Today: What Boycott? P&L District Cover Charge Sends Urban Kid Crowds Packing

About KC Confidential’s scoop on the Power & Light District‘s new credit card only cover charge policy…

Looks like it’s working. The crowds of urban youth that have been assembling on weekend nights this summer outside the P&L were down markedly Friday and Saturday, reports KC Strip point man Bill Nigro

"I drove through there and I’d say there were less kids there this weekend than last weekend," Nigro says. "Maybe 200 or 300 total. Where the week before there were easily 500 kids."

That despite a local Web site’s call for a boycott of the P&L following Craig Glazers report that P&L patrons were being required to pay a cover charge via credit card only to get in on Friday and Saturday nights.

"They had a decent weekend," Nigro says of the P&L. "I went through there both nights and I didn’t see any staged picketing against them or any signs of a boycot. And they had really good crowds both Friday and Saturday nights."

All while continuing to enforce the cover to get into P&L but not accepting cash…

"But it’s only after midnight and you get two drink tickets with it," Nigro stresses. "I think it’s a good move on their part, it keeps the gang kids out. You know, they’re just like we are in Westport, we don’t tolerate misbehavior.

"And we’ve all had a good summer and the trollys are doing great. We’re having our best numbers ever right now. We had more than 500 riders Saturday night – closer to 600, actually."

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6 Responses to Today: What Boycott? P&L District Cover Charge Sends Urban Kid Crowds Packing

  1. smartman says:

    Not Othello Botello
    Fat Culo proved with finality that he shoots more blanks than a gelding. He’s nothing more than a big tittie loving mysogynist who has the N-WORD dropped on his site more than in Suge Knights auto-biography.

    One of his top commenters is “The niggers ruin everything guy”

    He played fast and loose with the facts, never mentioned that $10 = 2 drink tickets trying to create a Zona Rosa Parks moment.

    Tony’s got less credibility than Bagdhad Bob. His racial hypocrisy is blatant, you never see any black chicks with watermelon sized gozongas on his site.

    Too much of anything is bad for you, heroin, booze, Sonic and even Freedom of Speech. TKC yells fire in a crowded theatre every day. Time to put the fire out.

  2. chuck says:

    That commenter kills me.
    “The niggers ruin everything” guy posts that comment on ANYTHING!

    Tony will paste an article about the weather, and sure enough, “The niggers ruin everything.” comment shows up.

    The shocking incongruity of the statement in an article about the weather, well…

  3. MATT says:

    More Trolley lies…
    When is this BS gonna stop? There’s no way they’re hauling 500-600 people per night. No way.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    That’s not what Nigro said, Matt. He said he had a really good night that one night and had nearly 600 riders. I’ll flesh it out and get some larger numbers for you.

    Frankly, even that doesn’t sound like a very big number to me. Thousands would be somewhat impressive, but I think the main thing right now is shooting for breaking even. Which if I recall is maybe around 400 or a little less.

  5. gully says:

    It’s all a set-up, with Tony being paid to start a boycott to keep Tony’s readership out of P & L. Okay, so that is a tin-foil hat fantasy I made up as a joke, but it works when you think about it.

  6. mermaid says:

    Paying a 10 dollar cover to get into KCP&L! That is ridiculous! If they think it’s going to help with crime it’s not. The murder was in the parking garage not in the bars. I like to go to the district occasionally to eat and maybe just grab a drink in the middle and people watch or go to Mosaic but no way am I paying 10 dollars plus parking then 10 or more a drink. I’ll be boycotting that.

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