Hearne: Slacker & KCFX Widen Lead Over The Rock & Johnny Dare in July

Let’s narrow down one of the more hotly contested local radio ratings contests, shall we?

Here’s one that raised more than a few eyebrows in the June rankings. Men, ages 25 to 54 in morning drive between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., Monday through Friday. Remember? KCFX FM’s Slacker nosed out Rock 98.9 FM force-to-be-reckoned with Johnny Dare for the top slot.

A ratings fluke? Apparently not.

KCFX and Slacker stayed on top for July with a 12.4 share to Dare and The Rock’s 9.8 share.

While that’s a very big deal, The Rock nosed out KCFX in the same time slot in "adults" 25 to 54 with a 9.0 to KCFX’s 8.3.  Based largely on the fact that Dare remains strong with women listeners with a 7.9 share to KCFX’s 2.6.

Dare and The Rock tied with Mix 93.3 FM‘s Rocket & Teresa morning show in the above demo with a pair of 7.9 shares

Just how good is Johnny D with the ladies? Very. The Rock’s Numero Uno status with women falls off by over two points in the midday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. slot, to a 5.5 share.

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34 Responses to Hearne: Slacker & KCFX Widen Lead Over The Rock & Johnny Dare in July

  1. kansas karl says:

    That 5.5 share in midday can represent more folks than the 7.9 share in mornings, it all depends on how many people are making up the radio listening universe in each day part. One thing the PPM has shown that the midday time period has stronger listening than most morning drive shows.

  2. lee says:

    umm, and who are these people in this photo?

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Not Buying In
    I like Slacker, but no way he has Dare’s reach not a chance. Dare can put 50,000 people in a field in two weeks, Slacker couldn’t do that with any major event he ran. Mix is strong but its more the socker moms and young females, which is great and we love them. We do their show weekly and its strong. But you can’t sell me on Dare not being a major major player way out in front with listeners, he just is, these numbers don’t convince me. I’ll have Bob Z put me on Slacker for a month and lets see, and don’t say oh those age listeners don’t like comedy, they do especially on Saturdays….our audience is over 40 on Saturday nights. Look again, I see 101 making a move with listeners who came from Star l02 and KUDL with those changes, but this is like saying how great the comedy channel is, its not, Or I’d be on it, I know the market as well or better than almost anyone. Not just for comedy either. Numbers.

  4. PB says:

    Dare v. Slacker
    Dare is probably still the King, but I’m not sure using Rockfest attendance as a gauge means any more than those ratings numbers do. He’s certainly the catalyst behind its success, but at this point in time, Rockfest can pretty much sell itself with its affordable pricing (tix and beer) and the repeat crowd that clamors for that scene. Seems to me those 98 Rock events are as much about their bargain prices (see Friday night’s soldout $9.89 Theory of a Deadman Midland show) as they are about the radio personalities pimping them.

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    Rocket, Teresa & Ponch!

  6. Hearne Christopher says:

    Kansas Karl loves nothing more than trying to muddy the waters. He’s not wrong here, but take him with a grain of salt, boys and girls.

  7. Hearne Christopher says:


    The ratings are the ratings. People no longer fill out diaries and skew the results by exaggerating their listening habits by listing their favorites. The meters don’t lie.

    Ever since the meters went in the ratings world has been turned upside down. Music rules, personalities – with some exception and talk radio – take a backseat. Truth be known, it’s not so much Slacker, its The Fox and its music. At least that’s what the experts think.

  8. BS says:

    screw the experts and their meters and their science data based agenda. I’m going with Glazer’s gut feelings on this.

  9. Radio Geek says:

    Shares are good enough for me
    Every major trade publication for radio publisher average quarter hour shares. If it’s good enough for every trade publication, it should be good enough for KC Confidential and Hearne. Get off your soap box, Karl

  10. chuck says:

    Ok, here is some real information that counts
    I don’t know if Slacker is kicking any one’s ass on the radio, but his wife is way hot and works at the Brooksider.


    If ya wanna know about things that really matter, I’m here for ya.

  11. Anna says:

    I’m sick of Craig.
    It seems everytime I turn on Johnny Dare he’s talking TO or ABOUT Craig. Please God make it stop. I feel like I have to take another shower after I hear him and his heavy breathing and abortion talk. Johnny always have something funny to talk about why does he spend so much time on Craig? Makes me wonder who owes who money.

    This is not entertainment.

    Maybe more people like myself are turning the radio to another station when we have to hear one more pathetic story about this old guy.

    If Johnny continues to do this, he’s going to continue to lose listners.

    I tune into The Johnny Dare Morning Show to listen to him.

    Craig, don’t even respond to this. I can’t even stand to read your poorly written words.

  12. Superdave says:

    Anna is to far off base
    I don’t allow employees to listen to the The Rock morning show and know of many other work places that don’t allow it either during working hours. I’m not going to argue the ratings for Dare with the women listeners it means that some do but a lot of women can’t stand him and if the guys are listening to Dare the female side of the employees object and complain. I have to then make a choice. The FCC maybe ok with the antics of the show but in the work place it don’t work.

  13. Superdave says:

    I Made a typo
    I meant headline to say Anna Is Not To Far Off Base

  14. chuck says:

    Nothing like a little puritanical pants shitting
    to guide us all back to propriety.

  15. smartman says:

    Slacker IS KING!
    Slacker is GREAT, Slacker is GOOD. Let us thank him for our Food.

    Our Slacker who art on the radio. Hallowed be thy name. Your kingdom come Johnny Dare is done on earth and in the ratings. Give us this day our daily Led and forgive Craig Glazer as we all ignore him anyway. And lead us into the next commercial free hour and deliver us from Johnny Amen.

    Still waiting on the BIG Rob Schneider HBO Comedy Special along with the HUGE Dirk Nowitzki national ad campaigns that will make him a bigger pitchman than Peyton Manning.

  16. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Anna Church Opens Early
    To the pretend Anna who I am sure is a guy named Cliffy or a guy named whoever the hater is with nine names. There is no Anna. However, Craig is f-ing funny as shit. The comics he brings are funny. Dare is funny. I’m sure if you stop listening they will be just fine. You likely listen to hear Craig cause you hate him so much. Heavy breathing, that must be T-Bone. I listen like twice a week, my all time favorite song is Little Dick Bitch, which with Dare out of town, I miss. So listen this week and next Johnny is out, but they will play best of ant thats when you can hear Glazer next week. He sucks thats why every station in town has him on all week, cause he sucks. He is a heavy breather.

    I saw him on NBC two weeks ago for a couple minutes. If he is old I am ancient. I know I know I love Glazer. I just respect him thats all, you should too Cliffy/Anna/and the nine other names of the same hater.

  17. Taco Time says:

    Love Glazer and Dare
    Anna you must be a fat ugly bitch baby girl. Glazer is the shit. He’s one reason I do listen to 98.9. Hey you jealous cause he don’t want yo ugly fat butt. I bet you are old and fat, huh. My posse and I talk about Craig and Dare after the shows it kills me.

  18. Big Dave says:

    Glazer Is My Fav
    Nobody funnier than that man. Anna you must like Oldies on 94.9 KCMO, and Dick Wilson. Glazer is talked about cause he is so damn interesting, good and bad. Funny.

  19. Ricky Richter says:

    On My Way To Work
    Listen to Johnny every morning, as much as it pains me to say, yeah, I look forward to Craig Glazer coming on, also enjoy the comedians. I like when they get on Glazer’s rear end. I got nothing against 101 and Slacker or Skid, but Dare is the big sttar, I think there are some listeners who moved over there cause the other oldies stations faded out.

  20. kansas karl says:

    what a moron radio geek
    You must be in radio because you can’t read, to be clear: SHARE numbers are for radio geeks only, real advertisers never use share numbers they are meaningless except to radio morons beating thier chests. You cite all these publications…..they are radio pubs. Ask any agency in this town if they use share numbers. They don’t, they want rating points, how the station are faring in the real market place, not the geek world of radio.

  21. Cliffy says:

    Sorry, Craig … er … Bad Ass. Not me. Anna must be one of those “socker” (lol) moms Glazer mentioned.

    Funny how whenever somebody starts bad mouthing Glazer that … Walla! (lol) … Bad Ass appears. Funny, also, how both Bad Ass and Craig refer to Channel 41 as NBC. Hmmmm.

  22. harley says:

    Come on glaze….you don’t know advertising
    what do you spend on advertiswing…$500 a week….you’re way out ofyour league on
    this thing. Not one piece of empirical data in your comments to make us believe you know
    what you’re talking about.
    How do you base your comments…on the fact that noone calls in on the fox when you’re
    on there and the phones light up with johnny dare when you’re on there. Its probably because
    the older people (40 years and older) can read your b.s….have heard it enough and like everyone
    else could care less about you. You love yourself…..
    Dare’s audience couldn’t squeeze a nickel together….lowincome…low education….low
    buying power. who care about rockfest….those people out there couldn’t get financed on a bottle
    of cheeze whiz….come on…they are the lowest economic people in the market….
    who would want those people in their store…maybe a tatoo parlor or smoke shop!
    You’re out of your league and out of your mind…you know nothing….people love the fox and listen to it.
    Lots of young people also listen to it (did you know this?) because this is the music many grew up
    listening to. Yeah glazer…you don’t have kids….except the girls you date….but listen and do some research.
    To the people 18-40 the classic rock music is familiar to them…they heard it all their life….they love the old
    rock…..go to an aerosmith cocnert…see who’s there…mixed ages…including lots of young kids….
    go b ack to hookers and black stripper….please …thats your forte….thats your
    best subjecct…..
    You’re what people call a mental midget. Until you can use something besides b.s. in your argument..
    until you can produce some stats….please please stay out of this conversation. thanks.

  23. harley says:

    you passed on mermaid. Are you liking guys now. Maybe you and cowboy from brokeback mountain can get together
    and party.
    You are strange. You seek a date with mermaid …she and robertoe set it up…..and you fall out.
    You’re a disgrace to the jews in this city.
    Please go and pork the shicktza!

  24. harley says:

    HE PICKED NICK WRIGHT…..now this guy is starting to tank.
    HE PICKED DARE….now this guy is getting his ass handed to him by the fox.
    dARE’S show is getting old and worn out…expect him to drop even more….dare should have
    moved onto a bigger market and made more money….he’ll slide into oblivion in kc eventaully.
    Great guy but his shctick is older than jj walkers “dynomite”
    Oh…mr. glaze….since you know so much….define AQH/
    tsl/ and how they play into media buys…..

  25. Hearne Christopher says:

    You must mean 99.7KY because KCMO FM has been kicking ratings butt ever since they moved to PPM from diaries.

  26. Craig Glazer says:

    Harley What The Hell Is Wrong With You?
    One Dare just signed a FIVE year deal with Entercom, he ain’t going nowhere and its a nice, nice deal. He is number one and will be all those years ahead. My picks which earlier you said, EVERYONE HAD, are wrong? I can’t pick other teams that I don’t believe in, so if the favorites are the Packers, Eagles, Pats and Steelers, they just are. I don’t see many dark horses out there, mayb Tampa Bay and thats all I see from here.

  27. Radio Geek says:

    Get real, Kansas Karl
    The truth of the matter is, advertising agencies do use ratings points. But the share percentage will equal the same rank with the same stations. I don’t think this column is written for advertising agencies and media buyers, it’s written to tell the readers how well radio stations are faring in the marketplace. And a share certainly communicates that. The truth is that share rankings and average quarter hour rankings are exactly the same. And if KCFX is number one in share, it’s number one in ratings points.

    And shares can tell you things ratings points don’t. For example, KBRZ and four other stations are tied with a .6 rating in July. However, KBRZ had a 6.2 share versus a 5.5 share and won that demo. But it doesn’t show that in a rating because of the rounding.

  28. kansas karl says:

    How to be clear
    The point is, and will be, that share does not show how many people are listening or what base universe is. This being a blog for the general masses and not GWCR the numbers should be posted as actual numbers, is Dare still cumeing the most or is BZ? Share does little to inform a novice person, or advertiser for that matter. How about time spent listening? How long are they listening to Dare in the Morning? The PPM shows clearly that the listener is only spending about an hour a day with any radio station. Hearne when Z sends over the numbers ask him for actual numbers, not share, let us see how radio is really doing in the market place.

  29. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Harley What?
    He picked Nick Wright and he is tanking, Nick has moved way up, Glazer was right on that one. He picked Dare and, the rest is too dumb to write, Dare is THE ONE AND ONLY KC MEDIA STAR, he has a national TV show Harley. Glazer picked the Packers to win the Super Bowl you picked the Steelers. So he doesn’t know anything? Me I pick the New England Patriots this season.

  30. Hearne Christopher says:

    Dear Kansas Karl:

    As much as you love to try and muddy the waters, everybody in radio knows that the share rankings tell people who’s winning and who’s losing.

  31. Radio Geek says:

    Ratings and Persons
    Karl, get off your soap box and stop trying to take radio to its lowest common denominator as represented by a percent or ratings share.

    Here are some numbers for you, 18-plus adults, Monday through Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight:

    Cumulus with a 72.2 weekly cume rating, reaching 1,082,600 people

    Entercom with a 63.3 weekly cume rating, reaching 949,800 people

    Wilks with a 57.6 weekly cume rating, reaching 863,800 people

    Total radio weekly cume rating: 93.8 percent. That’s 1,407,300 people reached by Kansas City radio every week.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Radio is alive, strong and still the mass medium it always has been

  32. Craig Glazer says:

    Good Call Radio Geek
    You make my point. KC has a strong radio market. Hearne is looking at a national trend with radio falling. Not so much here as other cities. We are a bit backward to start with in this area. As I have said Dare is number one cause the white listener keens into who he is and that is white working middle class, thats us. The rest of Entercom is not as strong, Buzz,98,9 and KMBZ…Wilkes has three strong ones, Q, Mix and Alice….we all those. People here like their local news, weather sports so they listen in on radio more than many other cities. WE are a local fixed city.

  33. kansas karl says:

    Smoke what?
    I did not bad mouth radio in any way, I am looking for numbers that real people can understand, this is not GWCR where share is a number nearly everyone understands and can quantify. Here, like the newspaper and other outlets, the general reader cannot understand what a share point is without a considerable amount of background and information. If you say, however, Johnny Dare is averaging 8000 people and hour, or 84,000 listen over the course of his 4 hour show, and they listen for 78 minutes a day,(I am using random numbers, I don’t have access to them) that is something Average Joe can grasp. I also understand that ARB will not generally let the demo details be published, too many pay way too much for that information. So if you are going to pimp the share number, put some background to it, say there are 850,000 25-54 year olds who listen to radio in a week and here is how the shares breakout. I guess it is really a case of the reporter not knowing what questions to ask to get the information that would add credibility and true information to the original report.

  34. Anna says:

    Made up names
    Isn’t it cute how after I stated my opinion, Craig made up different names and posted on here about four times IN A ROW about how much he likes “Craig”. And then accused me of having a fake name. I mean, I’m not the only one that figured that out, right?

    By the way, I’m not pretending, Craig or “Bad Ass jew”, Berkowitz, Anna is my name. I said I didn’t want to listen to Craig and turn the radio station when Craig comes on. I don’t listen to hate on him. I don’t listen. Not a hard concept for normal people to understand, dumbass.

    And to “Taco Time”/Craig, just because I’m a women with an opinion, it doesn’t make me fat and ugly.

    Don’t be scared just because you’re not used to intelligent women who can form an opinion.

    Or women, for that matter. (Yeah, it shows…)

    I’m not “jealous cause he don’t want yo ugly fat butt,” Skakespeare. I don’t want his ugly fatt butt. And, I don’t want to listen to him on the radio.

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