Mancow: Changing Times Alert, Lame Comics Today Groupie Magnets

Watching a fascinating documentary on the legends of stand-up comedy…

George Carlin says "Comedians (of the 60’s and 70’s) never had groupies. If you were a woman that went home with a stand-up comic, it was the equivalent of going home with the monkey instead of the organ grinder."


Nowdays someone as lamely unfunny as a Dane Cook gets a non-stop Ho train because hes "cute"…


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8 Responses to Mancow: Changing Times Alert, Lame Comics Today Groupie Magnets

  1. bschloz says:

    Dane Cook
    Hell Glazer has Ho-Train and he just books the acts.

  2. Chet Gristler says:

    that’s it — did your keyboard break? Maybe you should
    head back to Raytown and hang it up.

  3. steveo says:

    Yeah, if twitter length thumbing worked here…
    Kerouac would be king of the world.

    This was OK but it’s like talking on the cellphone when someone disappears into Mission Hills or KCK–home of no cell towers and you’re cut off mid-thought.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    George Was The Best
    Saw him at Arizona State in a bar, Fridays and Saturdays, early 70’s. I was a kid, never had heard of him, the beer went out through my nose I laughed so damn hard. I had to leave the room cause it hurt, the laughter. I have never done that since.

    So why do we try and become famous like George or Dane? Yeah the ‘chic’s’ are a big part of it, those who say otherwise are gay or lying. Yes even the married guys like the attention. Keeps them young.

    Today I see guys just on their way up have some babes waiting in the wings, even at our club, with guys you never heard of yet. The economy, lack of focus, too many outlets have killed most chances to be super big much, but the girls still want that “one night with you” just in case!

  5. chuck says:

    I’m thinkin a pretty good “Knock, Knock” Joke
    should get the pants off Kim Kardaashian.


    Gotta reach for the stars!


    I mean Dane Fuckin Cook.

    Knock, knock.

    Who’s there?

    EASY KIM!!! JESUS!!!

  6. Gal says:

    Same for lame, unfunny DJs

  7. nipper says:

    Brilliant publishing idea
    Glazer sez: “…those who say otherwise are gay or lying.”

    Crag that could be a great title for your next book!!!

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    I like It Good Idea
    Publishers would say “oh not PC” no…maybe not.

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