Glazer: Time to Erect a Statue of KC’s One & Only Superstar, Tom Watson

I got up early for radio to be at Johnny Dare’s at 6:50 AM…

Glad I turned on my TV at 4:40 AM. It was dialed into the British Open. And I looked up just in time to see Tom Watson take a 4 iron to tee off.

The ball was like a layup right into the hole – a hole in ONE.

I thought to myself, is this older tape? NO. It was live from THE BRITISH OPEN at 10:55 their time, 4:55 our time.


WATSON in his 60’s is without argument people: OUR ONLY CURRENT WORLDWIDE SUPERSTAR.

That’s right, only Watson is a current mega star in the sports world when you mention Kansas City. There is no other name that at this time matters, NONE. Just Tom Watson. Eight Major titles including five British Opens, two Masters and one US Title, six-time golfer of the year.

Kansas City’s favorite son Tom Watson.

Watson said it was his 15th hole in one of his entire life. He did it front of 30,000 people live at that spot in the British Open. It was perfect ,looked almost unreal. And it didn’t go in lucky, it went in DEAD ON.

The shot brought him to even and five off the lead. Once again the man is in the hunt for his 6th British Open Title. He is the fan favorite by all accounts and THEY LOVE HIM. Maybe we should Love him a bit more back home.

Sure, he has everyone’s respect, but he has been for years now our only SUPER STAR that’s still in the game.

Tom ranks up with our big three, Len Dawson and George Brett. Tom deserves a statue as does Lenny. Brett has his in front of the Royals stadium. Maybe somewhere like on the Plaza, Legends, or at the sports complex ALL THREE together. Watson is just something else.

Until I saw that shot, it just had never sunk in with me about how great the man truly is and has been.

We love you, Tom Watson. You are a true Kansas City Sports Hero for the ages. All the very best sir.
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16 Responses to Glazer: Time to Erect a Statue of KC’s One & Only Superstar, Tom Watson

  1. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Agreed Glaze
    Tom is a great guy and does a lot for our community.

  2. Ross says:

    I know facts aren’t a big thing around here….
    …. but it was a 4-iron.

  3. harley says:

    great idea….
    his charity raised millions….he’s class act….he’s still playing….
    truly one of this cities teasures…..lets get a committee and build
    one of him at one of the big courses in kc or on he plaza….
    the #1 guy in kc.

  4. Cliffy says:

    Honoring of Tom is a overdue but it’s not a new idea. Keitzman has been banging the drum on this for quite awhile.

    Would love to see him make another run over there.

  5. Big Dub says:

    At the very least, Tom should have a statue at the Lionsgate course he lives on, plays on, and helped design.

    Long overdue.

  6. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    If you’re going to put a statue on a golf course in KC….
    for Tom Watson, it should be at his baby, The National up in the Parkville area.

  7. Cowboy says:

    Man Was That Great
    I didn’t see it live Glazer like you, wish I did, but man oh man, what a story, what a player. You are on the nose, Watson is the cities only current sports star. He needs more attention from the town. He has earned it, he really has. Good story Glazer.

  8. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Yes A Statue
    Tom has earned it, I agree.

  9. PB says:

    …something at the new Watson-designed course out at Loch Lloyd?

  10. Steveo says:

    At least Hearne isn’t designing it, or it wd be with
    Tom Watson and the Watson’s Girl!

  11. Packers Nation says:

    Watson Is The Man
    He is all thats left, pretty sad. He is great though.

  12. Honky Tonk Man says:

    How About Tom Watson Day
    There you go maybe the new mayor who is I don’t know where, can have a Tom Watson Day oh Tom is white, nevermind.

  13. Robertoe says:

    a 4 iron?

    You originally said it was a 7 iron and now you’ve changed your text. Everyone is saying its a 4 iron. You know what? A 178 yard hole. I don’t think a 4 iron is right. Elevated tee. I can’t believe he’d hit a 4 iron. Hes more long ball than this. Have you seen the pictures? The club looks more like a 7 iron. I think the caddy is fucking with the press or something. Tom Watson ain’t swinging no flipping 4 iron on a short par 3 even if it is into the wind.

  14. steveo says:

    Where is Tom Leathers when we need him
    Pine Tar bat controversy. Those were the days.
    Hearne’s on vaca, Tom Leathers is…in hell, (we all know it).
    Robertoe, you’re gonna have to flush this out on your own and report back. You can do it. Take Black Barbie with you when you go ask questions, she’ll intimidate the hell out of them and get us our answer!!! Maybe arm her with a driver (maybe Tiger gave her one) and she can march up to that caddy and whack the truth outta him. Then tug on HIS weave.

  15. Rainbow Man says:

    lets get a tournament instead of a statue
    This is a golf crazy town and we cannot get a PGA event. Not Seniors…not women’s… PGA… We need a big company to come in and steal a weekend from another weak tour event and get it done. It should be named something like the “Cerner Tom Watson Invitational” or similar. But Cerner has already done plenty around here… This is a bigger honor than a statue… and you can give him a statue too. Quit coming up with excuses why certain courses won’t work. There are plenty of courses around here that would work. The best courses around the country were not built with parking in mind and they still manage to land big events. EVERY discussion about EVERYTHING in Kansas City evolves around PARKING. The challenge is getting the $$$ from a sponsor

  16. Mildred Pierce says:

    How about a statute instead of a statue?
    Laws affect more people than sculpture, unless it is well placed.

    Tom Watson fought the annexation of his land by the overbearing gobbling city of OP.
    He lost. The Polsinelli development lawyers buy the council’s elections, so–that’s how the vote shook out, in favor of land control that favored Polsinelli clients.

    So how about a Tom Watson Anti-Annexation STATUTE!!!!
    Get the Ks. Legislature to pass it.

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