Starbeams: KC Cops Face Facebook, Whitlock Showers & Lara Moritz does Obama

Kansas City municipal court is going paperless.  Now officers will whip out a hand held computer, input your offense, and print a receipt right on the spot as you get a ticket.  For an extra $20 he can post your offense on Facebook and poke somebody.


Kansas City water services is asking people to conserve water because they’re treating 153 million gallons of wet stuff a month. That’s compared the usual 115 million.  Most of the water is being used for watering lawns and then water main breaks suck up a lot of it.  The record was over 200 million gallons in 2007.  This was back when Jason Whitlock was bathing twice a day.


KMBC TV anchor Lara Moritz was in Washington D.C. Wednesday to interview President Obama.  I’m not saying she was throwing softballs but the prez had no idea what to say about Larry Moore‘s squash.


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2 Responses to Starbeams: KC Cops Face Facebook, Whitlock Showers & Lara Moritz does Obama

  1. chuck says:

    come on, the Whitlock joke was good.

  2. smartman says:

    C’mon Chuck, enough with the sympathy yucks, we gotta Darwin up on this site. Survival of the funniest. There are at least 10 people that post comments here that are funnier and more insightful than Kelly.

    After Tracy’s emasculation of Hearne earlier today maybe she needs to be the Emeritus Director of Human Resources. She gets IT. Time for some Tough Love ala Chris Brown and Rhianna.

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