Glazer: Humble Scribe Sizzles in the Summer Sun @ Woodside


"Summer lovin had me at last, summer lovin had me a blast"…

Truer words never spoken. I love the summer – even the 100 degree heat. It makes people go to the pools and that’s where the fun really starts. All those hotties!

Woodside has a smokin hot happy hour afternoon on Fridays. Bring a guest day starts at 3 and goes til 7 p.m.. And it’s always sold out – like 300 plus adults, mostly 20s and 30s – and oh yeah, me.

I ran into an old flame who asked that I not identify her – I think you can guess why. And Black Barbie was there and wanted to drive my Porsche. I let her but it turned out she didn’t know how to drive stick, so I had to jump in and put my foot on the brake before she ran into another car.

Woodside have a live DJ on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays are loaded as well. Weekdays half full, no other pool in town has all that and that busy. The Jones is not open during the week.

Hey, are you like me?

Doesn’t summer bring out all the good memories? You know, school’s out, driving with the top down, hot chicks, cruising, outdoor concerts. Man, its the best even if it is too hot. Hey, I’ll take clear and 100 over cloudy, snowy ice, rain and 18 degrees anytime. Our winters tend to depress us.

Had a fun time at Woodside with Reno 911’s Carlos Alazraqui and yes he is the voice of the Taco Bell Dog.

"Yo quiero Taco Bell" He did a fun show. Even my doctor came. I had another fun ex girlfriend, Jessie come with me to Woodside. She may have a better body than even the "bodybuilder lady" who I haven’t dated lately. And don’t forget the Mermaid. She’s been hitting the gym daily and you sure can tell.

You meet new people, that’s what summer is about.  Adventure. Even for vets like me. It’s always THE time of year. Then…"it gets cold that’s where it ends.

"I had to make our true love die…Summer dreams ripped at the seams..but oh..THOSE SUMMER NIGHTS."

Yep, just when we need it most, it’s over.
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30 Responses to Glazer: Humble Scribe Sizzles in the Summer Sun @ Woodside

  1. harley says:

    nice photos.
    Tell hearne i may need that mercedes for a week…taking miine in for service and the way
    marion b. at aristocrat charges i might also need a second mortgage.
    good to see you working the ladies. What i notice when i go to dinner and walk around
    people really don’t date like before. If a girl back in my day ….didn’t hae a date on saturday
    nnite they stayed in… going out.
    Now theyre out every nite of the week….and they all go out in packs…4 girls…5 guys…large
    groups….not the one on one dating I ued to do. Kind of strange…and in talking with
    them they’re not in a hurry to get married. Just a different kind of attitude…and god forbid
    they should not have the freaking smart phone with them. What would they dowithout being able
    to text the person next to them. they don’t talk…they text….what happened.
    Anyway great to see you[re holding the fort down in woodside….your harem still looks very very
    nice and before the summers out lets have a cocktail……

  2. smartman says:

    Silly Rabbi!
    Tits are for kids! Once a chicky hits 30, those lung warts start to turn into Nat-Geo quality knee knockers and it only gets worse with age.
    I’m genetically predisposed to avoid places like Woodside but some friends go and they say the cottage cheese count on the legs is pretty abundant this year.

    Sun exposure and booze are a bad combo. I’ll take a porcelain skin redhead over a bronzed bleach bottle blonde any day.

  3. Good Boy says:

    I Love You Craig Glazer
    WHO SAID YOU COULDN’T WRITE. Damn fun and in a way sad ending. Great looking ladies. Thanks for the upbeat story Glaze.

  4. Cowboy says:

    NO Wonder
    NOW I SEE why you have so many haters Glazer. Geez Louize, those babies are so hot. They must be all of 25? 26? You are what 50 something. Unreal. You must know something we don’t. Hell I’m only 34 and I can’t do that. Maybe cause I am overweight, not sure. Oh I drive a chevy, thats it and make 40 grand a year. Who the hell knows. The dark haired girl is amazing, how lone you know her? Hey tip of the hat to you old friend. See you when I see you

  5. Maureen says:

    Enough Of You
    Craig I came all the way to Woodside, paid to get in as a guest, since you had LEFT already. Hey thanks alot. Now i see you were with big fake ass tits Emi. Really. Thats OK I met a very handsome guy, age 31, blonde blue eyed baby boy. He’ll do. Guess you have too many little whatever they are to make time for me now. I always defend you on this site, maybe I shouldn’t. You could have waited or called. Never again my friend.

  6. Blace Barbie says:

    You Sick IN The Head
    How many girls you need, a man your age. YOu coulda been with me if you were a bit nicer. AND PAID ME FOR THAT DAMN SONG YOU TOOK. My Mamma said to tell you not to ever come over if that how you gonna treat me on the money. I hear it everyday now, yes I been listening to the Rock so I can protect myself and I count how many times they play it Craig. Last week was like 5 so thats 50 bucks right there.

  7. Bad Ass jew, Berkowitz says:

    Oh What A Web We Weave
    Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned! Beware.

  8. Bag Man says:

    Blonde Asian
    You got it all of the poolsider were talking about her, are those real, is she his girl, is she a stripper, who is she. It worked you got them f’d up at the poolside.

  9. Man Hole says:

    Emi AT RockFest
    I met you and the blonde girl at Rockfest last year. I saw her modeling with almost nothing on at a car show in Vegas, she didn’t remember me when I came up to her. Hey she had al long line of “autograph seekers” and what the hell has she ever done. Oh.

  10. T says:

    Looks like a busy weekend…
    here come the haters! xo

  11. Fred says:

    Jessie looks kinda
    wild. Is she on the kickapoo joy juice? Looks like the blond, emmy wants to jump your bones in that picture. I am jealous. Me and Chuck. Ha.

  12. harley says:

    is that a pussy
    on jeessie’s (dark haired girl) breast? Felix the cat?
    Glaze…even i like that one….
    MAUREEN: just join the damn club. Stop stalking my man glaze.
    BAD ASS: How’d the date with mermaid go? You convert her yet?
    SMARTMAN: obviously you’ve been hanging with the wrong women..
    m y girls 40 and her breasts are perfect thanks to dr. bortnick!

  13. Robertoe says:

    Is Berk all badass bark and no bite?
    “BAD ASS: How’d the date with mermaid go? You convert her yet?”

    I got it all set up and I haven’t heard from Berk! Come on BadAss, get with the program. You’re getting offered up a very sweet dish. Oh wait….She’s not a dish. More like a fish….a very special mermaid! Posted 5 days ago here (on a thread that got buried):

    “OK, Berk, I’ve communicated with Ms Debbie. She’d be game. She’s tweaked the parameters a little. I’ll bring a gal and Mermaid. So it’ll be like a double date. Debbie will pick the restaurant. She does want a weeknight dinner. We’ll split the check but you’re buying me wine for setting this up for you. Drop me a note.”

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    Bortnick Is The Best
    What a nice guy he is, he worked out by me at Woodside and one day offered to get the dark circles out from beneath my eyes for next to zip. About five years back, it was amazing, did I say amazing, damnit. Worked great. He is just the best. His offices are like Palm Desert, very cool. Yeah I agee Dan is the man.

  15. smartman says:

    I like my tootsie pops to be real. Fake titties are just a boner killer for me. The only place I want airbags is on my 442.

  16. Mildred Pierce says:

    Jesus, when does Chuck come back from Chicago?
    We need to lighten this up, boyz. We need some French ephemera from our Raytown Illuminati, some dialogues, we need us some Chuck.

    Hey, did Harley join you Friday night for that mojito you offered in Chicago? Now that would be a conversation…

  17. woodside pal says:

    Talk Of The Pool/Great Stuff
    I saw you twice with the blonde Asian and the dark haired hottie. I wish you could hear the younger set at the other end of the pool like I did Glaze. “He must pay them to come” “Are they hookers” “How does he do that” you’d love to be a fly on the wall. I stepped into one conversation and said, “kids he has always done that here, you are new, they are girls he dates and maybe a friend or two, no hookers, no pay, they love the guy it would appear” I said the only stripper was Barbie and that was back in June, where is she. She is my fav. You keep on rolling like Brett Favre Glaze, us older boys are with ya. Cheers.

  18. Robertoe says:

    low and behold
    I’m thinking Hearne got a few calls from ‘legal types’ this morning. The picture of the blonde oriental is gone even though we really couldn’t see her face with that hat and shades. I can’t imagine a gal not wanting to be associated with the multiple-personalities-who- post-here and 6-or-8 girlfriend Glaze. Imagine that.

    I also notice the 2 Steve Penn stories are gone.

    It must really suck owning a low income, high liability tell all like this. Just leave the anonymous posting section up!

  19. harley says:

    I like my meat …..
    nice african american woman….usualy they don’t like the pools or the sun..
    first they hate to swim…second…they burn like hell.
    but she is very pretty although i loike strictly white meat…no dark meat exceptwhen
    i’m eatin strouds chicken. Very very pretty black girl and since glaze
    doesnt discriminate i’m sure she’s just another of his harem of girls.
    nice photo…………….i’m headed to woodside now…
    for those young people at woodside who are still trying to figure life out….
    all women are hookers…..they love money!
    or as my dad said “theyre all whores except your mom!”…glaze cqn
    attest to that

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Both Right
    The one gal didn’t want her photo up, she is well in a situation unrelated to me so out of respect we took it down. Barbie likes the attention so ok…Harley you make a good point. I was suprised to hear, not by you guys, that the real player haters, the younger girls and guys, hate it that I have a lets say small group of girlfriends who like to come to the pool or wherever. So I ‘must be payin em’ yeah right, sure some of these ladies have been seeing me for ten and fifteen years. My age mystifies them so there has to be some ‘other reason’ mostly the guys. Translation THEY CAN’T DO IT, they ain’t cool enough or sharp enough. Ask Barbie “how much” you’ll get smacked. That girl makes 2,000 a week in this economy dancing, hey god love her, thats her thing, she even likes it. She quit for me a year back and was bored, wanted to dance, so what you gonna do. They won’t listen. You can’t fix broken birds wings, right Harley and Robertoe, so don’t try. Sure there is that rare exception, but very rare, its fun trying though huh. Hey I’m good with girls, always was, I get it, so now I just date the sexy, wild crazy ones, its annoying at times, but sometimes fun, the you know what part….the conversations are not the best, but they weren’t with working class woman, lawyers, Nurses and the like…boring. Maybe its me! Anyways lets have a fun summer before it gets crappy out.

  21. bschloz says:

    Workin It
    Glaze- PX90?

    Hey Barbie, the way KCC is starting to ramp up…that cover shot should be worth ? $25 or at least a BLT at the Snack Bar.

  22. Monkey man says:

    You Fine Baby
    Glazer is such a dumb ass for trading you for that fake ass blonde girl, with fake boobs. You smoke her girl. I want some if you want to meet a nice brother with a good job, who don’t cheat or have six girlfriends at once. You in?

  23. Black Barbie says:

    You Are Sweet Monkey
    thank you, but no, I am taken. I got a new man, he is so nice to me. I loved Craig, he didn’t appreciate me much. My momma was right we from two different worlds. He was nice to my little son, he bought him a room full of toys for Christmas. He loved Craig too. But that was a ways back and over now. I make plenty of money so I don’t need a man really. Hope you find a nice girl,

  24. Monkey man says:

    Hope You Change Your Mind
    Thank you the response. I understand too, hope you and I meet one day. I might come down to see you dance. What are the best nights Barbie.

  25. Legal Eagle says:

    I Am A White Guy Barbie
    I cute I’m rich I’m white anyway there Barbie. You are so very beautiful. I mean it. Yeah when do you work?I am single so I can come there. Is it naked now or what?

  26. Westport Patron says:

    Barbie You Are A Peach Girl
    I want some too.

  27. Black Barbie says:

    When I work
    O.K. you guys come in and see me Saturday Night or Thursday Night, those are best, like after ten PM. Now I am busy so don’t be grabbin on me, just be nice take a seat and wave, say Johnny Dare of KCconfidential or man, you can say Craig Glazer, but don’t bring him til he pays me that 500 for my song. Yeah I would love to meet some of you guys or girls. See you at Temptations.

  28. Royals Fan says:

    Woodside Is Wonderful
    I am in my 40’s have been a member there since the mid 90’s. Just love the place, quiet, no problems, pool is nice but so are the weight rooms, cardio, bar area, food is healthy now that Blair has fixed all that. With the Earthbar. its also a fantastic family place. Sure the weekends at the pool tend to squew young but thats a few weekends of the year, most of the time i see guys and gals more my age. So don’t everyone think this is a Gen X or Y place its for all age. Just saying.

  29. Woodside Pal says:

    True Tale Its Also Family
    My entire family swims at the family pool and we don’t even see these younger people in their glory. We have two kids age 7 and 9 both belong to swimm teams and tennis at Woodside, great for all of us. And some of the scenery ain’t so bad either. Love Woodside.

  30. Downtown davey says:

    Jones Pool
    Been to both, course I am older, but yeah I like Woodside much better. Jones is well lets say for the youngsters and party people too crazy. Woodside is quiet and has pretty nice people of all ages. Yes the pool is now younger, but hey thats life, we all age. The behavior there is outstanding day and night. Jones, uh well its different.

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