Today: Major Renovations @ Downtown Marriott Send 12th Street Jump to Jardine’s


Time to do some reading ‘tween the lines…

Word that theater and jazz guy Mark Edelman‘s 12th Street Jump, old time jazz radio show is on the move again was an eyebrow raiser. The show will move this fall from the Downtown Marriott lounge to Jardine‘s jazz club, just north of the Plaza.

The show launched two years ago as the 12 O’Clock Jump and broadcast live at midnight on KCUR-FM from KC’s historic Mutual Musicians Foundation. That was then. A year later Edelman and the MMF parted company over – what else? – money and the show migrated to the hotel on12th.

But while a move to Jardine’s may also be money-motivated, this time there’s no bad blood. Sources say the Marriott is embarking upon a major redo of it’s dated lobby and lounge areas.

In the hope of staving off a 1,000 room convention hotel that’s been on the drawing boards for years?

That’s the way it appears to some. In any case, the renovations will leave Edelman’s show temporarily homeless…

"We were going to begin hosting the show in September but then we got word that that the (Marriott’s) renovation had been pushed back to November," says Jardine’s owner Beena Raja. "So now the 12th Street Jump is going to start in October. We’re hosting the first Jump on the first Saturday in October. And it will play here once a month in October, November and December on the first Saturday of every month. Then it will play here four times – every Saturday – in January."

Here’s how it will go down…

"The show will start at 10:30 p.m. and go until 11:30 p.m. and then it will be aired at midnight as ‘Live from Jardine’s,’ " Raja says. "Joe Cartwright is the leader of the rhythm section and after the show Joe will continue on with the band and maybe some of the special guests until 2 a.m. So it may just be one big party.

"But I will have two dinner shows earlier with Ida McBeth at 7 p.m. and  9 p.m. Ida is redoing her entire show starting in October when she begins playing her exclusive club dates in Kansas City at Jardine’s."

So 12th Street Jump will continue at Jardine’s until when exactly?

"Right now, it’s looking like May or June or something like that," Raja says.

Stay tuned…
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5 Responses to Today: Major Renovations @ Downtown Marriott Send 12th Street Jump to Jardine’s

  1. Tracy says:

    Sounds like a cool party
    Excellent news, sounds like a win/win–and a very cool party. Wonder if there will be a late night cover fee to stay for that.

    Then I’d just have to take a nap so I could stay up till 2am! Good networking, Beena and Mark. Apparently producing jazz can demand as much improvisation as actually performing it.

  2. Robertoe says:

    very cool
    Go Beena go!

    Who’s idea was it to do 12 O’Clock Jump from a boxy downtown Marriott? I mean the hotel is fine. This city needs it. But its like the dichotomous opposite of the Mutual Musicians vibe. Jardines has the right flavor. I’m glad to see this.

  3. Hearne says:

    I wrote this rather delicately guys but…
    The story here is – and it’s a scoop – that the Downtown Marriott is about to do a much-needed major redo of its lobby and maybe more starting in October/November.

    My guess is they don’t want that new 1,000 room convention hotel coming in and eating their lunch and they’ll be major playing behind the scenes to get whatever tax schmoozes they can for the Marriott and the Muehlebach.

    Stay tuned for the press release story from my pal at the Star, Kevin Collison.

    Speaking of which, K Man, we’re supposed to go to Knuckleheads, remember?

  4. bschloz says:

    Best of Luck to Mark and Ms Raja.
    This is a good idea…look forward to October.

  5. JazzFanInKC says:

    Nice, But
    I was at Jardine’s last Wednesday. I ordered the KOBE burger. It was a hamburger so dry and flavorless I couldn’t finish it, accompanied by cold fries. Meanwhile, most musicians’ pay at Jardine’s has reportedly been cut by 35% and the hours of live music have been reduced (to 3 hour from 4 hour shows much of the week). Jardine’s appears caught in a downward spiral. Beena is a wonderful person. I sincerely hope she has the resources and skill to pull the club out of this sad slide, because Kansas City needs a jazz club like Jardine’s has been when at its best. I hope Mark isn’t needing to look for another home for the show before next May.

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