Hearne: Glass Called Out as Second Worst Major League Baseball Owner Ever

Consider the sad state of our unloveable losers, the Kansas City Royals

With pundits as far afield as Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly taking off-the-cuff potshots – telling Alan Colmes recently that further deficit spending would be "like telling the Kansas City Royals to lose more games" – its time to take a look at how the Royal’s ownship ranks in the scheme of things.

It’s not pretty…

Zen College Life,  a "leading source for college and degree information online," offers an interesting array of Top 10 lists ranging from  the "10 Most Effective & Essential Self Defense Techniques" to the "10 Celebrities Whose Deaths Were Tragically Predictable."

As might be suspected, Royals owner David Glass rates quite highly on Zen’s "10 Worst MLB Owners of All Time."

"For the first time in a long, long time, baseball may be the healthiest sport in America," Zen begins. "It’s been 17 years since the 1994 season — and more significantly, the 1994 World Series — was canceled, and not a single game has been stricken from the schedule due to labor strife since the 1995 season. Meanwhile, the NFL has just resolved its lockout, and the NBA is currently embroiled in one that could kill its 2011-12 season."

That’s the boilerplate…

"However, not everything in baseball is perfect, as a few bad owners have drawn negative attention to their franchises" Zen continues." Rangers owner Tom Hicks, who previously gave A-Rod a record $250 million contract and signed Chan Ho Park to an absurd $65 million contract, had to borrow money from MLB to meet the team’s payroll and eventually filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, who tainted the good name shared by the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer who authored Angela’s Ashes, has run the team into the ground amid his much-publicized divorce to former team CEO Jamie McCourt. Baseball has seen some bad owners through the years, the worst of which are listed below. Each one did his, her or its best to become a villain to their team’s fans and players, blemishing a piece of America’s pastime."

Glass hits the skids at a disrespectable No. 2 on Zen’s Worst Owner Shit List.

That’s right, the second worst Major League Baseball owner in history. Read it and weep.

"Notoriously cheap, Glass’s first accomplishment as CEO in 1993 was slashing the team’s payroll from $41 million to $19 million. During the strike in 1994-95, he was a staunch advocate of implementing a salary cap and endorsed the use of replacement players. He became the club’s sole owner in 2000, and it has since lost 100 or more games on four occasions, only once finishing above .500. Glass has shamelessly benefited from baseball’s revenue sharing system, focusing primarily on profit like he did as the CEO of WalMart. Currently, the Royals have baseball’s lowest payroll, dishing out just more than $36 million for the 2011 season."

In fairness, the Star‘s Sam Mellinger laid some pretty serious pipe to Glass this past April. But as Craig might say, Sam needs to keep spanking him. Once every year or two, with several dozen ‘comme ce, comme ces’ in between doesn’t get it.

The second worst owner of all time in MLB deserves better…

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12 Responses to Hearne: Glass Called Out as Second Worst Major League Baseball Owner Ever

  1. Craig Glazer says:

    No Suprise
    Yet our fans still have hope. Glass will kill that in a couple years when Gordon, Butler, and others leave the team. Even if the Royals become average or better(not likely) the Royals will not be able to keep anyone that matters. The money “Jimmy.” Glass needs to go if this team is ever gonna be anything. Maybe the ‘city’ should buy the team, after all look at DOWNTOWN, THE ZOO,UNION STATION,18th AND VINE, WESTPORT, see we know who to get it done. Sad, the Royals have a super star in Hosmer, but he too will leave when he can.

  2. Robertoe says:

    Glass is an ass
    Whats sad is KC has gone from one of the best owners in the league- with Ewing Kauffman- to one of the worst. The problem is ‘our fans still have hope’. Glass thinks this is a Walmart operation and he’s just going to continue to suck the league money out of it. Don’t feed the beast! I haven’t been to the K in over 15 years because I’m not going to support Glass and the way he operates. We need new ownership and we won’t get it if you keep funding his operation.

  3. chuck says:

    There is an interesting article
    about the McCourts in Vanity Fair.

    The rich are NOT different.

    David Glass is a fuckin disgrace.

    I wish Glaze, or Mark Cuban or some fuckin guy or girl with a huge ego that actually wanted to win.

    This team is constantly depressing. The world is a fucked up place, and sports, should, for the most part, be an optimistic interlude in our day to day drudgery.

    We should forget Bat Day for the Royals. It should be GUN Day. Everyone shows up at the stadium and watches the game with guns pressed to their heads.

    Instead of the “Wave” we all gotta stand up, hold the gun to our heads, and scream “I’M GONNA DO IT!! I SWEAR TO GOD!! I’M GONNA DO IT!!!” Every time a a batter comes up or a pitch is made.

  4. chuck says:

    Sorry, had to pay attention to my Chi Wau Wau
    “I wish Glaze or Mark Cuban or some guy with a huge ego that wanted to win owned the Royals.”

  5. chuck says:

    Hey Hearne
    Do a story on Marshall Saper.

    The suicide comment got me thinkin about the guy.

    Very interesting story.

    Did you ever know Nancy Saper?

  6. bschloz says:

    Chuck you nailed it…of all the billionaire owners out there we get a freaking bean counter?
    At least Clark has a little game.

  7. Kerouac says:

    Couldn’t be worse, might be better
    “Major League Baseball should worry less about the McCourt family destroying Los Angeles Dodger baseball–and more about the Glass family destroying Kansas City Royals baseball.”

    – yes… even the Dodgers McCourt put his team in post season multiple times… et tu, Dave? Cue Karl Malden: ‘”What will you do… what WILL you do?”

    Forget the AMX card… sell, trade – or exchange.


    Owner Carol Rosenblum once traded his entire NFL Baltimore Colts team to Owner Robert Irsay in exchange for his Los Angeles Rams team: in the end, everybody came out ahead… and/or dead.

    Rosenblum died, and then his Rams moved to St. Louis where they won the Superbowl.

    Irsay lived to move his Colts to Indianapolis, then he died and Colts won the Superbowl.

    Baltimore – without a team since the Colts left for Indianapolis – became ‘new’ home the ‘old’ Cleveland Browns, Owner Art Model renaming them the Ravens. Then the Ravens won the Superbowl; having cheated death, Art decided to live a little/sold the team.

    One new expansion team, two franchises exchanged & both later relocated, all three teams won a Superbowl.


    I think you can see where this is leading. Royals owner needs to get his affairs in order. The Chiefs original owner already passed. Circular reasoning suggests they must move/be exchanged for another, or, no Superbowl/World Series.

    A recipe for KC baseball success too? The Athletic’s left here for a new start, Oakland – A’s went on to win one, two, three straight Championships there.


    Back in 1965, Chiefs Talent Head Don Klosterman said “Kansas City is not so much Heaven or Hell as Purgatory.” Vicinity that day, Klosterman gave way the Hunt way- out the door, you. Alas, beyond one brief respite half a decade later January 1970, he was right.

    Flash forward. Hunt way gives way the Patriot (to borrow from Bobby Goldsboro) “me and God watchin Scotty (stumble, try to) grow.”

    NARRATOR: ‘ The Kansas City Chiefs, professional football team, a franchise barely alive.’ [ insert Royals if so inclined ]

    [ EGOli ] “Gentlemen, i can rebuild them. I have the ego. I have the bionic stealth to make the league’s first ex-Patriot team. Better than they were before. Better, bigger, stronger, faster.” Now year three, 14-18 the result, 0-1 post season.

    No, I vote to move / trade franchises – damn the luck we’ll be the ‘new’ Cleveland Browns, still waiting (come to think of it, we are.)

    Football, waiting since 1970 – even then a 2nd place runner-up allowed post season only due special one-year Wild Card system, pre-cursor the current ‘most every team makes post season’. Baseball, waiting since Don Denkinger ‘handed it to us’, back 1985.

    Based track record, only way KC ever has/will enjoy ultimate success any sport will be via mirrors, Smokey Robinson & miracles.

  8. Hearne Christopher says:

    Of course. She was hot!

    Forget where she moved to.

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    Somebody big in the media – or everybody in chorus – needs to start a drumbeat against Glass.Not just one kickass column a year, like Mellinger’s. A drumbeat.

    The radio dude could do it but helf of them are stuck shilling for the rights and ad money.

  10. chuck says:

    She was really entertaining.

    What a hoot.

  11. Poison Cyanide CY3 Pool Cue says:

    That’s great !! Thanks for sharing!:)

  12. predator cues says:

    I wish Glaze or Mark Cuban or some guy with a huge ego that wanted to win owned the Royals.

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