Murphy: Rick’s Rambling Sports Ramblings, Glass Bash, Thigpen et al.

 After all these years the Chiefs still haven’t figured out how to hold a press conference…

Here’s how it typically goes. Reporter: "Coach, waa waaa (static) waa (more undiscernable words)."  It sounds like the adults in a Charlie Brown special. 

Then you hear Coach Haley say: "You’re correct–that is what we’re doing, and we plan to continue doing that." 

Can someone please give the media a mic so we can hear what they’re asking?


I was going to say that the Philadelphia Eagles are going to be the Miami Heat of the NFL. But about 5,000 other sports writers are saying  the same thing.  So let’s just say they won’t be Super Bowl winners.


Former Chiefs quarterback Tyler Thigpen has reunited with former Chiefs coach Chan Gailey in Buffalo. Tyler signed a three year deal and will be given the chance to earn the starting position. He had six teams interested in him. Biggest shocker being the Vikings, who were actually planning on making him starting quarterback.  When they couldn’t land Thigy they went with second choice Donovan McNabb. 

Do these teams know something the Chiefs didn’t (but Holly Starr did)?


Is it me or do the Chiefs seem to be more open?  I was surprised they admitted they’d wanted to sign Shaun Smith and Ron Edwards but were unable to do so.  Admitting failure isn’t easy. Just ask Hearne and Craig.


Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports says the jury is in and quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn is a success. Based on positive comments from Matt Cassel and Tyler Palko. What did he expect the players to say?  The new coach sucked?


Fescoe asked Cassel who the player’s new union reps were.  Great question.  With former union guys Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel gone, it’s natural to wonder who is in the role now.  It’s Jon McGraw and Andy Studebaker.  Not sure McGraw will even make the team. Hope they have someone else flying standby.


Heard on ESPN radio:  "Major League Baseball should worry less about the McCourt family destroying Los Angeles Dodger baseball–and more about the Glass family destroying Kansas City Royals baseball."



Anyone think that LA Laker Kobe Bryant is going to take his balls and play in China?


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14 Responses to Murphy: Rick’s Rambling Sports Ramblings, Glass Bash, Thigpen et al.

  1. smartman says:

    KCC Clones Urich in Sports Column
    Holy shit! Way to go scribe! You’ve piqued my ire.

    Thought maybe this was a trick column so I asked the dyslexic drive thru girl at Sonic to read it. Sure enough, it sucks backwards too.

    You’re making me miss Larry Hovick.

    I’ve heard of writer’s block but this piece is like writer’s Stage Four Cancer. There ain’t no Stage Five mate.

    They say we all have an identical twin somewhere on the face of the earth. So in the spirit of yin/yang you have to be Rick Reilly’s total opposite.

    Keep this up and I can see individual letters of the alphabet and even the internet pressing charges against you for assault and battery.

    Like I said early on, Thanks for playing. NEXT!

  2. chuck says:

    Goddamn smartman
    That was fuckin hilarious.

    Come on, he ain’t that bad.

    Let him get his sea legs.

    “Writer’s stage 4 cancer…”


    Hey if ya think this is bad, clockwork orange some toothpicks into your eyelids Ishmael, and read Kerowhack’s blatherings.

    Livin thru that shit hould qualify your ass for Seal Team status.

  3. Cliffy says:

    Give the media a microphone? I’ve got a better idea. STOP BROADCASTING ENTIRE NEWS CONFERENCES UNLESS IT’S SOMETHING IMPORTANT!!

  4. smartman says:

    C’mon buddy this was a Biblically BAD post. It doesn’t even qualify for phoning it in. More like Soup Can stringing it in. If the bar gets any lower Whitlock will be able to hurdle it.

    I am mesmerized by Kerowhack’s writing. I’m thinking there is some hidden message inbedded in that stuff.

    I’m currently reading Truth and Method by Hans-Georg Gadamer. Current chapter is The Ontology of the Work of Art and its’Hermenuetic Significance.

    That makes Kerowhack read like Dr. Seuss.

  5. Mildred Pierce says:

    @Smartman, who the hell is Herman Neutic??
    You are obviously too intellectual for this clubhouse.

    Where in hell do you even find such books? I see Borders is closing. Romances are 30% off, history books are 40% off. And Hans-Georg Goddamn Godamer–99% off! See ya there…in your jazzy wingtips.

  6. smartman says:

    @Mildred aka Tracy
    Good God woman it’s Gadamer! His opus magnus, one of the most important philosophical tomes ever written.

    I’m a voyeur into the Socractic Sardonic way of thinking. Much more challenging than chasing tail plus I’m a firm believer that WHAT you know is more important than WHO you know.

    Additionally reading stuff like Gadamer does on ocassion have an aphrodisiac, (afrodisiac for Monkey Man and Black Barcie) effect on HOT psycho-intellectual chicks when you can find them. More of an east coast west coast thing. They don’t exist in the Midwest.

  7. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Smartman!! You’re the best
    “Keep this up and I can see individual letters of the alphabet and even the internet pressing charges against you for assault and battery. ” That sentence about ruined a perfectly good keyboard with ice tea.

  8. Jesus says:

    Jesus says
    Biblically bad? My child this is not possible. While sin applies. Punishment exsists. No biblically bad. That is why the bible is called the good book.

  9. John Houseman says:

    I can state that SMARTMAN is so beyond this dribble. He is quite correct that the written word of one Rick is quite juvenile in its context. Let me share a typical evening that myself and the gentleman Smartman share.

    We share a stated meal of cusine at a local five star restaurant. A night at the opera or maybe a ballet. We retire to our dwelling where we partake in some cocktails and maybe a reading of War And Peace. Possible watching a PBS film of the Flight of the Bubble Bee. Maybe a game of back gammon. All the things us cultured men do.

    A cigar before retiring. The we participate in some man love. Often Smartman will pour Grey Poupon all over my body and lick it off. It is delightful. I’m sure you low grade beer swilling peasants are unable to relate to the finer things in life that we share.

    You continue to read of the sexual misadventures of one Craig Glazer. While us refined people read books and experience body pleasures of unspeakable love and desire.

    You are fortunate that Smartman even speaks on this unworthy site.

  10. Regular dude says:

    Uppity ASS
    I agree with Houseman about Smartman’s better then thou attitude. Smartman is one of those guys that is impotent so to reclaim his manhood he posts what he believes are witty comments. And sometimes they are. But in general you are just an arrogant ass that has no life.

    You are up at 1AM trying to become the first to read this column and post. I bet you stayed up all night working on your lines so you could get some love. You keep talking crap but you are the first to post when dude writes. Why are you reading it loser???? You are not SMARTMAN but DUMBASS.

    You are one of these guys that sit on the sidelines and knock other people while nevering having the balls to step up to the plate yourself. Pathtic. You are the type to a Charlie Sheen event so you feel better about yourself. Winning…NOT.

    Thanks for posting. BITCH SLAP!!!! NEXT

  11. smartman says:

    @Regular Dude
    Actually I was feeling quite sorry for Mr. Murphy as no had opined on this piece. It’s all about getting comments, right?

    Just trying to start the snowball rolling.

    As for your other observations, well we are all entitled to opinions but despite what you may think I do try to walk in the path of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    My sardonic ramblings are more for effect than cause which some, but not all readers and fellow commenters understand.

    It’s entertainment man! As Jeff Ross says, “We only roast the ones we love.”

  12. Rick says:

    Not sure if I need the sympathy vote. However concur 100% with Smartman that its all about response, comments, and looks. Even negative stuff is welcome. Heck Glazer has made a name on this site through negative response. Stern a radio career. I think everyone who writes/posts are entitled to write what they wish. Its indifference and apathy that we don’t want. However I would also remind ALL that their are real people behind everything that is written. Can’t imagine anyone wants to hear they are a piece of garbage.

    Not sure where the response to the Dude guy about questioning of ones Christianity came from but I’ll let u 2 hash that out.

    PS On a personal note obviously from reading posts Greg Hall is a great admirer of your comments Smartman. U have a fan base for sure.

  13. regular dude says:

    WE’ RE OK
    Ok Smartman we’re cool.

  14. Alfred says:

    It is wonderful that their is peace among brothers again. I must say Smartman I find it noteworthy that you can take it as well as dish it out. This is such a wonderous day I’m going to invite Mr. Cabot over so we can make souffles together. Carry on.

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