Today: Watson’s Girl Preamble; Divorced, Single, New Boobs & Ready to Rumble

This just in….

Spoke with Family Leisure head Andy Prefontaine this a,m. in Asia. Family Leisure is the name of the biz formerly known as Watson’s and Prefontaine still runs it. He’s also the stepfather of Jennifer Eichler aka the Watson’s Girl.

Prefontaine gave me Jennifer’s cell number – she’s 30-something, divorced, single and no longer shilling for the company. And I have a call into her.

Meanwhile, allow me to share what Metromix Indianapolis laid down in an interview with Eichler last month.

Don’t remember the Watson’s Girl?

"Eichler was the bubbly Midwestern beauty who offered great deals on hot tubs and tanning beds starting around 1994," Metromix writes. "In one memorable spot, she whips off a trench to reveal a black bikini and commodious young breasts: ‘it’s gonna be hot, and you’re gonna need a pool!’ "

After getting married, having a couple of kids, getting divorced and entering her 30s, Prefontaine opted to change the company name and leave Jennifer out of the saucy spots.

Turns out she’s found a new TV sugar daddy…

Eichler’s’s had her "commodius young breasts" resurrected by Eppley Plastic Surgery and is showing them off to homies in local TV spots.

"For a few years after her Watson’s Girl stint, Eichler, now 33, laid low, while still appearing at charity events and in social columns," Metyromix reports. "Now, the divorced, stay-at-home mom is back in the spotlight. On June 15, she’ll host the first episode of her new weekly podcast, “Jennerally Speaking” — which she describes as ‘Sex and the City’ meets ‘Entourage’ — recorded live at 10 p.m. Wednesdays at Casler’s Bar and Grill in Geist. A promo on her YouTube channel reveals a sultry Eichler in bed, cloaked in white sheets. ‘We’re going to be talking about everything,’ she coos. ‘Maybe even things that have happened in my bed.’ ”

Speaking of Jennifer’s personal life, the latest?

"Since I’ve been divorced, I’ve spent most of my time lately taking care of my kids and reacquainting myself with being single," she says.

Stay tuned…

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5 Responses to Today: Watson’s Girl Preamble; Divorced, Single, New Boobs & Ready to Rumble

  1. Cliffy says:

    OK, Hearne …
    those pics are much better.

    I had the TV on in my hotel room in Indianapolis a few years ago and was surprised when one of those Watson’s commercials came on. I thought at the time Watson’s was just a KC thing. They’re in like 8 or 10 cities, right?

    Where Are They Now? Could be a good feature for you.

  2. Hearne Christopher says:

    Well, they were always out of Indy and KC and Nashville were their only other markets last I checked. The question I’d like to learn the answer to is why they changed the name from Watson’s after all those years and many marketing dollars.

    I suspected they’d sold out or changed hands, but Andy told me – and the Indy story confirms – the same folks are in it. Just no Jennifer – the Watson’s MILF

  3. JayhawkTony says:

    You’re Welcome, Hearne
    No need to thank me for the story idea 🙂

    But I’m glad you got one and posted some nice photos of Jennifer…A MILF on her way to Cougartown and still hotter than bacon grease…

  4. Harlow says:

    For Gods Sake Keep Her Away From Craig
    Oh boy if they meet, you’ll have tons of material. I can see that one coming. Blonde, big boobs, fairly young, a bit lost and WHAM along comes Glazer. Beware.

  5. DPMomutant says:

    The picture may have thrown off my math but….
    while they said it was ‘around’ 1994 and my memory can’t confirm it, doesn’t that mean she was 16 when she started showing those things off? Makes this 30-something feel a bit creepy.

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