Sounds Good: Mardi Diaz@Bottleneck, Farm Aid@ LIVESTRONG, Pitch Awards@Uptown

What a month for music in KC…

Last week, My Morning Jacket decimated the Uptown’s face. 

Then Kanrocksas dropped its bomb on KCK’s punk ass.

Coming soon is Steely Dan at Starlight, Bon Iver at the Uptown, and Jane’s Addiction at LIVESTRONG

Not to mention Yonder Mountain String Band and TV On The Radio.

But first, some old school musical legends would like a word with you…

Friday, August 12th

madiMadi Diaz at the Bottleneck in Lawrence

Never heard of her, right?  That’s what you think. 

This hot hot hottie was named "Best of What’s Next" by Paste Magazine. Does anyone here read Paste?  They have a super detailed rating system for bands, down to the tenth of a percent, and they can be kinda snobby when it comes to their PASSION. 

But they also get it right a lot of the time. And I think this might be  one of those times.  Madi is playing along with Keegan DeWitt, a guy from -guess where! – Portland, who not only performs, but writes film scores, acts, and does a bunch of other things that are way cooler than the things you do. 

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like one of those shows that could be intimately cool. You know, where you get trashed and see a band with, like, 30 other people, then get to talk to the musicians afterward and feel like they actually care about you and the fact that you’re there. 

Kinda cool.  

Saturday, August 13th

Farm Aid at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park in KCKAlt text goes here

The first ever concert held at Sporting KC’s bitchin’ new stadium boasts some heavy hitters like Neil Young, Willie 
Nelson, Dave Matthews, and John Mellencamp
.  Not a bad way to see if the venue is up to snuff.  For those who don’t already know, LIVESTRONG isn’t going to be merely converted into a make-shift rock venue – it was actually designed  with concerts in mind. The whole south end of the stands will be removed revealing a giant stage underneath the huge video board. 

After attending a dozen or so soccer games there, I’m interested to experience the ins and outs of the concert 
experience there and compare the two.  I wonder if they’ll allow smoking in there, down on the field?  Because 
currently the whole stadium is a no cancer zone. 

Also on the lineup is Jason Mraz (ladies’ favorite), Jakob Dylan, Jamey Johnson, and just recently added, KC’s own Hearts of Darkness.  Plus about ten other acts.  No schedule has been announced yet, so I’m not sure who’ll play when, but you know there’ll be plenty of collaboration among the artists, lots of jamming, and, I’m told, lots of  interesting food that emphasizes homegrown and family-farm sustainability, including urban homesteading. 

Sunday, August 14th

Stik FigaThe Pitch Music Awards at the Uptown Theater in KC

This annual awards showcase features performances by the ACBs, Stik Figa, and the Latenight Callers.  KC’s best air guitarist, Mean Melin, is emceeing the event, and, according to the Pitch, "everybody will be getting drunk as hell."

The ACBs are one of my favorite local acts. They have a throwback ’90s sound (did I just write that?) ala Weezer’s Pinkerton, but with better vocals.  And Stik Figa is an intelligent rapper from Topeka who has been one of the 
better hip hop artists around for a few years now.

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4 Responses to Sounds Good: Mardi Diaz@Bottleneck, Farm Aid@ LIVESTRONG, Pitch Awards@Uptown

  1. PB says:

    Ratings System?
    I like Paste Magazine, but how exactly does a ratings system work for something so subjective as music? A detailed “system” has no more credibility than a random listener’s opinion. Lester Bangs would be rolling over in his grave if he knew that’s how music was now being judged these days. Also, need a better picture of said hottie to evaluate properly according to my own detailed hotness ratings system.

  2. Matt says:

    and you shall receive….

  3. Hearne says:

    Matt made a deal with the devil…
    Said new photo is up

  4. PB says:

    Well done!
    Thank you and yes, she is hot.

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