Glazer: Take Off the Training Wheels, It’s Time for The Star’s Sam Mellinger to Grow a Pair!

When Sam Mellinger took Jason Whitlock‘s place on the sports page of the Kansas City Star I  really thought he was going to be outstanding…

Now that he’s had the post for about a year, uh, I don’t see much excitement there.

Maybe the Star has put the brakes on Sam’s ink, but he’s become a total "homer" and kinda boring. Of course our sports world in KC is horrible. We have no good teams, but hey Sam could have gone out of the box.

For example, which Chiefs are using roids? Investigate it, Sam, it’s all out there. Or how about a story about the Royals having No Future? That would be a good one. Or, will this be Matt’s last year here?

Something, anything!

Instead Sam tows the party line way too much.

Again the Royals are a mess and hard to write about so DON’T. Go to something else. Even an occasional WHERE ARE THEY NOW on ex Chiefs and Royals who mattered would be worthwhile. People love that one. I do.

Today Sam wrote about Mike Moustakas’ future. Mike is the new power hitter who’s been with the Royals now for a month and a half. Mike has ONE homer, ONE? HE IS HITTING .206. Right now, HE STINKS. HE IS A BUST. Write that!

The entire youth movement is a JOKE, Sam – there is no movement.

Hello, it’s all bullshit. Where have you been? The Royals are deep in last, have worst record in the American League, 20 games out just half way through the season and are a near cinch to lose 100 games. Oh second worst record in baseball just in front of Houston (who was in the playoffs just a few years ago with Beltran).

Sam, you wrote about the "movement in 2012" to be a contender?

What are you smoking, brother?

This poor organization couldn’t spell contender. WE DON’T HAVE ONE PITCHER to go with our NO HITTERS.

Yes, the defense is better, Sam. Wow. NO STARTER IS HITTING .300. WRITE THAT. Even our new hero Eric Hosmer is doing just decent, not great, with a .260 batting average. And P.S., he’s no longer talked about in the national news, ever. I do think he will be a good one, just him though. Gordon is also above average. Butler is, as you kinda wrote once, worthless on this crap team. By the way Billy is also well below .300

Sam, remember how Jason used to light it up? He would have destroyed this team in the paper and be calling for a NEW OWNER. Clearly with the Glass Family this team is the all-time joke of baseball.

Get tough, Sam. Be brave, grow a pair. Let’s start some stuff. You are a very good writer but your content is weak, sir. Hey, I like you, but you have made nobody forget Jason. Nobody, not even Nick Wright, who has you on all the time.

My writing style is at best average, but my content is strong, therein lies the difference.

Lets go Sam!!!! I’m rooting for ya!!!!


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33 Responses to Glazer: Take Off the Training Wheels, It’s Time for The Star’s Sam Mellinger to Grow a Pair!

  1. llrc says:

    This is Hearne’s sportsguy.
    Sam blasted the Royals a couple weeks ago.

    Also, the Royals suck, but using batting average exposes how little Craig knows about sports. Stick to taking pictures at the Woodside pool.

    “For example, which Chiefs are using roids? Investigate it, Sam, it’s all out there.”

    If, “it is all out there,” why don’t you report it? Jebus.

  2. Cowboy says:

    Glazer Is One Of The Best
    His stories rock, he has no fear, none, I enjoy him MORE than any website scribe/writer out there. I am in sports. His sports news is also right there. This story is TRUE. Sam is nice, Sam is boring. It ain’t Glazer’s job to expose players, by the way wasn’t it Glazer who exposed D Bowe and his too much weed daily story, which ended up being true. So don’t dump on the Glazer, lets get Sam to step up. “Glazer uses batting averages to make a point” what else do you want him to use, their DICK SIZE. He’s right, next year they will finisht last even if Hosmer hits 400 witrh 45 homers.

  3. Right On says:

    Glazer is Dead On

  4. Cliffy says:

    Partially correct …
    Your writing style is average but so is your content. You advised Sam to not write about the Royals since they suck but you proceeded to devote several paragraphs to them … AGAIN. Stick to what you know. Your sports knowledge is also average at best.

    I notice Cowboy has been following Glazer around quite a bit lately. Is this is the same Cowboy that probably still has KK’s boot print clearly on his ass from his time going up against him at 610? Does Cowboy want to be the sports guy here at KCC or does he just want to be in Craig’s posse. It appears the latter.

  5. kcredsox says:

    What is Cowboy Smokin?
    If you claim Glazer is one of the best at providing news on sports, why isn’t it his job to inform people which Chief’s players are taking steroids? If he is trying to be a sports columnist, than prove your theories correct, don’t count on other people to do it for you. If somebody needs some balls, its Mr. Glazer.

  6. PB says:

    Another Day…
    …another Royals blast from Glazer. I’ll look forward to your Woodside midweek update tomorrow.

    Yeah, Sam’s a real loser for not engaging in completely irresponsisble journalism in declaring Moose a BUST after a whopping 107 big league ABs. Thankfully, he gave us a well written, balanced column instead. I wonder if Glazer even read the whole piece as it clearly laid out the problems the problems Moose is facing and the Royals options concerning his slump. Moose would still be playing Single A ball if the Royals took such an impatient approach in a sport that DEMANDS patience.

    And yeah, we could all use DT’s media mascot, 16-0 jocksniffing Whitlock to call out the Royals even with his self-admitted lack of baseball knowledge. He really had it in for the local teams.

    But I must admit, calling out the Glass family truly would be some cutting edge, Woodwardesque journalism as I’ve never heard that angle played out before. Well done, Mr.Deford.

  7. harley says:

    But glaze is on fire. As you know i can be very critical but hes right this time.
    Lets step it up writers. If not yo’ll go the way of jason/hearne/etc. who the star felt they
    could do without. without sam the papers the same..theres nothing interesting or
    controversial about whats being written. If you know players are using roids lets hear
    it. the ball’s in your court glaze.
    Now youre buidling an audience…tell us the gossip and crap….make this site
    come alive again.
    He’s right…either you burn down the kitchen or you go eat at mcdonalds!

  8. PB says:

    Damn near the entire NFL has been using steroids for decades and NOBODY cares. Maybe Sam should get right over to France and expose this new-fangled blood doping scandal.

  9. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Harley and I on Same Page? Wowie?
    Hey I agree, Sam is a stong writer, but his content is usually weak. He has created not even a ripple of controversy since he began. I liked his start out artilcles much better than these more recent ones. Sometimes he is mailing it in as they say. Glazer is the real “McCoy” he is unfiltered, unafraid and I like that. He is not always right but he sure swings a mean bat. He is the media’s only voice saying “this team will continue to suck for years” so those who don’t like hearing it, tough. He is right. There is no youth movement, they all stink or are average except Hosmer to this point. I agree with Glaze Mouse is a bust already. Done, he ain’t got it. Move on.

  10. PB says:

    Real McCoy
    Well, he does somewhat resemble Walter Brennan.

    Being unfiltered and unafraid would be attacking a new target, not beating up on the same kid who has his lunch money stolen everyday. He may indeed end up a bust, but keep in mind that Royals HOFers like George Brett, Frank White and Willie Wilson would all be forgotten names if back in the day, the Royals organiztion had the same quick hook that you brianiacs are suggesting for Moose.

  11. kcfred says:

    craig as sports writer
    The first lesson in journalism school, write what you know, not what you pretend to know. Craig knows chicks and hanging out. Craig pretends to know anything else. His column of sports has become the “Crossroads” bar of this site. Not quite up to community standards but worth a look. The article doesn’t smell like piss, though, so there’s that.

  12. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Why don’t you call anymore, Craig?
    I miss you so.

  13. Cliffy says:

    I pretty much agree with kcfred. Reading Craig’s sports articles are like listening to my know-it-all father-in-law blather on about what’s wrong with the Royals, Chiefs, yadda, yadda, yadda. He’s always the exper. Just bitching and moaning with no insight.

    I found his article on the up and coming comedian earlier today worth the read. Craig obviously knows the club business. The articles on P&L and Westport are compelling and usually prompt a good discussion. His articles on Woodside, etc. are predictable but at least he’s in his element (but maybe you ought to give Party Cove a try, Glazer. Broaden your horizons).

    We know the Royals suck. We don’t need anybody to tell us that.

  14. smartman says:

    Insanity Defined
    Doing the same thing over and over and over and over and expecting different results.

    The Chiefs and Royals stink. Their owners and management are biblically awful. The Star sucks. Sports Radio in KC sucks even worse. No amount of whining or complaining here or anywhere else will change that. No individual writer or voice will change that.

    Vote with your dollars if you want to see real change. Don’t buy Chiefs or Royals tickets, Don’t buy the Star. Don’t listen to 610 or 810 Don’t spend money with sponsors.

    Otherwise shut the fuck up and repeat after me.

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can;and wisdom to know the difference.
    Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it; Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will;That I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him Forever in the next.


  15. Craig Glazer says:

    Points Well Taken
    yes I am not in the league of big time name writers on sports like….., hmmm…..don’t know who they are….most writers never played the game they write about. I never was a pro, but I did somehow produce five top ten sports films of all-time the Champions Forever Series with Ali, later Duran, The Drivers and another on Ali…but hey thats not the NFL or Baseball to be sure. Like you guys I have my opinions based on what I see. I was always a Chiefs/Royals guy, even when I lived in LA for years, I would go to the bars and pay them to go to the Chiefs games. In time I realized that I had been had by the Chiefs overall, like you guys feel. I started betting against them and wining for once. I learned to distance myself from them, it was hard at first. The Royals have been toilet water since Brett and Ewing, both of whom I knew and know…so do many others.

    My pro football is pretty good, I put money on what I say often. Baseball has faded for me, you are right, but I do watch the loser Royals and at least I had dick enought to say the truth….never gonna get there this way…not next year or the next year…thats all. Hey its a tough town to cover sports. Without Greg I am it, so for now thats the deal…even with him I did several stories. Sorry you don’t like them or what I have to say, its a free world. NOT. I appreciate the fair comments, at least most of them are not personal hate mail. .P.S. I also know a ton about other things, film,the law(I was both in prison and an agent for the AG’s office and went through about 6 trials in Fed and State, joy) so its not just pussy and comedy, wish it were, at least thats fun….enjoy and keep your thoughts coming when they are fair even if bad, I am OK with that.

  16. chuck says:

    JMO, but, my take on Sam is,
    that he has no direction. Glaze is right, if you take out the specifics and look at the real premise.

    Sam is boring.

    I mean wtf???? the man writes for a living, yet his commentaries, takes and style is pedestrian and predictable.

    I think he has bad direction. His immediate supervisor, editor, or rabbi, should encourage the kid to take some fuckin chances. Its not like the Star can fuck things up any worse. Give him some rope, let him fuck some shit up and stir up some interest. His columns read just like Glaze says they do, they are boring. Fuck it, lets check out all the player’s wives with pics and commentary and hear what their life is like and give them an opportunity to say some really stupid funny shit. Lets hear some insider stuff on teh Glass family that they don’t want anyone to know. Declare a pre-emptive war on a player, or another team or a coach and just star FUCKIN WITH them.

    This is a fuckin no brainer. High quality sports teams are far and few between in KC, so you better be ready to ferret out some personality and create controversy.

    Your tryin to make a livin here, right Sam?

  17. chuck says:

    One more thing…
    I really can’t stand to listen to Jim Rome. Its just me, I am sure his “clones” are cool and all that, but its tough for an old guy like me to find any common ground with guys who actually WANT to be Beavis & Butthead.

    Still, teh guy has made big time bank on getting punched out all thse years ago by Jim fuckin Everette.

    Remember? Jim kept calling him “Chrissy” Everette instead of his name, “Jim” Everette. ROme really hit the big time after that.

    I think Sam should pimp Thomas Jones into punching him out.

    Ok, maybe not Thomas Jones, that fucker is huge.

    Ok, how bout Dexter McCluster. Dude is only about 5’10”, and even though that is small for a NFL player, your still getting your ass handed to ya by a great athlete, and you will only have to wire your jaw shut, not actuall have it replaced.

    Trying to help ya out here Sam with a little “Risk v Reward” application, 1.0.

    Lemme tell ya Sam, everyone else has to bleed to make it, why should you be any different?

    I personally would have a lot more respect for Sam if he collects his chops the fast and painful way, getting your ass punched out by the guy your are interviewing, instead of lunchpailing your way to a Pulitzer in your head, that is never coming.

    Duck your head and go down with the first punch, ala Mike Spinks v Mike Tyson.

    Make sure there is video, and one more time, forget that I mentioned Thomas Jones, go with McCluster.

  18. Radio Man says:

    I Like The Glazer
    Hey whatever you say or think of him, he gets it going. Come on now comment dudes, “My First Jack-Off” nobody, I mean nobody writes about that, he did. “Six girl friends and it Sucks” man that was a top ten alltime fun ride. Sports well, he’s decent there sometimes good. But hey I read this site cause of him, I never know what the fuck he’s gonna say or do next. Yeah the Woodside stuff gets redone, but I think he knows we want to look at those girls. He’s right. My favorite is Little Dick Bitch on Dare, Glazer had to be in on that one, takes guts, give the man a cigar.

  19. Mid Town Man says:

    Sam Is Great
    Best thing about the Star is Sam, best thing about this site is Glazer, Hearne is good as well.

  20. bschloz says:

    Glaze is Glaze
    Nobody cares about the last place and non competitive teams. Baseball is to rigged payroll wise to get emotionally involved.
    Soccer…Command..Bass Fishing…..Its so slow….. I’m sure it will pick up with Football.

    Glazer is a good blogger……I like tune in to what he writes…. seems to always bring the ruckus.
    I’m sure there are 100’s of people that can write about all the Fantasy…how many yards Jamal Charles gained on Astro Turf on Monday nights following A Sunday night game….tons of blogs for that…..all I want to know on KCC Sports is will Ohio State cover the fucking spread? Blog On.

    “We’re down to circumcising mosquitoes,” Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has been participating in most of the talks, quipped to reporters.

  21. Rainbow Man says:

    I cannot read Mellinger. He is a print version of Nate Bukaty. Just a guy who is happy as hell that he gets to hang out around pro athletes and he is not going to do one damned thing to screw up that gig.

  22. PB says:

    Chiefs Suck?
    I guess you probably lost more than you won last year if betting against the Chiefs then.

    Yeah, they’re no great shakes yet and it was definitely a result of a weak schedule last year, but they did win a division title. When people just make a blanket statement that an NFL division winner SUCKS, they have absolutely zero credibility in discussing football. We can discuss expectations, the Hunts commitment to a winner, Haley in Year Three, will Tyson Jackson improve, will they miss Vrabel as a leader on defense, the rookie class, yada yada, but no, that would take some semblence of actual thought…they just SUCK…quick, easy and brain dead.

    I get it, rationality doesn’t sell papers, drive ratings or works up a blog/messageboard. It so much easier to lazily say something either sucks or it’s great. Extremes sell. This society long ago lost interest in the color gray or the middle ground…sadly, it’s now all about who can be the loudest fool.

  23. Orphan of the Road says:

    Really PB?
    The whole AFC West sucks and SD lost the division more than KC won it.

    Craig’s sports writing is getting better. Well at least better than TKC.

    And Craig, you learned a valuable lesson. Betting on the home team is just gonna kill ya, even a good team. It may do your heart good but it definitely is not good for the wallet.

    Chuck, we need to get a barley pop together sometime so I can get the lowdown on the years I was in exile from KC.

    Surely there is a comedian in this town who knows sports (ala WIP’s Big Daddy Graham). If he can do impersonations of Haley and Pioli so much the better.

  24. harley says:

    GLAZE..FORGET PARTY COVE/bad ass-mermaid update!
    the girls at party cover glaze are too old for you. They’re in their early thirties!
    And what happend to my girl maureen. I’m trying to get her fixed up
    with a nice jew boy…that way mermaid/maureen/bad ass/ and jew boy
    can double date to services on friday nite/some bagels and lox/
    and hopefully the jew boys can put their kosher hot dogs to the
    shicktzas and finsish off the nite.
    Oh vey…a jewish mothers nightmare@!
    what abuut yost glaze…this guy took a pretty good team and destroyed them
    with the worst manageinig ever seen in major league baseball. Did the same with
    the brewers….why would anyone think he’d be better here…
    royals need new gm/manager……this whole thing is spiraling out of control and
    with all star game next year what the f*k is glass gonna do…watch it from his
    cave in arkansas? help!!!!!!!!!!11111

  25. harley says:

    go see dr. bortnick. If dr. b (the master of mammaries) is as good with ball enhancement as he is with breast
    enhancement sam will be the talk of the dugout! And while sams there maybe he can get me back
    a few thousand that i invested with dr. b.

  26. PB says:

    Well THAT makes sense
    “The whole AFC West sucks and SD lost the division more than KC won it.”

    Odd reply, Orphan as the Chiefs went only 2-4 against the sucky (I swear, you people love this word more than my 12-year old son) AFC West. Actually more about them beating up (4-0) on the even worse NFC West as I already referenced their easy schedule. Still, whatever the excuse, they won the division, so that at least puts them in the top half of teams in the league with a young team with lots of room for improvement. They hardly “suck”.

  27. Orphan of the Road says:

    That’s right PB
    They have to get better to suck.

    Yep, puts them right up there with Bungles who made the playoffs a couple of years ago and then went right back to the bottom of the heap.

    They played well the first five weeks but started to tank late in the season.

    As you noted they played lots of teams which also are bottom-feeders in the leagues.

    So winning the AFC West as opposed to the NFC West makes you king of the dipshits, I suppose.

  28. bschloz says:

    Don’t try Yiddish……
    unless you’re SURE.
    Oh vey

  29. Hearne Christopher says:

    I like Sam. Have been very supportive. But it’s hard to argue Glazer’s point. He’s got a year under his belt; it’s time to unleash his inner porn star

  30. Hearne Christopher says:

    I think Craig was trying to make a larger point. Stop playing catch and start playing hardball.

  31. Hearne Christopher says:

    Yeah, but Cliffy…if somebody doesn’t hammer them this could go on forever.

    What Craig is trying to do here is not to add another Royals suck brick to the shit house, but goad a young kid into doing what he’s there and in a position to do. And that’s help lead the charge for change.

  32. Hearne Christopher says:

    Trust me, there’s a ton of stuff that could totally be written about the Glass family. And it’s downright dickless that the Star sports department falls so short in doing so. But it’s the nature of the beast. The newspaper doesn’t hire people to make waves and piss off people on there beat

  33. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’m afraid you may be right

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