Hearne: And Now the Rest of the Radio Ratings; Top 10 Men & Women

Now it’s time to lay down the numbers most important to radio executives and advertisers…

The Top 10 highest rated radio stations for the month of June for Men and Women, ages 25 to 54. In prime time – from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. – Monday through Friday, where 85 to 90 percent of a radio station’s revenues are derrived and its heaviest duty air personalities slug it out for the survival.

Let’s start with men…

  1.  KCFX FM The Fox with a 12.7 audience share (classic rock)
  2.  98.9 FM The Rock with an 11.5 share  (rock)
  3.  The Buzz with a 6.1 share  (alternative)
  4.  WHB with a 5.8 share  (sports talk)
  5.   KMBZ with a 5.1 share  (news talk)
  6.  610 Sports with a 4.9 share  (sports talk)
  7.   Q104 with a 4.8 share  (country)
  8.   Funny 102.5 FM with a 4.3 share   (comedy)
  9.  The Vibe  witha 3.6 share     (contemporary hits)
  10.  KPRS FM with a 3.3 share    (urban)

Now the ladies, if you will…

  1.   Mix 93.3 FM with an 8.0 audience share  (hits)
  2.   KLRX K Love with a  7.2 share  (Christian)
  3.   The Rock with a 6.5 share  (rock)
  4.   Q104 with a 6.1 share   (country)
  5.   The Buzz with a 5.9 share  (alternative)
  6.   Jack FM  with a 5.7 share   (adult hits)
  7.   Alice with a 5.5 share   (adult album alternative)
  8.   KCMO 94.9 FM with a 5.5 share    (classic hits)
  9.   KPRS with a 5.5 share   (urban)
  10.   The Vibe with a 5.0 share (contemporary hits)

Worth noting; That KCFX nosed out venerable powerhouse The Rock and how The Buzz has evolved from the station and format that was on Death Row a handful of years back to something approaching a powerhouse in both men and women.

And give it up for KLRX or K-Love – a strong No. 2 in women – a contemporary Christian signal that’s grown from niche to nouveau riche. Michele Bachmann for President, anyone?

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2 Responses to Hearne: And Now the Rest of the Radio Ratings; Top 10 Men & Women

  1. harley says:

    KLOVE……hottest station in america
    what do you think hearne. Did k love really go from 30th to 2 in the market.
    Or did some people put those little devices in front of the radio 24 hours a day
    so theyd beat out almost everyone in the market.
    why waste time on this….lets get down tonite…more gossip..more fun stuff…
    shows vhow phony this whole thing is….

  2. Janie Lee says:

    Who the hell is that ugly fella??
    Is that ugly guy on at the start of the post on radio? If so, tell me where so I can avoid him. His teeth look like he just arrived in a DeLorean from the UK in 1965. Gross.

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