Glazer: Craig’s List, My Plan for KC Confidential World Domination

OK, here it is and this could really happen…

KCCONFIDENTIAL IS NOW MORE READ THAN THE KANSAS CITY STAR. Now that is going to take a minute or a few years, but stranger things have happened!

The Star, as we all know and agree, along with all print media, is falling hard and fast. Web sites like this one are growing and there are millions of them. With a quarter million unique visitors a month, is fast becoming the most popular outside the Star and closing in on the Pitch. Yes, there are a couple other Web sites of note like Tonyskansascity. However not many really matter outside of the sports talk blogs.

This one is the closest to a real total information website for the Metro.

I know , I know. It has a ways to go. A long ways.

KC Confidential needs more news, weather, sports, stock reports, etc. I am well aware of that and so is Hearne. And of course, a few more writers that matter. We currently have some strong writers in both content and style.

Yes, I know my shortcomings. But most of you – even the haters – enjoy what I do to some extent. Much of my posts are entertainment news and about "The Craig Glazer Lifestyle," which some like, some don’t. However even the haters seem to keep reading and commenting.

And Hearne has picked up the pace a ton as of late, writing as many as three stories on some days, getting good response and more and more comments. As is Joe Miller and Jack Attack. We are building the goods folks.

Deep ito the websites third year now Hearne needs to start thinking big time.

Because he is not in need of money he doesn’t push the ads much. So most of them are the same as say six months back. He has maybe 25 advertisers who like it and are loyal, but of course this needs to grow huge. Simply put Hearne has to decide the direction. He maybe should take on some investors.

I offered to be an owner and help market but he said not just yet.

I like the idea of having guest writers like you guys. We have some talented and interesting comment section people. Surely  there is a spot for Harley, Bshloz, Chuck, Smartman, Rainman, Mermaid, and yes, even Black Barbie (she is too much fun) and many more.

I think we can protect the identity of those who don’t want even us to know who they are.

It’s kinda cool that way. I’m all for it and yes, they can criticize me and whomever they want. Preferably without all the language and personal hate. Otherwise, if they think I suck, that’s fine. Go ahead say why and how much!

There’s a big future for this site if Hearne chooses to move on it. Smaller things have grown huge and started just like this.

Hey, give the guy credit. Come on, we hear more gossip about these stories than any local Star story. They rarely have those kind of stories unless someone in sports or politics gets arrested. That’s about it. Again we have a long way to go, I am sure of that. Maybe you guys can help! 

Maybe you should weigh here in the comments section with your suggestions.

I can imagine the first; FIRE GLAZER!

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58 Responses to Glazer: Craig’s List, My Plan for KC Confidential World Domination

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    I’ve noticed
    a real growth in your writing and the overall content. Still too many articles which remind me of Skip Sleyster’s paid column in the KC Star.

    Chuck is the real deal and the reason I come here most. Offering to publish an original by some of the commentators is a good idea.

    Getting outside of your comfort zone and explore parts of KC area which are not your stomping grounds.

    Maybe you could do an article on the history of music venues in KC. The Chestnut Inn, The Monroe Inn, The Silver Spur and other places long gone but really important in entertainment history.

    Interview some of the folks who make the music happen in this city but are off the radar. Kansas City has a vibrant music community but jam nights and pay-to-play are killing the good musicians who need to make money. Places which support the up and coming musicians could be interesting reading.

    There used to be a column in The Philadelphia Inquirer which would “interview” Bear, Bull and Quandry about economic topics. Could be applied to club and restaurant business as well.

  2. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Capitol Idea
    Craig you have something here. I like Jim Rome cause he lets his regular callers be the star at times. Kcconfidential can do the same thing. It involes other people and we like that. Hey I’d like to be part of this concept. 250,000 readers ain’t hay my friend. I own my own business but I do often hear people my age, I am in my early 40’s, make comments on stories you read right here. So you may be on the right track. Yes you guys have a ways to go, but I say ROCK ON.

  3. Brian Shalton says:

    Closing in on the Pitch?
    While I do visit this site every day, mainly to read Craig’s stories, I don’t know how close you are to overtaking the Pitch. On, a site that ranks websites, your ranking is,1,015,291 the Pitch, 54,315 and, 4,818. Good luck though!

  4. J.P.Connolly Show says:

    It Could Really Happen If You Guys Go For It
    Hey I live in LA we have tons of websites, but this one is a standout for your area. I don’t read the Pitch so I can’t comment on them. Put it into high gear and go for broke boys.

  5. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    I Beg To Differ Toni
    Those are the reasons this site is interesting. I know they had the scoop on Split, Hearne on the editor of the Star being a DUI/dope guy and more, so they do news as well. But yeah it will take some more effort. I think this website has the goods to run forward. I don’t think Tony or Greg were as hot as Glazer and now Hearne gets more attention too.

  6. Kellys Man says:

    Hearne Is Too Rich, Too Lazy
    You got a rich guy in Hearne and a self loving Hollywood guy in Glazer. Neither have the motivation to move this rag that far forward. All we need now is Bill Nigro to write a column. Great.

  7. Hearne Christopher says:

    Those Guess Sites are all over the map, as Tony has explained to me. But clearly the Pitch has more visitors than a three year-old Web site. They also have a ton more red ink (we have none).

  8. Mark X says:

    I vote for …
    …smartman. He needs regular column privileges here..

  9. Toni says:

    I read this site. Just wish there was actual NEWS once in a while. Banging strippers at Woodside, getting a red-light ticket and press releases for Jardine’s don’t count. Unfortunately your most popular writers (Tony and Hall) aren’t around any more.

    As for stats, unique visitors aren’t the same as hits. Like Brian points out, any third-party ranking site is going to put a lid on your hot air.

    Good luck.

  10. HA HA says:

    Don’t make me laugh. The Star has the biggest and busiest website in town. There’s not another media outlet that comes close. Thirty million pageviews a month? Four million unique visitors?

    See, you act as though they are unaware print is dwindling. OF COURSE THEY KNOW IT, DUMBASS! That’s why they’ve built the website into the biggest thing in town.

    But, in the meantime, there’s still money to be made publishing a daily newspaper for all the people who want one. And there are lots of them.

    GET IT?

    The Star knows print will go away and it is facing that head on. It will still be around after Black Barbie kills you in your sleep or whatever. End of discussion.

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    Again, third party ranking sites are all over the map and mostly bogus. As Tony has pointed out.

    Unique visitors is way more important than “hits.” Our hits number, for example is HUGE. But it’s not a real number. One visitor triggers as many as dozens of hits or more.

    Writers come and writers go, and trust me there is no evidence of the two you mention being the “most popular.” Sports gets lots of comments – just as sports radio gets lots of callers – but that doesn’t translate into listeners or readership. Look at the Arbitron ratings. The biggest winners take few to no calls.

    We have the documentation for our site and advertisers (and people like Tony) are well acquainted with the actual numbers. Versus the guesser sites.

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    The offer has been extended

  13. smartman says:

    FAA Clears Donkey For Flight
    Next time your found, with your chin on the ground There’s a lot to be learned, so look around

    Just what makes that little old ant Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant Anyone knows an ant, can’t Move a rubber tree plant But he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes He’s got high apple pie, in the sky hopes

    So any time your gettin low Stead of lettin go Just remember that ant Oops there goes another rubber tree plant

    When troubles call, and your backs to the wall There’s a lot to be learned, that wall could fall
    Once there was a silly old ram Thought he’d punch a hole in a dam No one could make that ram, scram He kept buttin that dam Cause he had high hopes, he had high hopes He had high apple pie, in the sky hopes So any time your feelin bad Stead of feelin sad Just remember that ram Oops there goes a billion kilowatt dam

    All problems are just a toy balloon They’ll be bursted soon They’re just bound to go pop Oops there goes another problem kerplop

  14. What? says:

    You can’t be serious!
    Sites like show you guys at less than 15,000 unique visitors a month. Where on earth are you getting your numbers from? Seriously, I’m curious. I’m sure Hearne will take this comment down and then make his own comment on how bogus those analytic sites are.

  15. Toni says:

    what can you expect…
    …from a guy who takes his blogging and interweb lessons from Tony

    (i.e. “Those Guess Sites are all over the map, as Tony has explained to me”)


  16. Brian says:

    Another point I meant to make was
    that you really can’t compare traffic from site to site. Unless you start offering calendars, box scores and weather, etc. It’s really apples and oranges. Their visitors are more broad and yours are more unique. People visit this site for insider Kansas City information.

  17. Cliffy says:

    I made several comprisons on that third party site analytics page (before you deleted it) using a couple of web sites I am closely involved with. The comparisons looked pretty accurate to me.

    Good luck with the site. I’m really not sure why I keep coming back here every day. I think it’s to feel good about myself because I’ve successfully solved every single math problem that’s been placed before me.

  18. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hey, we have the actual analytics. No need to take your comment down. We don’t have to guess. Just like Tony, The Pitch and The Star we know exactly how many people are visiting our site, pageviews, etc.

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    Sounds like you could use some lessons. Try getting your own site and maybe you’ll learn how things work and you won’t have to guess anymore.

  20. Hearne Christopher says:

    Far be it from us to stump you!

  21. Comedy Guy says:

    Readers, They Said One Day Not Now
    You guys have jumped the gun, Glazer and Hearne are talking about in the future, thats all.

  22. Brian says:

    I don’t think we
    are jumping the gun. Craig states, ” With a quarter million unique visitors a month, is fast becoming the most popular outside the Star and closing in on the Pitch”. That may be overstated. That would be 1 in 8 Kansas Citians (I imagine most visitors are from the Kansas City area). Maybe you could get that guy that tou have count the Plaza visitors on Thanksgiving Night to help verify the number….BTW, Are the math problems supposed to be this hard?

  23. Hearne Christopher says:

    We don’t need the counter dude, the computer does it for us

  24. Hearne Christopher says:

    Slight correction, this is Craig’s baby, not mine!

  25. Ted Tedderson says:

    Three words – hardcore porn site. You guys could make a ton of money.

  26. Robertoe says:

    To ChickShit KC Star guy who posts here w different names
    “…you act as though they are unaware print is dwindling. OF COURSE THEY KNOW IT, DUMBASS!”

    Click here and tell me who the dumbass is

  27. Super Dongman says:

    “Super Dongman” here!
    The “Donger” would love to be a writer for KCC! I’m sure it will catch people’s attention from time to time! Let me know Hearne and Craig!!!

  28. bschloz says:

    You’ve Been Verified
    Who really cares how many people come to the site except Hearne’s advertisers?…from the looks of it he has a nice loyal group. I’m sure these guys wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t cost effective. Today’s Facebook is yesterday’s Myspace ..I have no idea what that means.

    All right Glaze ..whats your deal here? Do you blog for bucks? or banner ads? Doesn’t really matter— I follow a lot of guys that don’t need to blog but it just helps them get their game on. They are usually the best because they don’t have to do it to pay bills. That’s why we like to read Chuck,Smarty,Harley – it has a free form to it…plays mo better. Nuckin Futz….
    Keep posting…Martin and Lewis ..Barnum and Bailey… Ben and Jerry..Harold and Kumar…Hearne and Glaze!

  29. chuck says:

    Thanks for the props Glaze and Orphan.
    This place is always a lot of fun. I feel so sine qua non-ish! 🙂 “You like me, you really like me!!!” Heh, heh…

    I would curtail my nomadic and nondescript habits, embrace a definitive and accepted social and moral agency, sit in front of the keyboard and even, STOP DRINKING (Ok, thats all a fuckin lie.)!!!

    The insights, discourse and many layered opinions of smarty, bschloz, Mildred, Harley, Robertoe, Rainbo, Cowboy et al continue to shock, surprise, and, most importantly delight me (At my age, delight is ringin the bell at the county fair.).

    IMO, Glaze is right.

    The KC Star now only speaks for the dead. Ad revenues (As I understand from you guys…) are in the dump and layoffs are a monthly event.

    They wane Hearne, you wax.

    So, WAX the fuckers!!!

  30. chuck says:

    Damnit Smartman,
    I can’t get that song outta my head.

  31. chuck says:

    If I have missed any names (Tracy) etc., my apologies.

    I honestly can’t think of a single post, that I didn’t enjoy, for one reason or another.

    Yeah Kerowhack, I am talkin to you.

  32. Yippie Yippie says:

    Loving You Hearne
    My first post. YES GO AFTER THE BIG GUYS HEARNE. I ENJOY THIS SITE A TON. Glazer is off the chart, you need some more good writers but you have a nice start. Go for it guys.

  33. Maureen says:

    Glazer on KMBZ Tonight
    I heard you on shanon and parks. I hate to admit it but man you were outstanding. Nobody has ever addressed the racial issue like you did Craig. I have much respect for your comments and ideas. You were 100% correct. I don’t know if you listened afterwords but EVERY caller even the blacks said you were so right. Not to be PC. That they were sickened by Black peoples behavior, the younger ones 21-35. I MEAN ALL CALLERS BACKED YOU. ALL OF THEM. It may have been one of their best shows ever. Really. Nice job Craig. You have a good brain. Use it more often as you did today.

  34. Jack Bat says:

    Great Job On KMBZ
    Listened, you were very good. Enjoyed it. Agree with you.

  35. Woodside Pal says:

    “You Just Keep Thinking Butch Thats What You Are Good At”
    Said the Sundance Kid (Robert Redord) to Butch Cassidy(Paul Newman).

  36. Tracy says:

    Sine qua non
    tee hee, Chuck! He quotes wearing a toga, and unbuckled sandals, after a bit of the drink–and he still scores!

    To save the rest of us from a trip to Wikipedia, I submit:

    Sine qua non (pronounced /ˌsaɪnɨ kweɪ ˈnɒn/, Latin: [ˈsɪnɛ kwaː ˈnoːn])[1] refers to an indispensable and essential action, condition, or ingredient. It was originally a Latin legal term for “[a condition] without which it could not be,” or “but for…” or “without which [there is] nothing.”

    Thanks for the shoutout. The real problem with writing for Hearne is this: he uses his power to build his self esteem on a daily basis. Therefore, he has difficulty in delegating the work. He seems to actually NEED to constantly point out the flaw of others, to make himself feel better. KCC is a giant therapy project! He is hyper-critical of ALL of his writers–yes he even talks about Craig behind his back. Craig, in addition to that full head of glued-on hair, enjoys remarkable thick skin!! Many good writers have deserted this ship.

    So yes, KCC needs to grow. It needs a dramatic overhaul of a dysfunctional website that was an ego trip for the developer. it needs photo captions. It needs editing by someone who actually agrees to correct the typos and grammatical errors, instead of saying, “I’ll give you two out of three.”
    And it needs more writers. Who can put up with the constant disapproval and badgering and makewrong. And those writers need and deserve to be paid in CASH, not just trade dollars good for a burger clear across town, only Tuesday thru Thursday, but not for the soda. Like yes, it’s that bad!!

    The best part of this site is you, the commenters. Especially Chuck. I’d toss in some Latin here, but in Des Moines, I only took French.

    How about this: res ipsa loquitur.
    The thing speaks for itself. At least that’s what Ed Powers told me it meant. But then, who knows. He was a lawyer!
    Look to the top of the pyramid, and everything comes from there.

  37. Rainbow Man says:

    Let us make it happen.

  38. chuck says:

    Finally!!!! Some real baseball in this town!!!
    Tracy Thomas, seeing nothing but cheese, “speaks truth unto power”, spits on Hearne’s fastball and goes yard!!!

    Well, if Hearne, pecuniarily insouciant (Like that one?) by way of birth and blood, wants to hang onto his jillions (I hear he car pools with Clark Hunt/Glass to estate sales.), it ain’t illegal.

    This prole is off to crawl thru attics.

    On the hottest day of the year, I salute you workin class heros!!

  39. HARLEY says:

    sorry…but i’ve read her recent posts and they are as phony as a 3 dollar bill.
    this girl doesn’t listen to shannon and parks. Maybe watches “sex in the city” or
    “jersey shore”….but she does not listen to conservative radio.
    and she’s never answered on my offer to get her off the streets and out of the
    pools to meet a decent guy insted of the players she’s mentioned.
    She’s a fraud and a phony. glaze…are you writing these posts….too much b.s.
    to come from a woman who claims to be so so so hot.
    Lets get real here….mermaid i know…but maureen is a fake person….

  40. smartman says:

    Can you send Joe Miller one of your balls, he could really use it.

    Thanks for shining the light.

  41. smartman says:

    Tracy, a remarkable example of your real friends telling you what you need to know not what you want to hear.

    The fact that Hearne hasn’t deleted the post is somewhat cathartic…or maybe it’s too soon in Tucson.

  42. Tracy Thomas says:

    Yeah, smartman–I peeked this am expecting a delete
    I will hand it to Hearne, he leaves up alot of critical posts. I’ll just get scolded on the phone later today. He knows I can always post anonymously and repeatedly, and I’m faster at posting than he is at finding and deleting! The truth always comes out. And I really WANT this site to succeed. I want Hearne to delegate and do what he does best–write. Let someone else edit, manage the site, etc. His girlfriend already refuses to edit for him.

    One other thing to warn an prospective new writers: your words are never allowed to run verbatim. the game Hearne plays is what he calls “tweaking it” to fit the “KCC style”–but it’s really an ego trip for him. He is absolutely compelled to change the writer’s words, and then go on and on and on and on and on and on–about what a bad writer THEY are compared to him.

    He can’t let a simple sentence stand. He thinks he must improve upon it, and then LECTURE the writer on how bad they are. That’s what I mean by Mental Health Project to boost Hearne’s flagging self esteem.

    I think he is still working out his pain from being edited by Mary Lou Nolan, who is a great person who had his back and kept the Star’s lawyers off the dole. Her edits were generally fair. Trust me, I heard about them for 16 years. That’s what friends are sometimes: Fire Hydrants for Possibilty. (Werner Erhardt)

    It’s really just Hearne’s obsessive need not just to be right (ala Harley) but righteous. Then if you dare to point out his errors, he goes…on and on and on and on and on yet again, with some fakahta story (sorry, I’m not Jewish, I just slept with a few) about how he was under the gun or exhausted from editing Craig or had to rotate the tires on the Fiat–and that’s why he messed up, or that he actually INTENDED it to be in non-English! It’s “insane”. It’s bullying and browbeating and verbal abuse. Yet he’s an interesting guy.

    One final thing: when I day, you boys promise me–if there is a funeral (which I don’t want) then Hearne is not allowed. He is obsessed with make wrong on the dead. He prowls the lobbies of mortuaries asking the bereaved to reveal one final sexual escapade of the now departed. Sicko.

    So I agree with you boys–let’s work TOGETHER to make this happen. I should not be Joan of Arc, you too can bitch about needed changes.

    Insouciantly yours! (Chuck Fuckin’ Lowe!)

  43. fudging the numbers says:

    3rd party anal-licktics
    Hearne help me out here. You say those 3rd party numbers are wrong, yet you use numbers from those sites as vaild numbers when attributed to the pitch or star. So they are dead on for those sites, buit wrong for yours?

  44. HARLEY says:

    sure sweeety….if a guy goes on a far right wing show and rails about black people what do you
    expect. those old 60 year olds that listen to the knukleheads are the worst of the worst…and they
    are so old and crabby about everything….nothing is ever right. not real bright sweety.
    and you can tell the dummy on that show who I qoute “hoped obama would fail” is a low life
    mother f*ker. to hope that obama failed while we have 250,000 young men and women at war
    is pure shit. to hope that obamas policies fail is the same as say ing that he hope that the
    war goes bad and that we lose more young kids overseas.
    get that trash off the radio…theire ratings suck and they’re cheap talent…..

  45. Maureen says:

    Harley The AssHole
    I know you are not on Craig Glazer’s facebook over 3,000 are including me jerk off. He posted he would be on the show yesterday. THATS why I listened if it is any of your business. No I normally don’t listen to radio much. By the way Harley HEARNE KNOWS ME and has met me more than a couple times. I don’t have to prove anything to you bud.

  46. Robertoe says:

    Mermaid & I are getting hungry!
    This doesn’t happen often but I want to agree with Harley.

    Maureen is a real person but she’s not the Maureen posting here.


    If you are the real Maureen, I’m needing a date for the Mermaid/Berk dinner date. Would you be so kind as to join us?

    Robertoe can be reached at

    Now we’ll have 2 no responses.

  47. Robertoe says:

    Absent on FB too
    I just checked Glaze’s FB friends. There’s no Maureen. It would be kinda funny that she would post here as Maureen and not there.

    If you want to FB friend me:

  48. Maureen says:

    Old Men Please
    Hearne why don’t you clear this up for these old folks as to who I am, and shut them up, thank you Hearne. I know Glazer can’t cause he is a full of shit guy right. You both should be so full of shit as him. Thank you grandpa’s club.

  49. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Mermaid Lets Meet
    How about at a happy hour in Johnson County, JUST YOU AND ME NOT HARLEY OR GLAZER,ROBERTOE JUST US, ok? Like next Thursday at say 6 PM? Where do you want to go?

  50. Toco Time says:

    Can I Be There
    I’d Pay to be a fly on that wall!

  51. Orphan of the Road says:

    So what you are saying Maureen
    Is Hearne and Glazer have brown eyes, ’cause they are full of shit?

    One and one is two, two and two is four and five will get you ten if you play your cards right.

  52. Tracy says:

    I keep tellin’ Hearne the tribe would come to a party
    He’s all “no they need their anonymity”, but I say, schedule a party at Jardines, use up so of that trade and buy drinks for the Inner Circle of the KCC Tribe.

    Since I post as multiple people, I guess I’ll have to wear at least 2 or 3 hats out of my 863.

    This would not be that swinger movie with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Just a fun party to MEET EVERYONE UNMASKED as it were.

    Then we can go back to poking one another the next day. Speak now! I could do this anytime in August.

  53. Robertoe says:

    case closed
    Terrance McKenna, Mermaid, Maureen, Bad Ass Berk, Osama, Hearne, Glaze, Jerry Mazer, Chuck,, Westwood Woody, & Kelly Urich are all impostors!

  54. Cowboy says:

    Me Too!
    what about me, I’m Nick Wright! Yep.

  55. Hearne says:

    Don’t forget about me…
    I’m really Bob Zuroweste!

  56. Rick says:

    Future of KC Confidential
    I think Craig revealed the problem with this competing with the KC Star or the Pitch and thats when he made the comment about “their are millions of sites out there.” Exactly. And thats why becoming dominate is hard. The market is splintered. It’s like years ago when there were just three TV networks and if you had some foil on the antenna you could pick up a UHF station. But then cable came and we saw a market share that was spread thin and what was once successful is now unheard of. with the web their is just so much to choose from and still just the same amount of time in a day.

    I would say another issue is can KCConfidential break a huge story that would get it a ton of press. People forget that the whole Clinton and Monica scandal broke on the web before so called legitimate sources picked it up. careers and websites were made from that story. people go to TMZ because they are looking for breaking news. Other sources use them as a source. And at the point KCConfidential is really not designed for that.

    All that being said their is a place for this site and it is growing.

  57. Craig Glazer says:

    Rick’s Point Well Taken
    Yes Rick everything you wrote is right on the beam. has broken a couple stories already, Greg Hall’s “the Paul Split” story, which did get local attention and kcconfidential some radio and TV attention here only. Hearne had a couple KC Star scoops with the editor involved, should have been bigger news, but must not have been popular with the local outlets, they work hand in hand with the Star so…you get it, but not a big national story no. Some could have been.

    I think this site looks to be an area player much more than a national player. However the tons of sites out there is a big hill to climb for everyone, more on the way. Media is ‘out of focus’ for the most part. As I have said and written ‘the sociial network’ has destroyed TV,Film,Music and the like, surely newspapers. When anyone can do it, well its just not so special anymore. No sense of urgency. It saddens me greatly to see that. So I comment here on life itself, maybe a few people get something from it, not sure.

  58. T says:

    I get it…
    keep em coming. xoxo

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