Tracy: Those Who Are About to Die, Salute Guys & Dolls @ Starlight

I’m posting this BEFORE I go to Starlight Theatre tonight, to see Guys and Dolls

You know, just in case. That way, since it’s the undisputed world’s best musical, if I’m struck by lightning, I’ll at least die happy.

No kidding.

The forecast tonight is for scattered thunderstorms, eg 40%. As opposed to this afternoon’s isolated thunderstorms, which are just 30%.  And no, I am not taking KSHB TV weatherwonk Gary Lezak. Nor mixed up presidential wannabe Michelle Bachmann’s kid bro, KCTV’s Gary Amble

I’m roughing it.


So thank gawd, Guys and Dolls runs through this Sunday because the weekend forecast is clear. 

Because if you only go to one musical in your entire lifetime, it should be Guys and Dolls. 

The story was written by Damon Runyon. You know, the crazy journalist that was born in Manhattan KS but made it big in the Big Apple.  Not an easy feat.

And here’s my promise, guys:  Take your gal to Guys and Dolls –and you’ll get laid.

I think it may even say as much on the back of the ticket – in the really fine print.  And tickets start at only 10 bucks.  That’s cheaper than a lap dance from Black Barbie

And ya gotta love Hearne

I ask him what happens if it rains the night I do the review and he brushes it off with, “Take a poncho.”

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4 Responses to Tracy: Those Who Are About to Die, Salute Guys & Dolls @ Starlight

  1. chuck says:

    Guys and Dolls is fuckin awesome.
    Just like Tracy Thomas. 🙂

  2. chuck says:

    Luck Be A Lady

    Fuckin awesome.

  3. smartman says:

    Good Luck!
    Sweat my balls off for me Tracy. On a night like this Starlight combines all the worst of Crossroads, Southwest Airlines and post Katrina New Orleans. I’ll be at Missie B’s with the Bi’s and Mols.

  4. Cliffy says:

    Glazer will go with you, Tracy. Tell him it’s “Guys and Blow Up Dolls.”

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