Glazer: My Forecast for the 2011 Chiefs; Fair to Partly Sucky

I’ve been looking around a buncha sites…

Like, a good one. As well as other inside the NFL predicitons sites. And all of them say this: The Chiefs had a gifted season last year, because they played ALL LOSERS. The three playoff teams they played beat them except Seattle.

Free Agents: The signing of Tamba Hali was great. He’s now a star. He got $60 million for five years with $35 million guaranteed. The signing of Steve Breaston, a slot receiver from Arizona, was a joke. He got a five-year $25 million dollar contract with – get this – $9.5 million guaranteed. Wow. Arizona said, "We didn’t even try to keep him; his knees are shot, he’s done."

The other big news, NOT, Fullback Le’ron McClain, from the Ravens. He’s decent and can block for Jamaal Charles, so that’s likely ok. We got a 35 year old nose tackle from them as well. Uh, good for a year, at best decent.

Here’s why the Chiefs will stink and badly: Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel is not that good.

I like him personally and pull for him. But know this, Matt threw for zero touchdowns in the final two games.

He was awful. His 14 of 57 completions for over 20 yards( for the season) was THE WORST IN THE NFL. So thus far he’s a bust. Sorry, And I was excited when we got him. He just has no arm. He’s slow and yeah, tough, but that’s not gonna win big games. Now he has a new offensive coodinator and that won’t’t help either.

I like coach Haley, but this jumps out at me: 3-7 after December 5th over two seasons. NOT GOOD.

We have a 5 star secondary, a 5 star running game (at times), a 4 star linebacking crew, after that it falls badly, 3 star D-line (at best), 2 star quarterback (below average), 2 star O line and 3 star special teams.

Our punter is good, our place kicker is just above average (not good from over 50 yards), and coaching, sorry it’s now at 2 stars.

So it looks like the Chiefs are picked to be 5-11. I’m going with 7-9. It’s another practice season. Sorry.
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29 Responses to Glazer: My Forecast for the 2011 Chiefs; Fair to Partly Sucky

  1. Rick says:

    We’ll you’ve only been wrong
    Way to early Craig. But hey you’ve only been wrong two straight seasons in regards to record so you might as well go for the triple crown.

  2. Craig Glazer says:

    Rick Not True Bro
    Two years ago I said they stunk would stink and did. Last year I said they were not very good and would be 7-9 or 8-8 I believe. That was wrong, but I didn’t know that the Chargers would go in the tank. So I wasn’t THAT wrong. I did pick all but one playoff game nobody in the media here did that. I picked Green Bay from day one to win it all, they did, I even bet the over on them at 9 1/2/ . You know guys its easy to write and say things, but harder when you put money that matters on it, I do that yearly. I have never lost an over under season bet on a team in five years. 3 times it was the under on the Chumps. This year it will be the under on the Chumps at 8 1/2, that mean they need 9 wins to beat me. Uh, huh. I would go small on Detroit Lions, at 6 1/2 I like them and the over, they have a tough sched. but are a tough, tough team. I like Tampa Bay at 81/2 I like them to be in playoffs at 10-6 or better.

    Look nobody knows anything for sure. Good teams and organizations last for a few years. The Chiefs have stunk for along time now, it takes time to lose that stigma. I think we can be a good team and soon. Much depends on Cassel and so far he is a bust, he just is, maybe he can turn that around this year, we’ll see. Without a strong quarterback, which Tampa has in Freeman, you can’t go deep very often if ever. You just can’t. So everyone quite telling me to wait, I don’t need to, the jury is in, this Chiefs team has already given up, babe. Sorry. Its wait til next year.

  3. BS_Nerdlaw says:

    Reading sports columns on this site takes me back…..
    ….to a time when I was 12 years old, listening to my grandfather trying to talk either sports or politics. Just nothing but emotionally-filled, ranting and raving, cranky, the “sky is falling”-type material. And it was coming from a guy who got his only sports information or analysis from those 2-minute Len Dawson segments on the 10 o’clock news. Obviously this was before the internet, and the other different forums available to us now….but still, man….let it play out. I don’t get the doom and gloom before the first pre-season game. How do we know the majority of this young talent hasn’t improved from last year? We don’t know. The guys we brought it, even though they may not be these big names everyone wanted…might fill an important role. But we can’t judge until we see for ourselves.

    Look, Craig….in October, we might all agree with everything you just said. You may be right, you may not. I don’t have a problem with the content, but with the timing. You should have waited to write this after a few games are under our belt, but let’s not be throwing the white flag 1 day after the league year officially begins. We have no idea what will happen….that’s all I’m saying.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    Come On Now Homers!
    People, its my JOB to be in front of the storm. Hey miracles happen. Not often. So that said, I made my points. I hate to tell you lumpy I watched 98% of all Chiefs games since Lenny got here. Even in prison I watched. I am pretty expert at knowing this team. Nobody is always right, but I’m in there baby. I don’t need the internet to help me see what I already know. I do need them for stats. you guys like that so I gave you some good ones. Like Matt Cassel, who I supported last year, said would be ALL PRO and he was,(I know a fill in but I knew he would be) however he ended the year badly and did not improve from game 11 or so on in, he got worse, slower and not sure of much, I hated to see it, I did. He doesn’t look like a winner, maybe I’m wrong lets see. Tell ya what when I am right everyone will say, “well we all knew that.” Right.

  5. Cowboy says:

    Glazer Is Dead On Sports Fans
    The guy knows the NFL, if nothing else, especially your Chiefs. He used to hang out with most of them, and was in the locker room with Marcus, Neil, Derrick and Tracy. He knows more than you think. He used to be a homer, til he got wise and saw the truth. This is not a good team. Not yet. It has some good players, we know who they are, just not enough to be a winner, a Super Bowl Contender. This will be a poor year for this club. The most important stat was Matt Cassel was what 15 of 57 over 20 yards! Thats important. He has no arm strength, it would seem. That rated him LAST IN THE NFL. Thats an important stat. I didn’t know he was that bad.

  6. Kerouac says:

    With $63 million you get pie in the sky, but no egg rolls
    “I like him personally and pull for him.”

    – friends with benefits? hailme has been known to yank him around/out of games too sometimes…

    “Matt threw for zero touchdowns in the final two games.”

    – and 5 interceptions too…

    “He was awful. His 14 of 57 completions for over 20 yards( for the season) was THE WORST IN THE NFL.”

    – but he made up for it in the ‘Pro Bowl’, getting into the game after the NFC was already up 42-0 and put it on cruise control.

    ca$$el was not to be denied: 5 of 12, 95 yards, 2 more interceptions, 1 td ( * he had one other throw, remember? Sure, you member – that play end of the game when everybody stopped, stood still & mutt had – what, :30 seconds unfettered time barcalounger to toss one uncontested, resulting in 67 yards of lateral progress. The ‘California Band on the Field’ play removed, ca$$el was 4 of 11 for 28 yards, 1 td and 2 ints, playing aginst the best in the NFL, as opposed to his peers as it were.

    It may be the Patriot Way – but I don’t believe brady ever had a day like that, Pro Bowl, otherwise. Everything’s up to date in KC… sure.

  7. chuck says:

    9 and 7.

    Last year I not only piced the Packers to win on this web site, I picked the score within 1 point.

    This year the Chargers win the division.

    Chiefs second, Raiders third, Donkeys 4th.

    The Chiefs are a middle of the pack, ascending team in a weak division.

    Right now, in Vegas, the Chiefs are 8.5 point underdogs against the Colts on Oct 9th. Tke the Chiefs, the points and bet the farm.

    Eagles v New Orleans in the NFC Championship.

    Pats win the AFC

    Bet heavy angains the San Diego Chokers against ANYBODY once they get in the playoffs.

    DO NOT bet ANY first weekend games.

    JMO. 🙂

    Everyone has one.

    I think after the final pre season game, we should all post our predictions, so that we can gloat, or in turn be tortured thru the season.

    We predict every Chiefs game and the points before the season.


  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Well Done Chuck
    I don’t agree with the 9-7, but I like KC at home plus8 1/2 to beat the line on Colts. I see them as a team fading, especially with Manning hurt and getting older. Good comments thoughl.

  9. Rick says:

    No its UR memory
    that doesn’t serve you well. What you predicted was a 2-14 record. I put a bet with you that they would be better then that. Which they were at 4-12 . Don’t recall what the bet was but I know u didn’t pay up. So you were two games off in 2009. You were 2 games off last year if we are kind and give u the 8-8. Maybe your record will hold true and you’ll be two games off this year. Either way that’s wrong two years in a row. And silly me I actually would like to see them in a game before I start going out on a limb. But at least I’ve been right for two years. That being said no one can say you aren’t showing guts this early in the year.

  10. chuck says:


  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Rick Really Off By Two Games, Wow
    Pretty good so I said 2-14 and they were 4-12, my very bad. THEY STUNK THATS THE POINT, not the two games. This team has been a no show since Joe Montana and Elvis Grbac. No games that meant a thing, none, that inlcudes the 13-3 bullshit season, by years end the Chiefs were a joke, a big joke. I had the Colts in the Chiefs losing homefield death game.

    Rick, if you are the sports guy, online here and you may not be, have at it buddy. Tell me how good this Chiefs club is, where am I wrong?

  12. Rick says:

    Any one home on the range?
    Cowboy in general I like and agree with your comments. But I don’t follow this logic. Because Glaze Man use to hang out with Derrick, Neil, and Marcus that means he knows football??? So does that mean if I were to hang out with Redford, Hoffman, and Pacino I would know acting and if a movie would succeed or fail?

  13. Rick says:

    Having at it
    “No games that meant a thing” I think the San Diego game was HUGE and meant a lot. It created a tone for the season and sparked interest.

    Wow. U give Elvis some love.

    Not going to tell you how good the Chiefs are going to be. Already told u. 2 early. Not sure U R wrong. Just 2 early. Gave u props for early prediction. Thanks 4 admitting ur bad.

    U can now pull ur panties out of the bunch.

  14. Rick says:

    I don’t understand u and others that seem to give the Chiefs no credit 4 last season. Can’t count the times I’ve heard it said that this is the year Scott has to prove his worth. They made the playoffs last year. Sounds like he has already proven something. Just in general Glaze Man u r 1 of those doom and gloom guys. But we’ll see………

  15. Craig Glazer says:

    Not Doom and Gloom
    Hey I used to get sick when we lost in the late 60’s, 70’s into the 80’s, yeah I even tried to buy in with Joe and Elvis, but got the shit kicked out of me by these guys. Now I am a realist. They haven’t had a good organization for some time, like the Royals, bad coaches, managers and sadly poor decisions by owners, including Hunt, rest his soul, Carl should have been fired in 94 or no later than 96, he made way too many bad calls, so now we suffer with bad, very bad teams. It is on the rebound. I just hope we can get there before I am too old to throw the ball around, hah. Not my balls the footballs. Nice trading jabs with you Rick. Lets see what happens, guess what if we were good, I’d be happy, I’m just not a dreamer like I used to be…maybe its better to dream.

  16. Kellys Man says:

    Chiefs Will Win It All
    Glazer you are a dumbass, the Chiefs will win the AFC this year. Even the Royals will come back and fight for first. You’ll see you lying loser asshole. Why don’t you move to Oakland.

  17. chuck says:

    “Even the Royals will come back and fight for first”
    You gotta be droppin acid every fuckin day to think the fuckin Royals are gonna contend for first this year.

    Whoa! Look at the colors!!!

    Dude, is that Peter Fonda out there in center!?!?!??

  18. Rick says:

    Understand totally. You’ve been beat around a lot with hopes and desires. And sadly be it Royals or Chiefs let down a lot. I hear you brother.

  19. Alfred says:

    Excuse me
    Excuse me Master Craig. Pardon my speaking in regards to your dialog. But I believe the point being made was that you have been mistaken the two proceeding years and the belief is you will be mistaken this year also. Forgive me sir.

    I will be returning to my quarters sir. Please inform me prior to retiring if you will be in need of the following: Shauna Grant film, vaseline, gerbil, sock monkey, and hot cocca. Good night sir.

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Cute Alfred
    I like that, clever.

  21. Alfred says:

    Thank you sir. I aspire. Possible open date at the club? Forgive me for my forwardness. I truely appreciate your encouragement. Good evening sir. Don’t forget your protection as you depart for an evening of debauchery. Good night sir.

  22. bschloz says:

    Is That You Buck?
    “Wow. Arizona said, “We didn’t even try to keep him; his knees are shot, he’s done.” Bullshit detector going off…
    Who is Arizona? That’s sounds like someone talking their own book.
    They didn’t hire Pioli from Dunkin Donuts? He is defending West Champ?

    Why is it always the Chiefs had a gifted schedule but the soft Chargers are immediately excused for melting down in rain and crapping out in Cincy and St.Louis,Seattle? Norv Turner is 4-4 in Playoffs….Hayley is 0-1…knock yourself out. We own those guys in Arrowhead.

    Prediction for those that bet against 2011 Kansas City Chiefs……..PAIN

  23. harley says:

    no credibility
    wrong again glaze.
    It doesnt take much to come out and say all this crap….an eleven year old could write this.
    get back to woodside before the summers over.
    And really….who cares?

  24. Rick says:

    WOW. Richard Gere, Batman, and Shauna Grant all in one post. Never thought I’d see that. CLASSIC!!!!

    Glaze man you were a good sport about it also.

    Shauna Grant AKA Colleen Applegate……talk about old school. Must of been one of the most naturally beautiful women to ever grace this earth. PBS even did a special about her untimely demise. And I believe CBS made a movie of the week. I once visited her grave site in Farmington Minnesota. Hearne should post some pictures of her. That would increase traffic. She was incredible. I’ll stop drooling now.

  25. Rick says:

    I had a sock monkey until at least 6 grade. I’m with you Glaze.

  26. Craig Glazer says:

    Harley What Gives You OK?
    You sounded sad Harley. I know deep down inside you like me and so on, but this didn’t sound like you. I’m used to long rants from you. Is everything ok? I hope so, you know lots of people who read this site, count on your humor to lift their spirits! I am no longer mad at you, really, I’m sure you are a decent guy. You mean well and you can be very funny. So cheer up, I know you got lots more to say about the Chiefs and the NFL than that, lets take the weekend off and then fire away Monday. See you Monday.

  27. Harry Balsack says:

    9-7 and maybe a wildcard
    That is where they will finish. If 9-7 is enough to get a wild card, then they will get in the playoffs

  28. chuck says:

    Glaze is right
    Harley is diminished.

    Lets hope it is a healthy preoccupation with wine, women and song, and not a personal set back.

  29. Kerouac says:


    It just got worse. Turns out it wasn’t just a lark the PUP bicycyle path. It was knee surgery.


    Another wasted draft choice. What was that about “availability”, duffer & clam chowder?

    In 12 years with the Chiefs, TE Tony Gonzalez missed two games…he didn’t miss his first until his 3rd season, last missed his 10th. He’s still going strong too now entering his 15th season, and says that physically he could play another 3 years.

    The ‘new’ and/or ‘next’ Tony Gonzalez according pundit machine kcindy is some guy named toni moeaki (pronounced: ‘tow-knee-mow-e-ahh-kee…. doesn’t rhyme with supercalifragilistic or expialidocious, either.)

    Hurt/missed game(s) in college, hurt in 2010 KC/missed game(s), hurt yet again even afore the new football year has begun, 2011.

    I don’t if the guy has any guts or not (if he does, he probably strains em, like Gerber.) I’ll bet this guy gets hurt stepping off the team bus too. Probably wrenches his neck opening the playbook. Bad reviews likely vex his splintered spirit. Rain instead of sunny days upsets his tummy. egoli & hailme say they need a few good men. How ’bout a chart of the human anatomy, maybe Oscar Goldman on bionic-speed dial.

    I need a tissue myself… he needs a set of bath towels.

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