Glazer: Rising Star T.J. Miller to Join Pal Nick Vatterott in Cameo @ Stanford’s

I have been in the entertainment biz long enough to know most people you help on the way up, forget you fast once they make it to the top…

They say nice things, but God help you if you need them for anything. Then there are the rare exceptions, like Lewis Black, who became a top three comedy star in the early 2000’s. Yet he came back to help open our club at the Legends in 2007. Lewis was getting around $100,000 per show, but since we were pals, and he gave us credit for helping jump start his stand up career he came in twice for much, much less money.

Great guy.

A few years back we gave another young comic a shot, T.J. Miller.

He had few headlining gigs at the time but I liked his clips and he had a couple credits. He was doing a series called "Carpoolers" and had a nice part, co-lead in the film Cloverfield. Still he was not well known as a stand up comic. He came in, did great, was fun to work with and couldn’t have been nicer. In fact we had his family to each show, they were in town from Denver. We became buds – who knew?

Since then Miller has without any question been one of Hollywood’s most sought after comedy film stars of the new Brat Pack. His credits are just too many to name but here are some: How To Train Your Dragon (now shooting Dragon Two) Yogi Bear (park ranger Jones), Unstoppable,Gulliver’s Travels, Get Him to The Greek,The Goods, She’s Out of My League.

Now he’s shooting three new films including one with Steve Carrel (The Office) Our Idiot Brother w/ Paul Rudd and is THE star of a new film with Heather Locklear.

There’s more…

He’s a regular when time permits on Chelsea Handler. I don’t know where T.J. finds the time.

Now TJ has asked me to help jump start his co-stars career, Nick Vatterott. Nick is outstanding and has been on Jimmy Fallen twice this year. So Nick will headline and as a total bonus TJ is coming in this week to Co Star with his best friend.

Damn nice of TJ. We can no longer afford him, yet here he is in anyway.

"I can’t tell you guys how much I love Kansas City," Miller says. "It’s my home away from home. My two favorite clubs are Comedy Works in Denver and Stanford’s in KC. The Glazers are worth the price of a ticket just to watch each night. And my favorite radio guy – without a doubt – is Johnny Dare."

Come see this twosome this week – Wed-Sunday. TJ has so much talent and charisma it’s scary.

P.S. Cheech and Chong‘s Tommy Chong will do ONE club this year. ONE. Chong live at Stanford’s August 12/13 four shows. Last time to KC it was Cheech and Chong at the Midland and it sold out.

More summer fun.
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9 Responses to Glazer: Rising Star T.J. Miller to Join Pal Nick Vatterott in Cameo @ Stanford’s

  1. harley says:

    Miller is hilarious
    have seen him on tv….possibly one of those guys whos about to hit it really really big!
    Not justin comedy but in movies.

  2. Ricky Richter says:

    OMG TJ
    Just saw “She’s Out of My League” on HBO two nights ago. He stole the film. TJ was the co star to the ugly guy with the beauty lady who was out of his world, but Miller well, you just can’t take your eyes off him. I did see Yogi Bear with my son, TJ was cute in that as well but it was a family film. I am going to try and come Saturday, if we get a sitter. Yeah, he’s talented. Good call guys.

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    There was a time
    When small clubs could jump start the careers of musicians and comedians and they would remember how they were helped by those clubs.

    Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Jim Croce, Don McLean, Father Guido Sarducci, Bette Midler, Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel, Robert Klein, George Carlin all played the club where I worked in college. Everyone remembered the place when they made it bit. Well maybe not Bette although she talked often about the club on Carson.

    Bruce did a benefit where he debuted the album Born to Run before it was finished. Wings on Wheels became Thunder Road.

    Jackson Browne came back and did a week of benefits. Bruce, Billy Joel, Maria Muldaur all did a set during the week.

    Of course it was the MUSIC business then.

    Glad to see there are still entertainers who remember from where they came.

    Hope to get out for Cheech and Chong. They played the club often and were always fun, on and off stage.

  4. koo coo says:

    Huge Fan
    I just love this guy. I have seen him twice at your club and once in Denver where I was born and lived. He is one of my favorites. Want to meet him, can you arrange that?

  5. Bruce McCulloch says:

    that was a good show, sorry it got cancelled, TJ was great in it as Marmaduke

  6. Legal Eagle says:

    Just Watched Out Of My League!
    TJ was great, I’m coming. Check it out on HBO, its on demand.

  7. Harlow says:

    TJ and Me Anytime
    He is a cuttie, “Hi Stainer” I am a bit older but pretty and built, I think I want more than an autograph young man.

  8. Westport Lover says:

    Loved TJ and Nick
    At your show last night, wanted to shout to you, but you were not there. TJ is so damn funny, Nick is a great stand-up, enjoyed it very much. Want to see Chong, hope there are some deals for him, if not I’ll still come.

  9. Chicago Tony says:

    I Am Coming Saturday
    You better be there”lil dick bitch” very funny Glazer. You are a good sport to say the least. Saw him two years ago, he is awesome. Look forward to Saturday.

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