Sounds Good: Noise FM@Bottleneck, Old Crap@Sprint, Hidden Pictures & Howard Iceberg@Replay

Uh oh.

More non-air conditioned shows!!… Look ouuuuuuuut! 

OK, actually I’m only recommending one outdoor show this weekend.  And considering how hot it’s supposed to be and the fact that the show is an early one, you might want to show up, if for no other reason than one of the performers is kinda old, kinda a KC icon, and he might just drop on stage.

Now that’s a true artist….


Friday, July 15th

The Noise FM with Quiet Corral at the Bottleneck in Lawrence

If you’ve been reading Sounds Good for awhile, then you know what a revolutionary taste-making machine this weekly article has become.  And you would recognize that I’ve hyped both of these local bands several times recently, though Noise FM isn’t really local now that they’ve moved to Chicago.

Last time the noise boys were at the Bottleneck, I reviewed their show and was pretty impressed, noting that the band is musically proficient, especially for being just a three piece act.  Their blend of blazing guitars with swooping falsetto vocals lends itself to an easy comparison with Muse, and their musicianship is impressive in and of itself. 

Add to the bill an up and coming band, Quiet Corral, and now we’re talking – for only about five bucks no less.

Saturday, July 16th

New Kids On The Black with the BackStreet Boys at the Sprint Center in KC

This is not a joke – this is actually going down in KC this weekend.  And NO, I do not recommend this show.

I just couldn’t believe that all these guys are already out of money. 

That being said, if any readers are planning to go to the show, I’d love to hear from you so we can set up a time for me to slap you in the mouth. 




Sunday, July 17th

Hidden Pictures with Howard Iceberg and the Titanics at the Replay in Lawrence

For me, this show is a can’t miss.  First, it’s an early show (6:00 pm) on a Sunday at the Replay.  I mean, there’s not much better than drinking away a Sunday afternoon on the patio of the Replay, which curiously is about the only “beer garden” type place in Lawrence.  Second, the bill features something old and something new.
Anyone that knows anything about the KC music scene over the last twenty years knows Howard Iceberg as the grizzled and prolific troubadour who writes touching songs with honest lyrics.  And Hidden Pictures is a Lawrence band that recently released a new album called “Synchronized Sleeping.”  Their music is also fairly simple, with bedroom boy-girl harmonies, a glockenspiel here and there, and unpretentious poppy hooks. 

A good way to waste – wait, no, scratch that.  A good way to have a productive Sunday afternoon
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