Glazer: Chiefs Return Needs to be Wakeup Call for Star’s Mellinger

So as I wrote a few months back, the football strike that never really was, would be over soon…

Sorry, I mean the lockout. I doubt nine people could tell you much about it or what really happened and why. It’s like Watergate; we’ve all heard of it and, oh yeah, "Nixon’s a Crook." But can anybody really tell you what happened?

Uh, not so much.

And I’m not sure that Nixon (who I didn’t care for) really was a crook. No more so than the other presidents.


Here’s your chance, Sam Mellinger, go deep!

In a couple days the Chiefs, who are one of the NFL’s lowest salary teams, will add likely two or three free agents. A receiver or two, a quarterback and likely a nose tackle. Maybe even another cornerback.

If the Chiefs buy three or four studs – and they might – hey this team could have a great defense.

They are three players away. With that said, Sam, they could win as many as 8 or 9 games with this tough schedule.

Problem is they have no offense. Just one running back and some maybes.

So Sam, get after it son. Find out who, what, why!

And oh yeah, here’s your headline for next week: IS THIS THE LAST CHANCE FOR MATT CASSEL. 

I think if he is not outstanding this year, he may be replaced next year. This team needs a top six quarterback to win and go deep in the playoffs. Matt to this point has NOT shown that.

Right Sam? So lets talk to Matt and Todd Haley about is Matt’s ass is on the block. Or if not it should be.
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24 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Return Needs to be Wakeup Call for Star’s Mellinger

  1. Jack Bat says:

    Yeah Sam
    Yes the Chiefs do need some more great players to be a contender, and some are out there for them. Hope they get a couple.

  2. TIAD says:

    Elementary, My Dear Glazer
    Here’s a new math problem for the Glazey-Eyed One:

    “a few months back” = “soon” ?

  3. Bodine says:

    Sam Is Not The Man

  4. DUMB says:

    The Star will use its beat writers to answer that question, not Sam.

    Hey Craig:

    “I am a good person, and I have good qualities to offer society. . . . ” Remember when you told the court that?

    When does that kick in?

  5. Orphan of the Road says:

    Don’t know if we can expect much from The Death Star
    They ain’t going to piss in the Chiefs cornflakes before having breakfast with them. Too much money to be lost in advertising and no print competition to fuel any heavy lifting on stories.

    Don’t expect the second-coming of JoePo or Big Sesssy ’cause the Star isn’t going to rock the boat.

    Pretty much agree with your assessment of needs. Bowe is a #2 at best.

    With Vrabel gone they will miss his leadership and coach-like work ethic. But the play on the field should be better.

    Cassel is OK, with a bunch of studs around him he might be able to get it done. But not many teams have taken a retread and won a Super Bowl. Of course KC is one of them. High-caliber players around him could elevate his play.

    Last year Cassel regressed at the end of the season. Playing at his ability then or a result of the beatings he has taken?

    Here’s a question for Craig and others. Why is it the Chiefs never, ever look at players from NW Missouri or Pittsburg (why don’t they spell it correctly?). Other teams find diamonds amongst the broken glass in their neighborhoods, why not the Chiefs?

  6. bschloz says:

    Chiefs Will Go To The Super Bowl
    Just wanted to see if Kerouac was sleeping.

    I wouldn’t fade Pioli with Al Davis’s money.

  7. Cliffy says:

    “So as I wrote a few months back, the football strike that never really was, would be over soon…”

    WTF does that mean?

  8. chuck says:

    JMO, but Sam is too leaky a ship to put much faith in.
    Go to Arrowhead Addict for the real breakdown on the home team. They are unapologetic “homers”, but the real deal, in addition to prognostications for our local boys, is right on the money.

    The KC Star is not now, nor has it been for some time, the actual real time “Paper of Record”. That mantle, has fallen piecemeal to myriad internet sources in conjuction with traditional media.

    Agenda driven hires, multiculturalistic slants and the most mortal of sins, closing out comment sections.

    Hypocritically abdicating their responsiblitly as guidons for the 1st Amendment, the Star closes comments when any, and I mean ANY hot button issue makes the news (Or, the so called paper of record, just flat out doesn’t cover a story that is too controversial.)

    Any public vehicle, defining itself as a news outlet, in the 21st Century, who fears the slings and arrows of its potential customers, has forgone the contest before the whistle by closing comments.

    Sam’s superiors and editors will screen and water down any interesting juice, take, story, indictment, et al.

    Ya wanna know what is goin on in the NFL? Never, never listen to a player or a coach. Like they are gonna tell ya the truth?

    “My knees fuckin killin me, or The left tackle couldn’t run block at Kindercare, so our fuckin QB has a concussion, or, the Defensive Line Coach is drunk all the time and…, well you get it.

    All you get is Matt is the team leader. One game at a time. Leave it all on the field, endless shit, and who could blame them?

    Its their job, the coaches and players wanna keep their jobs, and guess what dumbasses, you ain’t getting shit.

    None of us actually interview players or coaches (Wouldn’t make any dfference.) or get close enought to see who gets hurt, or looks slow, nor do we have the expertise to determine those things,

    Read the nationl guys like Pete Prisco (A really big prick, who tells it like it is.) or Banks of any of the jillions of web sites that cover the NFL.

    You have to read national guys who don’t give a shit if Todd Haley or Scott, or cheap fuckin ass Clark Hunt like them.

    That said, Glaze, I gotta dissagree—

    Castle keep, will be kept, barring a very dramatic melt down.

    Dwayne Bowe IS a number one receiver.

    This year will be the toughest on gamblers (Me) in a long time. The lock out and the subsequent free agent scram is goin to put a ton of pressure on gamblers, and they will make bad decisions for the first three games. My bookie, is currently away in college (Fuckin colest guy you ever met.), so I am hoping to lay back and learn.

    Many rumors out there now, but there will be so many more surprises this year, because of the situation relating to the contract and the time frame to get ready for the season.

    Probably your best bet early, Home Dogs.

    Still think the Chiefs go 9 and 7.

    Lotta shit goin on in San Diego.

    They better get that safety signed and figure our Vincent Jackson.

    De Angelo Williams to the Broncos?

    Sit tight and hope the Chargers fuck things up and we get another lay down.


  9. Craig Glazer says:

    Stinky I Mean Cliffy
    I refer to my artilce a few months back addressing the same issue. I said the strike will be over and the season would not be in any trouble. Thats all anything else you want to bitch about? You might remember I said they might put college football on Sundays and Mondays if need be, but of course that didn’t happen.

  10. gerald Bostock says:

    Society’s child
    Read that LA Times story about Glazer’s sentencing. When a judge decides to go HIGHER than the federal prosecutor’s sentencing recommendation, that’s almost always a sign that the defendant has crossed some serious boundaries and has made no friends in the judicial system–maybe cocky behavior that alienated the judge, maybe evidence (but not enough to prosecute) of more misdeeds beyond the case before the bar;maybe the presentencing report made it clear the guy had to sit in a cell for a lot of years; maybe the judge didn’t like Glazer’s toupee.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Never Wore One Dick Breath
    So Cliffy has about six hater names. Maybe Bob Dole wrote the judge and asked him to not give me even bigger sentence. You don’t even know what the case was ghetto boy. Buy the Book then come over and bow down to your betters little brained. Thank you.

  12. Cowboy says:

    Man What Does Any of This Have To Do with Sam The Man
    Haters my lord. At least stay near the subject.

  13. Orphan of the Road says:

    I don’t see a #1 in Bowe. Doesn’t have the speed nor the ability to catch anything thrown his way. What am I missing on the guy?

    If he can learn to catch the easy ones, I see him as a #2 in the mold of Charlie Johnson. No shame or knock on being a #2.

    For many, many years I would clean up on opening day of football. Load up and bet the Raiders to lose. Something like 15 or more years they lost every opening game.

  14. Cliffy says:

    Wrong, Cowboy. A writer should at least know how to write. That’s on subject. But it doesn’t surprise me that you come around to kiss Glazer’s ass again.

    Wrong, Glazer. Unlike you, I write under only one name. I’m honored in a pathetic kind of way that Glazer chooses to respond to me every time when it’s obvious there are plenty of people here that recognize he’s not the sharpest tack in the box.

    On Craig’s other article on doing jail time (which he must have gotten help from Hearne on since it was relatively well written) I had the same thought as Bostock. But my over-riding feeling was that I’m just happy that people who deserve to get subjected to that kind of thing occasionally do.

    Sam’s doing just fine. He’s no Posnanski or Whitlock but I said that back when Hearne proclaimed he had already surpassed both of them. At least he paid attention during English.

  15. chuck says:

    The guy is a beast.

    Not a quick study, but steady improvement and a better attitude.

    I like Parcell’s quote-you are what your record says you are. Bowe had 15 TDs and about 1200 yards. Thats number one rec in my opinion.

    I know this is just my opinion, but here it is.

    He had NO PROTECTION last year at all, was on a very average team, with an average QB and still pulled down 15 TDs.

    Its just my opinion, but I DO think he will get much better, and if you watch the guy, he can really muscle people out of the way and take the ball.

    So, it is an opinion based on watchin the dude, in combination with his stats, and my perception (Right or wrong) that he is ascending as a player on a team that will be better this year.

  16. chuck says:

    Just went and looked up his stats.
    Bowe finished, lapping the field in TD receptions with 15. He also tied all receivers for the most scores caught from inside an opponent’s 10-yard line. In short, in his fourth pro season, Bowe finally lived up to his potential as a crazy leaper and a bully in the open field. It took longer than it does for most high draft picks these days, but the light most definitely went on.

    That from Fox Sports. They are all pretty much the same.

    Bowe was not targeted ONE time in the loss to the Ravens. He was double and triple teamed because the Chiefs had no protection that scared teh Ravens on the other side. The same thing happened in the Oakland game.

    Its really always about the players, how many and how good are they?

    If the new kid can draw some fire, then D Bowe will ascend into the ranks of current elite recievers this year.

    Here is something else.

    If the Cheifs are losing, he will post even better stats.

    No way MC doesn’t throw it to him this year. Haley would kill ’em.

    One more thing, the Cheifs GOTTA get better in the slot. DM is hurt constantly and they will make some effort with all that cash to sign a slot guy, one more reason I think Bowe gets better, even if the Cheifs stay at 500

  17. chuck says:

    Just cked out the SD Bolt report on teh Chargers
    It looks like they are determined to sign Eric Weddle and Vincent Jackson is even making happy noises.


    Eric Weddle is brutal.

    Vincnet Jackson, if he stays healthy is the best rec in teh West.

    Phillip Rivers might be as good as A Rodgers on an inferior team.

  18. chuck says:

    The Raiders are only 6.5 million under the cap.
    So long to a lot of pretty good players like Mike Huff and Robt Gallery.

    No they are not great, but teh Raiders have to get rid of them to pay Darious Heyward Bey and McFadden. Ouch.

    Nnambdi Assyou mutha is GONE!!!

    Go Chiefs!!

  19. chuck says:

    I heard Petro on the radio today say that
    Nambdi Assayomamma only defended 25 passes in 2 fuckin years!

    Ok, there are obviously 32 games over that span, so the guy had to watch out for about 3/4 of a pass per game for two years.

    He makes Darrel Island Revis look like Dr. fuckin House.

    Dude can cover, but now he can cover in another division.


  20. Rainbow Man says:

    Totally disagree. The Chiefs few big losses last year were close. Cassel will be better. We know what we have in Charles. Bowe is better. They have only progressed since the Pioli administration. And they are adding on. I expect the same this year. Progression. I CAN’T WAIT to be at Arrowhead.

  21. Orphan of the Road says:

    Very valid points. Another stud receiver on the field with him and he could move up to the lever of a #1. Those easy catches he drops concern me.

    Management in SD seems the best at pulling defeat from the jaws of victory. Don’t think Rivers has a warrior’s heart. Reminds me of Plummer.

    Broncos seem to be looking to move Orton. I don’t think he’d ever take a team to the promised land (unless he was surrounded by absolute studs) but keeping Brady Quinn over him doesn’t seem right. Unless somebody is looking to offer them a bundle for Orton.

    The Raiders organization reminds me of the movie The King of Hearts. Inmates escape from asylum and discovered by outsiders running a town.

    Chiefs could be 8 & 8 and be a much better team. Their schedule as we look at it now is just brutal.

    I bet if you wrote a weekly look at the matchups it would be not only entertaining but informative. Been a long time since I’ve read any tout sheets with any humor.

    Looking forward to your insights during the season.

  22. Kerouac says:

    No monsoon rains nor cupcake schedule will save kc in 2011
    Somewhere between 2 wins and 7 will lie prostrate the corpse the 2011 kcindy’s. Last year’s schedule – weakest in the entire NFL – allowed a 4 win team seem something more – until RAVEN DOMINATION followed CHARGERS and RAIDERS same to smash that illusion & burst that faux mirage nee bubble, coach reverted pumpkin, slipper no longer fit – and seeing that it didn’t – team quit.

    Offense? Beating up your little sister (last year’s cupcakes) gives way a trip to the NFL woodshed, 2011.

    ca$$el looked like a boy among men regular season, post & pro bowl (where he was but an injury replacement & not there due to election); the guy’s arm is so weak it makes Lenny Dawson’s ‘gun’ look like Elway’s, comparison. Unless kcindy re-signs a Brodie Croyle – and they should, as he’s their best qb – UFL, CFL & NFL washout tyler polka & iowa rookie ricki standstill provide no hope… not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

    charles is still porcelain in cleats, and still fumbles when hit by 3 mph breezes… another year or two and he’ll be moving slow-motion like LJ ended up. bowe still disappears (RAVENS) when he should be center stage, and moyaki & mclackluster were both overhyped rookies who missed time due to injury.

    And those are the highlights.


    The massively OVERhyped #1 bust 2010 ‘toast’ berry suffered 3rd degree burns throughout the season in pass coverage (dinkle still hasn’t located the Ravens Todd Heap or the Chargers Antonio Gates (psst! AG’s in the endzone, just like tony gonzalez who left ‘toast’ in his wake that same game #29 snuck into (like ca$$el) as an injury replacement.)

    lb hali is a one-trick pony, lb johnson shows up about once every 4-5 games, and cb flowers is overhyped (he can’t carry the shoes of kcindy’s best, brandon carr). ty ‘inaction’ jackson will be the epitaph upon egoli’s football gm tombstone, kcindy.

    Herm Edwards was 19-13 with a playoff win aft his first two seasons, 25-23 aft year three… hailme is but 14-18 with 0 playoff wins through his first two years; aft this his third year, his record will show he’s ‘the former’ head coach of kcindy. hailme would have to finish 11-5 and win a playoff game to even TIE Herm… ain’t gonna happen.

    Herm Edwards took two different teams to the playoffs his first season at each, NY & KC. At NY, the ‘great’ (snicker) parcells et al had failed to make post season two straight years – Herm took over and the Jets made it immediately. Ditto in KC, where vermeil failed to make post season two-straight years – Herm arrives, and his Chiefs make it year one – again.

    With hailme will exit egoli, who will manage survive until aft the 2012 season only because clerk hunt will not want to pay the buffoon from new england for the final year of his contract without getting one more medicore season out of him.

    AFC WEST 2011

    1 OAK
    2 SD
    3 DEN
    4 kcindy

    Damn I’m good!

  23. chuck says:

    Kerowhack rouses himself from his summer slumber
    to return as our favorite foil.

    Some of that shit was pretty funny (Todd Heap just got cut though.). Ricki Standstill. 🙂

    I take issue with most of your comments, but I think I will just check out your prognostication, and see where it goes. Except for this…

    You mention Herm Edwards and your Chargers. My favorited Herm Edwards effort, was not when he was with the Chiefs, it was when Herm and the Jets shwed up Jan. 8th, 2005 as a wild card, to play agruably the best team in San Diego History.

    The Chargers, as always, CHOKED! 20 to 17, another Charger choke.

    If the Cheifs lose, this year, last year, no one is under any illusions. They just don’t have the horses. The Chargers just don’t have the heart.

    The Chargers best days have come and gone.

    This is their last hurrah.

    Welcome back.

  24. bschloz says:

    Only Price Pays….but,but,but,
    “Last year’s schedule – weakest in the entire NFL” what does that mean? You make it sound like Chiefs played Toledo every week while the Chargers and Raiders took on the Steelers.
    Since 2005:
    Chargers- 64-32 ( We can handle these guys in Arrowhead rain snow sleet sunshine Sunday , Monday , Thursday..Rivers or Leaf)
    Donkeys – 49-47 ( whatever)
    Chiefs – 39-57 (Herm was awful ..2006-07 going 6-26 — Herm couldn’t run a Walgreen’s)
    Raiders- 28-68 (quite possibly the worst franchise in sports at this point) Al Davis like Weekend at Bernie’s

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