Glazer: The NFL Starts Tonight, My Picks to Win it All

Tonight’s the night so many of us have been waiting for THE NFL BEGINS

Kinda like "Batman Begins." Or maybe not. This is preseason and doesn’t count, but we love football so much we just want to see the players play. Even the lowly Chiefs will likely have a decent crowd at Arrowhead tomorrow. Maybe even 45,000. That would be a great start for them. Past years preseason games have drawn 30-40 thousand tops. They haven’t had any sellouts in years during the regular season. Aside from some phony numbers in the paper. But those include season ticket holders who aren’t at the game. And then some.

So who are THE teams this season?

Who are the top picks to go to, and possibly win the Super Bowl? The Philadelphia Eagles are the sexy pick to win it all. They’ve added monster talent to the team and yesterday – get this – added ace receiver Steve Smith. The rich get richer.

Where were the Chiefs on that one?

Oh, I forgot. We already have great receiving talent. Who needs Steve Smith? The Eagles have a big offense and a solid defense. But can Michael Vick do it all year and through the playoffs? I say NO. He’s mentally of, let’s say, "questionable status."  And the old statement – you aren’t suppose to say out loud but I will because I’m unfiltered – Vick is a black quarterback. They don’t win Super Bowls (except for Doug Williams in 1988). But Vick has other issues too, so we’ll see.

The Eagles were an extremely good team last year and better this year on paper, but I still say no.

My NFC pick is of course the team I picked last year, the GREEN BAY PACKERS. I say they go to and likely win the Super Bowl.

Maybe New England shows up and stops them in the big dance. But the Pack’s Aaron Rodgers is THE ELITE quarterback now. He’s an A. The other super elite guy, Tom Brady, is an A. But Tom’s a step down because of age and injury. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still outstanding.

And what about Peyton Manning? He may be the all-time best quarterback, but possible injuries is a big question mark and Manning’s team is fading. They might be the big boy on the way down. So it’s all on Manning’s shoulders. Green Bay, on the other hand, gets all their injured guys back. Like super tight end, Jamichael Finley to go with Greg Jennings. I like the Packers. I say they win 12 or 13 games.

My pick to win it all: Green Bay Packers.

In the AFC – now the  weaker league – it’s pretty clear here too. New England added value with Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth. If their poor defense improves to average or better and Tom Brady stays stays healthy, they’ll be a hard train to stop and could win the AFC. The other top team, the Pittsburgh Steelers always show up. You look up and after they’re like 6-4, they wind up 11-5 and going to the Super Bowl. Hey, Big Ben is still a winner and so are the Steelers.

Sure the Jets and Baltimore could break through, but so far, uh, they’re just not close.

There are other maybes like Atlanta with our guy Tony G. Or the Dallas Cowboys, who are quickly becoming the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL. The Chargers, too many guys left. I think that window is closed. Yes, the Chargers could win the west, but I see them going no further.

And the Jets quarterback position is not stable yet. The other dark horse – and I do like them – is the Tampa Bay Buc’s, with the K-State quarterback Josh Freeman tearing it up. Very solid team and a contender. The Giants are streaky and nobody buys into Eli Manning. Detroit might make some noise, but they’re not a Super Bowl contender yet.

The Chiefs will be a better team with an impossible schedule, so they’re out as of Day One.

Again, if they win 7 or more games it will be a good season for them.

Here’s the deal; it’s like Len Dawson once said, "When your team walks on the field and you KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO WIN, that’s when you matter. You can’t just hope to win."

The Chiefs haven’t been that team that knows since, well, maybe Dawson. I’ll give them the 90’s. Those were good teams, just poorly led by Carl Peterson. He blew two Super Bowls. Thanks, Carl,

"Kickers are a dime a dozen, who needs Nick Lowery when you have Lin Elliott."  Peterson told me once.

His other genius move was that we needed to start Elvis Grbac instead of Rich Gannon. Elvis was the future. Good call Carl. That cost us the 1997 season. Crappy Rich went on to the Super Bowl with Oakland and was the MVP.  You were a genius Carl.

Super Bowl Final: New England vs. Green Bay: winner, tough call: Green Bay.

This is based on no serious injury to the quarterbacks.

Enjoy the season!
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14 Responses to Glazer: The NFL Starts Tonight, My Picks to Win it All

  1. Rick says:

    Soren is pissed now
    Just a quick question. It sounds like u believe that it was really Carl making the team moves not Marty? Can’t say the Green Bay pick is going out on the limb. Its pretty rare for a team to win consecutive Super Bowls. But its possible.

  2. Rick says:

    now that i think about picking them to win 2 years in a row is going out on a limb.

  3. Cowboy says:

    Craig Came On Our Show About Carl’s Mis-Steps
    To be fair, Glazer told everyone but the mailman that it was Peterson not Marty who fired Nick for Lin Elliot with his now underground famous line to Glazer, “Oh kickers are a dime a dozen.” Glazer asked Carl “what if we are in the playoffs and this guy Elliot misses a couple big ones.” Carl “that’ll never happen.” History.

    As for Grbac, that too seemed to be a Carl call. The money was in the young Grbac, not the aging Rich Ganon. Glazer did a radio ad, saying “Get Rich!!! Ganon That Is” it didn’t work, but Craig was a big believer in Ganon after seeing him take a mediocre Vikings team to the NFC title game and losing a close one years earlier. He thought Rich was an outstanding quarterback, turns out he was. Hey again Glazer does know the NFL. I know some of you doubt it, but he is pretty sharp. He had some inside tips as well. Maybe not now so much.

  4. Taco Time says:

    Yeah He Partied With The Team
    Glazer ran with Risen,Derrick,Neil, and others, he was a wild ass and so were most of them. That includes Joe and Bill.

  5. chuck says:

    Glaze, this is way too early.
    The first pre season game?

    What about injuries, personell, new coaches etc etc etc.

    Too early to pick anything.

    I know teams don’t play their “A” games or “A” players much in the pre season, but this is WAY, WAAAAAAAY too early buddy.

  6. Kellys Man says:

    Chiefs Will Rule
    Chiefs in Super Bowl this year ass hole

  7. Ricky Richter says:

    its the eagles

  8. Cliffy says:

    Predictions made after only a week of camp are worthless. May as well throw darts.

  9. chuck says:

    Headline from Pro
    “Touchbacks Galore On First Night of New Kickoff Rule.”

    Glaze, tell me your NOT in vegas betting heavy on the over-under yet.

    The Panthers lost a wide receiver for a year, Seahawks are sans Russel Okung, its too early…

  10. harley says:

    every pre season power ranking that I read has green bay as #1. Every one with any brains
    is saying it will be between 2 or 3 teams….green bay always being mentioned.
    You really went out on a limb. You really put yourself out there on this pick.
    I am now predicting either boston or yanks to be in world series. I’m also predicting that
    it will be sunny soon.
    Please….after you get “cowboy” to stop s*cking your d**k….go back and write some more
    stories about woodside (final weeks of the season)…..your “musical” reviews….more
    outlandish stories about your life as a con man…at least those are believable!

  11. Cowboy says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention
    that I once took a shower with Craig and scrubbed his back. I just can’t get the man out of my mind.

  12. chuck says:

    Thanks for finally tellin it like it is Harley.
    I met Glaze once.

    He roofied me.

    It wasn’t that bad, I don’t remember much.

    I did wake up to a dozen roses and a $100.00 gift certificate to Stanford and Sons.

    Now he won’t return my calls.

  13. harley says:

    cowboy starred in brokeback mountain
    i knew it…now its verified….no problem cowboy….you said you used to be oon
    the radio….how’s those unemployment checks coming in…are you one of those
    99er’s….or you one of those 69er’s?

  14. the log says:

    sounds about right Glaze
    Kelly man wtf? I get being a homer. I love the chiefs too but damn man try to stay with us.

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