Starbeams: How Hot Was It, The Second Coming


It was so hot, my car over-heated shortly before I started the engine.

It was so hot, the Watson’s Girl called and asked for her pool back.

It was so hot Gatorade changed their slogan from IS IT IN YOU? To –

It’s so hot, Tiger Woods has changed his slogan from IS IT IN YOU? –

It was so hot, 2 million Kansas City residents stood in line at a fake beach to catch some fake waves.

It was so hot, the new Google high speed network stops every 5 minutes to sit in the shade.

It was so hot, people were actually seen shopping inside Indian Springs Mall.

It was so hot, local haunted houses are thinking about opening IN THE FALL.

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9 Responses to Starbeams: How Hot Was It, The Second Coming

  1. chuck says:

    The Watson’s Chick was very talented.
    I gotta believe Glaze has some connection to the Watson’s chick.

  2. JayhawkTony says:

    Glazer’s Wet Dream
    The only connection Glazer has to the Watson’s chick was him sucking off Hearne during Hearne’s incessant stalking of the girl when he was at the Star.

  3. chuck says:

    Hearne dated the Watson’s Chick??

  4. JayhawkTony says:

    More Like…
    No, it was more like Hearne jacking off to the photos of the Watson’s chick.

    You could pretty much guarantee that during her heyday of being the Watson’s pitch girl, Hearne found some way to write about her at least once a week. He was obsessed with her so much that there were rumors going around the Star newsroom that Hearne had been filed with cease and desist papers of attempting any contact with her.

  5. JayhawkTony says:

    I’m somewhat surprised that Hearne hasn’t talked about “Jennifer” (the Watson’s girl) being recently divorced and out on the market (albeit with two kids).

  6. Hearne says:

    Actually, I’ve had my eye on the Watson’s Chick for awhile
    Tried to contact her with no success. But I’m feeling inspired on this cool, dry Tucson morning.

    Now, as for JT – aren’t youa little ashamed to be trafficking in such over-the-top hyperbole. I wrote about the Watson’s Girl many times but nothing approaching weekly, monthly and over the course of 16 years – probably not even annually. With some obvious exceptions.

    It was a by popular demand deal if you must know. The dudes on the copy desk in FYI demanded that I do her. Journalistically. Met and hung with her mother and stepdad as well and helped give them and her a tour of the Star.

    Two funny stories, quick ones. Took her in to meet publisher Art Brisbane and he was a good sport and posed for a pic w/ her. Which he was also a good enuff sport to allow me to publish in my column. Art’s wife is still pissed at me to this day for that one.

    Took her in to editor Mark Zeiman’s office and took a photo with her and him as well. Which he was clearly awkward and unhappy about and let me know later. Found that pic the other day. Look for it soon in a Watson’s Girl update column on a Web site near you

  7. Cliffy says:

    That picture of the Watson’s gal is rather creepy. She has that Glenn Close/Fatal Attraction look about her. I look forward to the Zeiman pic, though.

  8. Hearne Christopher says:

    Think that’s a current pic. One of my favorite Watson Girl quotes from her was when she was getting married and told me she was looking forward to the next chapter in her life…as a MILF.

    Now my confession; I did not know at the time what that meant, so I had to ask her. That’s how I learned

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’d run the pic now but it’s in KC and I’m out here soaking up the cool climes (no kidding) in Az. But Z looks very uncomfortable – Watson’s was a big advertiser in the Star at the time, so he didn’t dare turn down the pic – and his gut is spilling over his belt.

    He sent word for me not to pull anything like that again. Rather than call me direct. That’s kinda how he operated. Like a bigshot.

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