Hearne: Go Figure, KCFX’s Slacker Wins Men, Johnny Dare Women in June

Here’s a bit of a shocker…

Former KY102 and 99.7 KY personality Slacker has taken over as Numero Uno among men listeners, ages 25 to 54, in morning drive from 6 a.m to 10 a.m. weekdays.

Go ahead, squint, rub your eyes, stare in disbelief, Slacker nosed out The Rock 98.9 FM’s Johnny Dare for top ratings honors with a 12.5 audience share to Dare’s 12.3. Let the record show that PPM or metered ratings tend to skew more toward music format than personalities, but it’s a remarkable feat nonetheless.

Here are the rest of the Top 10 stations in morning drive for men…

  1.  KCFX FM and Slacker with a 12.5 share
  2.  The Rock and Johnny Dare with a 12.3 share
  3.   WHB and Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty with a 5.7 share
  4.  The Buzz and Afentra with a 5.4 share
  5.  The Vibe with a 4.6 share
  6.  610 Sports and Bulldog Bob Fescoe with a 4.4 share
  7.  KMBZ and E.J.and Ellen with a 4.3 share
  8.  KPRS and the Tony G & Sean Tyler with a 4.1 share
  9.  Funny 102.5 with a 4.0 share
  10.  Jack FM and Nycki Pace & Bryan Truta with a 3.8 share

Now brace yourselves for the Top 10 morning shows for women listeners, 25-54 on weekdays

  1. The Rock and Johnny Dare with a 7.9 share
  2.  Mix 93.3 and Rocket & Teresa with a 7.5 share
  3.  Q104 and Mike Kennedy witha 7.1 share
  4.  KLRX or K-Love and Lisa & Eric with a 6.0 share
  5.  KPRS and the Tony G & Sean Tyler with a 6.0 share
  6.  Jack FM and Nycki Pace & Bryan Truta with a 5.1 share
  7.  KCMO AM and Dick Wilson with a 5.1 share
  8.  Alice FM and bj, Howie & Erica with a 4.9 share
  9.  The Buzz and Afentra with a 4.7 share
  10.  KCUR Public Radio with a 4.5 share
  11. The Vibe with a 4.3 share

Needless to say, there’s a whole lotta shaking going down in the wide world of local radio!

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14 Responses to Hearne: Go Figure, KCFX’s Slacker Wins Men, Johnny Dare Women in June

  1. George Wilson says:

    Unusual Sample Maybe?
    Given the very surprising results for both Dare and Wright, I wonder if what we have is simply an unusual sample used for this survey. I assume the sampling technique got the demos to match the market, but that doesn’t guarantee that the people chosen in those demos accurately represent their demo. Once in a while you just get goofy results that don’t reflect what you have been seeing previously. The next ratings book will be very interesting and should help tell the tale.

  2. harley says:

    complete b.s.
    having done and worked with extensive polling data this whole radio rating system is complete
    trash. Why anyone would stake their company on this bullshit is unbelievable.
    Any legitimate and correct polling system would have a margin of error…but this one doesent
    which means the people who run it cant be confident in its results.
    facts i contend:
    Johnny Dare is overrated:
    Kluv is not a top 10 station
    WHB is overrated
    News talk stations are underrrated…..lots of online listening that does not reflect in ratings.
    AM stations are underrated
    Black listeners are overrated…..weighted response levels
    The whole thing is bull. Who would want to wear that box around all day. Let’s be honest
    it’s just another scam on the busiinesses who pay too much attention to these numbers.
    Even the company that puts out this stuff can’t guarantee the results are correct.
    Advertisers who waste their time on this stuff are going to waste their money. Large advertisers
    can afford to pay attention to this because they have the huge budgets to waste. Smaller
    advertisers can’t….if you aren’t tracking your customers you’re wasting your money.
    playing .
    This is a huge bump for the fox. They’ll make huge waves with these numbers.
    Sorry glaze…but we might be seeing the decline of your boy dare. Maybe he should have
    moved to a bigger market while he was on top. His show is getting stale and now with the
    loss of co host it could take an even bigger hit. Of course these numbers are worthless
    so who really knows.

  3. kansas karl says:

    harley again knows little
    The PPM’s are not weighted data like the old diary system was, the PPM is actual listening data, therefore there is no +- factor. Those who are unable to understand this should go what they do best, make up shit. Personal opinion is just that personal, it has no relevance in the real world where one has to be objective to make a conscience decision. The PPM shows in no uncertain terms that MORNING TV kicks radio’s collective ass until 8-9a, just as folks drive to work. So until JD and others are able to take back audience from MORNING TV, they are just swimming in the swill.

  4. smartman says:

    @Kansas Karl
    Personally I think PPM’s are about as reliable as election results in Cuba.

    How does the PPM system allow for the fact that someone could just leave it at home next to the radio tuned to 1510 AM all day?

    The PPM monitors what you have on the radio but there is no way it can determine whether or not you are really listening.

    So while margin of error may not be the correct term the PPM monitoring process has to have some statistical variance. Correct?

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    Anything is possible, I suppose. But there have been lots of surprises and changing trends since the people metering system went in. No playing the favorites with the meters on

  6. kansas karl says:

    if the radio is on and no one listens does anyone care?
    It’s not statistical if no one is listening. Yes there are problems with way the information is gathered, however the reality of having information outlining how the consumer is actually using radio is invaluable, knowing where to place commercials to reach the max number of people without paying the high prices in morning drive, middays actually show higher listening levels than mornings. PPM’s are light years ahead of the diary’s in reliability, accuracy and real time info.

  7. harley says:

    regardless of what fantasies you extract from this horrible rating system…not one statistician…not one
    legitimate pollster…not one mathmetician…not one person who has studied polling data…not one
    person who’se done any type of legitimate polling would say this polling system is anything but
    Garbage…unreliable. In the older days with written diaries people would write in numbers with
    crayon…kids would spill milk on the paper….it was incredible.
    For anyone who has any intelligence to even partially pay attention to this bogus system
    is ridiculous.
    Stop defending it. Stop pretending that you know it’s correct. Stop basing any kind of rational
    decision on it. Maybe use it to bargain fvor pricing…but any polling data that allows no margin
    of error to its system is just pure shit…..worthless and totally unreliable.
    Stop acting like you know somuch…if you knew anything about polling (Ive worked with
    polling data for 20 years) with experts who knew how to conduct fair and equitable
    polling you’d realize you and the system are a farce.
    Flipping a coin give you better data. Asking 20 people on the street would give you
    beter data…..you know nothing about this system…so shut up!

  8. harley says:

    kansas karl…please
    explain the huge audience increase at klove…and you pay attention to these numbers? come on
    guy…this is really fantasy world.

  9. Programmer says:

    Old men prefer Slacker
    Seing that Johnny ranked hire with W25-54 than with m25-54 made me take pause in dig into this a little bit. First of all, the Rock’s target is proabaly not Men 25-54 but rather m18-49. The 49-54 definately favor the “Classic” rock statsion which by the way is considered the next “oldies” within the radio industry. With m18-49 Johnny has a 15.8 to slackers 9.4. But, to make sure you are happy Hearne, and since Bob Z (your big industry insider) keeps blowing this 25-54 smoke up your ass, let’s take a look at men 25-54. On the younger end of the demo , men 25-49 , Johnny has a 14 to Slacker’s 10.4. However with m49-54 Slacker scored a 15.8 to Johnny’s 7.2. Clearly men 49+ prefer Slacker over Johnny and men under 49 prefer Johnny hands down over Slacker. As a matter of fact almost half (48%) of Slacker’s audience is over 45. Like I said Classic Rock is the next Oldies. BTW 74% of KCMO-FM’s audience is over 45, 75% of KCMO-AM’s is 45+, 72% of KMJK is 45+ and 54% of the Comedy channel is 45+. Looks to me like Cumulus is facing a complete cluster makeover within the next five years if they still want to be relevant with Adults 25-54.

  10. Co-Worker says:

    Slacker and Z
    I work with these guy. Z is a nice guy who has lost a step along the way. He hasn’t quite gotten over getting canned by Clear Channel in Dayton and is miffed about not being promoted to GM when Baker left. Slacker is a world class asshole. He alwyas has been and always will be. If he beat Johnny with Men 25-54 it is a PPM fluke. Wait one month the world order will be restored.

  11. Tracy Thomas says:

    Arbitron cheats.
    What other polling company has handlers, who call the families and encourage the younger members to listen by giving them bonus points to redeem for free food.
    Jesus, this is a completely corrupt ratings system.
    Yes, diaries were bad, but this is actually worse.
    Arbitron was losing radio stn. clients, especially MUSIC stations, so they invented this family plan fake system, and then they goose the numbers for music stations.
    They aren’t calling or texting the parents, who listen to news talk, so guess what, those numbers go down.
    They artificially recruit families of 4, all one household, to make life simpler for these coaches. I have no idea where they get the coaches, maybe washouts from college basketball???!!! LOL
    As for leaving the collar at home, there is a device that measures movement, to KEEP you from leaving it on your bureau all day while you go off to work. However, you CAN clip it to your dog’s collar, and if that radio is within a few feet, it will register as if the DOG were listening.
    And God BLess the tea party and the right wing Christians–they’re not stupid, just obsessed. So we in advertising (and I’ve run an agency since 1974) know of proven examples of Christian radio racking up HUGE audiences, because Daddy bribed and forced his daughter to manage the Arbitron meter. (Instead of asking the family dog.) He forbid her to turn the dial or she’d lose her allowance. In Philly, a Christian station 80 miles away from downtown, with a very weak signal, came in #1–using that technique. I call that the Mormon Slave Wife strategy.

    So–PPM is crap. Harley, once again, is right. Amen.

  12. Tracy says:

    Hearne, dammit, learn to do photo captions!
    Laz has told you how, Greg told you he figured it out before he bailed, just do it. Or stop posting artwork. Who is in that final photo?

  13. George Wilson says:

    Every poll has an error margin. A survey is a sampling taken form a larger group of people. Unless you have have surveyed every single person in the market, your sample results can and most of the time will vary from the results you would have gotten if you had surveyed everyone. For example, if you poll 1000 Kansas City area voters on whether they will vote Democratic in the next presidential election, even if the sample perfectly reflects the demographics of the market, the results will have roughly a plus or minus 3% error margin. Meaning 95% of the time the results of the survey will be within 3% of the result you would have gotten if you had surveyed everyone.

    I don’t know what the sample size is in the most recent radio survey. But as I said, when one specific survey comes up with a number of unusual results substantially different from recent prior surveys, it is best to check out the next couple of surveys before jumping to any major conclusions. Even the most hard core statisticians admit that even with a perfectly selected sample, once in a while the numbers will just not reflect reality. Maybe that’s the case here or maybe this is a seismic shift. We;ll know more once the next set of results come in.

    Back to the original point – unless you survey everyone, there is no such thing as a survey with zero error margin. And since every survey has some error margin, there is always a chance that the results might vary widely from reality.

  14. kansas karl says:

    Oh what fun
    There is no margin of error with actual listening data, that is what the PPM does much like the Nielson box for TV. The error comes in from the math used to make around 900 humans represent the listening habits of 2.2 million in the 10 counties surveyed. I definately have issues with the methodology, howeve what else is there? Scarboughough? Media Audit? both have glaring errors in their data collection methods, they use telephone interviews and cell phones are not included. While Arbitron has taken some hits on the PPM you don’t see the big agencies or the major radio groups running away in droves, this is their realtiy. Whine about dogs wearing the PPM, or the TV that entertains the goldfish all day. If you are unable to make some kind of sense and use the data to your advantage, then why all the effort to disprove on a tiny little blog the foolishness of the a multi billion dollar business? Arbitron is it, radio is programmed to take advantage of the inherit problems with the PPM, why not figure out the ways the PPM gives insight into radio and how the consumer uses it? But knowing it all on this blog I guess gives one some kind………I don’t know accomplishment?

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