Glazer: Naked Monkey Night? Royals, Chiefs Attendance in Freebie Freefall

It’s finally happened…

The fan bases for both the Royals and the Chiefs have fallen dramatically the last few years. The Royals attendance numbers are misleading due to their many low dough promotions to attract people to the games. The Chiefs have done far less give-aways thus far, but those look to be coming as well.

The Royals have been near the bottom in attendance in the American League – 12th of 14 teams. They’re in a freefall, and with the team’s record they deserve to be. 

An average game with season ticket holders (many of whom are no shows) draws around 19, 972 fans. Again, with far fewer actual butts in seats than the "reported" number. To give you an example of how things have changed, in 1989 the Royals drew 2,477,000 fans with an average of 30,500 per game.

And that’s with allmost no giveaways.

Oh and by the way, they came in second with a record of 92-70. In case you’re wondering, in 1985 – the year the Royals won it all – they drew 2,162,000 fans with an average of 26,375 and were 5th of 14 teams in attendance. This year they’re already over 1 million by a nose and remain close to the bottom in attendance.

The Chiefs are far better, but are also in a major free fall. 

Last year with a division title, they drew 541,380. Counting season ticket holders (again many of whom do not show up) they averaged 67,672 per game. In 2009 it was almost the same with total attendance at 540,000 for a 67,514 average. The Chiefs were as high in attendance as third in the league just a few years back in 2005.

They stunk but still drew.

Yes, the economy is a factor. Yes, televised home games are a factor for both teams.

But mostly it’s a case of fans being pissed off at all of the losing – that’s the biggest factor.

Are we headed towards downsized stadiums like Sporting Kansas City‘s new LiveStrong? Sure Dallas built a monster stadium but they are the NFL’s number one draw and have a large enough population base to put other big events in the park.

We don’t. Very few.

I noticed last weekend – both Friday and Saturday – that the Royals played the who cares Detroit Tigers and drew well, in the mid 20,000’s per game. I was impressed since we are one of baseball’s worst teams ever. Then I was told, "Oh yeah Friday was Buck Night, dollar hot-dog night.

What’s next? See a Naked Monkey Night? Watch THE HANGOVER on the scoreboard night?

Giveaway after giveaway after giveaway…

A real game attendance – without the free stuff – was Sunday. The number of fans there? My brother took his son Jake and they sat in the front row because nobody else cared. Even though they had like $15 tickets.

Eric Hosmer made a great play at first late in the game and was looking for a little kid to toss the ball to. He looked and looked and looked. And finally he saw Jake and tossed it to him. Jake was thrilled. But see, there were hardly ANY KIDS AROUND. Nobody was there, my brother said. Maybe – and I mean maybe – there were 4,000 people.

"It looked empty like a clean up the park day," Jeff said.

How empty was it? CNBC wanted a photo for its how hot it was story and wanted a kid in it. They used my nephew Jake with a Royals towel on his head. Yep, it was that quiet. Oh, and we lost. Hey, it’s only July and already 100 losses are just around the bend.

Next year, SAME THING. Enjoy.

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12 Responses to Glazer: Naked Monkey Night? Royals, Chiefs Attendance in Freebie Freefall

  1. Dead Horse says:

    Why? Why?

  2. Penn Man says:

    Frankly – and allow me to first say as a person I like Craig – his columns are somewhat obviously, poorly written and of little consequence to most readers.

  3. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Again Interesting Story and nothing But Haters
    Craig, it is very interesting to ANYONE who follows our Chiefs and Royals to see these numbers. Man its that bad. So who would say its a bad story? Guess they only want the booby stuff. Too bad. By the way I notice YOUR stories get the most aciton on this site, even the ones they don’t like.

  4. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Whats a Small Market To Do?
    I am more suprised at the Chiefs numbers staying decent than the Royals being low. Craig you have to do promotions as you well know in this economy with so many ‘free entertainment options” these days. Groupon is doing a 2 for 1 at Sprint for a few concerts coming up. Entertainment is streched thin, too much for too few and nobody has the expendable income the way they used too have.

    Chiefs are in better shape, they have hope, cold weather and far less going on in the winter. They just need to win, the Royals I think are a year or two away from oblivian. Gone baby gone.

  5. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    BTW Craig …
    Did you ever know that you’re my hero
    And everyting I would like to be?
    I can fly higher than an eagle
    For you are the wind beneath my wings.

  6. Packers Nation says:

    I Was At Sunday’s Game
    You undeplayed it, never seen it that empty in mid season, ever. Maybe 3000. Think I sat by your brother, ha, ha, ha, kidding. Times are tough for our ball teams.

  7. PB says:

    Original Thought?
    Should have said in closing…next WEEK…next DAY…SAME POST.

    Craig Glazer

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Great Idea Same Guy
    Yes I think every week I will write about how bad the Royals are, nobody goes, Chiefs uphill, photos of me with Chiefs and or Royals players, capitol idea, thank you

  9. smartman says:

    Bucks Beat Butts
    Attendance means NOTHING. The only number that matters is gross revenue which can then be divided by total attendance to provide a sports biz lingo number called RPF or revenue per fan. High RPF is usually associated with winning teams, low RPF with LOSERS. I would wager that with all the discounting and promotions the Royals do they have an RPF in the bottom 10% in MLB.

  10. Cowboy says:

    Thats My Team Man
    Craig I like that you have shown every aspect of why this team is so down. No talent, lying over and over about “future stars” when there not any again and again. I am with you man, I see NO FUTURE. One or two nice hitters may happen, not a pitcher that matters in sight. This is a last place team for years to come. People in KC don’t want to hear that, you speak the truth. Its not the same story over and over its the same shitty team providing the end result. No fans, No wins, No talent, No All Stars, nothing.

    Your haters are thick brother. YOU are the only one I know of that calls them out and is right about why. You pointed out their last bs game with the lies about Butler,Gordon,Hochevar and Zack. Nothing. Its worse now, only Gordon shows any sign of being ‘really good’ Butler is like you say what ‘boring” nothing he does is impressive. Mike Sweeny light, hah. Zack had the most talent and he is gone. Hated it here, I mean hated it. You called it a K Mart baseball team.

    To your credit we bet 100 bucks nobody would hit 20 homers I think in like 02 or 03, you said nobody on the Royals would do it, and the last two games Sweeney hit his 20th I won but you made a good point.

    I don’t have an answer for your team. Oh yeah I do, play well and get a trade like Beltron and Damon, its your only hope. Bye bye Eric.

  11. KU forever says:

    Next year the all star game, maybe your little nephew will be on TV none of the Royals will be. Man is that tragic or what?

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