Hearne: Read Her Lips; No More Ida McBeth @ Any Other KC Clubs but Jardine’s

Madonna, Shakira – entertainment giants like Live Nation have been signing artists to exclusive deals for years…

Now Jardine’s is getting in the game. The Plaza jazz club has inked an exclusive deal with the Queen of Kansas City Jazz, Ida McBeth. Meaning, no more club gigs at the Blue Room, Point or Phoenix downtown, if you wanna catch the Queen, you’ll have to go to Jardine’s.

"I signed an exclusive contract with her," says Jardine’s owner Beena Brandsgard. "Ida will only play at Jardine’s. No more Blue Room dates after her last gig there in September. And no other local clubs."

There’s more…

"She had a manager, but I’m taking over as her manager and booking agent," Brandsgard says. "So from now on, all of Ida’s gigs are going through me."

Includeing outdoor festival and event bookings, private parties – you name it.

"I will not restrict myself," Brandsgard says. "I’m going to evaluate everywhere Ida plays and I’ll only pick the very best for her. I’m taking her up to the next level."

As for landing the biggest jazz fish in KC’s musical pond, "I mean, it’s huge for me," Brandsgard says. "It’s Ida – she is Kansas City."

For information about landing Ida McBeth for your event or party email Beena or cALL 816 719-5575

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2 Responses to Hearne: Read Her Lips; No More Ida McBeth @ Any Other KC Clubs but Jardine’s

  1. smartman says:

    Will Ida be MIA?
    Ida’s been moving to the “next level” for 20 years. According to my GPS she’s still on the ground floor.Ida’s been fucked by more white people than a 14 year old hooker at a Klan Rally.

  2. JazzFanInKC says:

    Pay Cut?
    Meanwhile, another musician posted on his Facebook page today that Beena has told musicians she’s cutting what she’ll pay them by 35%. Is this true? Is it, in part, to cover the cost of an exclusive Ida contract? Because if it is true, Beena had best take care in how she treats the musicians. Lord knows, nobody goes to Jardine’s for the food.

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