Glazer: P&L District Implements Stern Measures to Fend Off Urban Hordes

The shooting of a 16-year-old there last month has propelled Power & Light District into high gear…

The game plan: Eliminate the urban/hip hop crowd from the downtown entertainment district.

The teenager was shot in a P&L parking garage at 1:40 a.m. after the R. Kelly concert. Obviously Kelly, a popular black singer, has had his own issues with the law.

And as we all know, most established concert venues try NOT to book black acts. Other than crossovers like Bill Cosby, Tina Turner and even Snoop Dog. There’s simply too much violence surrounding the younger urban shows.

Surprised, huh? Uh, no.

Now P&L has added some new twists: A $10 COVER ON FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS.

And get this one…


Why? You guessed it. Most young blacks HAVE NO CREDIT CARDS. Hello.

Cash is allowed on Saturdays due to concerts and tourists.

What else? Oh yeah, COUNTRY MUSIC ON THURSDAY NIGHTS EVERY THURSDAY WITH YOUNG COUNTRY 104.3. Young blacks don’t like the country music and stay away.

Westport, which has had a much more peaceful summer, had a tragic death a few nights ago when 19-year-old Halle Steele collapsed to the floor, hit her head and died. She was a KU student, best known for her work on the channel 6, Lawrence TV Show, "The Not So Late Show."  According to a Westport spokesperson, paramedics were on the scene in seconds; she had heat stroke, fell and accidentally hit her head and passed away.

With the recent closings of two of the three major black dance clubs in the Midtown area, Karma and Zen, the P&L as well as Martini Corner have seen a big rise in black attendance and increased violence this summer.

"When I go down to look at their crowds, now I see the urban core – blacks being more than 50% of the total crowd now, especially after 11 PM," says a source who asked not to be named. "It always leads to violence and even the death of a strong district. We all know what it has done to Westport over the last 20 years. But there seems to be no real answer to the problem."

P.S. The 16-year-old from P&L was hit by a flurry of bullets fired in the garage, taken to a hospital and dumped off by an unknown man; he left her there and took off.

Nice of him, huh?
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33 Responses to Glazer: P&L District Implements Stern Measures to Fend Off Urban Hordes

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    What’s a po’ boy to do?
    P&L is a place to go if you don’t have a soul. Overpriced drinks, overserved posers, an inevitable white-bread-and-mayo soup sandwich.

    At least in Westport you might come across an original idea or music.

    Like Chris Rock says, they be so happy they just gotta put a cap in somebody.

  2. Hunting Party says:

    Nothing Could Be More True
    Man it makes people not want Blacks around them at all. Not fair to the nice ones, who are in the minority, Hah, that was very funny.

  3. smartman says:

    Call Orkin
    Just like cockroaches the Tupac wanna-be’s will find a way in sooner or later. Credit cards and country music only delay the inevitable. We are starting to pay a high price in KC, and the US, for slavery, a failed public school system and and dismal attempts at social engineering.

    We all may be created equal but we don’t remain that way very long. Nurture can get you an education and a job but nature can end all that when you take a bullet to the head.

    President Obama and Mayor Slyme should be taking the lead on trying to get the black community to Huxtable up but they’re just weak-knee’d n*ggers afraid to deal with the chicken and waffles. They just wanna get paid for failed time served.

    It’s time for us crackers to saddle up and FIGHT THE POWER ’cause we ain’t the power anymore. Don’t live in fear of skin color or pants on the ground. Be prepared! Be vigilant! Get a conceal carry permit! Learn to use a knife! Prepare to defend yourself and your family. The KCMOPD is USELESS. All they care about is 20 years and a pension.

    Rodney King wants to know why we can’t all get along. I wanna know why he can’t stay out of jail.

    Things will get worse with race relations in KC before they get better. But before they can get better we caucasians must insist on that outcome and not bury our heads in the suburban sand.

  4. Mark x says:

    … there will be no end…

    Take up the White Man’s burden —
    In patience to abide,
    To veil the threat of terror
    And check the show of pride;
    By open speech and simple,
    An hundred times made plain.
    To seek another’s profit,
    And work another’s gain.

  5. Newbaum Turk says:

    And in other news: Water is wet
    I don’t go to P&L but they better protect their investment and get a handle on this or it goes the way of Westport and anything else that attracts the urban population. They don’t drink, tip, smoke a shit-load of weed before they get where they are going, and are violent. Why have them in your establishment? Only if you want to make it go to hell, torch it, then collect the insurance money. As for the guy who dumped the victim at the hospital. Do you think this is rare? A couple of things are in play here: One the guy who dropped the gunshot victim off has a warrant our for him, plus whatever is in his body/car at the time. Two, he ain’t going to snitch and his going to carry out his own form of retribution so the cycle in the hood can continue. The cycle never ends. Eschew education, have kids too young that you have nothing to do with once baby mamma gets knocked up, don’t get a real job, commit violent acts, and be a drain on society. I’m so sick of this shit

  6. Bird Man says:

    All Haters
    I am a liberal Demo. However I now do NOT feel sorry for these young uneducated blacks at all. ITS ALL BEEN HANDED TO TMEM. LOSERS FUCKS. You dug your own hole. GO TO SHCOOL.

  7. Mark x says:

    … there will be no end…

    Take up the White Man’s burden —
    In patience to abide,
    To veil the threat of terror
    And check the show of pride;
    By open speech and simple,
    An hundred times made plain.
    To seek another’s profit,
    And work another’s gain.

  8. Voice Of Reason says:

    There Are Some Very Nice Black People
    Lets not condemn the entire race over some bad apples.

  9. Black Barbie says:

    How You Know What Up?
    Craig how you know a black man shot that teenage girl. Maybe they was white or Mexican. Lots of gangs are not black bitch. Quit blaming us for all your white ass issues. I am the fuck not paying ten dollars to go drink in those bars. Fuck that shit man. I’ll take my black ass buisiness somwhere else, yep, somewhtere else for sure. You racist animals.

  10. Monkey man says:

    I Was AT R.Kelly, Nice
    Great show, no issues, no fights except two white boys in the back rows, where they belong, drunk of course. Like Barbie say how you know it was a black person who shot her? Was she black?

  11. Matt says:

    Cordish should turnover the Cover Charge to the City…
    to help cover the $1,000,000 per month P&L cost the general fund. Someone was right, it’s going to be much worse before it gets better. I’m also going to be locked and loaded on election night 2012 when President Barry gets tossed. It could be like ’68 with these young pissed off hood boys rampaging around.

  12. Taco Time says:

    We didn’t do Monkey
    We don’t hang down there, just you low life thug hood rats. Let you be Whitties problem. Not ours.

  13. smartman says:

    Too Much Nigativity
    Go to and enter n*igger into search and all kinda stuff comes up. Enter worthwhile black people and nothing comes up.

    I’m just sayin’.

    We have a serious race issue in KC and everybody wants to exploit the problem but no one wants to implement the necessary solutions.
    Black leaders do Jive Talkin’ more often than the Bee Gees.

    The black community is run buy their own version of the Taliban. Different set of rules, mores and social codes then the rest of us agree to abide by.

    Until we realize that this is a fast spreading cancer on our city that needs to be dealt with door to door, church to church and school to school instead of through the Al Brooks and Alonzo Washington Theatre of Victims we won’t make any progress.

    Prayers and vigils are fine but as the
    Bible says in Luke 4:23 “And he said unto them, Ye will surely say unto me this proverb, Physician, heal thyself: whatsoever we have heard done in Capernaum, do also here in thy country”

    In short, when the black community wants to get their shit together they can. They have the power and the tools. They just lack the necessity and desire.

  14. Rainbow Man says:

    P&L Profit and Loss… and more loss
    I think it is hilarious. These dudes from Baltimore roll into KC and don’t do their homework. They didn’t realize KC is the largest segregated US city West of the Mississippi… and the segregation boundary rests about eight blocks east of P&L… HA HA HA HA HA!
    Why do you think Johnsson County exists? This community has a legendary and proud tradition of whites getting the hell away fom blacks. The parochial school system, Pembroke, and Barstow enables all of the whites in KCMO with brains to make sure their kids don’t go to school with blacks. On the food network we say we love Gates and Arthur Bryants and that is about as close as we EVER get to making an overture of love to black KC. Heck… an Italian guy owns Arthur Bryants anyway. Now we are sitting around scratching our heads? Here is a heads up JOCO… downtown KCK is EASILY 75% Mexican New Immigrant Now… and they are coming your way… They are filling up SM North and Bishop Miege already… UH OH… 435 South Magazine just changed its name… it is 175th and South. We are pathetic.

  15. Jimmy says:

    Brian McKnight at the Uptown Theater
    It’s an urban show at a major concert venue.

  16. harley says:

    Its not just happening in kc
    this is not just hanppening in kc…its all over the nation. Get used to it.
    The huge population jump in the minoritiy communities is spreading out.
    Northern Johnson County and Olathe are now largely made up of hispanic
    populations. Pockets of johnson county are now becoming black enclaves.
    Shawnee Misssioun south…once the nicest…richest school in kc is now about
    40% black. I went to a football game and could not believe thehuge number of
    blacks on the sm south side of the stands.
    The minority population in america is exploding. States like ca./fla./ny/illinois
    are now very close to being taken over by the minority groups. In the 2012
    election and especially in 2016 and 2020 states like texas and georgia…once
    bastions of republican voters will be in play in the presdiential election because of the
    huge growth in the minority population.
    Not saying all the violence is attributed to blacks…but they do bring it with them.
    Look at oak park mall. Talked with a overland park police man about that mall and they
    are now having gang problems.
    This is the changing face of america. Todays white kids will be tomorrows minorities.
    So don’t think you can stem the tide. Impossible. The recent census pointed out the huge
    growth in black and hispanic populations nationally. They just are bredders.
    Even in johnson county you can see the expansion of black into the county. but this has been
    happening all over the nation…we’re just seeing it here in kc now.
    Nothing you can do…the power and lite district will become a ghost town…eventually left to the
    gangs and thugs.
    But all of you can come out to joco….we have nio shootings…no muggings…no violence….
    honest….peopel out to enjoy a night….
    Eventually they will kill everything that the city developed. But its not the whole race who is bad..
    just the kids without supervision and adult leadership who will ruin it for everyone.
    And ow with the government cuts in the areas that help these kids early…the problem wil get
    The world is changing…changing very fast….and you either accept it …adapt to it…and make decisions
    based on whatyou feel comfortable with.
    This is why for years i have noted that with the huge minority population explosion the face of america
    is changing. If you have kids now…or grandkids…the america we grew up in will be much different and
    more “diverse” than the nation they grow up in. Just the facts….
    I have also pointed out that this “diversity”” will change the political landscape. Right now…minorities
    can basically somewaht say who will be president if they vote. As 2016/2020 come around a presidential
    candidate who can get 90% of the black vote….66% of the hispanic vote will be elected president
    regardless of what white vote is. The numbers point this out.
    Theres nothing anyone can do to change this.

  17. Cowboy says:

    Harley Is Right
    I hate to admit this, but Harley is on target again. It pains me to say such things but yes, we are seeing the end of ‘smart America’ this new group made up of current uneducated blacks and hispanic will go on to rule this nation. Glad I will be dead by then.

  18. Maureen says:

    Look At The Brain On Harley
    First off, I need to join no Harlem dude. However I liked what you wrote this time about our cities and nations future. It is scary, I live out south to avoid crime and violence of KC, Missouri. Very unhappy about these events.

  19. Monkey man says:

    So You All Want To Go Back To Slavery?
    So thats the answer. Lock us all up huh? Look its just the natural order of things. Remember whites have few kids cause it costs too much. Thats all. Most of us are broke anyways so WTF, a few kids can make us some money. We are not all bad parents. Sides there is lots of inter dating and marriage now so white people stay calm master we ain’t planning on taking over the plantation just yet. Brother.

  20. harley says:

    lets party sometime….you live outsouth….
    didint understand what you meant by “harlem dude”…what was hat statemnt about..
    ..if you want a loyal one woman man
    i’ve got them out herer in joco…tell me what you like and i’.l; be like robertoe and get
    you hooked up with someone.
    you want a dr./plastic surgeon/ceo? if you’re as hotas you say i’ve got
    20 guys waitiing to meet ya…all with class…and style…………….
    and thanks for the compliment….we finally agreed on soomething….

  21. smartman says:

    No one is suggesting a return to slavery. But that might be one way to get blacks to actually work.

    Blacks are now the slaves of the Mexican Cartels. If you all had any entrepreneurial spirit beyond Russell Simmons and his bullshit debit card you’d start growing your own weed, coca and heroin and control the whole damn supply chain instead of just street corner distribution and use.

    Harley, you are correct about the growing Blacktino population but once those people get some money going from selling rims, systems, burritos and chicken they start to understand the confiscatory nature of our tax system and they vote like lilly white Southern Baptists, cause in the end it’s not about black, white, brown or yellow, it’s about GREEN!

  22. HARLEY says:

    smartman….who the hell is going
    to put obama back in the “white” house? black…latinos….they control 180 electoral votes…
    O only needs a
    couple extra states and he’s in 4 MORE YEARS!
    And don’t forget this….2012 will have more latinos/blacks voting than ever before..
    record turnout….the wave is starting! They aint voting no repuke into tht office…maybe
    never again.

  23. PB says:

    …just wow. Funny, but I’m more afraid of some of the responders in this thread than I am of any black man. I’ll gladly take my chances on the street upfront with a supposedly “thuggish” individual as opposed to dealing with the aftermath that these types of anonymous hate-fueled rants tend to incite. I’m much more in fear of all the so-called “patriots” who are in actual positions of power than those trying to achieve some fleeting power thru the barrel of a Glock at two in the morning.

  24. Captain Hero says:

    ……..The reason Bannister mall died was because the people with the money who were buying stuff there quit showing up….and they quit showing up because of all the thugs stealing cars, and thugging around inside the mall. People with money will do their trading in more comfortable safer places….and people who want to spend money drinking, listening to music and dancing will also if bad people show up where they like to dance and drink.

    I really wish I could avoid this, but there is a TON of credible, solid research that proves that as a WHOLE, subsaharan black africans have the lowest IQ’s in the world…..and their scores are even worse when tests centered around their own culture and way of life are used. This isn’t to say that there can’t be smart black people….because there ARE…I have known some, worked with some….have had no problems with them…have LEARNED FROM them in many cases. These people would be called uncle toms, or sellouts….they might even be considered to be almost acting white. I hate to hear that because their angst is misdirected….there are plenty of utterly stupid, lazy, worthless white poeple……it isn’t that any white people are acting “white”……we are acting SUCCESSFUL….you know….putting a high value on education, work ethic, personal responsibility, raising kids…..there is nothing white per se about it.

    However, the lower your IQ, the harder it is for a person of any color to be successful. And if you see that as a GROUP, blacks have lower IQ’s….so if blacks make up 13% of the population and only 1% of blacks have high IQ’s etc… can see why the whole group gets stigmatized. Further complicating things is that because of affirmative action, the 1% of blacks who actually are smart, talented, upper crust type people….don’t get a fair shake for the most part because everyone else believes the only way they could have attained a high position in society is through quota systems.

    I would also like to make a point that as Mexicans build business’s etc, they turn into “whitey” because they, like us white folk, like to keep their hard earned money from being taxed away, keep their nieghborhoods clean and safe, etc etc……again, it isn’t a white or black or mexican thing.

    ….and finally…..pointing again to solid research, inteligence is inherited, and whenever tests have been conducted where the father has a low IQ, but the mother has a high or higher IQ, the child tends to have an IQ at or exceeding the mothers IQ….and the reverse is true as well…whenever the father has a high IQ, and the mother has a low or lower IQ, the child also tends to have a lower IQ….and so the answer to our racial problems…and I am being completely serious, is FAT UGLY WHITE WOMEN. They can be heroes through breeding with black men. The offspring will trend upward in IQ. We know most black men have a certain taste for big fat assed white chicks and so this is the solution.

  25. smartman says:

    Oh Bomb Ah
    C’mon Harley, ain’t no way half-blackberry keeps the robes for another 4.

    I have a black friend that owns a restaurant. Even he misses George Bush; as he said “At least with Bush he’d tell he was gonna fuck ya’. Barack slides up behind ya and gives ya’ the buckwheats up the ass.”

    At least one third of blacks and as many as 60% of latinos aspire to the American Dream as we crackers know it. Job, house, cars, kids that go to college that will have lives better than their parents.
    Blackberry might wanna think like Groucho Marx instead of Karl Marx for a while. He’s buried the economy in the mud up to our fake titties. Government has always been the problem and never the solution. Just look no further than the KCMOSD.

    Take off the shackles of Obamacare, cap and trade, threats of increased taxes and let the American Spirit do what it does best; create, thrive and prosper.

  26. Craig Glazer says:

    Harley Is Right Again, Can’t Believe It!
    Obama can’t lose no chance, zero. Only if and only if the economy is so bad, and that could happen God Forbid, they blame him. Otherwise its him again for sure. Harley is killing it with correct information. He is 100% correct. By the way I don’t blame the president, he is in a bind, he’s a one man band. Remember our hero and I loved him and Reagan, Clinton was gonna legalize weed, cut the drug laws back and Health Care, how’d that go. The people in charge, FBI,CIA,IRS and so on said NO. Thats that. They run it baby. They just do.

  27. Jack Bat says:

    Quit Crying Hip Hop Dicks
    Always someone else fault right. Hope they cancel “Little Wayne” at Sprint, he will bring trouble. Behave.

  28. Ricky Richter says:

    Oh No Not Little Wayne?
    You kidding, I got 50 bucks that says at least ten robberies, 20 car break ins and yeah one or two shootings. When will they learn, NO HIP HOP! Sprint must be desperate. I notice they have few concerts this summer maybe half of what they had in year one and two.

  29. Kellys Man says:

    Not True
    Westport has had no deaths this summer. I am there every night. This musta happened cause Bill Nigro runs that joint. He likely had something to do with it. He had me moved out of the south end of Westport cause he found out I bashed his old car. It aint worth much anyways Bill, get a horse. I like hip hop but Kellys is not down with it, not sure why.

  30. Rody Rody Piper says:

    Kellys Guy Go Away
    Please don’t write anything anymore. You are a dumbo. Find an alley and go sleep, you drunk moron.

  31. ...and Jelly says:

    Hey, PB–I’m with YOU!
    I agree these commenters are scary.

  32. Mildred Pierce says:

    Oh brother. Now Glaze loves Reagan
    and is our POLITICAL columnist as well!
    What’s next, he writes about fashion?????

    I particularly enjoyed his prostration at the feet of Harley. Yeah, like Harley will buy that…

  33. Taco Time says:

    Tonys KC is Covering Same Story
    Tony has a simliar story and he says its all about keeping the blacks out!

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