Hearne: Marilyn Maye Out of Hospital, Back at Jardine’s Next Month

She’s back….

Stricken singer Marilyn Maye – hospitalized last month the day before she was to perform a series of sold out shows at Jardine’s for Father’s Day week – is back up and at ’em. The legendary KC jazz diva was hospitalized with a rare case of kidney stones, a painful condition more rare in women and older folks.

Maye’s mishap sparked a logistical nightmare for the jazz club which had to inform hundreds of Maye fans of the cancellation, book last minute replacement acts and deal with the food and beverage situation. For Maye, who is in her 80s, it meant weeks in the hospital and rehab to regain her strength and return to form.

The latest?

"Marilyn is nailed down for August 25th through September 2nd," says Jardine’s owner Beena Brandsgard. "I’m meeting with her this week to figure out the showtimes. After that, we’ll contacteveryone and see what shows they want to go to."

Stay tuned….

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