server went down Sat. at 4–oh brother, that’s weak, because the story is 2 weeks old, etc, but really, he just refused to do the reporting or allow me to do it for him.

    Hearne has told me nobody cares what people in Johnson County think, so there was no reason for me to post any stories about that.

    Well, guess what… We in JoCo with any sense won’t be dining on the Plaza on Saturday nights any more! We won’t go armed, we won’t go arm in arm, we just won’t go. Sorry. Brio. Loved that Beef Carpaccio.

    Smartman, if you are so fucking smart, then figure out a way to write without using the N. word. You are not helping. You are escalating the violence. You are waving a stick in the face of pitbulls.

    And Chuck, I love ya man, but we can’t all walk around armed. Who is gonna shoot first? Or straight?!!!!!! Years ago, (oh God here I go again showing my age which is not the target age for KCC, my buddy Norman Caron, Police Chief, advised me not to get a gun when I lived on Janssen Place, a few blocks west of Troost. He said then, in 1984, he could not protect me, I should just move. So I moved to Knickerbocker Place, 35th & Broadway. Then west to Karnes. By 1992, helicopters circled my home every night while I was in the hottub. I had to start wearing a bathing suit. A dyslexic gang of young Mexicans from 38th & Jarboe came to settle a score in Coleman Highlands. They shot up the wrong house (got the streets mixed up)–uffda!! The KCPD was advising the ailing and terrified 90 year old couple on the next block to “just go thru their living room (with the bullet holes in the picture window) ON THEIR HANDS AND KNEES!”

    Swear to God. The cops also took down the net on the basketball hoop on Karnes, between Coleman Highlands and Valentine neighborhoods. Yeah, like that confused them. (Note: they finally removed the hoop entirely. So much for Hoops being the salvation of the community.)

    I moved to Shawnee in 1992. I visit KCMO for Unicorn Theatre, etc, but–I cancelled my Sat. night season tickets, because the plays let out when the blacks were queing up for the hiphop nightclub next door–and that was just too confronting on the sidewalk. So now I go to Unicorn Theatre Sundays at 3, me and the little old ladies with blue hair. I do go on the Sunday when we stay for the discussion with Cynthia Levin and the cast and directors, so it’s very satisfying. AND SAFE.

    KCMO–a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there again.

    Hey, Hearne, I see you added spellcheck. Now you just need photo captions, an editor, and a commitment to cover the news.

  25. harley says:

    I am predicting riots/demonstrations in the streets in 2013. With cutbacks affecting every american.
    With the current status of logjam because the 2 political parties can’t agree on anything. With the majority
    of cutbacks coming on the backs of middle class americans while the rich and corporations continue to
    fail to pay their fair share of the cost of running this nation. With the pent up anger that is seaping thru
    those who haven’t been treated right….with the coming of age of young hispanics and blacks who have
    fallen thru the cracks of the system….the attempts to ransack social security and medicare (2 very successful
    government programs) and cut benefits which have already taken a beating….the nation will wake up
    and see that it’s in the biggest rut ever.
    It’s not just one political party thats destroyed this nation…its both of them…equal blame to all the crooks
    in the white house/senate/house of reperesentatives who have driven us into this ditch. Not just the last
    3 or 4 years…but the last 20 years of utter neglect and outright theivery.
    Once this period of austerity comes that was determined and decided by both parties comes due it will be
    all out mayhem.
    We’ve been screwed too long. The rich and the corporations have destroyed the nation with their own
    selfish needs. Read where Apple now has 90 billion dollars sheltered in offshore bank accounts and won’t
    bring those profits back to the u.s. They made that money here…and why are both political parties protecting
    this company from paying the same corporate tax rates that glaze and i pay every year. The corporations
    are taking their taxable assetts and taking them offshore and thats creating the huge revenue decline that
    puts the government in financial problems. I hear that tax rates are too high in u.s….well then g.e. and fox
    and apple are stealing dollars and using the politicians to get favorable tax breaks that have put this
    nation in debt.
    Both parties have agreed to pay for worhtless programs. I can’t even begin to count the billions that have
    been misspent in this country….and none of the crooks in d.c. will change…
    Eventually the cities will explode with rage and there will be a revolution to take back this country.
    We’re headed down a very risky path. The plaza incidents are just a glimpse of the seething anger and
    despair that is gripping the nation…and no politician seems able to understand what needs to be done.
    I or smartman or even glaze could solve the problems in about 20 minutes…why is it so hard for the
    crooked politicians to figure it out….
    The politicians and spin meisters have done a great job keeping americans divided on how to
    solve these problems…but once we all understand who the reall enemy and crooks are we will
    get together and throw them all out….the revolution is coming.

  26. Tracy says:

    Let’s see if my previous post is allowed to stay.
    The last time I was critical of Hearne in public, he deleted my post. Then a week later he deleted all my columns, and refuses to give me the headlines or the key words so I can go find my work product–I worked for free.

    What kind of world is this, when Smartman can repeated use the N. word, but I can’t criticize Hearne?

  27. harley says:

    mermaid…uruguay….miami…they’re worse than kc.
    now that you outted berkowitz as glaze…we knew that anyway…just played the game…
    but don’t give up…your knight in shinig armor awaits you…its just he’s got to put the
    shine back in his armor……come on out…not to those meat markets…there’s other
    places to find love in joco…..keep the faith….love is right around the corner…

  28. mermaid says:

    I like your writing. Tell Hearne to let you do whatever you want. He hasn’t done anything for weeks. Maria is a horrible writer- sorry but it’s true. Go for it. We need a writer who has some heart in it.

  29. Tracy says:

    Thanks, Mermaid.
    It seems the women on this site have the smarts to care about the community, without wanting to tear it apart.

    And poor Harley, often smart, often right, is a dreadful yenta, trying to hook you up as if you needed any of his help. He can sit there in southern Johnson County, the “land of the little trees” as I called it when I challenged Annabeth Surbaugh for Chairman of the Johnson County Commission–Harley is just jacking off like a teenage boy, goading you, goading Craig, goading Hearne, calling me stupid which he has (oh, I forgot, Hearne deleted that string)…

  30. chuck says:

    Tracy, we will have to respectfully agree to dissagree
    In 1969 I was on my way to the Enlisted Men’s Club for a beer, was surrounded by 6 African Americans I had never met, and beaten. I wasn’t hurt that bad, and, this is great, I really didn’t get it. There had been two murders of white guys on Pier 1 within the previous month, and I still really (No Shit I am not kidding you.) didn’t make the connection. I just figured it was a bad break and really didn’t think a thing about it. The perps, for my beating and many others, and for the murders, were never caught.

    In 1974, I was working as a Janitor at 95th and Blue Ridge (I got free rent for cleaning toilets and halls and helping the maintenance guy, this along with my GI Bill was getting me through college.) when 2 black guys came in to rob us. They told us that they had to tie us up, Harold said no, just take the money, and they said they would shoot us in the knee if we didn’t let them tie us up. We aquiesced. Then after grabbing the rent receipts (Back then people still paid in cash sometimes) they dashed for the door. My ropes had come loose and I began to break free, the perps saw this and shot at me, missing me by about 12 inches. They were never caught.

    In 1978, I intervened in a dissagreement with the manager of a business, who was having trouble with some “Dissadvantaged Youths”. I said something stupid, like, “Hey, lets take it easy here.” and got a really good beatng from about 8 shitheel fucks (No one helped me by the way, I was totally on my own.).

    In 1980, I went to Antin’s House of Video to look at equipment, while there, a black guy came in with a 357 and stuck it in my face, robbed the place and the people in it. He was never caught, although he didn’t shoot at me. The ladies there were so scared they peed their pants. I felt so bad for them. They were so humiliated.

    There have been many times since then, where I have been in harm’s way, by way of African American intimidation and the unspoken agreement amongst all Americans, that we just have to put up with it, because of misplaced white guilt and the prevailing “Its society’s fault” shit that just doesn’t fuckin hunt.

    As our cities are turned into wastelands by African American thugs, the only option left (I mean Jesus Christ, the fuckin BLACK MAYOR was trampled in a flash mob that included gunfire and casualties for fuck’s sake, on the last vestige of what remains of KCMO’s most important tax base!!!) is aquisition of your own protection.

    Soot to kill.

  31. chuck says:

    Soot to kill might work too
    but SHOOT TO KILL is more thorough.

  32. Robertoe says:

    Check this out ~~~> http://youtu.be/5Ykxpu5tUKs

    OK. Who’s game? I’ve enjoyed winters (ours) down there with a little furnished month-to-month 1 bedroom on Pocitos beach for about $350/month. Nice dinners for 2 with a nice Latina with a local bottle of wine for $10. Mermaid won’t mind. We’ll find some Punta Del Este jet set tango stud for her.

    Montevideo & Cordoba Argentina are the same size as KC. Whats their murder rate? Less than 10 a year. Very little violent crime just pick pockets and such.

    One can even live well down there on a KCConfidential type salary. The key is to tap into U.S. income with living costs down there.

    Uruguay will become the Dubai for all those huge pools of oil nearby in offshore Brazil.

    I’m going this Dec Jan if anyone is interested. Mendoza, an Andes trek in the lake dist of Argentina and Chile, Puerto Montt , Buenos Aires & Uruguayan beaches.

    If you want to know whats going on with the economy, the riots and such read Strauss & Howe’s ‘The Fourth Turning’, Big problems and war are coming. They’ll persist through 2020.

  33. chuck says:

    I have enjoyed Tracy’s posts and her takes
    on myriad subjects, both as a coumnist (?) and especially as a commenter.

    Its just my opinion, but there are no female voices on this blog other than the commenters.

    Thats is a shame.

    We, that love this blog are all diminished by the lack of a female perspective on the issues presented.

    Hearne, please bring Tracy back into the fold.

    Her god offices, advice and opinions are of much value, imo.

  34. chuck says:

    Tyoin tooo fast—“columnist”

  35. chuck says:

    Ok, im done
    Type—Good offices

    Where oh where can a good editor be found???

  36. mermaid says:

    Any Italians in Uruguay…
    I’m game Robertoe. Let’s get out of this drab boring city and go for it! I’m actually in a good mood thinking about it.

  37. Robertoe says:

    any italians?
    Ha! Foks don’t generally know that Buenos Aires is really more Italian than Spanish. Across the Plata River in Uruguay its close to this. Look up the Boca neighborhood- very colorful and settled mostly by Italians from Genoa.

    Get a KCConfidential writing gig. It doesnt take much income down there especially after we get you plugged in with the jetset crowd at Punta del Este. Jan there is like Aug in Europe on the Riviera- all the South American monied crowd goes there. You can post KCC updates on your madcap South American excursions while everything burns back here. If you don’t speak Spanish I know you’d be good with in swim suit attired non-verbal communications

  38. jeff says:

    Hell in a handbasket
    Sorry to interupt, but just lookin’ for the Rockfest line-up for next year, a ‘funny” quote by Johnny Dare, or an update on the Glazer families newest expensive car.

  39. smartman says:

    Wake Up Tracy!
    Give it a name. It is what it is. Those who fail to understand history are destined to repeat it. Hence the resurrection of the “N” word into the American lexicon. If I’m wrong in my observation and usage Jesus and I will discuss it when my time comes.

    Do you get upset when you watch Full Metal Jacket and the US soldiers call the NVA “gooks”? Do kraut-mic-spic-dago-wop-beaner-guido-flathead-pollack-fascist and commie bother you as much as “nigger”. What about the words pedophile-rapist and murderer? Are those more or less disturbing in you Lily White Church of the Poison Mind….great Culture Club song. I give a 10 ’cause you can dance to it.

    From your ivory tower I think you fail to understand and truly comprehend what happened last night. No OJ verdict, no MLK assasination, no Rodney King gettin’ beat up. No Lakers winning the NBA championship. No need to Rasta up and “stand up for your rights”. If Rosa Parks was on the Plaza she would have asked Mayor Sly what he was gonna do about all the lil’ niggers. Don’t confuse her dignity and plight with the Plaza “mob”.

    Stop being so naïve. There will be Taliban owned and operated glory hole homosexual clubs in Afghanistan before we see peace and civility on our streets. Fuck the symptoms. Time to treat the problem. Power only understands greater power.

    You make me benevolent dictator of KCMO and I can solve this problem in 12 months and I would do it with the pen and the sword. No one should ever fear doing the right thing when it is the only solution to the problem.

    When faced with similar but certainly more dire circumstances Harry Truman knew what to do. No Nixon/Kissinger enemies list required for this operation. Just Old Testament application of the Golden Rule.

  40. MARK X says:

    Who da man?

    “You need to get on your blackberry to half-blackbarry in DC …”

    bwahahaha … nice …

  41. Hearne Christopher says:

    Actually, I did report on this in the last two weeks. I do appreciate you’re misquoting me though and supplying readers with the misinformation above

  42. Hearne Christopher says:

    Your job is safe, huh? Obviously you can’t read.

    Oh and I took those pics last night. Too bad though. Just missed the shot of all four cops and horses staring down the Cinemark crowd in formation.

  43. Hearne Christopher says:

    Junkyard dog, huh?

  44. Hearne Christopher says:

    Keep looking, maybe you’ll find Tracy’s columns

  45. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Harley Put Down the Bottle
    Frist I have asked Mermaid out and to meet, she does not respond. Second why do I have to be Glazer? Cause I like the guy? You seem to think anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a phony and a liar. Not just me, anyone. You must have many issues Harely or whoever you pretend to be.

  46. mermaid says:

    I am the one who doesn’t believe you are who you say you are. #1 Why ask in public? Someone with your money and power can get Hearne’s number or Craig’s to get mine. #2 You always respond at the end of a blog so no one catches it #3 I read you are married #4 Why do you only respond to defend Craig and never to respond intelligently to the topic? Too hoakey. You have no finesse whatsoever. That is my take. I say you are Glazer.

  47. Robertoe says:

    Bad Act Berk has just been ‘outed’ by the Mermaid. Ha! Now we know the source of all these Glaze aggrandizing posts.

    You’ve mentioned reading Hearne’s FB page. Lets do this. FB friend Mermaid if you’re a real deal. Shit, you would have tried this a long time ago if you were the real Burk. There IS a real Burk but hes not the guy posting here. Just like Maureen and several others!

    Don’t hold your breath for this response, Debbie. (PS you’re really cute when you’re mad and you’ve been scorned.)

  48. HARLEY says:

    p.i.g. (as was used in the famous line in animal house…which describes tracy’s living conditions!)
    You are a disgrace! Sorry but thinking of you in a hot tube is gross. thiniing of you in a hot tub
    wearing a hat is even more disgusting.
    You are a know nothing wanna be. You ran against surbaugh and got your ass kicked because
    you are a p.i.g. You had no chance…just want to see your name on a ballot…but you’re a loser
    l.o.s.e.r…….a fantasy seeker with nothing to back it up.
    The land of small trees…how about the land of opportunity and money and upscale intelligent
    successful people….not the wanna be’s and do nothings liike yourself.
    Now go find some large rock and go hide under it…because you are another
    person who thinks more of herself than others think of her.
    Thats your social life…hanging out at a theatre on saturday night…wow….real interesting
    life you lead….maybe get a man? who would take you? noone.

  49. mermaid says:

    Filmed, not called on time, all the same. What’s next? One can only imagine what beholds thee in the land of complete moronic douchebags called Kansas City. I have completely given up. I know what and who I want. They can have one more chance if they hurry up because I’m not waiting around. I have way too many options and plans. Besides not much time left in this city- I start traveling in October then South America in January. Then I may never come back and that’s the TRUTH!

  50. mermaid says:

    Wow Harley..
    I have never seen you attack anyone like that. I personally don’t know Tracy but that was a little over the top mean don’t you think?

  51. mermaid says:

    Cat got your tongue?

  52. DiggityDawg says:

    You guys should just name this comment section “KKKCConfidential” & be done with it.

    Buncha illiterate mouth-breathers.

    What a fucking dump.

  53. Robertoe says:

    It really does pay to frequent KCConfidential 🙂
    It sounds like I’ve just added a very attractive South America travel partner this January.


    Mermaid, You’re gonna love getting on a plane in winter and getting off it into summer.

    We just need to decide….. one way or round trip?

  54. mermaid says:

    It’s not like..
    We decided this tonight. We have been discussing this for months now. I just decided nothing is worth staying here for. Besides winters here are not my style anymore. This wasn’t a fly by night decision. I’m excited. Nothing like having an overseas trip to look forward to!

  55. Robertoe says:

    South American ground rules….
    Sundance Kid: [to Etta] What I’m saying is, if you want to go, I won’t stop you. But the minute you start to whine or make a nuisance, I don’t care where we are, I’m dumping you flat.
    Butch Cassidy: Don’t sugarcoat it like that, Kid. Tell her straight.
    Etta Place: I’m 26, and I’m single, and a school teacher, and that’s the bottom of the pit. And the only excitement I’ve known is here with me now. I’ll go with you, and I won’t whine, and I’ll sew your socks, and I’ll stitch you when you’re wounded, and I’ll do anything you ask of me…..

  56. mermaid says:

    You are a shameless cad or at least you like to portray yourself that way. I wouldn’t go to South America with someone I did not trust. By the way I don’t cook and I don’t clean too much! I’m just there for my looks! Go with it! How long did it take you to find lines like that? You are funny!

  57. mermaid says:

    Where is Berkowitz?
    Berkowitz is a no show! He is a fake. So Glazer give it up. We are so on to you now. Any comment that even pops up with that name I will shoot down so fast that you will turn red in embarrassment! Never use it again. Maureen needs to die or take a long trip as well. Your characters are dropping like flies.

  58. Robertoe says:

    ; )

    Your trust isn’t misplaced. Get set for the trip of a lifetime. And by the time we get to traveling together, you’ll be really good at darning socks, cooking and cleaning!

    Bone up on your Spanish, Inca history and south American wines. And get in shape for some beaching it and Andes mountain treks.

    “I learned early that the richness of life is adventure. Adventure calls on all faculties of mind and spirit. It develops self-reliance & independence. Life then teems with excitement. But man is not ready for adventure unless he is rid of fear. For fear confines him and limits his scope. He stays tethered by strings of doubt and indecision and has only a small narrow world to explore.”
    ~ William O Douglas (surprisingly)

  59. Wendy says:

    Don’t put fun stuff in places where you don’t want teens!
    If you want to stop teenagers from hanging out somewhere, you will need to remove the movie theaters, shopping, and restaurants and fill it full of churches. I am so tired of people acting like teenagers shouldn’t go see movies or hang out at the Plaza. Get over your selves! Once upon a time, you were a teenager too. When I was a teen, I used to hang out at Bannister Mall. That was the place to be back in the 80s. Now that I have teens of my own, I drop them off at different places to hand out with friends. If you don’t like it, tough! Learn to get along with your neighbors!

  60. harley says:

    Mermaid…would you really travel with robertoe?
    $350 a month hotel? come on…it’s gotta be a flea bag. Uruguay. Heard they hate americans
    there. I’ve been to brazil. Beautfiul country. But its also very dangerous especially for very attractive
    blondes. Be careful. You deserve first class hotels. Berkowitz backed out (or shall i say glaze)
    and I imagine that spending 3 months with this guy roberto should be a vacation from hell.
    Be careful…you might end up like those girls in aruba. Take care…come out to ra this thursday
    and I’ll buy you some great food. KC is not that bad. why would you hang with a bunch of
    people in a third world country?

  61. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    I’d take you to New York for a weekend of fun and shopping. Oh, but I’m Glazer and we all hate him. Mermaid we can meet this week, happy hour you pick where. Guess what when you get there I’ll turn into Glazer for you. Where? When?

  62. mermaid says:

    You just have to do this online – alright – Micheal Smith – Crossroads- Wednesday 6:00- see you there!

  63. mermaid says:

    Maybe because South America is beautiful and I would like to go there. Argentina,Buenos Aires, Punta del Este,Rio – it sounds fun to me! It might be a little third world but not any more so than Mexico and look at the crime there. If I could I would travel the world even if it meant living in hostels. It’s the adventure not the hotel! I can only stay a month or two. Robertoe and I are good friends actually so no it would not be hell it would be fun. He is very smart and knows alot of influential people there so he knows his way around and would be able to show me places that an average tourist could not.

  64. Robertoe says:

    oh oh!

    You didn’t like my facebook friending proposal for meeting Berk? Then you’d know in advance who you’re dealing with. Then you could communicate in private. If there’s no Berk Facebook friend request, there’s no Berk (which we know is the case). You’d be showing up to meet the KCC wingnut crowd! Bad idea!

    And I’m thinking you mean Extra Virgin (how appropriate!). Michael Smith’s really doesn’t have a bar area anymore. Plus I’d never go to a place that can’t get any more creative than this on a name.

    And Harley there’s a huge difference between Brazil and Uruguay/Argentina (excluding Buenos Aires). In fact I can guarantee it’ll be much safer than showing up on Wed at 6 on this phantom Berk deal.

    “Montevideo is the second most secure capital city in the world after Tokyo. The crime rate is very low in Uruguay, but one still needs to be alert and exercise reasonable caution.”

    And Harley you are also just dead ass wrong about hating Americans. You’ve never been there, right? And its not a hotel. I mentioned a beach apartment I rented in the past. I didn’t say we’d do this again with Mermaid.

    Actually….not that its any of your business but I guess if we’re all posting plans here publicly its fun to banter. I’m meeting an old Koch Refining executive friend who owns a very successful oil company in California now. Liz and her husband also own a vineyard and winery in Oregon. So part of this trip will be very upscale wine tour (and part of it won’t be(Andes trek and beaching it up the coast toward the Brazilian border). I’ve been down there over a dozen times and many of these trips have been 2 months plus. I’m plugged in with the former Finance Minister of Uruguay. His son has been a business partner of mine since ’03.

    I wouldn’t be inviting Mermaid anywhere that I don’t have complete confidence in- not only her safety but making it a kickass trip for her. As long as she doesn’t whine and darns my socks and such she’ll do fine!

  65. Robertoe says:

    Plan B
    OK just got a note from Mermaid. She reinforced the concept that I’m her security/wingman. Based on this, I’m cancelling the Michael Smith Wed at 6 PM idea posted publicly on here.

    Bad Act Berk. You want to meet Mermaid? It’ll be very simple:

    1) Facebook friend her. Then you two can privately plan romantic rondevous ’til your hearts content. But we aren’t picking spots publicly online here at KCC.

    2) The double date dinner proposal still stands. Write me at oilisnotwell@gmail.com and we’ll get the planning process moving ahead. But I’ll still contend if you are incapable of doing option #1, why are we even discussing other options? Whats the problem with a FB friend request?

  66. BarKeeper says:

    Lonely Hearts Club
    Hey Hearne, this thread has morphed into a dating hotline. Move these pelvic thrusters to another board.

  67. Hearne Christopher says:

    Here’s hoping everybody got it out of their systems

  68. harley says:

    Mermaid….slow down…if bad ass doesn’t show on wednesday
    contact me. I have several guys that would love to meet you. They are very
    successful but they only want to deal with classy women.
    I’m guessing you’re in your early 40’s ….and that you like to travel….so
    if the bad ass don’tshow…give me the go and i’ll get your social life
    It’s time you stopped the online dating crap…stopped chasing the losers
    and cons….stopped associating with snarly people and realize that there
    are good people…problem is you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong
    this is not the place to be settuing up dates…..I maycome down and check out
    your date on wednesday…..
    love ya…harley.

  69. Robertoe says:

    I’d say the quality of all the threads around here have deteriorated now that we know Glaze is Berk and Maureen and BarKeeper and about half the recent posters around here.

    And don’t forget the one guy who is complicit on all this contrived malarkey is Hearne. He’s the one who had access to IP addresses and would have known the extent of the charade. Hey Hearne if you are striving for journalistic integrity here, you’ve had a major setback.

    And Craig, I got asked by my date about your book while we were waiting to get in the Chong show last Friday. I had read it (and had been complimentary) and she hadn’t. In my mind I’m moving it from non-fiction to the fiction category. Once a con man, always a con man I guess.

  70. Robertoe says:

    nice try Harley
    Mermaid and I pulled the plug on the wed at 6 rondevous idea. Come on. Do you need to take notes? There is no Berk. Berk=Glazer. Plus I don’t know….are these some of your swinger friends? Mermaid has already mentioned your stock went way down after you made these public revelations. But Hearne doesn’t want anymore social arrangements consummated here. Tell your buddies if they want to meet Mermaid and line it up online, try checking the Argentinian travel sites. I’d suggest looking on the Italalian threads. Thats where you’ll find her!

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