Jack Goes Confidential: “THE CHANGE-UP’ Out-Raunches Other Summer Comedies!

This has been the summer of raunchy movie comedies!


Number 6 takes it over the top!

It’s THE CHANGE-UP, which takes the traditional body switching formula, adds its own heavy dose of vulgarity and debauchery, then ties it up tightly and throws it off the cliff.

Here Jason Bateman plays a well respected, ladder-climbing attorney at a prestigious law firm whose upcoming work on a corporate merger should solidify his partnership and round out his idyllic marriage with loving wife and mother Leslie Mann.

His best bud Ryan Reynolds is the polar opposite….

He’s a quasi employed ‘man-child’ who’s never met a responsibility he liked. He’s a bachelor. A cockhound. And would-be actor about to make his debut in a soft-porn movie—a lorno as the industry calls its light pornos.

Hard to believe but Bateman is jealous of Reynold’s lifestyle. So on a drunken boys night out, while pissing into a public fountain he proclaims: ‘I wish I had your life!’

You guessed it. The next morning they wake up in switched bodies with Reynolds now messing up the corporate merger and really messing with his buddies wife! On the flipside there’s Bateman, now having to perform sexually in front of the camera.

You’ve heard of THREE COINS IN A FOUNTAIN? This is two men pissing into a similar receptacle with less than favorable results.

THE CHANGE-UP as a date movie?

Depends on how well you know your date. What was apparent at our recent screening was that the audience didn’t expect anything this gross, rough and raunchy. There were audible sighs and nervous laughter coming from some stunned attendees since the TV spots and trailers for the film certainly don’t even come close to laying out just how far this movie pushes the envelope.


It’s THE CHANGE-UP, also featuring Olivia Wilde and Alan Arkin—and I’m raising 2-1/2 out of 5 extraordinary R-rated fingers.

You have been forewarned!


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3 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: “THE CHANGE-UP’ Out-Raunches Other Summer Comedies!

  1. Tracy says:

    I just saw #6 in preview: 30 Minutes or Less
    Graphic titties and language. Jesse Eisenberg (last in Social Network) as the good guy pizza deliveryman kidnapped and forced to rob a bank. It was such a rude, crude formulaic sociopathic guy movie, (albeit funny in parts) I wanted to scratch myself . I went to the women’s room afterward, and thought, hmm, I wonder what it feels like when boys pull their pants just halfway up so there’s like an airbag beneath their bag…then try to swagger around acting all cool, but really… aren’t they worried that if they don’t have a long stride, their jeans will fall down to their ankles?

  2. Steveo says:

    How about a group KCC screening this fall of MoneyBall?
    Have you seen that trailer for Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt, based on a true story about baseball in LA? Supposed to open in September–which actually might be fall.

    Come on, Jack, and Hearne and Rick and Glazer–score us a theatre private screening for KCC commenters. They can hit up an email and get their passes. We could fill the theatre. We’re all a bunch of big mouths–you get a room full of KCC guys and they’ll OWN the word of mouth on this one. Looked decent to me.

    The AMC Ward Parkway might work–then we could storm Trader Joe’s and check out the MILF’s in sundresses. Kind of a combo…

  3. jack p. says:

    Sony’s “Moneyball” opens in K.C. on 9/23. It’s the story of the Oakland A’s ‘shifty’ manager Billy Bean as portrayed in the film by Brad Pitt. I hear it’s a good flick with good supporting cast and I’m sure that Hearne’s people will be all over it.

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