Glazer: Legends / Village West on Fast Track w/ Retail, Livestrong, Farm Aid, KanRocksas

We all know the economy is awful…

Everyone’s looking for deals or shopping at places with big discounts and strong value. Even major concerts are on Groupon at 2 for 1 prices. Shopping malls and entertainment districts ONLY see crowds on weekends.

If then.

Well. The Legends at Village West has made its move and it’s working.

"We have a strong increase in almost every area of sales right now, the changes and additions are working well," says Amy Craft, marketing director for the area.

Amy and her staff have done a tough job well.

She’s slowly moved Legends forward towards the goal of being "the shopping and family entertainment spot for Kansas City" And you can now see the upswing with your own eyes.

Many people didn’t initially like the "Outlet Concept" of some big name brands at Legends.

Though the stores look and seem normal, almost all of the biggies are outlet stores. However the street talk is GREAT! People want to shop and play at a large shopping city that has it all at a price. The stores and shops – and not all are outlets – look very nice.

I’ve been out there for just over four years.

Outside of the first year, the area has been under the same pressures that we see on THE PLAZA, at OAK PARK MALL, ZONA ROSA and all the rest of the area malls;  very slow daytime business except weekends.

Restaurants are down, especially at lunchtime (almost non existent for most areas now). However Legends/Village West has tons of fast food. Names you know like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, and 20 more. Plus a nice mix of name restaurants like Yard House, Styx, Jazz, and 40 more, including BBQ such as Arthur Bryant’s and Famous Daves.

There’s something for everyone.

And this summer the daytime traffic even on weekdays has doubled.

Nike is almost always packed, same with Adidas and opening next week, perfromance gear retailer Under Armour – that’s a huge one. The crowds of shoppers are often pretty thick now. I didn’t see that much the last three years.

And this despite the 100 degree heat!

THE BIG EVENTS: Legends / Village West has added many big events and that have started to work. NASCAR sadly draws large crowds but they don’t spend much time away from the track. LiveStrong, the soccer stadium is another story. Upscale ticket buyers are eating,shopping and spending money at the center like crazy. Stanford’s even gets some of them on game days and nights.

Of course, they’ve added huge concerts like Farm Aid starring Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews. A sure sell out for August 13th.

Concert promoter Chris Fritz straightened me out on KANROCKSAS. It will have several stages, VIP rooms and on-field crowds just like Rock Fest. It will be a sight and sound explosion. By now we all know that million dollar a night guy Eminem will headline the show. One of only three he will do in the USA this year. Muse will be the other nights big name stars along with a boatload more.

So these new stores – with more coming from the water cooler talk I hear now – proves that Legends, KCK and Village West is on the move to becoming the top spot in Kansas City. And maybe even faster than I thought.

PS. THERE’S NO CRIME. It’s the safest, large entertainment district in the Kansas City area – no argument.

Great job by KCK law enforcement they don’t allow any B.S.
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27 Responses to Glazer: Legends / Village West on Fast Track w/ Retail, Livestrong, Farm Aid, KanRocksas

  1. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Good Call Glaze
    Yes I see what you are saying. I was out there for a business gathering two years ago on a weekday evening, kinda slow. My family and I went to a game at Live Strong, my gosh the area was jammed. Bit dif, hope it continues.

  2. Skeptic says:

    Again with this?
    How many times are you going to reword the same article? Lazy

  3. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Glazer Lazy HaHa
    Yeah man you lazy bastard, you write on this site, run the cities top comedy club, do radio four times a week at 6-9 AM on five channels, TV, you LA biz, you are a lazy SOB. Craig he is reffering to your older article about Legends being the future of KC! This is an update we get it, thanks and no you are not lazy. I didn’t know some of that was out there or how it had gone this summer.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    And this would have all been in KCMO
    Thanks Mayor Cleaver for throwing a bone to NeoWyco.

  5. Skeptic says:

    Just sayin’
    Lazy blogging/writing, that’s all. Should be dumb ass, not bad ass.

  6. Cowboy says:

    Skeptic and What Is It You Do?
    I see and you are a hard working guy huh? If Glazer wrote a story about you that was good you’d find fault right? What a world we live in.

  7. PB says:

    Not to mention…
    …finding the time to accept daily blow jobs from Mr.Berkowitz.

  8. Dead Horse says:

    It’s like clockwork …
    Cowboy drops by with his daily butt kiss for Craig.

  9. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    PB is on the money

    I have time right now if you want to drop by. Can’t wait!

  10. lockednks says:

    From what I remember Gardner, KS actually got the first shot at this development and turned it down. Did KCMO have a chance at it before or after that?

  11. Ted Tedderson says:

    Local merchant hypes up development where his establishment resides. Film at eleven. How bout an editorial from the clerk at the Git n Go about how Independence Avenue is on the up and up!

  12. Orphan of the Road says:

    @lockednks, KC was NASCAR’s first choice but Cleaver said the city didn’t need a racetrack or the money.

    Of course in a few years when NASCAR goes down the tubes maybe Cleaver will be seen as a brilliant forecaster.

  13. Gerald Bostock says:

    A wider world of bigger motor cars
    Before settling for the Wyco site, NASCAR had identified a Platte County site east of KCI in KC proper. don’t know how close a deal was, but it was being discussed at the same time as the Gardner possibility.

  14. smartman says:

    Top 10 Reasons
    The Legends is such a SMASHING SUCCESS.

    KCK property taxes only going up 9%

    KCK public school budget whacked more than Joe Pesci in a Martin Scorcese movie

    Joe Reardon changing his name to Ibin Phukdlongenhard

    Free bottle of anal lube in all welcome wagon baskets

    Mexicans moving back to Mexico because tax system is more fair.

    Blacks petitioning city to put up WHITES ONLY signs north of 110TH Street

    4 times as many minimum wage jobs per capita than New York City.

    NASCAR adding a Low Rider race in 2013. Taco Bell Green Card 250.

    Cabelas now offering Drive By Shooting lessons.

    Douching now allowed between 7:00 and 9:00 pm at Legends Fountain.

  15. Maureen says:

    Love Eminem
    Who you taken? I might go with you if you are sweet…

  16. Sean says:

    I know..
    Hey if you are out there I know of a half decorated place over-packed with tabled and chairs that you have a better chance putting your hand in another’s pocket than your own. Oh and you can see comedy there too

  17. Hearne Christopher says:

    I found it very informative and getting up at 6 a.m. and writing stories for no compensation is hardly what I would call lazy

  18. Hearne Christopher says:

    And Dead Horse saddles up for another trip to the woodshed. Now that’s what I call balance!

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    Great idea, actually. You may be onto something.

  20. Toco Time says:

    Maybe I Am Stupid But?S
    Sean I don’t get it, do you mean Glazer’s club? It doesn’t have lots of chairs and tables, its busy though. Explain the comment better?

  21. Radio Man says:

    Great Idea The Big Concert, Planned Badly
    The issue for Chris Fritz is this, its too late in a very hot summer. The groups outside Eminem and Muse are not big enough and Muse isn’t big enough to carry Saturday. Too many seats for not enough people so even if say 40,000 show, it will look empty. Better idea would have been a country venue to NASCAR track and Eminem to Sprint.

  22. sean says:

    like sardines
    I think that explains it better. Crammed in and so close one come put ones hand in someone elses pocket

  23. mermaid says:

    Maureen come out come out wherever you are?
    I have had enough. Maureen is not a real person. It’s Craig’s version of the girl who he wishes was chasing after him like a rabid dog in heat. OMG the lines are so scripted I look for the posts just for a great laugh! Where’s her picture? I want proof this IDIOT exists. Because no one ever calls her (him) out. I can’t take it anymore. Please stop posting Maureen because we know what you really look like. You have dark hair drive a Porsche and own a comedy club.

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