Hearne: Red lights! Camera! No more action!

At long last, Marcie Paegelow‘s harrowing daily nightmare is over….

For what seemed a lifetime, Paegelow witnessed crash after grisly crash from her front row seat at A&A Royal Auto Trim on the southeast corner of 39th and Southwest Trafficway. Because prior to the installation of red light cameras two years back was one of the most dangerous intersections in Kansas City.

"Before the cameras there was a bad wreck at least once a day or every other day," Paegelow says. "And of course, all of our guys would go out and look. So we were paying our guys for 20 minutes just to go out and watch the commotion."

And now?

"Since the cameras went in, there’s probably only a wreck a month that we even notice," Paegelow says.

KC Public Works spokesdude Dennis Gagnon‘s tongue-in-cheek take on Paegelow’s pronouncement:

"Well, I guess we’ve taken away that free entertainment."

Has Paegelow ever gotten nailed by the cam?

"No, but our customers have," she says. "One guy ran a yellow – it was yellow the whole time – and he still got the ticket. And he said the picture was so good he was going to load up his whole family in the back of his pickup truck and get his Christmas picture taken there."

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7 Responses to Hearne: Red lights! Camera! No more action!

  1. smartman says:

    A&A is AAAA+
    Great place! Marcie and her dad have done a great job with the business. Their prices are reasonable and they do quality work!

  2. Hearne says:

    Since you mentioned it…
    That’s where I was having a ton of work done on two cars. and you are correct. They did all sorts of custom fabric repairs and mechanical work at very reasonable rates and first class quality.

    Funny thing is I’ve driven past that place thousands of times and never stopped until just recently. Now I’ve been back like a dozen times. Really. Which is why I got the $100 ticket.

  3. Johnny S says:

    A&A Royal Auto is the best
    For all your auto detailing needs stop by A&A Royal Auto, they have everything you need…..

  4. Johnny S says:

    PS… be sure to visit the Barber and Mamas while you wait..
    Be careful in the traffic, but be sure to also visit the barber shop for a nice trim and eat at Mama’s (reopening soon) just across the street to the West.

  5. Steveo says:

    Johnny, you’re ruining the illusion!
    Cmon, Johnny S, you are spoiling the magic. We are all supposed to pretend that these posts from Hearne are newsworthy gossip, a modern day version of that old dude on the radio, Paul Harvey, who prattled on, and then, kicker twist line, he closed with “and now you know the REST of the story! Paul Harvey……………………………………………good day!”

    When you leave these blatant ads, you ruin our fun. It’s like when they peeked behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, and found it was just that carnival barker.

    All the magic went away. boo hoo…I suppose that is just displaced anger, as my therapist says. We all COULD be mad at Hearne. But really, that’s too obvious and way too easy.

  6. Johnny S says:

    oops, sorry….

    SOOOOOooooooo, I was driving down SW trafficway, just the otehr day, and out of the blue I saw these very red light camera, wow what a coincidence, I said to myself, WOW!!!! I just read about these on KCCCONFIDENTIAL, HEARNE’S GREAT BLOG ABOUT KANSAS CITY, SOOOOOoooo anyway… based on Heanrs really good infromation I made sure to come to acomplete stop before turning right…… and would you beleive it???? right there was A&A auto detail, and here I was with a dirty car…… so I pulled right in ,and they said they could get right on it, andwould tkae an hour or so….. SOOOooooooo….. rubbing my head, I realized I needed a hair and was I waas kind of hungry,,,,,, SOOOoooooo be very carfeul about the traffic, I headed waet to Mama’s and had the best lunch EVER….then went next door for a hair trim…and whne i came out….A&A was all done with my car… it was the best day ever, thanks to Hearne and KCCONFIDENTIAL….and now you know the REST of the story! Johnny

  7. Hearne says:

    Boys, boys, boys!
    Behave! What are you trying to turn this into an infomercial!

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