Glazer: Vote for J Chris Newberg @ 8 p.m. Tonight on America’s Got Talent!

Calling all J Chris Newberg fans…

Yes, from his Chris Army, the time has come to come to the aid of our countryman. J Chris is on America’s Got Talent tonight on NBC at 8 PM. J Chris is in the semi finals and needs our votes to move forward. As many Stanford and Sons fans already know, J. Chris is a regular at the club in Legends.

And America’s Got Talent, starring Sharon Osborne is the most watched TV show this summer, with 14 million viewers.

So lets pitch in for this young guy and help him move upward and onward tonight.

How do you vote? After 8 p.m. our time, call 1 866 602-4866. I’m told you can call 10 times and it’s free. Or text to 4806 again after 8 p.m. our time. Of course, it’s a nationwide vote.

Why should we help?

First off Chris is very talented. And he considers our club in KC one of his "home clubs."

That means he comes here more often, draws well and is treated great. He’s from Detroit, but lives now in LA. In the last two years Chris played KC six times. That’s alot. And one of those times I got him the lead spot for New Years Eve at the Hyatt where he sold out each show.

Chris’s credits are also kinda cool.

Since being a semi finalist on season 4 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He co stars with Lewis Black on "Surviving The Holidays" (Comedy Central), wrote the music – and this is mouthfull – to "The 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Super Bad."

Chris also has a special on Comedy Central, wrote Dane Cook’s comedy song that ended this year’s American Idol and his new CD Chris Army with his big hits Drunk Girl and History of the phone # (from YouTube).

Plus he’s just a great guy and I pull for nice people who aren’t big headed.

His first time here we had issues because many people in the audience were girls and he was tough on them with his comedy as well as songs. He learned from it, came back and they loved him.

Chris is on his way to big things, so let’s help him tonight on America’s Got Talent @ 8 PM on NBC.
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4 Responses to Glazer: Vote for J Chris Newberg @ 8 p.m. Tonight on America’s Got Talent!

  1. Ollie Ollie Income Free says:

    CD is Great, Funny
    Love the phone number song and drunk girl, he is very funny. Didn’t get to see him live but I will this year.

  2. Maureen says:

    What a Crock?
    Glazer anything you write that is positive or helps someone like this, nobody cares. Only if you write about girls, football or something they can jump on your tush for my friend. I find that very sad. Too bad. See you at the pool

  3. harley says:

    Missed him
    but the asshole piers morgan made a comment that the comedians werent very funny.
    In the past comedians havent done very well on this show. Saw Terry Fator who won
    it several years ago in vegas and he was incredible. How he does those voices is
    beyond belief.
    and the little girl who sings opera (evanka?) from last year is now a super super star.
    Hopefully this guy does well but comedians usualy are overshadowed by singers on this show.
    wish him luck.

  4. Conklin says:

    No The Comics Don’t Do Well
    Watched last night. I enjoyed Chris very much, so did Howie and Sharon, the English dude hates anything too American, which this kid was. But hey I voted for him. Harley is right, comedy is way too quiet compared to the magic acts, spinners, circus stuff and singers, so unlikely one could ever win, its just a showcase for guys like Chris, but he is unique and quite funny. Hope he does great in the future.

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