Glazer: KMBZ’s Shanin & Parks Show Fighting the Good Fight

I’ve been a guest on the Mike Shanin and Scott Parks show on 980 KMBZ many times…

Both been wonderful to me as a guest. Yeah, like Johnny Dare they like to give me a little bit of crap. "Oh now he’s gonna mention his book six times." Or, "Oh yeah, we forgot he’s also a film producer as well." 

Parks can be a bit edgy at times, as can Shanin.

But I have to say this; no other show, including sports talk, has more callers than these guys.

I know they have decent numbers in the new Arbitron ratings system, but like many people, I’m not sure how accurate that system is.

I do know this, I’ve done more radio as a guest or guest host than ANYONE living in this city over the last 20 years. Anyone.

And I can smell heat or lack of it when in studio. And KMBZ’s Shanin and Parks have the heat, brothers and sisters. The phone NEVER stops ringing and the texts, emails and boards light up the entire show. They have a dedicated listening audience – yes its mostly over 40 – but they THOSE GUYS HAVE ALL THE DOUGH.

From a news/talk standpoint, they have the most important show at Entercom at this time.

And they work so well as a team. There’s more than 20 years difference in their ages. Parks is right at 40 now, but they are more like brothers more than father and son. They read each others thoughts and agree much of the time. And they can be damn funny. So much so that they also have a movie parody they do each morning on 610 Sports that can be crazy funny.

Shanin and Parks are a pillar of strength in a business that is fighting to stay up there – radio.

Along with Johnny Dare, 610 Sports, WHB, Mix 93.3 and Q104, they are a leader in this city’s voice and power on the airwaves. So check out KMBZ from 2PM-6PM – even if you are not right wing (I’m not). 

PS, yes, I was my usual self on the show, damn funny and good. But that’s another story.

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29 Responses to Glazer: KMBZ’s Shanin & Parks Show Fighting the Good Fight

  1. smartman says:

    Faux Fo Faux
    These 2 douchnozzles are a fucking joke! Their listeners and callers are a bigger fucking joke! They represent everything that is wrong with conservative ideology that stands in the way of making any sort of progress in this country.

    They fancy themselves some type of William F. Buckley clones, but are more like Beavis and Butthead.

  2. cecil warner says:

    here is the truth about radio
    it’s show business, nothing more, and a whole lot less. anyone who puts emotion into radio is jerking themselves off.

  3. harley says:

    old…boring…wrong…old boring wrong….old wrong
    nad just another right wing group of know nothings. A paitr of know nothing who if they allowed
    anyone with intelligence on the air the two old and boring guys would get their asses kicked.
    glaze…. Sorry but you have no reason for being on a show
    where intelligence is reqired. Your posts lack any statistical proof…any intelligent conversation…they
    are great for a 7th grader but beyond that you’re just not up to the task. I enjoy your “inteliigent” posts
    about pus*y…hotties at woodside….running the clubs for one night stands….black stripper etc..
    but don’t make yourself look like a fool trying to imitate so
    meone with some smarts. You’ve been doing well sticking to what you know best…just keep doing that
    and this site will reach a billion unique visitors.
    As for the knuckleheads…give me or smartman a chance on that show and we’d put the old boring guys
    where they need to be….john knox village.
    the two guys on the air are cheap. One can barely walk.
    the other just mimicks the other guy…..reminds me of a ventriloquist act BUT WITHOUT SEEING

  4. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    I can’t believe you’re being so mean to my Craigy-poo. Stop it!

  5. harley says:

    bad ass….whats the story with you and mermaid
    thought this was all set up. robertoe had it all together. show mermaid what she’s been missing hanging
    with players. Show he the way. take her out for coffeeor take her to services.
    she’d be a hit……and don’t forget to show her your hebrew national. come on man….make the big
    move…we’ll be waiting to hear more about the big date…make it happen…….this is a lay down for
    a guy like you

  6. Robertoe says:

    Yeah, whats up?
    Mermaid & I are starting to wonder if:
    1) Mermaid might just be too much woman for the ‘bad ass’. Its easy to post intentions but real world follow through is another thing indeed.
    2) Berk is actually one of the many fictitious characters posting here. How many of them are actually Glaze? It would be funny if I lined this up for the the bad ass jew berk and the other bad ass jew Glaze was sitting there when we showed up!

  7. PB says:

    Those two…
    …are bad enough, but at least show some semblence of sanity, unlike that racist c**t Darla Jay. Why they let her fill in, I’ll never know. Ratings…yeah Rush pulls them in too, big deal…Sarah Palin sold alot of books….just proves we’re a country full of easily-led idiots.

  8. Super Dongman says:

    Hey Craig, why is Johnny Dare’s name always highlighted in black bold letters in your articles? I bet you wish he had some “i’s” in his name, so you could dot them with hearts! Just giving you crap my friend!

  9. the log says:

    rino and dino can suck it
    I used to listen, but now I can’t stand them. Especially parks. Anyone who supported McAmnesty is an idiot and has no biz on a real conservative show. They keep trying to convince the audience that there conservative. If you have to do that your.not. Of course the libtards on this site have other reasons to dislike them.

  10. Orphan of the Road says:

    It seems if you are a Republican
    Like the White Queen you have to believe six impossible things before lunch.

    Shanin and Parks get beat up by the “true conservatives” more than the liberal. They call them both RINOs.

    Love him or hate him, Glazer is the only club owner in this town who might have a broad enough perspective to comment with some knowledge of running a successful nightclub on par with what P&L wishes they were. Other club owners have the knowledge but not the years of perspective. S&P were smart to get him on the show.

  11. Jenifer B says:

    I Am A Faithful Listener of KMBZ with Parks/Shanon
    I love their show, have for many years. I was a friend of Russ Johnson who used to have that spot and passed away recently. Heard Craig on the show yesterday. To be right to the point, as good or better an interview I have likely never heard. He is top notch. I’d hate to debate that guy.

  12. Westport Lover says:

    Parks Is A Nazi
    Glazer glad you like Nazi’s aren’t you a Jew? wow.

  13. chuck says:

    I couldn’t find a podcast with Glaze
    on KMBC’s site.

    Too Late?

    I didn’t get to hear it.

  14. mermaid says:

    Things that make you go hmmm…
    Have you ever noticed how RUDE Shannon and especially Parks are to the people who call in? They act like they are the most intelligent creatures on earth and if a caller seems below their level they say see ya and practically hang up on them and then proceed to make fun of them. I listen occasionally but I don’t see the need in being so mean to people. It’s unprofessional and makes them look trite. I am also wondering how many fake people are blogging. The Berkowitz situation is strange. If he is real what is he thinking? All talk no walk!

  15. Orphan of the Road says:

    Me neither Chuck
    But then again I think the station has a wood-burning transmitter.

    I’m at The Record Bar next Wed if you want a free beer.

  16. harley says:

    LIKE MOSTof the guys in this town. Lots of bullshit. even glaze is b.s….movie…book….all the hype
    hwe spreads about himself….the ego…..he’s like the rest of the guys (according to the women I
    speak with)….they are big do nothings.
    glaze shows pics of girls that are from 2 years ago….anything new glaze to report or is it just
    the same old retreads every week. No fres h meat….
    come on bad ass…you pussy….man up or get offf this stie. We’ve already identified other
    fake phony posters that hearne and glaze are4 putting on here like maureen.
    Maureen listens to shannin and parks….no way…maybe watches beverly hillbillies or
    days of our lives…but never listens to shannin…too busy fixing her nails and hair…
    badd as berkowitz…you let your entire tribe down…the chance to romance a beautfil
    voluptuous….smart woman and you pussed out.
    and glaze…can you show some new talent this weekend so we know you’re not just
    working the old lay downs..
    comeon guys…this site is getting a billion hits…lets step it up…….ands lets se
    who’s got balls and who’s got b.s….
    mermaid….good luck….come see me …i’ll take care of you….come out to see me
    and i’ll rekindle our friendship……….take care…luv to all and stay cool this weekend.

  17. chuck says:

    “wood burning transmitter” 🙂
    I’m old.

    Maybe if my hip ain’t actin up. 🙂

  18. Maureen says:

    Harley Are Off Your Meds
    For two weeks Glazer was your best friend, now he is a full of shit liar. You are a sick old man. TAKE YOUR PILLS HARLEY. Yeah, I know I am make believe. Hearne maybe you should jump in here and explain to wierdo who I am since he is a nut wade. Glazer is b.s. yeah right. I am fake OK, sure fake name guy, by the way Maureen is my real name old folks home Harley.

  19. Cowboy says:

    Harley Fired Before You Started
    Man you had a job dude. Maybe not now. I’ll just call you Jason from now on.

  20. downtown davey says:

    The Cover Is Keep Bad Behavior Out of P&L
    I live in that area. There has been an increase in violence since Westport closed some black dance clubs. For one, I don’t like that at all. We have worked hard to make a NEW DOWNTOWN. Lets not blow it so fast. So I am agreed with the credit card cover. Yes its to lower the hip hop crowd, SO? Thats a good thing, well educated blacks have debit or credit cards, no big deal.

  21. Orphan of the Road says:

    Maureen & Chuck
    Too much month and not enough meds for Harley, Miss Maureen

    I hear ya Chuck. Gettin’ old ain’t for sissies is it?

  22. Media Man says:

    Glazer You Should Have a Show
    Nobody on talk is in your league Glazer. You should be on your own show. I have heard you twice on BZ, smoked it, hard. You and Dare together are insanely funny, I go out of my way to listen to you two on 98.9. I usually listen to 810 or 610, but check to see if you are on Dare. Who do we write or email to say “get him on”?

  23. Tracy Thomas says:

    You write Neil Larrimore, program and news director of 98.1/
    980 KMBZ

    Phone 913/744-3780
    also, write to Dave alpert, the GM,

    Go Tribe KCC!

  24. Media Man says:

    Thank You I will
    Thanks Tracy I will. Hope others do.

  25. Harry Balczak says:

    Anyone who listens to conservative radio is an idiot
    I knew Glazer was a douche, but is he an idiot as well?

  26. Orphan of the Road says:

    Sorry Harry
    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  27. Rainbow Man says:

    This is a terrible and out of touch show…. and it is a shame. I would love real coverage of what is important to Kansas Citians.

    There are thousands of places to get national political perspective. No one covers KC.

    Becka got that. Murphy got that. Hell.. Kietzman gets it.

  28. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Glazer is Not A Conservative
    He said he is a realist. His statements on the show bore that out. He made it clear every issue is different and you shouldn’t vote party lines. I think we can all agree on that one. He is a dynamic speaker. Debbie haven’t heard back from you yet?

  29. Robertoe says:

    name change needed.
    Hey Berk. Forego the ‘bad ass’ moniker from now on. I’d suggest ‘woos’ or ‘phantom’ Berk. I had the Mermaid dinner date all set up for you and you failed to follow through. She’s not going to meet a stranger for a 1 on 1 date like you posted on here last Friday night at 8:30PM (imagine that Berk apparently didnt have a date) She’s got too much class, personality and beauty. And this Mermaid social outing got served up on a silver platter for you. All you had to do is respond. Its her terms, not yours. You blew it. Maybe you can try posting invites to her this Friday night too. Ha!

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