Today: Arizona Getaway 2011; Lots More Joe, Lots Less Me

Everybody needs a vacation, whether they deserve it or not…

I obviously don’t, but I’m taking one anyway. And contrary to popular midwestern logic, that it makes no sense whatsoever to party in Tucson in July, I’m here vacationing without you.

A somewhat best kept secret; the monsoon season goes down in mid-July and August here, bringing clouds, rainfall and cooler temps. And Tucson’s temps are far cooler than Phoenix/Scottsdale – the totally yuppified areas most vacationers prefer. What heat there is, is dry and bearable, sans the merciless humidity of KC.

Here’s the really good part…

Far fewer loser tourist types abound at this time of year and you get incredible deals at resorts like the Hacienda Del Sol. For like a fraction of the dough "in season." So for the well-informed, it’s a no brainer.

Why I come here in the first place? Went to school and lived in Tucson for four years. So friends and familiar haunts beckon my return.

But enough schmaltzy stuff…

I’ll continue to write some, but as you have undoubtedly noticed, I’ve retained former Pitch top gun and award winning author Joe Miller to unleash a series of going away columns. One a day – this week and next. Joe is going legit as a college professor and he’s leaving KC for all time in a few short weeks.

Far as I can tell, Joe’s going to travel through time to his early, first years in KC. Give his impression of the landscape. Record a bit of pop culture history. And lay down essentially the good, the awful and the truly ugly.

Meanwhile, I’ll share a couple details of the road that may be of interest…

For starters, like some of you, I was a somewhat stunned when controversial Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed a bill in April to implement a 75 mph speed limit. It went into effect July 1st.

Four buck gas was just beginning to rear its ugly head. We were mired in no less than what passes for three wars in the Middle East which are were about – guess what? – us wanting to drive gas hog SUVs and trucks and have cheap gas. And now we’re green lighting speed limits that do little other than waste fuel.

Typical Kansas backward thinking, right? Not exactly.

What I’ve discovered – since I’m on a driving vacation in a 50 mpg Toyota Prius – is this time out Kansas is not alone.

Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona are also on the 75 mph plan. So we’re all going down together.


Let’s review:

Vacationing in Tucson in July and August totally makes sense. Practically everybody in the free world thinks driving 75 mph in Hummers and giant SUVs is a good thing. And Joe Miller is  going to light a going-away fire on Kansas City on his way out of town.

In other words, nothing is sacred anymore. And that’s the name of that tune…
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4 Responses to Today: Arizona Getaway 2011; Lots More Joe, Lots Less Me

  1. tommy says:

    zzzz. The Griswolds without the drama
    Sir, you are no Chevy Chase.
    Where’s the vibe?
    In your former life, at least you were fucking some broad in the bathroom of a movie house, or by the side of the road. Now you are Dad in a Prius. I suppose just too proud to rent a van, huh?

    Where’s the beef?

    Or did Clark Howard ghost write this?

  2. Hearne says:

    Chevy, who?
    First of all, clark Howard has no ghost, since he’s still alive. Second, I’ll leave the van to poser stalkers like u

  3. Rainbow Man says:

    travel advice
    Hearne… if you get a chance get a few pics at the airplane boneyard… acres and acres and acres of mothballed planes… it is pretty cool..

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    Believe it or not, I did visit the actual airport to check out a shop there but didn’t get to your rec. See if I have time. It’s been a while.

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