Glazer: Kansas Speedway Comes Up Short at Boiling Hot, Lightly Attended Kanrocksas

First off the Star, as usual, lied about the numbers or just don’t know…

Thirty-five thousand people? Give me a break.

I got there to see Eminem about 10:55, the star of the show and many people were already leaving. Some happy, some not so much. Too hot. Too far to walk to anything. Not the right venue for this event. Crowd size was maybe low twenty thousands at best.

And I’m being generous.

Almost nobody was in the (unlighted) stands. And maybe the infield was, at best, a third full. So there could have been 20,000 people. It looked like a slightly bigger Red Friday when we had Joe Montana in Westport back in ’94.

The good news; Eminem was great!

You might as well have watched it on TV. I did. I had VIP from Chris Fritz, who is a great guy and outstanding promoter. But I doubt he’ll use this venue again. LiveStrong is a million times better. Nicer seats, easier to park, suites, new, and not a big white trash high school track, which this really is.

Kansas Speedway reminds me of a high school football field on roids.

VIP had me park about one mile from the NASCAR track – great. Then you trade your tix for the wristband, in some little house. I loved driving to that over all those rocks in my Porsche. The two girls I was with thought it was a Ferrari. Told them it was a Porsche and they said, "Oh, same thing."

Fortunately they were very hot but with the minds of a turtle.

Anyways, even though they were like 24 they bitched about the far walks to everything. Once we got inside the 90-plus degree stadium, we had to walk down 200 stairs to the field and find the bullshit VIP tent. Where you just stand on top of a platform and watch the TV monitors of Eminem. Great.

The crowd was upscale. I spoke with many who said, great bands, too hot, too much money for an uncomfortable setting and everything is a mile away from you. The lines for food and drink were longer than the ones to buy tickets.

Eminem tweeted that if you just wanted to see him to come at 10 pm and get $60 seats instead of the $100 ones for all day. The lady at the ticket booth said not a lot of people had responded to that.

Look, if you’re 22 and want adventure, haven’t been to like 500 concerts like me and most people over 35, it was kind of fun to be sweaty and walk all over hell to get a beer and pizza. And be an ant looking at a monitor of a band. So I think those people probably liked it. I had an ex girlfriend, Jessica, working a beer booth and she said she made $800 in tips, because people were desperate for anything to drink and fast.

Saw lots of hot girls, again, a very clean-cut crowd. Kinda quiet. The lights, in my opinion, were off due to the small overall crowd size that from a distance made it look empty. The field is hard to see from outside. Daytime, it likely looked better.

Now I know why NASCAR fans don’t come over to The Legends.

It’’s a hike and a half. Again LiveStrong is much closer and has much better parking. They need nicer parking lots at NASCAR, those rocks jack any nice car up. Like Sandstone, the parking is real white trash crap. So much for VIP.

In the future there can be concerts there but likely country would work better. And don’t shoot for 80,000 fans this late in summer.

Other reasons it didn’t work: FIRST FRIDAY is a smash hit (and it was First Friday), the Missouri Tax Free Day is HUGE NOW and a lot of people save and wait for that one. Too many other concerts this weekend all over the city and near us.

ROCK FEST works better because it’s cheaper, a one day event and a build up from year after year. It’s the FIRST EVENT OF THE SUMMER THAT MATTERS. People want to get out in May. in August they want Football back, school is about to start, bills are on their desks. Too many issues and it’s damn hot out. I even got a little dizzy walking up the steps to the lot and another mile to my car. Christ.

Farm Aid next week is sold out. LiveStrong is a good venue. I’d go.

There were a bunch of interesting bands, but it’s too late in the season and at the wrong venue.

Good effort though.

P.S. Zero of them shopped or ate anywhere at Legends. None. Our lots were empty, just like NASCAR.The second night of Kanrocksas will attract even less people and no Eminem.
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76 Responses to Glazer: Kansas Speedway Comes Up Short at Boiling Hot, Lightly Attended Kanrocksas

  1. Ego Maniac says:

    Hot Show, Too Hot
    Me and my team were there all day. Had fun, but yeah its a poor venue for this big show. Took forever to get anything. The cops and guards were no help for anything. They seemed annoyed if you asked them a question, like we’re suppose to know where the stuff is?

    But Glazer I’m 30 and I still had fun. Have to admit, we did leave about two songs in on Eminem, we were toasted and sick of being out there all day. Rockfest is a step down in babes, but I love Dare so I go to that too. It’s a much better set up at Liberty Memorial. Sure like the five dollar beers instead of 9 dollars and up at this thing.

    Hey I’m suppose to go back today, but NOT, too worn out, gave my tickets to my little brother, he likes Muse I don’t.

  2. Harlow says:

    I’m Older I Went
    Got there at about two, hotter than all get out. That track makes it even hotter I think. They did have spray areas, nice. I wore shorts and tank top so I was ready baby. Yeah the crowd was not what I expected, no 40 or 50 thousand, the size of that place made it look kinda empty from some angles. But man up close to the stage, sausage time. Pricks and dicks everywhere. I’d have to say i enjoyed the shows, not the track, maybe next year it will be at the Live Strong stadium, better idea. Man that parking sucked!!!!

  3. Emery Emery says:

    Glazer once again illustrates what a douche-bag he is.
    Yeah, you’re a VIP and you got the tickets free and had to park a mile away from the venue and you had to drive your mid-life crisis car on gravel and shuffle your two bimbos along with you.

    Wouldn’t a true gentleman have dropped his 24 year old bimbos at the door?

    Tough life, Craig. our hearts bleed for you.

  4. Taco Time says:

    Nice Butts
    As always Glaze, you got the pussy on the right side of the dice table. You my hero brother man. i didn’t go, but looks like fun.

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    I Throw Up In My Mouth When I Read Glazer, a lot
    VIP from Chris Fritz (Chris, why do you to this to yourself?), Porsche, Ferrari, same thing, 24 yo HOT GIRLS with turtle minds (you were in good company girls with the biggest turtle mind), bullshit VIP tent, upscale VIP crowd (you, more upscale, I assume), 500 concerts. Thanks for confirming, once again, youre 10 years ago news. If you don’t get help at Charter, please get help somewhere.

  6. Man Hole says:

    You Whinnie Bitch
    You got the world by the tail but have to knock this great concert cause you are a spoiled bitch. You gotta have THE BEST SEATS, THE BEST GIRLS, THE BEST FOOD, man fuck you. I listen to you on Dare. I like him, but you two guys are spoiled celebrities, I’m sorry to say, you guys should be happy with your shit. Glazer what are you man like 50, get to do steroids for legal. Damn. No wonder you buff. Dare got like what ten bikes. I don’t got one. So just be happy you get free shit and never pay for shit and don’t knock other peoples business that gave you in free bitch. Just saying. I do think you are funny on Dare and love that song little dick bitch. Funny shit. Be happy dudes.

  7. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Its Just A Report
    The man said it was fun if you hadn’t done this much. He said the bands were great. He is just reporting that the crowds were small and why. You can see that in the photos. Look Eminem had to cost a ton so does Muse. Doesn’t look like a good deal for the people who paid to do it, thats all. Why you hatin on the Glazer?

  8. Maureen says:

    Going Tonight
    My new man is taking me tonight. I don’t care if its 20 thousand or 60 thousand, just want to have a good time. It likely will be. We got a nice hotel room on the Plaza and the works. Craig, still running with teen age girls, nice moves. You don’t need a Porsche for them, try an 05 truck with big bumpers. Johnny can land one for ya. My man wouldn’t be caught dead with girls that young, oooh sorry you are soo cool it doesn’t matter ageless one. Hey maybe we’ll come see Tommy Chong next week so you can meet Raymond. Try and be nice, huh? I know you can. See you at Legends.

  9. Big Dave says:

    RockFest Is The Thing
    You can’t beat Rock Fest guys, cheap tickets, great bands, hot semi naked girls, cheap suds, food, plenty of places to pee, early Spring, its the best, and that Johnny Dare ain’t too bad. Glazer next year why don’t you get up there with Dare? Really. We love you old son. We’ll sing you the LITTLE DICK BITCH SONG, with love of course. Ride on buckoos.

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    Emery Get A Job
    Hows that comedy working out Emery? Oh I forgot you are a film maker now. I hear all about you from everyone out there. You don’t want my LA Emery report do you? Anyways, hope you are well, hows that car wrecked leg and body doing? That was a good one, huh. Lets see and your party at Troy’s Comedy Club, what was its name the Funny Farm, you headlined and huh nobody came. The joint closed, glad you were his pal and not mine. You blamed everyone BUT YOU FOR NOT MAKING IT BIGGER EMERY, nobody hurt you, but you.

  11. Protecting my privacy says:

    CLEARLY I had….
    the best girl as Miss TMZ was there which explains why she hasn’t been on the air all this week. But i like to keep my stuff out of the spotlight. Sunglasses helped but a few people caught on. And instead of feeling like a stud I just felt like an old man in the heat. I’m melting melting……………

  12. Lou Brann says:

    Way to Slap a class act like Chris in the face!!
    As a personal family friend of Chris Fritz and also a VIP guest of the show you have got to be kidding me that you are this rude to someone who invited you. You parked in the wrong area to start- VIP was inside the track, 15 feet from the East private entrance!! They dad a VIP only area 4 times bigger than that of Sandstone. A buffet, private drinks, restrooms, several brand new couchs and recliners we available to all VIP… pretty nice accomidations.
    I am 24 and yes I sweat to death, spent to much on water, walked til my legs didn’t move.,., But this was a Music FESTIVAL- this was not just a concert. Chris intended this to have several areas with lots to do, obviously with 4 stages through-out, a DJ booth,and Techo area things had to be spread out! Not to mention all the activities for people to do their in between their favorite bands.
    This was the first year for such a festival in KC, obviously it wouldn’t be perfect. I think that everyone involved will listen to constructive critisim and make changes for next year. But compaining like a baby anf being an ass isn’t going to be heard,

  13. chuck says:

    Guess I missed another good time.
    Stayed home, read some books, but there is GOOD NEWS!!


    Heh, heh…

    Settle down!

    I ordered the 3 way Chicken Spidini from Carmens.

    Its ON THE WAY!!!

    The key to a happy life, is shitty expectations, and booze in the fridge.

    I hope every one had a nice time.


  14. Craig Glazer says:

    Nobody Put Chris Fritz Down
    I said he is a great guy and a great promotor. The event was what it was. If he gave a shit about me being treated better maybe an effort as to where and what might have been made in the malling of the tickets and info. it wasn’t. So the STAFF ruled out there and sent me to those spots, maybe there was something better, but I wasn’t told that by the 15 different people I asked in uniform. Something to learn from Hey look I know Chris from a distance we are both in entertainment, I respect him and hopefully he does me. Thats up to to Chris. I know alot more than I wrote, remember I am at Entercom and Wilkes daily. I am with Dare and well I know things, that don’t really matter here. Look we all have big shows that fizzle, cost us dough, he’s done it, I’ve done it, we all make mistakes. Chris knew this was trouble months back. I don’t think he financed the event so thats good. He is always welcome to anything I do. He knows that. Again this was an observation of the event.

    I think Chris would kinda agree with me on these issues. I did all the Big Red Fridays smash hits, I did Royals Bust OUt in Blue, failed, my bad call, I tried, just didn’t work. Guys like Fritz and myself win many more than we lose, his bank book says so, happy now? Again I like the guy, always did. When I was a kid, he beat me out of a very pretty girl we positioned for, later I dated her, but I never was mad at Chris for that, he was a sharp guy and all’s fair in love and you know….along time ago. Yes I felt bad that i had to say the event fell short, did you want me to lie and say it was packed and perfect? So Chris if you are mad, I’m sorry, still like you man, and thank you for the tickets. This story was coming with me or without me.

  15. chuck says:

    BTW-in the first picture,
    the chick in blue on the far right, is Janeane Garofalo’s sister (Who isn’t funny either…).

    She is thinking about the “Cigarette Smoking Man” on the X Files, and how hot he was.

    Or, maybe she wishes she had stayed home and ordered in Chicken Spidini.

  16. smartman says:

    KCC Needs You Paul Harvey
    Not like a number of commenters on KCC didn’t call this stiff on Day 1.

    Kanrocksas was dead in the bag quicker than the Penguins relo to KC/SC. Or an NHL team courtesey of William “Boots” del Baggio whose paterfamilias has some similarity to the one called Brandmeyer aka Checkerdog II an homage to The Mistake at The Lake oh so many years ago.

    The real back story on Kanrocksas is much more interesting and right up Hearnes alley. Wealth, ignorance, arrogance, naivete, desperation and greed.

    Great idea, bad timing and really shitty talent if you’re trying to pull 100,000 + over two days.

    Say the headliners were U2 – hopefully they’d bring that smokin’ hot Florence Welch and her Machine with them and Foo Fighters. It’d be nipples to back hair, and that would include some men with nipples and women with back hair.

    This is a MEGA-EVENT. It can’t be MEGA at Livestrungout

    Farm Aid as previously cussed and discussed in this forum is a fucking joke. Selling 18K tix to a bunch of cornpone hoosiers in KC is no big feat….see Kenny Chesney at Camarohead.

  17. Robertoe says:

    Friday entertainment
    Enjoy your updates. I knew this one would be a tough one to pull off. You and Fritz are lucky you didn’t catch the heat from a few days ago. Mermaid and I were cool, calm and content doing First Friday & Manifesto last night. Thanks for passing on her, Berk! :]
    Hope to see you at the Tommy Chong late show Friday. If any of the rest of this feckless crew shows for that, let me know! I’ll be the old guy with a dazed and confused look on my face and a cute date closer to my age than my daughter’s.

  18. Voice Of Reason says:

    My Little Brother Went
    He came home and said similar things that Glazer wrote, loved the music, but not RACETRACK. Glazer is simply telling the true story, its not a putdown of anyone, like smartman just did, and hey he might be right. It was a big event on radio the biggest ever Kansas Concert. My son said it was cool and fun, but less people than he imagined would be there, not a crime just a report. He too thought he heat was an issue. We weren’t the VIP types so can’t comment on that one. Glazer did you steal my sons girlfriends? Looks like it.

  19. Jack Bat says:

    Hey Its Great We Got All These Events
    People used to say there “ain’t nothng to do around here” can’t say that now, right.

  20. Hearne Christopher says:


  21. mermaid says:

    Sorry Craig..
    But the criticism has got to go. You’re just mad because the two girls ditched you! Chris next time you want to give someone tickets remember your ex pharmacy tech! I would have truly appreciated them and my son would have thought it was Christmas!

  22. RickM says:

    First Friday?
    So the thing didn’t work partly because of FF? That’s a big stretch. Not much overlap between people taking in some free art of varying quality and maybe scoring some free beer and wine on a monthly basis and those paying megabucks for a chance to see bands that were mostly big five to 10 years ago.

    Another thing: August is supposedly “too late in the season” , yet Farm Aid sold out? [BTW, didn’t Woodstock happen in mid-August?]

  23. Steve Kramer says:

    Emery Emery Is A Jealous Hater
    He always was a jerk to me when I got the TV show in 01. I never did anything to the guy. You treated him very well. He just got mad cause he moved to LA and nobody hired him anymore, nobody. He was a decent comic. That pretend wheel chair act he did for about a year was some bullshit huh. He just wanted sympathy I guess, not too sure. Last I heard Emery was doing some editing on Porno’s and a couple low budget documentaries. He has no reason to dislike you just you did well and he didn’t, thats all. I’m suprised he reads this out there, maybe he’s CLIFFY?

  24. Craig Glazer says:

    Somebodies Jealous
    OK Deb, Mermaid, nobody ditched me, just for that I’m bringing them both to the pool tomorrow.

  25. mermaid says:

    HMM ….
    I really don’t care! Have at it! They will just go talk to other guys their age because what could you possibly talk to someone about that is 30 years older than you. Fool- they just use you!

  26. Craig Glazer says:

    Man I Thought The Haters Hit Me Here, Check Out Hearnes Face
    Check out Hearnes facebook page, jesus, it makes you guys look like my best closest pals. I never knew any of these old guys and they all hate me…they won’t come on this site cause they are scared unless they use fake names. Check it out, real funny stuff. Debbie, will you stop it, nobody uses me, I get what I want, almost always, I like you alot so stop being like that. You know I am your best pal, stop it, this is just entertainment not all real…ok?

  27. KCMonarch says:

    Can you drown in a teaspoon of water?
    Not sure if Woodside has a kiddie pool because you couldn’t pay me to step foot in that STDfest. But even if they do, Glazer is still the shallowest object behind the fence.

  28. Craig Glazer says:

    Stop It Please….I’m gonna Get Mad!
    Now come on readers you know you love me, you know I am your favorite guy to read, right. Without me it’d be like taking down the sunshine on a nice Sunday afternoon. Just all cloudy and icky, nah. Now lets say it all together….WE LOVE CRAIG, WE LOVE THE GLAZE, WE LOVE..come on some of you in the back aren’t singing…here we go…WE LOVE GLAZE, WE LOVE CRAIG…HE’S OUR MAN…THE REST BELONG IN THE ….CAN? Oh well nice try….check you guys later, I see a hot 20 something blonde at our bar, I’ll put on my new Nike tight work out shirt, yeah thats the ticket….and then….sing…LITTLE DICK BITCH….hmmmmmm……

  29. T says:

    I thought it was a good read…
    the girls were cuties too. xoxo

  30. Hearne Christopher says:

    I think that’s the bottom line; forget about the mere mentions of who Craig was with, it was a very descriptive look at what going to the fest was like…for some. There’s no doubt others saw things differently.

    But I talked to KCC’s concert dude Matt and while he liked it more than Craig, he did not think it was inaccurate

  31. Jen says:

    You just need to quit.
    You got there when it was almost over, experienced almost none of the festival, and still expect readers to give a shit about your opinion? Give me a fucking break. You’re old and boring, get over yourself.

  32. chuck says:

    Go get ’em Glaze.
    Take some pics and tell us some stories.


  33. Craig Glazer says:

    Dear Jen
    I guess this “old” thing is some kind of indictment, huh. When we can’t think of a knock, like Craig Glazer just won an award like say an Emmy or Academy Award, you know stuff I could win, than it’s he’s old, about time, huh. See thats the main reason lots of folks don’t like me. No other. Craig Glazer is EVERYTHING they aren’t, they are older or getting there, they like you Jen, have not done enough with thier lives to matter, at least not to them, like you Jen. Me, I never stop, books, movies, articles, website, still dating nice looking ladies from 20 to 40, radio, some national news, history, oh yeah, the nations top ranked comedy club. “I’M BORING” Jen we should all be so boring. Seen that “he’s the most interesting man in the world” commercial on TV. Well that guy wants to be me, I am just much better looking and in way better shape. Now Jen, even with a star like me, it doesn’t last forever, I have added like twenty years to the game, awesome right Jen.

    Hey I’m not perfect, have made tons of mistakes, and there are many times I wish I had a do over. We all do that huh Jen. But make no mistake Jen, I am far from ‘old’ and bet you’d jump in the sack with me if nobody was watchin, huh Jen. See I just saw what guys like me really think, and there you go. I gave you a snapshot of the concert, it had its ups and downs, they always do, but in the end it didn’t work, I’m sorry about that for those who wanted it to work. Use Dare’s RockFest as the model, he and Bob Edwards got it right. Chirs has too many wins to count and he will do better next time, no doubt. Doesn’t mean others didn’t have fun there, but for the ‘experts’ like me, well it needs to work better, thats all. They will get it right next time. As for you Jen, next time pick on someone who isn’t a “All Time, All Pro, Player Baby” see you at NASCAR Rock Concert Two. P.S. did you want me to autograph my book or one of my top ten all time selling sports films for ya Jen?

  34. harley says:

    the negative comments are piling up. People have made some good comments.
    They’ve said you only showed for the headline act and didn’t get the full effect of the
    This is a festival…its not a 3 hour show. Did you talk to some of the people who went
    and get their opinion? Did you go down in thecrowd to see how they were reacting
    to the bands?
    and glaze…for a guy who pretends to be in such great shape…what’s a mile walk?
    My grandma walked 5 miles in the mornings. Getting a little lazy there buddy.
    Can’t make the trek? Thought you were superman….a mile ain’t nothing…did the 24 yeart
    old’s wear you out.
    You used to be fun to read. answering every negative comment is ridiculous…
    using this as a sound board to get back at people who have done you wrong is
    bad. This is not your little blog to get back at all the people who hate you or
    dislike you.
    And now your girls mermaid and maureen have even turned evil on you.
    Mermaid is going aafter you taking two airheads to the concert. Marueen
    has a new man raymond (damn…i wanted to fix her up with my dr. friend)…
    and everything is going haywire for you.
    Calm down…write your pieces…but stop the back and forth childish banter and
    arguing with the readers…its a massive turn off.
    As far as fritz…he’s been a gambler. Maybe it worked out..maybe it didn’t work out
    financially. But he’s a risk taker.
    And stop the continual reminding us about how great you are.
    We all know you are the hottest most eligible 60 year old in kc.
    Girls look nice but you’re act is starting to get old…very old.
    I do give you credit though…you have tried to take every one of your enemieson
    in your blogs.
    Robertoe: great place manifesto…kind of neat to see a place like that. and I see
    you moved and took over mermaid (nice move but bad ass berk had his chance and
    blew it…maybe some thing wrong There). i THINK you wanted mermaid all the time just needed
    to get the deal closed by going another route.
    and glaze, I’m sure the 24 yeard old bimbos with no brains will love reading your complimentary
    details about themselves. should be interesting to see them at the pool. Do like the shot.
    Did they go down on each other lately. From the photo…looks like they had more fun with each
    other than they did with you….fill us in….

  35. HARLEY says:

    and mermaid….
    saw you posted on saturday night. Should have been with our group last night.
    We had a blast. royals game then we all danced to a great great band.
    If roberto is busy….and we know bad ass berk is all talk… me and
    we’ll meet up. Would be fun seeing you again.

  36. chuck says:

    Suggested readings today Jen…
    Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s, “Charge of the Light Brigade”.

    I’m gunna try and coach ya through some aspects of the male psyche. As you weather life’s storms, and aquire some wisdom, this tool in your bag, will help you avoid the tools in your life, and avoid seeing one in the mirror.

    Women love heros too. Lets compare and contrast. You ladies are all over that wind beneath my wings shit. The boys are too, but the vehicle is different. Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey are very brave in the face of death, throughout “Beaches”. Ali McGraw is the real hero in “Love Story”. I forget who dies in “Fried Green Tomatoes”, but I remember everyone being brave.

    We men are not only socialized differently, more hunter than gatherer, we are genetically pre disposed to aggression.

    We will ask you to dance. That move comes with a price. We got baggage baby.

    For the most part, our heros are utilitarian men of action (See Seargant Rock) and high quality hunters (See John Hamm in Madmen). These are roles for which we are trained and embrace.

    NOT going gently into that good night, and spittin in the devils eye, is our wont, our mission and our crucible. It comes packed with blood and tears, but, we try to wear it well. In the clutch, with all the cards played, we wanna think that we are brave enough to slug it out under pressure.

    We know, that it will be more Alamo than Agincourt, more Little Big Horn than Lepanto, more Pickett’s Charge than my favorite, Rorke’s Drift.

    Sometimes, way past retirement, a Tommy Watson will almost win a major. A Bret Favre will go to the NFC Championship. A George Foreman will win the Heavyweight title at 45. Nolan Ryan pitches a NO NO at 44.

    The ability to remain young, and not just “talk” it, but “walk” it, in the face of opprobrium, slings, arrows and pseudo politically correct ideas that fit into room temperature IQ paradigms, is way fuckin cool, and, note worthy.

    Glaze is an unpretentious local racanteur with national range and a following, that yes, includes you.

    Jen, the next time your thinking this,

    “To fight aloud, is very brave

  37. bschloz says:

    Date Day yesterday.
    Bought a couple Sporting Tix yesterday…we went out to Legends around 4. Place was absolutely humming.
    Livestrong is a very cool venue…I had Shield Club seats $100 face gets you in– they have Ala cart buffet. Mex,BBQ,Salad,Sushi,Full Bar,–I dropped $60 so fast I was reduced to AA…..
    Branson entertainment at Vegas prices is a tough combo, but all in all great day.

  38. harley says:

    the photo
    in this story show a ton of people smiling and having fun…they’re all happy….they are having a
    great time.
    Glaze…you’re starting to remind me of the grumpy old man….always mad ….always negative about
    stuff. Lighten up…..this is all for fun and entertainment.
    I don’t know how you do it. So many people dislike you and you really don’t care. I’d hate to go
    anywhere knowing that so many people had a negative view of me.
    Comes with the territory. Maybe you need to tone down the fighting with your readers.
    You write your story…then you have to take the heat from the readers.
    Otherwise still love reading your stories……
    gotta go trim bushes now!

  39. bschloz says:

    So is that a picture of Jason Whitlock hanging on the wall?…–That Guy

  40. Craig Glazer says:

    I’m Not Suppose To Respond
    Bschloz, no thats comedian Leval Crawrord, with a couple cops, he was kinda big, well he’s still big, a couple years back when he and Jon Reep were battling for the win on 09 Last Comic Standing on NBC, he came to our club that year(and had been in Westport when he did Urban Acts) but he lost to Reep(the Dodge Hemi Guy, “That Thing Got A Hemi? You’re About to find out”) Reep will be back in October.

    Harley I walked like 7 miles not one, yeah and drinking didn’t help the situation. Guess some of my anger was the phony VIP thing was suppose to make it a bit easier, however my points were light crowd, things were just not placed as well as they could have been, food, drink, etc…..the heat, was intense, hey a kid died I didn’t write about that and could have. The bands were fine. Some had fun i said that. But you made a couple good points. I should try and find more upbeat stories, sadly people jump on this stuff more. Sorry I had to answer, but sometimes the answering is fun too.

  41. Downtown davey says:

    My Brother Said You Called It Glazer
    He had fun, said it was not as hot Saturday Night as when you were there, crowds small for venue and yeah not the right place for the big concert. But he loved the show, thats what counts. Good overview though.

  42. Dog says:

    You Make It Happen
    Dude went on Hearnes facebook, yeah those old dudes were after your butt, “samll time dealer” where’s that guy been. Didnt know there was a book, guess he was at church. Hey love you on the Rock, Dare is my man. Listen every morning and also listen to Moose, he’s the best. Don’t know about this concert, not my scene. Just man they all get up your dick on anything you write or say they don’t like much. I find the comments the best part of this whole thing Glazer. You stay cool and safe big boy. Johnny is doing his thing up North. Say hi to him from Dog, he knows who I am.

  43. Jen says:

    Oh christ, I’d light myself on fire before I touched you with a ten foot pole. I’m not one of your fangirls, I found this article because my friends were laughing at it – and your apparent 5th grade writing level. If you’re so secure and successful, why the fuck are you spending your time bantering with haters in your comments section? Don’t you have some “turtle-brained” bimbos to whisk off to exotic locales in your Porsche? Fuck you, and fuck your bullshit paternalistic misogyny.

  44. Hearne says:

    Such thin skin…
    Let’s put things in perspective….

    Lots of people went to Kanrocksas just to catch some (or one) of the bigger acts at night when it would be cooler. Hey, Eminem himself cut a deal with promoters asking his fans to do exactly what Craig did; pay $59 and just come see him. So no sin there.

    I thought Craig painted a very realistic picture of the crowd size, the lines to buy drinks, the gravel roads and long walks between parking, camping and stages. And those details were echoed by my 20 and 30-something staffers at the event.

    Hey never said that people weren’t having a good time. Quite the opposite. Just that the logistics made things challenging.

    Frankly, it’s more than a little shallow to call him out for being in his 50s like that somehow renders his account meaningless.

  45. Harlow says:

    The Voice Of A Generation Glazer
    The Baby Boomers were THE generation of the last century. I am one so is Craig. He is wise beyond most of us, like him or not. His stories echo our emotions and reality. Glazer has at worst lived many lives in so strange a life. A film maker, a crime person of note, a law enforcement period, convict, club owner, comedy guru, writer, radio celebrity, playboy, fitness guy, and a mna who lived life. I know many of you hate to hear it, he’s all of us in one. Nobody you or I know did all the things Glazer did, nobody, and at a farily high level. He’s not done yet. So instead of hating on him, take what he says for some clear and eduated reasoning of the situation. In my mind he deserves much respect, I know many of you don’t feel that way. I don’t know him much anymore, but the people who do, say he’s a good guy, Craig helps his friends and family, with money and his time. Hey Steve Kramer said he’s on the board of directors for all the drub and alchohol programs of Kansas City,for like 8 years.

  46. Harry Balczak says:

    Who gives a $hit about Red Fridays?
    You keep talking about Red Fridays like it was last year or something, that was a freaking EON ago, JOE MONTANA??? Dude is an old man now. ERRRRRR I remember back in my day….

  47. harley says:

    we jab each other on this site but we don’t go to the extreme that you went.
    We all know about glaze…we all know about his history…we all know his line
    of b.s. and we all know its geting old.
    Then harlow comes on and tells us we should emulate
    this guy.
    Even his own nephew wants nothing to do with him…why should we?
    He;s not the voice of a generation…he’s the lost personaltiy of that generation.
    99.9999% of the people of glaze’s generation didn’t committ crtimes…spend time
    in jail….take advantage ofpeople…treat women like dirt….
    Glaze is what he is….another lost person trying to make people believe he is
    something he is not.
    Harlow…would you want your son to be like glaze…end up like this…
    be a con man….i wouldn’t.
    I do not respect him as a man…i respect him for some qualities….but
    you went way overboard trying to make him seem like a great person.
    Great people don’t lie…steal or cheat. They live by the book. Not the one
    he wrote where he glorified his weaknesses and his life of shame but by
    the “good book” that says we need to forgive the sinners.
    M y suggestion to glaze…stop writing on this site. You are getting so much
    hate from others that it’s getting way out of hand.
    I love your stories but some people on here are going off the deep end in
    their hatred of you.
    Everyone calm down.

  48. chuck says:

    Jen’s hooked.
    She will never quit reading.

  49. Emma says:

    You are wrong.
    You know, not only are you a complete moron with no grammar or even basic spelling skills, but you are bashing a festival that you went to for only one act, at 11 pm. Maybe if you had decided to show up earlier, you would have been able to get a real feel for the event. Every single act did a bang up job in capturing the audience and smashing the performance out of the ballpark. Not only are you bitching about things that are minute, easy-to-fix details, but you are the one who was too fucking stupid to figure out where the real perks of VIP were, such as the CORRECT, extremely close, parking area, buffet, viewing risers, and much nicer bathrooms. Chris Fritz is a close family friend of mine, and for you to spit in his face by putting your bullshit, poorly written description of a festival you didn’t even really attend, is wrong. You are wrong. This was an amazing festival which was clearly aimed at a younger audience than what you realize. There are always going to be small details that aren’t perfect with the first try at something this large scale, but I can assure you they will be fixed. The camping, late night DJs, dancers, live art showing, and the mixed genres of music all worked together to create an atmosphere, not just some Eminem concert. Not everyone was there for Eminem. There were plenty of other acts who performed ten times better than he did. Comaring Rockfest to this festival is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. This is a FESTIVAL, with ALTERNATIVE music and heavily works around the arts as well. Rockfest is a white trash, overly crowded , radio style rock CONCERT which gets worse and worse every year. Next time you open your mouth in a negative way against someone you claim to “not have a problem with” – you should consider getting informed rather than talking out your ass about the one hour your loud, out of shape ass was even there. Kanrocksas was a beautiful weekend, and overall perfect for the audience they were targetting. You, my friend, are nothing more than a cynical asshole who hated on this festival before it even began.

  50. Craig Glazer says:

    It Hurts To Be Right
    Just like the Chiefs, I’m right, sorry.

  51. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Being Right Has A Price
    Wow sorry Glazer. People will only love you when you are gone. I kinda like what Harley said.

  52. Harlow says:

    Good Post Harley

  53. HARLEY says:

    Concerned about the tone
    glaze is definitely opinionaated….noone denies that. He is definitely controversial…
    noone denies that. He is deifnitely a colorful character noone denies that.
    And he could use a refersher english writing course like the rest of us.
    However…agreeing to disagree is the plan here.
    We may banter and rile each other up and glaze needs to understand that when you
    put yourself in the position that you have (acting as if you know everything and having it
    printed on here) that you open yourself to some pretty open and wild comments from other
    However…as i have said…the tone is becoming very agressive…almost over the top.
    I disagree with glaze and hearne…i insult them…they insult me but we could still have a
    beer and drink and probably have one hell of a time telling stories. And if my girlfriend
    finds out what happened this weekend i may be out on the weekends with glaze
    looking for some new females (although i prefer them to have a decent i.q. and be able
    to talk in complete sentences and know how to behave).
    But thats as far as it should go.
    Lets all take a deep breath and keep the banter to a reasonabile discourse. Noone here is
    an expert ….we’re all just trying to makle it through some very tough times for everyone.
    Oh and hearne…we need a party. I’d be willing to bet if you threw a party and required everyone
    who posted here to come or they could not post ever again…that would be one fucking crazy
    ass…kick ass party and would put glaze’s rockfest to shame!
    love you all….stay cool…..its all for fun and laughter.

  54. Kerouac says:

    As Sledge Hammer wonders out loud…
    “Why don’t these people get off the streets (and Kansas Speedway) and get jobs!”

    I was hoping for a picture and story about hot cars… not hot Kansas/Missouri air, double entendre.

    Instead, get wimpy modern day automation: adolf-land porsche, same difference mussolini’s ferrari – two losers, no waiting.

    What’s an eminem? Not the sweet treat M&M, rather some candy-*** looking… don’t even know: is ‘it’ a singer/another these modern-day talentless hum-dingers?

    And typical 20-somethings loose morals (and probably looser *****) courtesy your basic 55/60-something Geritol-age scribe.

    Men (and you women so inclined too), for a great ride & ‘mammaries’ that you’ll never forget, a thence younger (now 70-something) ‘Miss Hurst Golden Shifter’, Linda Vaughn. Oh, there’s a nice Olds behind her too, in case you miss it.

    [ ]

    Now that’s Amercian Muscle – and a ‘girl’ CG, not those ‘what the cat drug in’ types you embrace… though it’s merely an Oldsmobile instead Mopar or no car my ’70 Dodge Challenger, it’s still better than the C**P passes for automotive ‘progress’ today!

  55. Hearne says:

    Here’s my (hopefully) final take…
    Craig went out to have a good time. He didn’t fail to pay tribute to Chris Fritz. He didn’t fail to say Eminem put on a good show. He questioned the Star’s attendance numbers, and having worked there I can promise you Tim Finn has never actually counted a crowd much bigger than his fingers and toes – it’s not part of his job description.

    He said for younger attendees at which the event was obviously aimed, they would forgive most of its flaws. But he stated that for more discerning concertgoers it was a bit rough hewn. And he supported his opinion with facts and observations.

    Last time I checked, having a different opinion was not a capital crime.

    Here’s hoping that Kanrocksas either made enough money (or lost little enough) that the organizers can learn from it and mount another next year as was the initial plan.

    And if you’re done running Craig into the ground, stand by for a couple more perspectives on the event…

  56. Tracy says:

    Kerouac, where DO you buy your drugs, man?
    Ferlinghetti’s drug store? Stream of Consciousness RedX?? The Cryptic Crypt?

    God, I miss mescaline. But glad I missed this rock festival…

    My opinion about Glazer? Heatstroke.
    He’s venting like Martin Sheen in Apocalyse…
    I’d name drop about knowing the screenwriter Michael Herr who tried to save the script, but I’m sure Glaze would have an even bigger story…oh well, I like Glazer, and his writing. I just thought he should zip it about his critics. He’s not usually so thin-skinned. Hence my diagnosis: heatstroke.

  57. Jimmy says:

    I didn’t really see much waiting for drinks. There were literally dozens of vendors with coolers hawking beer, soda and water with no waiting. The only line I saw for food or drink was at the gyro truck. If you waited long in a line…you picked the wrong line.

    The gravel parking lot I think you’re referring to was for Media. I drove by it on the way to the VIP lot. Which was on grass and right by an entrance to the festival. I went out to my car a few times to take a break and have a beer out of my cooler.

    I was there for a few hours during the afternoon on Friday and most of the afternoon on Saturday. It was hot, but by no means anywhere near what it’s been around here lately. I sat up in the stands for a little bit during Flogging Molly on Saturday. It seemed hotter sitting in the stands than walking the infield.

    Things were spread out and I did a lot of walking, but that’s what I expected. And the place is so big that the crowd size really made it look lightly attended. But, it was cool set up and I don’t think there’s a better place around to do what they’re trying to do. I had a good time and since the first band that played the whole event was the winner of a battle of the bands I put together. I’d like to see it come back next year bigger and better.

  58. chuck says:

    Hey Tracy–
    “Don’t get outta the fuckin boat!!! Never get outta the boat!!!”

    Glaze is Captain Kurtz, He gets outta the fuckin boat!!!

    I wanna think, I am up front on the “50s” (I actually was a gunner, 1969 to 1973.).

    But its Kurtz who makes the story.

    Glaze is our current baby boom heart of darkness J. Conrad.

    Kerowhack substitutes confusion, deception and a patina of mystery for lucidity and honesty.

    Kerowhack, shed your pretensions and show us your real face.

    nee….nay…..neey….neigh….naywh…nee —-NEee, nEE… Nee—Give it a fuckin break.

    Secretariat was more articulate, and a horse I would bet on before the San Diego Chokers.

    Kerowhack, Charlie don’t surf, and your takes on the NFL, are no better than mine or Jerry Mazer’s no matter what you google.

    Lets pony up some real cash.

    I’m up for it. 🙂

  59. chuck says:

    kerowhack, no diss, I like you.
    Lets quit fuckin around.

    I gotta $1,000.00 says I predict the won loss record of the Chiefs (We will go over the over under and all the rules etc to your satisfaction.) every week, 12 hours before the game.

    I will drop the money off next week at Woodside during the day, with whomever Glaze says he trusts.

    If that is too high, I will bet less and by the way, I really couldn’t bet too much more than 2K.

    No diss, we all have families and other itnerests, so ABSOLUTELY no diss if you wanna bet less.

    But I like the round number of 1K.

    Lets do it buddy!

  60. chuck says:

    You figure out the rules.
    Let me know how it works.

    It’ll be fun!!

  61. chuck says:

    Hey Kerowhack
    I wanna make sure that there are NO negative connotations to this.

    I DO NOT KNOW you, and you may be taking care of your sick grammy and have other obligations.

    However, it is 62.50 per week, and I think it would be a hoot.

    One more time, no diss in any way.

    If it is ok, lets fuckin DO IT!!!!

  62. Hearne Christopher says:

    One of the things that jumped out at me looking at the Kanrocksas Facebook page where fans were directed to leave comments was a number of people found it annoying that beer vendors were cruising the aisles during shows hawking beer. That they found it annoying.

  63. Jim says:

    This article is totally wrong.
    1. Who the hell gets VIP to go to a music/camping festival? That is completely missing the point of the show.
    2. Yes it was hot, but there were plenty of options to cool down. Mist tents were great, water was easy to get.
    3. What long lines? I never had a line longer than 4 people for food or beer.
    4. The bands were great. I left early during Eminem, because really what the hell was he doing at this festival, just didn’t fit.
    5. Some of the walks were long, particularly between the two stages with most of the shows. The camping layout was a little odd. I had friends get there early Friday to get a good spot and they were in the first lot, a ways from the entrance. I get there at like 2 on Friday and had a camping spot 5 minutes from the gate. Not sure why the stacked the camping like that.

    Basically this was a great festival, and clearly Glazer is too pampered to enjoy it. It isn’t a luxury arena show where you sit and watch Celine Dion sing for two hours, your supposed to be out enjoying the music. And comparing it to rockfest isn’t really fair. Rockfest is well established, filled with just rock bands (mostly shitty ones), douche bags, and only one day, so no camping or relaxing.

    Obviously Kanrocksas didn’t do well as hoped, but I think a lot of that has to do with misconceptions, and this article only serves to continue them. If you aren’t going to take a open-minded view, why bother writing about it at all?

  64. Kerouac says:

    Well, that clinches it
    I felt something draggin’ at my feet, turned around to look and… it was schuck. if Kerouac comes to a sudden stop/makes a sharp turn, schuck will break his neck (long as you’re already ensconced down there, wanna check my prostate? Seeing how you say I’ll be paying anyway, i.e., it’s money in the bank/you’ve already earned it.)

    “I gotta $1,000.00”

    – you gotta be very good at it…

    “It is 62.50 per week”

    – that based on your hourly rate, Doc Proc?

    “I will drop the money off next week at Woodside during the day, with whomever Glaze says he trusts.”

    – well, that’s less than reassuring… the question presents: who trusts ‘him’? I mean, beyond yourself of course…

    “If that is too high, I will bet less and by the way, I really couldn’t bet too much more than 2K.”

    – remember that line from ‘The Graduate’? [ Adjusted for our purposes, KCC ]: “I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you reading? I’ve got one word for you schuck: PASPA. Will pretend I didn’t read or interpret what you were promoting as applicable.

    How many wins kcindy, 2011?

    Who can say, other than tomorrow.

    Too many variables be possible, a guess today as subject the vagaries tomorrow.

    2010, kcindy played a SD team opener that was minus WR Jackson & OT McNeil – both All Pros. Fate dropped a monsoon in too, and when it was said & done what was an ‘L’ became a game with * – one the Chargers were at the end within 5 yards WINNING despite everything. Augment with Jackson & Mcneil, subtract monsoon and mc lackluster’s ‘gift’ return, and: Chargers win by 2 tds, stead of losing by 1.

    Later game in SD, sans monsoon, Jackson & McNeil present (and despite the absence an injured TE Gates, much to dinkle-berry’s relief): SD 31 kcindy 0. ca$$el didn’t play? He did in the first: 10 of 22, 68 yards, 1td. Add in Gates and ca$$el, 1 td each, call it 38-7 Chargers, they win by 4 tds and change.

    As I said afore, kcindy will win between 2 games low end and 7 tops, my opine… you can take it to the bank.

    Now give my haunches a rest…

  65. chuck says:

    What did he say?

  66. bschloz says:

    Dustin Hoffman Turns
    74 today …Whats the trade?

    Chuck, I think what he is saying is that he would bet you and use Glaze as a clearing house…
    only if you denominate the $63.00 in 1969 dollar terms.

    8 wins Child pleeeeze might do that at home

  67. chuck says:

    Oh well.
    Here is a really nice video to start off the week.

    Heh, heh…

    It is good to know erudition and discipline are constantly instilled in our students as they matriculate into society.


  68. harley says:

    Hern ia….i find people hawking beer horrible
    i detest people selling cotton candy…peanuts…beer…cokes…old hot dogs….at any
    event. It just means the fat lazy slobs in america are too freaking fat to get
    up off their ass and walk up to the concession stand and maybe wait 4 mintues for
    thier fatty junk foods.
    Get over it you lazy americans….you want it all and you want it easy….too bad…
    its gonna get tough.

  69. Craig Glazer says:

    Hey K Don’t Know How To Do That Bet Unless
    You want me to find someone to take the bets? See I likely will agree with you and therefore can’t bet against myself, I am going to Vegas first weekend of season to bet the under on the season of the Chiefs its 8 1/2 right now….I see them winning 6 or 7 tops, 8 would be great, but I’d still win my bet. See?

  70. Tracy says:

    @Chuck–runnin and gunnin
    LOVED the Secretariat line! I laughed so hard my dogs ran into the kitchen to see what was wrong with me…

    Perhaps our Kerowhack is like Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind??? Only instead of math formulae, (I pluralized that just for you, Chuck), his walls are covered with scores and lists of probable or injured players…

    Or maybe Kerowhack is an alien being? From Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or Soylent Green–and what he is typing for us is really bomb launching code for the destruction of the world. It’s life half gibberish, one third Tweet, 0h hell, now I gotta remember my fractions, one whatever Stephen Hawking.

    So, Chuck–is the gambling part of football what makes it work for you? How about $1 a game? That’s my budget. My current strategy is secretly based on Color Theory of the Jerseys. I’m just sayin…I am right alot of the time! The Dolphins jerseys are so pussy, no wonder they lose alot. Let me know, and I’ll meet you at Woodside. I think we could trust a yoga instructor there.

    (I used to work out there in the 80’s, with a guy named Tommy, he was from Kenya and his body fat was a preposterous 6%. So unfair, when you are descended from people who walk across a desert, barefoot…instead of Norwegians so stupid they took the 40 acres to homestead in North Dakota because it reminded them of home, rather than the fertile soil of Iowa. But Tommy was an awesome instructor.)

    Now remember, boys–this is HoneyDo Week. Finish all the chores on your gal’s list so you can sit down without guilt and watch the meaningless first pre-season game Sunday….

  71. Cowboy says:

    Another Big One For The Glaze
    I agree on Chiefs they will get roasted this year. Well you got eveyone going again Glazer. You didn’t listen to me on responding to comments that are negative, most are for all of us. Read Hearnes facebook page, now thats some funny shit. Who are those old guys? They look like your grandpa’s. You don’t know them? Boy they make Harley look like your BFF ever. I notice Harley and you are better now, he is funny sometimes. The best thing about this site is all the mean crap usually on you in comments. Hearne is doing better. Good stories Hearne. Sports guy, we’ll see. I never liked Eminem much anyways.

  72. chuck says:

    Bet the color of the jerseys, 🙂
    Ok Tracy. Its on.


  73. Tracy says:

    @Chuck. You got yourself a bet each game.
    I’m practicing my picks while organizing my closet. Rock paper scissors Blue&Orange! Broncos….
    See how easy life can be, Kerowhack?
    I don’t have to know who’s injured…just pick the better jersey color.
    You’d be surprised.
    I am very lucky.

    Once in Vegas I rolled at the craps table for 21 minutes. Then I turned to the astonished guys who were betting while I rolled and said, “And NOW I will roll a 7. And I did.”

  74. chuck says:


  75. Tracy says:

    @Chuck–how do we handle this over/under thang?
    Since I’ve never ever bet on a game, and I understand the real finesse comes in calculating the over/under point spread, here’s my question.
    We only have $1 riding on each game.
    So if you want to get all fancy with the over/unders, how about instead, if we are not betting on opposite teams, I think maybe you should just be required to tuck your jersey UNDER your trousers, and walk around that way for the 24 hours before the end of the game, eg including the 3 hours of the game. I’m just sayin…

  76. Gal says:

    Farmaid is NOT sold out!!

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