Glazer: Star’s Mellinger Hops on Glazer Train, Calls Out Chiefs

It’s clear from Sam Mellinger‘s column Sunday about the Chiefs that he’s been reading me…

Sam jumped on the Chiefs and called them out, agreeing pretty much with all of my positions. Because they’re correct.

Mellinger made it clear that last year’s team was average at best. And by seasons end. below average.

The Chiefs went 2-5  to end the year. At times they had a decent defense, but they had no passing game and a spotty running game with Jamaal Charles making some big runs. But since our offense is not on the field very long it wears down our defense.

Sam pointed out that least 3 of our wins were due to pure luck or breaks. And against poor teams that outplayed the Western Division Champs, including the Bills and Cleveland.

Most importantly, Sam also said the Chiefs are sandbagging this season. They know they can’t compete for a title so it will be another practice year to try and find the right 52 guys (as Todd Haley will tell you all season, while we lose more than we win).

We got no big name players from free agency,  because we’re cheap. Meaning this year’s Chiefs will have no glamor and very little presence on ESPN or in the national limelight.

All of that can change if the team becomes a winner.

So the Chiefs had two phony seasons, the first in 2003 when we started 9-0 and ended up 13-3 and got jacked by the Colts at home in the playoffs. We had the NFL’s All Time worst defense and every NFL team knew that by season’s end. Then last year we were gifted the division. And by the way everyone knows that in the media the Chiefs were NEVER taken seriously all year, never.

This will be the year of MATT.

Can he be the quarterback to lead this team to a Super Bowl in a few years? The Chiefs hired Jim Zorn, to find out.

Thus far let’s be honest, the guy I dubbed THE FRANCHISE, has been a major disappointment. He is not the guy we saw playing for New England. His arm is soft, his release is one of the slowest in league history. He seems unsure where to go with the ball.

Remember, John Elway’s greatest moments weren’t his Super Bowl years. They were the early years when he had to create an offense because his stunk. He did that. Matt has not.

It’s Matt’s job to FIND A WAY to win and move the ball. Not to say, "My receivers suck, my line sucks." Oh they do. We all know that. And Matt doesn’t actually say that, but you can see him thinking that. I think Matt can get there, but it has to be now.

It’s time to become a top 7 or 8 quarterback or we need to look for someone else. A team manager like Trent Green is not what we need.

Good job, Sam. Glad to see we see eye to eye. Keep on top of those guys. I know you will.
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29 Responses to Glazer: Star’s Mellinger Hops on Glazer Train, Calls Out Chiefs

  1. chuck says:

    Good article Glaze
    But, Trent Green was pretty fuckin good.

    If we would have had an average D, he mighta got it done.

    Ane, here is some bowling news.

    “Walter Sobchak: I told that kraut a fucking thousand times that I don’t roll on Shabbos!”

  2. Cowboy says:

    Now Thats The Spirit
    Glazer I know that like many Chiefs fans you want it not to be this way. But it is. This team, unless there is some major developements, is headed for a poor or just OK season. They don’t have the horses yet. Maybe in two years. As far as Matt, he too is average, not good enough to matter, yet. Hopefully Zorn will help him out. I read Sam, yeah you both see it the same. So do i.

  3. harley says:

    1. Chiefs win western division…
    2. make it to afc championship game at arrowhead
    3. Matt Cassell named league mvp
    4. Pioli named executive of the year
    5. Haley names coach of the year
    6. Chiefs add 2 additional big time receivers and lead league
    in passsing.
    7. Bad ass berkowitz finally gets his date with the beautiful mermaid
    8. Hell freezes over!

  4. Fox says:

    Glaser’s Ego > Nuclear Fusion
    “It’s clear from Sam Mellinger’s column Sunday about the Chiefs that he’s been reading me… ”

    I doubt he has any idea who you are.

  5. WB says:

    He knows who he is: another bigmouthed felon.

  6. bschloz says:

    Your’e the only left that reads Sam, I think its nice that in turn, he trolls KCC for ideas and inspiration.

    I finally got a chance to listen to Shannin Parks interview — I’ve never heard you on radio and wanted hear how you sounded on a big boy station. Let me say you were very articulate (just kidding) ….anyway I thought the very end of that interview when you were fixin to go all “Jimmy The Greek on them was some kind of hilarious….dude you were about to go on a real time roll and they cut you off faster than Smartman driving down Prospect. INTERVIEW OVER…good stuff.

    OT: Glaze would you mind making a few collection calls for me?

  7. Orphan of the Road says:

    Signs the Apocalypse is upon us
    Glazer realizes even if he is one in a million there are many just like him. Mellinger’s thoughts were pretty much what I’ve heard around town. Maybe he read my mind, yeah.

    Matt looks just like he did in NE except there he was surrounded by an all-star cast. If he’s got the time and protection he can do it. Can he do it all? Maybe enough.

    Why they let the two NTs walk without any replacement moves is beyond me.

    Chuck, spot on with Trent. Decent D would have made them real contenders.

    And about that Elway kid, he was a stud coming out of college, had signed a contract with the Yankees. He showed lots of potential out of the gate.

    Matt has been a backup until KC. Zorn will help bring anything he has out.

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Like Millions Sam Knows Who I Am Haters/Hater
    Fox and crew, all same guy or guys/ Sam knows who I am, I was on Nick’s show a bunch, and now Sam is on weekly with Nick. Remember I am at Entercom four days a week doing Dare, and or KMBZ, and or 610 etc…mostly Dare and oh yeah I do my commercials there, so yeah I think people working there know who I am. Just a guess. Hey that includes your hero, George Brett.

    You are hung up on “if I am known or famous” true to both, but not as much as will be at some point. You know you have at least local fame, when the speaker on radio or TV does not have to explain to listeners who you are….95% of interviews they do, in KC for me that is almost never…end of example hater.

    By the way I like Sam, he is a bright and engaging young guy. He has inherited a bad situation, a team with no hot sports at all, save KU basketball and a good MU football team, good not great.

    P.S. Harley funny and good post…I have asked Hearne to let you, Chuck,BShlutz and Rainman at least have a guest column next month, your choice of subjecst we will allow you all to remain “names unkown” to us, by sending the artilcle under your ‘pretend’ name, thats fine.

  9. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Harley I Will Have Date With Mermaid Soon
    You’ll see. Yeah. Chiefs well lets hope 2012 is a real push to be a contender. This year, maybe isn’t.

  10. kcfred says:

    glaze. star?
    Glaze:”Remember I am at Entercom four days a week doing Dare, and or KMBZ, and or 610 etc…mostly Dare”
    30 years ago, that might have meant something. Look at the numbers for radio listening lately? 30 years ago, the numbers that The Rock draws now would get you fired back then. So, you are on dare four days a week. His overall rating is under 10 6+ which means that more than 90 percent of the population in KC has NO idea who you are.
    Numbers are numbers dude.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    My Bad
    Know what hater, you are right Dare just signed a 3 year deal, paying him more than ANY other media person in KC. Yeah he ain’t shit. 90 percent don’t know who he is, yeah right, 10% of the city goes to Rockfest alone(55,000). So I see your point. I agree in end I am unkown and not important. You win. Happy? Find something to do brother.

  12. Big Brother says:

    Kcfred, Dude You Are Very Wrong
    Johnny Dare is HUGE. The man has a national tv show too. Three years. I don’t know anyone under 45 who doesn’t know his name and show. Glazer is a big deal on that show, LITTLE DICK BITCH is his most popular guest. So I can see you don’t like the Glaze, but stay off my man Johnny, he’s a star pal.

  13. chuck says:

    Hey Glaze
    Soren Petro musta been readin your stuff too. He said the exact same thing.

    He thinks the Chiefs are trying to recoup the 130 mil they spent on the stadium.

    King of Sting won’t download on my kindle. I’m so stupid with gadgets. I went to 1/2 price books, no go. Will try again later.

    Maybe kcfred will loan me his copy.

    COME ON KCFRED don’t be mad, just a little humor.


  14. Rick says:

    WAY 2 SOON
    Be Sam or Craig I’m at a lost to understand writing the Chiefs off prior to even a preseason game. Just way to early.

  15. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Craig makes me moist.

  16. Kerouac says:

    et tu, eg & ha?
    About half KC’s ‘the right 53’ is still made up of Herm Edwards/Carl Peterson’s Chiefs – 90% plus their very best players also came here during the former regime, which lasted three years in tandem.

    Enter now year three, egoli & hailme. Three drafts – three free agency periods – three years make trades. How do you like em now? To borrow from ‘Twilight Zone’ ep ‘Eye of the Beholder’, “no change – NO CHANGE AT ALL!” Oh sure, different personalities, smoke & mirrors, same result: ‘nother cigar-less post season.

    The party line, fandumb: “Well yeah, but THIS is the year!” Isn’t it always… like beautiful women, dashed hopes dime a dozen.

    “THESE guys know what they’re doing!” Don’t they all before the fall… Lamar signed Stram to a 10-year deal in ’71 too; OUCH.

    Parts is (just) parts? Hardly. “Any 22 off the street” will do? How’s that working out? 31-10 and 30-7 to end the season. Last years kcindy is this year’s 2009 Miami Dolphins; may become the 2010 Dolphins too, in 2012.

    Treading water… get used to it. A Kansas City tradition for more than 40 years.

  17. Kerouac says:

    Sans one aspect of your football team being ‘great’, it can win ‘games’ but cannot not win a World Championship. Not ‘one’ as in a single player but an amalgam of talent defense and/or offense. Two legit Pro Bowl nominations (charles & bowe – both Herm/Carl men) does not a team make (nor one who declined due to injury hali – another Herm/Carl man – as well injury replacement fill-ins like ca$$el and dinkle-berry.) Waters got there on reputation, same way egoli got here. Brian’s gone now… in time, eg & ha too.

    Even though KC won the Superbowl post 1969, by that season the Chiefs once great offense the 1966-1968 period was slipping- it was their defense featuring four future Hall of Famers that essentially won that game (actually 5 as excluding S Johnny Robinson is tantamount to omitting a Buddy Rich from a greatest drummers list).

    In the same way ‘guns don’t kill people, bullets do’, schemes/individuals don’t win Rings, teams do. KC hasn’t had a ‘great’ via the definition ‘complete’ team since 1971; sometimes D, sometimes O, ne’er the QB or K when you need them most, twain to meet.

    Former Chiefs DE Wilbur Young understood. Back in his days here the 70’s, he answered a reporter’s seeming indictment Wilbur’s immense size/talent compared his play with, “hey I ain’t no Army, man.” Upshot: there is no ‘I’ in team -individuals ain’t the way, less you assemble 53 something along the lines 1960’s Green Bay Packers – the ultimaTE in footbAll Machinery.

    Forget Casey Printers – there have also been many ‘greatest ever’ players never could never make chicken salad out of chicken **** (Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus & Dan Marino among others – HOFr’s all.) Elway was also-ran until Terrell Davis arrived, for all his natural talent despite two bad knees Namath was beneficiary of a great & opportunistic Jet defense in ’68 (not to mention copious unforced Colt errors.) Bart Starr wasn’t as talented as Joe but was the better ‘QB’ – that he had a defense chock full of Hall of Famers helped.

    Only in the latter day offensive-slanted rule-change addled world of pro football could a team like the St. Louis Rams prevail: Warner & Co. If it were not so, i.e., was just “all about the O” as tv commercial suggests, the 1960’s LA/SD Chargers – greatest collection of offensive talent ever – would not have lost two Championship games to the conversely great defenses of the Buffalo Bills, once even shutting SD out. Note too that despite the presence the vastly OVERhyped Tom Brady, saw his perfect world go POOF Superbowl 42, due lack of defense.

    1966, KC had the best scoring offense in all of pro football… also had those future Hall of Famers defense… not enough. Packers 35-10, though the game was closer than the 25 point differential suggests. That 30-7 loss to the Ravens was replay Superbowl 1: close first half, 2nd half became rout in the final analysis – worse, it was ‘not’ as close as the final score indicated.

    The Chiefs added Lanier, Lynch and Kearney in 1967, Culp in ’68 as well Aaron Brown who returned from injury, then Marsalis in ’69. kcindy 2011? Can add all the offensive do-dad’s in the world – without better D (a 35 year old NT? Special teams LB?) – fugedaboutit.

    Maybe about 2013 this era’s team adds our versions Lanier et al ’67-’69; By then, egoli & hailme are gone, next regime arrogantly enters promising, same as eg & ha, same as Carl’s denied ‘5 year plan’, etc. Even Hank Stram fell sway the machinations of the ego, saying before Superbowl 1, “we’ll tear the NFL (Packers) apart.”

    That score again SB 1 ~ 35-10, GB
    A defense later SB 4 ~ 23-7, Chiefs

    2010 31-0 Chargers ~ 31-10 Raiders ~ 30-7 Ravens

    I’m not heavy… I’m a realist.


  18. smartman says:

    Unofficial Ombudsman Speaks
    10% of KCMO proper does NOT attend Rockfest. The bulk of the attendance comes from the ENTIRE 5 county metro area of
    1.8 million people or whatever the number is this week. Based on what I was told after Rockfest by a salesperson, Entercom estimated that this year there were fans in attendance from at least 11 states besides Kansas and Missouri.

    C’mon Craig, if you’re going to work the Hegelian Dialectic angle do it with a measure of RESPECT to its’ namesake.

  19. kcfred says:

    no hatin’
    I ain’t hating anyone. I just think it’s funny that because Glazer’s on Dare, EVERYONE is supposed to know who he is. I have listened to Johnny Dare once and I’ve lived here almost 40 years. Sure, Dare’s popular but so is Jerseyshore, that still doesn’t make it good. Sorry, Dare’s humour goes straight for the common denominator with little or no creativity. If I want to hear tits and ass jokes and stars who call themselves “liitle dick bitch”, I’ll listen to Stern. KY used to get 80,000 to fill Arrowhead every summer. Now, THAT’S impressive. Terrestrial radio is dead. Hell, two versions of KY have already been pastured. So, again, I ain’ hatin on anyone, but just becasue you and Johnny are buddies doesn’t mean that most of the people in KC that have teeth have heard of you. Hell, I had no idea who you were until I started reading the junk that you call journalism. Did you write your book? All by yourself? Maybe you should use that person here or quit writing about stuff you don’t know.

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    I Know Alot Or Can’t You Read, Try My Book Moron
    When you attack your betters this is the answer you get. See hater I have proof that backs me up YOU DON’T HAVE EVEN A REAL NAME. END OF GAME, THANKS FOR PLAYING.

  21. d says:

    True Story
    I searched Craig Glazer on Wikipedia.

    It said “Do you mean Craig Blazer?”.

  22. Cliffy says:

    You don’t seem to understand, kcfred. If you disagree with Glazer you are a hater. It’s very simple. The people who agree with Glazer on here are really Glazer under a different name. He has several personalities, male and female. It’s fun to follow.

    I have never listend to Dare. I had never heard of Glazer until a couple of years ago when I started visiting this web site. That makes me a hater.

  23. smartman says:

    I Googled Glazer
    Google response was Why?

  24. Craig Glazer says:

    Cliffy You Are Invited To Leave
    Cliffy and friends, since I suck, don’t read me anymore, don’t comment anymore. Find a life. I have one, you guys need one. The question is this, I matter you don’t. Why? You have done nothing with your lives to be proud of, nothing. Thats why you write under pretend names. i am Craig Glazer, Hearne is Hearne,,who are you? You are a fake coward. If you had any guts or balls you would write back, hey know what I am so and so….with your name. You won’t cause you are ashamed. Thank you. Go find an old dog to kick, huh.

  25. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    I googled Glaze 2 million stories
    But I know I am Glazer. He counts, so do I you don’t. Love you.

  26. Cowboy says:

    Ain’t This A Chiefs Football Story?
    Why does it always get personal? Jezzzzz!

  27. Hearne Christopher says:

    He’s a regular on about four other stations, has been on local TV a ton and in the Star a lot. That count?

  28. Hearne Christopher says:

    Now boys, play nice.

  29. Hot Carl says:

    Yes, the Chiefs are average. Yes, they have a tough schedule. But the rest of the division also sucks and plays nearly the same schedule. The Chiefs can be this year’s Seahawks and win the division at 7-9 or 8-8. Being the best of a shitty lot is better than being just plain shitty.

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