Glazer: Heartless Chiefs Release Brian Waters, For What? You Watching, Sam?

He was NFL Man of The Year just two years ago…

He’s all that’s left of the last good Kansas City Chiefs team of the early 2000s. He was a pro bowler in last year. He was the locker room leader of the Chiefs. And he was cut yesterday.

Brian Waters, age 34, all-pro guard was released by the Chiefs. As usual with the Chiefs – and too many other teams – not enough kind words came from the top. Nor did they seem to care in the least.

"It was mutual," was the storyline. Sure.

Waters was probably in his last year, playing well and wanted to finish his career here in KC.

Uh, no. Bye.

Since Hank Stram, the Chiefs front office – especially Carl Peterson – has been at best, ice cold.

Nobody matters except the players that are getting it done right now or who are on the verge. As stars drop a step, if even that, they are no longer important to anyone up front.

We’ve seen this too many times.

It’s painful to watch from the outside at times. Take the lifelong poor treatment on Chiefs maybe all-time, best offensive star, Otis Taylor. It’s criminal how he was ditched and still is to this day.

Maybe it’s more important to the Chiefs fans who wants to win NOW. But the Chiefs – gee, what a shock – have done, uh, nothing as far as free agents. Nothing, zip. We like our team even without a couple of guys like Waters left!

A team that needed to make many, many, moves has done nothing.

YES, I KNOW THEY BOUGHT A second string receiver, Steve Breaston. I’m thrilled. Of course, they’ll get a couple other guys. They have to, don’t they? We need a No. 2 quarterback, we don’t have one. So is it Jake Delhomme? Great.

Don’t kid yourself, other teams have jumped hard on these talented free agents to make moves to go deep in the playoffs. THE TEAM WE ARE MODELED AFTER, NEW ENGLAND, LANDED THREE YESTERDAY….including listen up…Albert Haynesworth and Chad OCHOCINCO. They’re now Pats.

Oh yeah, the Chiefs don’t believe in getting players that have been trouble elsewhere or are of questionable character! See, they got that from the model team New England. Right.

We are under the cap huge and don’t need any veteran stars; we have a Super Bowl team right now.

P.S. we need a nose tackle because the one we had left. Might want to fill that small need ASAP since we’re already in training camp. 

Oh and Sam,  are you watching any of this stuff?

I know when we sign a name SHMO you and the Star will be all over it, but c’mon…
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24 Responses to Glazer: Heartless Chiefs Release Brian Waters, For What? You Watching, Sam?

  1. THE EXPLAINER says:

    Sam’s not a beat writer for the Chiefs.

    A “beat writer” has a particular field, interest, or institution he covers exclusively. Mark Morris, for example, covers Federal Courts (that should interest you, being a felon and all).

    A “columnist” has no specific area he has to write about (ice hockey, for example) but instead can pick and choose from the topics that fill a general field (sports).

    So naturally, the beat writers had this covered.

    Glad to help

  2. Cliffy says:

    Nice try, Explainer, but he won’t get it. Just thought I’d weigh in as I wait for chuck, smartman, et al to show up and make this site worth reading.

  3. Kerouac says:

    egoli & hailme ain’t heavy… they’re incompetent
    Brian Waters – he was a ‘Pro Bowler’ last year just like mutt ca$$el & erik dinkle-berry were – by default – none of the three via merit. Difference: Waters was a Pro Bowler on merit several times his career, whereas the latter 2 will ne’er (being an injury replacement is not the same; sort of like being the 54th & 55th man – on a 53 man roster.)

    Waters deserved better (not that one should ever expect said from egoli & hailme… the deux football favor forgot.) When last seen final two games 2010 season, their team – moreso defense – was being raped to the tune 61-17. Brian played offense, OG. Don’t believe it was he fumbling (that was twiggy charles), tossing ints (twas the human turnover machine, ca$$el) & getting well-done nee burnt by an 10 catch-108 yard day by todd heap (that chiefly piece of dinkle was wearing #29, answers to the name ‘toast’.)

    Sans his Belichick, egoli’s just another ex-Patriot who failed elsewhere (weiss, crennel among the many). Sans Warner, hailme is… well, just another weekend duffer.


    steve breaston? He got into 15 games last season – even started in 11 of them. And he even managed to score a touchdown – 1 – all year long. Yup, he’ll help. That he scored 3x as many tds a season when Warner was the QB? Shh. We shant talk about that nor that this was despite Fitzgerald and Edge James also taking their football touches.


    Otis Taylor. My hero, along with Len Dawson. Otis was my Willie Davis to Len my Sandy Koufax. Otis said it and I believe it: ‘if I was playing today I’d be catching 150 passes a year.”

    “It’s criminal how he was ditched and still is to this day.” – yes, it’s the egoli way – and maybe clerk hunt’s too nowadays (cutting staff $alerie$, terminating thum/others, locking himself and applying muzzles to hailme’s coaching staff, protecting them(selves?) towers away from those bad people ‘the press etc.)

    It was however also the Peterson way, re: Taylor (he dumped Otis originally, this aft that punk Del Rio did the same.) Good for the latter guy Taylor was already twice as old his mid 40’s compared the 20 something – still recall how Otis took down the 6’8 280 lb. Ben Davidson by the neck in 1970 (tho I must admit I got more of a chuckle out of Gloster Richardson who delivered a nice jab to Ben’s groin – YOWZA!)

    Otis Taylor was NEVER given his due. Even though his ‘numbers’ are better than some Hall of Famers (PITTS Lynn Swann among others), OT will likely never be enshrined. Yet, I’d take Otis over Jerry Rice, having seen both play. For that matter, Taylor and Lance Alworth, Paul Warfield, Charley Taylor & Fred Biletnikoff . Did I also mention among others: Art Powell, Don Maynard, Warren Wells, Elbert ‘Golden Wheels’ Dubenion?

    Twas in 1972 aft Otis great 1971 All Pro season that he said (as much due the times as anything) aft not receiving any commercial endorsements of note nationally, and only a few locally: ‘I’d be so happy to do a dog food commercial I’d even eat the dog food.”

    [Of note, jerry rice too was miffed he did not receive more endorsement opportunities in his career; in his case, rumors of an inflated hat size and having a presence on-camera something along the lines a sparkling piece of wet liver the reason his under-use.]

    It’s true that injuries & Stram’s more conservative offense compared the likes Raiders, Jets & Chargers didn’t help OT stat-wise, nor did the over-reliance upon Jan Stenerud, KCs point totals declining every year from 1967-1970 paralleling the arrival of Jan, this until 1971 when Stram finally opened things up again for the Chiefs final hurrah. (only 34 catches 1970, nod toward conservative Stram).


  4. PB says:

    You Guys Do Realize…
    …that Breaston and the Cards had by far the worst QB play of any team in the league last year? He’s certainly no gamechanger, but a solid addition and to be fair, if only going to site last year’s numbers, you might want to balance that with his numbers when Kurt Warner was under center.

    And I have no sympathy for Brian Waters. At least he’s way better off financially than the typical American worker who gets cut loose on a daily basis for similar reasons.

  5. Cowboy says:

    Strong Post Glazer
    Again, you prove to me and those who matter that your NFL skills are sharp. The Chiefs who said they would work hard to aquire some of these big name stars, have done almost nothing so far. I agree with you, I doubt there will be a truly big name signing from the Chiefs this season. They may consider this a ‘lost year’ due to the rough scheduale they will play. Now that the league is in a ton of transition, maybe some of these teams will be weaker. But I doubt that. The Chiefs are looking to 2012 season for a move. Cassel if the big question mark, as is a strong defense and offensive line. The Chiefs have much in doubt this year. My guess is TROUBLE, like only 6 or 7 wins, could be a lot of EXPLAINING to do at Arrowhead this year.

  6. Joe Cornia says:

    Loved The Taylor
    Good points I agree.

  7. BS_Nerdlaw says:

    So what if training camp has started without more signings..
    You all do realize that all free agents (and that INCLUDES any Chiefs that re-signed a new contract) are not allowed to even participate in training camp until August 4th…which is next Thursday! These free agents are not in that big of a rush to sign, and can’t sign anyway until 6pm tonight at the earliest…because they can’t do anything for another week regardless. Let’s just all calm down a little here. And we also know the Pioli way…very secretive! It’s always gonna be that way. Just because you guys aren’t hearing anything coming out of Chiefs camp doesn’t mean deals aren’t going down. You are not hearing any of the names (i.e. Abrayou Franklin, NT) talking to any other teams either. In this case, it may mean no news is good news until they can officially sign on the dotted line. There is also talk that LaRon McClain has added Chiefs PR people to his twitter account…why would he do that if he wasn’t thinking about joining up with KC? Not saying it’s gonna happen, and if we end up not getting anymore free agents…then yes, I will be ticked off too! But guys, let’s calm down for now…it is NOT even close to being over. Just because other teams are running around announcing their “not official” transactions already, doesn’t mean the Chiefs aren’t trying to pull off some good signings. I could be wrong, but please…wait and see before all of a sudden going off on how the Chiefs aren’t going to get anyone.

    And on the Brian Waters note, I for one tend to believe Waters when he says that it was “mutual”…I loved the guy, and he had many good years here. I will always appreciate what he did here for us. But it was obvious 2 years ago that the guy wanted out…when he got into his altercation with Haley. Don’t feel bad for the guy…I’m sorry, but count me in the camp of people who believe Waters and Pioli did actually sit down like adults and had a good conversation…and came to a mutual decision to move on. The Chiefs have been very good to Waters, and I do not feel like he feels cheated as a player. He is closing in on the twilight of his career, and I belive that he wants to be closer to his family in TX. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him land in Houston or Dallas and play for another year or two…but I could be wrong. Either way, I don’t think there is any ill will between the two parties anymore. We are one day into training camp and everything is already doom and gloom. Let things play out….please.

  8. smartman says:

    Fair Play vs Foreplay
    Certainly in your cock-slinging career you’ve dispatched with an aging piece of flatulent cooze from your stable of snatch with less than the requisite aplomb. Or perhaps a late night bathroom stall shag with the exchange of anything more than a naughty glance.

    It’s business not personal with Brian Waters Don Whoreleone!

    The Chiefs aren’t going to spend any real money on free agents this season. Why should they? No one-two-five or seven people will make a substantial difference in the 8-8 season they are looking at.

    You don’t strike me as the type of person who watches Greys Anatomy with the expectation that the knowledge to imparted will be more medical than carnal. So why in the hell do you have such lofty expectations for either the Chiefs or the Star to do the right thing or anything right?

  9. Better Man says:

    The Chiefs Will Stink Again
    Man when will it end. Craig I agree with your last piece. The Chiefs won the division but at years end were a poor club, no D,no offense, not much. If that happens this year, wow, we win like 4 games. So yeah they still stink.

  10. Doormat says:

    Doormats Again
    The Chumps, I mean Chiefs, will finish 3rd in a weak division. This program may not be on track afterall!

  11. Super Man says:

    Chiefs Will Suprise
    Chiefs win the west 10-6. You’ll see!

  12. Scott B. says:

    Glazer’s club
    Finally went last night for a business outing. The headliner was pretty funny (and very dirty). But your beer tasted like watered down piss. I guess I made the mistake of getting the all you can drink band — I got what I paid for. Holy crap.

    That’s my only complaint. The rest was good and we had some really good laughs. The first two local guys blew but the had about 5 minutes each. The main two (and especially the headliner) killed.

  13. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Maybe Some Don’t Like Your Sports Views, I Am One Who Does
    Always find you of interest Glazer. Don’t stop now. Chiefs, boy doesn’t feel good right now.

  14. chuck says:

    Glaze, he was done man.
    Got pushed around like a grocery cart last year.

    I like that, grocery cart, heh, heh…

    Luv the Carl Peterson Photo.

    All that fucker needs is a Darth Vader helmut.

    That fuckin jacket kills me. I went to Ruth’s Chris on the plaza about 10 years ago, and the fuckin guy was standin just past the foyer in that coat.

    Just standing there like he was posing for Madame Trousseau. What a fuckin character.

    I imagined him lookin over at me and sayin, “I find your lack of pants disturbing”. Or something stupid, he was such a caricacture of himself.

  15. bschloz says:

    Chuck , I think the coat and gloves are Pleather….just a little fella maybe 5.8″?

    The thought of you banging out a post on your flip fone is painful and funny. Have a good weekend sir.

  16. Cool Tool says:

    Chuck Makes A Good Point
    Waters was living on his rep. He took too many plays off. He made pro bowl on his past achievements. However we don’t seem to have a guy or guys to hold the line up. Hope I’m wrong. Waters might have been decent in his last year or two if the Chiefs were winning. I agree the Chiefs stood pat and acquired to this point nothing much. Other Teams are making hey while we wait to see if its slaughter time in 011.

  17. Harlow says:

    Nice Butts
    We only watch to see that ASS!

  18. Hearne Christopher says:

    We all understand what a beat writer is, but thanks.

    Jason Whitlock was not a beat writer either, but when the spitit moved, he moved in. That’s what Craig wants from Sam. Not mere “beat” coverage but drama, passion, anger, humor.

    Is that too much to ask? Maybe.

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    That your shot?

  20. Ricky Richter says:

    Need Some Help
    Chiefs need another good back, strong for short yardage. Our offense was awful by seasons end, no line, no receivers, only Charles could move the ball. We need help. You can’t count on the draft alone.

  21. chuck says:

    I am a sawed off little runt, so its hard for me to determine for sure how big people are, but I am guessing Carl was 6 or 6’1″.

    I think I heard him say “Speak to the Aztec Sun God!!!”, but then again, he might have said “Peterson, I have reservations”.

  22. chuck says:

    As short as I am, I have never looked at anyone’s shoes
    but I guess he coulda had lifts on.

    Remember those shoes in the 70s that guys wore??

    I saw a black dude at Walter Mittys wearing great big shoes with Gold Fish in the heels, I shit you not.

    Maybe Carl had those on.

  23. Craig Glazer says:

    Carl Is About 5′ 8″
    No Carl is not tall, he is 5’8″ maybe 5’9″ or so. He comes off bigger. The guy dresses well and commands a room, no doubt. But as we have seen and heard, Carl is Carl.

  24. chuck says:

    Damn I’m short.
    I’m so short you can see my feet in my drivers license picture.

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