Today: New Local Radio Ratings Champ & The July 2011 Top 20

Buckle up radio ratings junkies, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride…

The July digits are in, so let’s take a quick look and we can make some closer examinations later. To that end, here are the Top 20 KC Radio Stations for July in adults 25 to 54, Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to midnight.

I know, I know, they don’t include the high dollar infomercials, Royals games and weekend filler. But this is where 90 percent of station’s revenues come from and where they suit up their best and their brightest, the personalities you love and/or love to hate.


So here we go….

  1. KCFX The Fox with a 9.1 share
  2. The Rock, 98.9 FM with a 7.5 share
  3. The Buzz with a 6.2 share
  4. Q104 FM, KPRS FM and K-LOVE (Christian) with 5.5 shares (tie)
  5. KCMO FM with a 5.3 share
  6. Mix 93.3 FM with a 4.7 share
  7. Jack FM with a 4.5 share
  8. Alice FM with a 4.1 share
  9. The Vibe with a 3.9 share
  10. The Point with a 3.7 share
  11. KFKF FM with a 3.3 share
  12. Funny 102.5 FM with a 3.1 share
  13. WDAF FM with a 3.0 share
  14. 610 Sports with a 2.9 share
  15. KMJK Magic FM with a 2.6 share
  16. WHB with a 2.6 share
  17. KMBZ AM & FM with a 2.5 share
  18. KCUR FM with a 2.4 share

Worth noting: KCFX, The Fox took over the No. 1 slot from The Rock for the first time this year. And 610 Sports continues to hold a narrow lead over WHB (although count on WHB to be leaking the exact number of Royals night and weekend games skewed those ratings).

Oh and KMBZ isn’t exactly tearing things up now that it’s on two broadcast bands.

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12 Responses to Today: New Local Radio Ratings Champ & The July 2011 Top 20

  1. kansas karl says:

    again with the share
    These numbers are just that numbers without a basis in reality, now show us how many folks are listening to radio in that time period and we then have a sense of the actual numbers of folks ARB projects as listening to any one station. What is that number? What is that number as compared to the population of the metro? If unable or unwilling to provide those numbers how about actual rating points, a point is one per cent of the metro population. But like Harley says these numbers don’t mean shit without the base line numbers.

  2. Hearne Christopher says:

    Spoken like a true anonymous person who didn’t fare very well in these rankings. Stop blowing smoke at the unwashed, you know darn well that these are very relevant numbers among stations and advertisers. Are these the only numbers? of course not.

    But they’re among the key ones people in the biz will be examining and talking about. So blow your smoke elsewhere, who do you think you’re kidding?

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    What Is Unfair, Morning Shows Are High, Evening Low
    Johnny Dare, is by far the most popular and most listened to with morning ratings from 13 to 9, it falls off after he goes off the air, simple as that..still they are overall number one. 101 The Fox when I was on it was weak, even with the lowly Chiefs, these numbers are misleading or I would be on it, I’ve tried them several times they have just an average listening base, much older 55 and up, they don’t go out, so for me they are worthless.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    Johnny wins in adults because he’s got Grrrl Power and The Fox doesn’t.

    But KCFX is widening its lead among male listeners. Let’s face it, both are strong. A large part of Craig’s measure of a station is the number of callers and how fast they hit the phones for ticket giveaways.

    My guess is, The Rock’s listeners are younger and arguably hungrier for the freebies.

  5. Superdave says:

    Another Point
    The Fox is gaining this time due to the 99.7 GenX listeners who no longer listen to 99.7 The Point. Several I know because they have told me so the Point is just to top forty for them so going to the Fox.

    I honestly belive if Cumulus was to bring a station like V100 in Topeka to Kansas City it would give the Rock a huge run for the money. In fact quite a few people I know listen to it as well as myself when we can get it. People on the west side and to the south of Olathe area can pull it in all the time and I get it rather well to the say 63rd and Lamar area.

  6. kansas karl says:

    my only dog in this hunt
    Share is only for radio morons, real people working in real advertising don’t care about share of listening it’s only about actual listeners and share only relates to the radio universe, share has nothing to do with how a radio station is fairing in the real world. NOT one real ad agency uses share, it is a bogus radio only number.

    My station is Pandora, none of this slop called radio in KC measures up.

  7. harley says:

    ratings suck
    read where one guy put his meter on his dog….its worthless…and fewer and
    fewer people under the age of 40 are listening to radio….
    its going the way of print…except the news and sports talk because its current
    and people want to hear whats going on ……..
    once the fall returns people go back to tv…..right now the tv ratings are in the dump….
    priime time is dead…news are doing well…..

  8. Johnny Dare fan and Media Buyer says:

    Summer books are often tainted
    More spoonfed bullshit from your buddy BobZ. You always say you post A25-54 Mon-Fri numbers because that’s what the agencies buy and 90% of revenues are. That is simply not true. We buy weekends and we look at subcells. The fact of the matter is Johnny and the Rock kick Fox’s ass with 18-34, 18-49, 25-44,25-49 year olds. The Fox’s audience is mostly 45-54 and 45+. Many people now refer to Classic roack as “Dinosaur Rock”, the next Oldies.

    BTW, weird books like this is why we media buyers buy off a three book averages. We do this to increase the sample size and remove one time spikes or drops caused by too few meters in the market. You will also see during July and Augst books strange increases and decreases due to “meters” going on vacation and leaving the market as well as big named talent like Johnny Dare taking vacations.

  9. harley says:

    any media buyer that uses rating book is wrong
    the ratings are going the way of the newspaper. Its all you have is the excuse people
    use. It’s not all you have. by doing market research of your customers…their media
    habits…their lifestyles….their use of non traditional media…by tracking customer and
    sales inside the clients stores…by doing basic questioning…by data mining…
    by target mareketing you will get more real effecitveness of your advertising budget
    and where to spend your clients money than any ratings book.
    ratings books are outdated…they aren’t current…yes they might tell us what a few
    people are doing but they are not accurate….again…do everything elsev before you rely
    on these meters….bad stuff to base important business decisions.

  10. kansas karl says:

    Stop the entire ad biz, one guy in KC knows it all
    Harley go start another business, you don’t know shit, 99.99% of the media buying agencies look at, use, rely on the ARB ratings, your system has what? you. Seems like the market is going the other direction, you are wrong.

  11. kcfred says:

    The wrong demos
    “The Fox’s audience is mostly 45-54 and 45+. Many people now refer to Classic roack as “Dinosaur Rock”, the next Oldies.”
    Now, tell me in what demo the money resides? That one right there. 45+ is the new 25-54. It’s the boomers stupid! While the Rock may clean up in those demos, no money resides there anymore. 25-54 was great 25 years ago, but add 25 years to the money demo and you have 45+. THAT’s where the money is, so I would say the Fox is doing just fine owning the money demo.

  12. kcfred says:

    media buyer
    No way would you ever handle my business. Promote to the people under 45 all you want. No money there. I’ll take someone who works for me, not some outdated hocus pocus about how 25-54 is still the sought after demo. It isn’t. You’re doing your clients a disservice.

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