Glazer: Tom Cruise Rocks TJ Miller with Movie Schmooze @ Stanford’s

My buddy TJ Miller is now closer to being able to say, "Man, I’ve done it all…"

On his way to Stanford’s last week, to help launch the career of his pal, Nick Vatterott, Miller got a call from his agent. Tom Cruise is shooting a big budget film called ROCK OF AGES and had one more part to cast. Tom picks his co-stars and he’d just been watching Miller’s clips and asked TJ to come to Miami Sunday, hang and go over his part.

TJ joked, "Hell, they’re spending more on getting me there and five star hotel and travel than I may even get paid." 

A limo picked TJ up at the Legends hotel he was staying. And last night he was hanging with the Cruiser in Miami.

What a life…

Miller’s earned it. In just three short years nobody has starred, co starred or been featured in more films than TJ. Not all comedies either. He was the park ranger in Yogi Bear, the star and on screen camera man in the horror film Cloverfield. Along with Unstoppable with Denzel. Miller is best known for playing Stainer in  SHES OUT OF MY LEAGUE, which you can see today on HBO. Miller also starred in Carpoolers for MTV. My favorite was his role the dope dealer hotel clerk in Get Him To The Greek. Very funny.

What a great person.

I now see him like a little brother to be proud of. Like I’ve been with Steve Kramer. Miller’s talent is explosive and lights up the stage or screen. He is a right now, big time film star for sure. And he was so kind to fly to KC for no money and help us and Nick fill Stanford’s so his pal could get a great start here as a headliner. TJ co starred and did media with Nick. It sure worked, no seats anywhere in a couple of the shows including last night’s command performance.

It’s such a nice feeling to feel you’ve helped launch the career of a talented, nice person like TJ Miller. I have a feeling he may come back this way again. Hope so. Ah, to be a role model, yeah that’s it role model.
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6 Responses to Glazer: Tom Cruise Rocks TJ Miller with Movie Schmooze @ Stanford’s

  1. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Nice Story
    Sounds like a nice young man, good for him.

  2. Joe Cornia says:

    Stanfords Is Known For Launching Careers
    Yes, that is great. Many people don’t know that you guys launced Sinbad,Louie Anderson,Eddie Griffin, Lewis Black, Larry the Cable Guy and many more. Wish I was ONE OF THOSE, nah, you are great people. I wish TJ the best.

  3. Westport Lover says:

    Saw Him Friday Night
    He’s now one of the don’t miss comics for me, very funny guy. Liked Nick as well.

  4. Tony Tubbs says:

    You A Pimp
    You sure love to pimp you club brother. Thats cool though.

  5. harley says:

    saw him….loved hm….he’s on the fast track to the big track….good luck..
    and yes…i saw many big time comics down at standfords….but tell your
    old man the best bread in the flower pots….i’d give a $100 for one of those…
    congrats to the guy…..its good to see stories like this…makes people feel
    that there is hope…..
    and by the way glaze….WWBD is not barbie….try again…but think not of
    a stripper but of a person with a heart bigger than all of ours.

  6. Rainbow Man says:

    He is good and deserves this. He reminds me of a John C. Reilly type. Also..Cruise is due for another blockbuster.

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